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					Herbert W. Ockerman
3C. Chemical Abstracts

Revised 2/08

Abstracts Written by Herbert W. Ockerman from Scientific Articles Assigned and When Accepted Published by Chemical Abstracts Service in Chronological Order from 1965 to 1976. "Antagonism of Oleandomycin and Erythromycin During Testing Against Staphylococci". 2. "The Effect of Digitalis on the Electrocardiograms". 3. "Ancillary Tests for Identification of Abnormal Hemoglobins (A) The Measurement of Ferrohemoglobin Solubility (Modification of the Itano-Goldberg Procedure)". 4. "Electrophoretic Identification of Hemoglobins". 5. “Differentiation of Myoglobinuria From Hemoglobinuria". 6. "Tissue Concentration of Nalidixic Acid in Chronic Pyelonephritis". 7. "Ribosomes: Analysis by Cesium Sulfate Gradient Centrifugation". 8. "Reversible, Light-screening Pigment of Elasmobranch Eyes: Chemical Identity With Melanin". 9. "Inborn Errors of Metabolism". 10. "Fine Structural Localization of Adenine Nucleoside Phosphatase Activity in the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum and the T System of Rat Myocardium". 11. "Plasma Clearing Factor (I) Fractionation and Characteristics". 12. "Correlative Studies on the Occurrence of Urinary Anisotropic Lipid Bodies in Conditions Associated With Proteinuria". 13. "Comparative Biochemistry of Bile Salts". 14. "Formation and Metabolism of Bile Acids". 15. "Metabolism of Bile Acids in Animals". 16. "The Form of Dispersion of Sterols in Bile and Plasma". 17. "Physico-chemical Properties of Bile Constituents". 18. "Tryptophan Metabolism in Skin Diseases I. Urinary Excretion of 5-hydroxyindole Acetic Acid". 19. "Studies of Acid Mucopolysaccharides of Pig Gastric Mucin. II". 20. "Tryptophan Metabolism in Skin Diseases II. Urinary Ehrlich Reactors". 21. "On Atomic Absorption-analysis Magnesium Determination in the Serum of Pigs 11 . 22. "Fluorescent Lamp Stabilizer For Filter Fluorometers" 23. "Anhydride-type Basic Artifacts of Amino Acids". 24. "Liberation of Hydroxyproline From Gelatin by Acid Hydrolysis". 25. "O-ring Joint Tubes For Protein Hydrolyzates". 26. "Amino Acids and Related Substances in Fish". 27. "Electron-microscope Studies on High Molecular Weight Erythrocruorins (Invertebrate Hemoglobins) and Chlorocruorins of Annelids". 28. "Euryhalinity and the Concept of Physiological Radiation". 29. "The Comparative Physiology of the Transfer of Substances Between the Blood and Central Nervous System". 30. "Vitamin B12 Concentrations in Human Tissues". 31. ''Relationship Between Age and Hemoglobin-splitting Activity in Chicken Muscle". 32. "Effect of Age on the Composition of Bovine Nasal Cartilage". 33. "New Genetic Variants of Transferrins and Haptoglobins in Pigs". 34. "The Modification of Collagen Structure by Molluscan Enzymes". 35. "Studies of the Action of Trypsin on Soluble Collagens from Calf-skin". 36. "Chemical Methods for the Conversion of Insoluble Collagen Into Tropocollagen". 37. "The Effect of Temperature on the Denaturation of Tropocollagen" 38. "Separation and Identification of Some Organic Phosphates in Honey by Column and Paper Chromatography". 39. "An Improved Method for Collecting the Liquid Fraction of Bee Venom". 40. "Clinical Estimation of Creatinine and Creatine in Biologic Fluids". 41. "Notes on the Ferric Thiocyanate Peroxide Test". 42. "Lipid Oxidation in Cold-stored Butter". 43. "Humidity and Moisture Measurements in Relation to Storage Stability of Dehydrated Foods". 44. "Rapid Measurement of Moisture in Flour by Hygrometry". 45. "Equilibrium Moisture Contents and Moisture Absorption Rates of Dry Milks". 46. "The Synthesis and Hydrolysis of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats". 47. "2-Aminobutane Treatments for Control of Citrus Fruit Decay". 48. "The Preparation and Testing of Horse Antidog and Antihuman Antilymphoid Plasma or Serum and its Protein Fractions". 49. "Chemical Studies of Some Nigerian Vegetables". 50. "Biosynthesis of the Milk Proteins". 51. "Studies on Carbohydrate Metabolism in Liver. I. Effects on Thyroid Hormone on Carbohydrate-metabolizing Enzymes in Rat Liver". 52. "Effect of Tolbutamide in Clearing Induced Alimentary Lipaemia After Alcoholic Hepatopancreatic Damage". 53. "Demonstration With the Electron Microscope of Injected Peroxidase in Rat Liver Cells". 54. "Microdetermination of Citric Acid in Nervous Tissue". 55. "Metabolic Fate in Animals of Hindered Phenolic Antioxidants in Relation to Their Safety Evaluation and Antioxidant Function". 56. "Prospects for the Manufacture of Cheese Fit for Human Consumption From Milk Contaminated with Radioactive Nuclear Fission Products". 57. "The Calcium Content of Bulk Milk Samples From All Parts of the Netherlands". 58. "Enzymes Involved in Carbohydrate Metabolism in Adipose Tissue". 59. "Glyceride Biosynthesis, Glyceride Breakdown and Glycogen Breakdown in Adipose Tissue : Mechanisms and Regulation". 60 "Pathways of Glucose Metabolism". 61. "Thioflavin-T for Amyloid Detection". 62. "A Histochemical Study on the Changes of Glycogen Metabolism of the Amphibian Brain Under Low Atmospheric Pressure". 63. "Distribution of Zirconium and Niobium in Mice. Autoradiographic Study". 64. "Protein Spectrum and Total Blood Proteins in Different Physiological Conditions. I. The Effect of Age and Breed on Blood Proteins in Cattle". 65. "Dependence of Buffer Capacity of Calf Blood and Blood Serum on pH". 66. "Protein Spectrum and Total Protein of Cattle in Different Physiological Conditions. II. The Effect of Pregnancy, Yield of Milk, the Year's Season and Sex on the Blood Proteins in Cattle". 67. "Analysis of Sugars Found in Glycoproteins". Continued 3C. Chemical Abstracts (Continued) 68. "Characterization of Carbohydrate Units of Glycoproteins". 69. "Protein-polysaccharides of Pig Tracheal Cartilage". 1.

70. "Data on Dermis Mucopolysaccharides and Their Evolution in Growing Animals". 71. "Separation and Metabolism of Cornea Glycosaminoglycans". 72. "Lipid Determination in Powdered Human Dentin by Thin-layer and Gas-liquid Chromatography". 73. "Differential Thermal Analysis of Commercial and Dental Waxes". 74. "Polarographic Oximetric Studies of the Rat Submaxillary Gland". 75. "Active Transport of Selenium in the Everted Intestine of the Hamster". 76. "Factors Influencing S-adenosylmethionine Levels in Mammalian Tissues". 77. "Measurement of Human Gustatory Perception Using the Parotid Gland Secretion Rate". 78. "Relations Between Taste Qualities and Parotid Gland Secretion Rate". 79. "Gustatory Response to L-amino Acids in Man". 80. "Characteristic Absorption Bands and Frequency Shifts in the Infared Spectra on Naturally-occurring Long-chain Ethers, Esters and Ether Esters of Glycerol and Various Diols". 81. "Phase Behavior and Rheological Properties of Aqueous Systems of Industrial Distilled Monoglycerides". 82. "Some Features of the Lipid Composition of Rat Liver Surface and Cytoplasmic Membranes". 83. "Amino Acid Composition of Enamel Protein in the Fully Developed Human Tooth". 84. "The Effect of Zinc on the Central Nervous System: Increase in Brain Excitability and Initiation of Seizures Following Systemic and Intracerebral Administration of Zinc". 85. "Iodine in Mitochondria and Nuclei". 86. “Isozyne Demonstration and Nucley” 87. "Lipid Metabolism in the Fruit of Persea Americana. I. Chemical Composition of Lipids and Their Changes During Fruit Development and Storage". 88. "Ascorbic Acid in Certain Xerophytes". 89. "Additional Biochemical Studies on the Naphthalene Cataract". 90. ''GM1-gangliosidosis (Generalized Gangliosidosis) Morphology and Chemical Pathology". 91. "The Metabolism of H -noradrenaline in Human Placental and Fetal Tissue Homogenates". 92. "Biochemical Evaluation of a Combined Sulfatidosis and Gangliosidosis (Glycolipidosis) of the Brain". 93. "Comparative Studies of Glycolipids and Carbohydrate Moieties in Brain and Visceral Organs in Amaurotic Idiocy and Gargoylism". 94. "Isolation of Rutin and Quercetin From Odina (Lanea Grandis) Leaves". 95. "Isolation of a Novel Type of Leucoanthocyanidin, Fistucacidin (5, 4'-dihydroxyflavan3, 4-diol) From Cassia Fistula Sapwood". 96. "Comparison of Xylose-lysine-deoxycholate Agar and MacConkey Agar for the Isolation of Salmonella and Shigella From Clinical Specimens". 97. "Demonstration of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzyme on Cellulose Acetate 98. "Improved Solution Technique for Spectrophotometry of Ponceau S-stained Cellulose Acetate Electrophoretograms". 99. "Preparation of Fish Protein Concentrate by Autolysis". 100. "Changes Occurring in Milk Powder Subjected to Gamma Rays". 101. "Determination of the Characteristics of the Black Currant Juice Dearomatization Process Using Oscar Krenz's Apparatus, and the Examination of the Aromas Obtained". 102. "Changes of Some Chemical Indexes of Nutritional Value of Stored Milk Powder". 103. "Oxidative Changes in Various Fatty Fractions of Powdered Milk". 104. "Spectrofluorometry of Dihydroxyphenylacetic Acid in Urine". 105. "Fluorometric Micromethod for Liver Vitamin A". 106. "Determination of Nickel in Crude Hydrogenated Fats". 107. "Evaluation of the Dextrostix Method for Estimating Blood Glucose Level in a Population Survey". 108. "Determining the Approximate Serum Iron Level in Acute Iron Poisoning". 109. "Soybean and Groundnut Proteins: Nutritional Value, Application, Acceptability". 110. "Isolates and Concentrates From Peanuts in the Feeding of Children". 111. "Aflatoxins". 112. "Rivanol-ethanol Fractionation of Parotid Fluid and Colostrum". 113. "Fibrinolytic Enzyme System and Pregnancy". 114. "Improved Gas-chromatographic Method for the Determination of Aroma Substances in Foods. Modified Head Space Technique". 115. "Importance of Trace Substances in Environmental Health as Exemplified by Manganese". 116. "Research on Biologically Active Trace Elements". 117. "Current Capabilities in Analysis of Trace Substances: Flame Photometry and Atomic Absorption". 118. "Current Capabilities in Analysis of Trace Substances: Gas Chromatography". 119. "Current Capabilities in Analysis of Trace Substances: Biochemical Methods". 120. "Uptake and Incorporation of Carbon-14 Labeled Uridine Into RNA in the Brains of Female Rats From Birth to Senility". 121. "Periodic Phenomena in Man and Animals: Their Relation to Neuroendocrine Mechanisms (A Monthly or Nearly Monthly Cycle)". 122. "Role of the Spleen in Iron Metabolism". 123. "Thalassemia Research and Abnormal Hemoglobins". 124. "Direct Determination of Blood Ammonia by Berthelot's Coloration of Protein-free Supernatant Obtained by Folin-Wu Deproteinization". 125. "Variation of Serum Mucoproteins and Seromucoids With Age in Egyptian Infants and Children'' 126. "Invitro Discrimination of Iodine131 and Chromium51". 127. "Intravenous Sorbitol Tolerance as a New Liver Function Test". 128. "Waterproofing of Sole Leather". 129. "Noncollagenous Proteins of Skin-- Their Characterization and Significance in Leather Processing". 130. "Acridine Orange Microfluorometry of DNA". 131. "Electrophoretic Analysis of Acidic Glycosaminoglycans and Its Application to the Developing Chick Embryo". 132. "Hemoglobin Synthesis and Differentiation of Erythroid Cells". 133. "Lipids, Alpha-tocopherol, and Erythrocyte Hemolysis". 134. "Ferrokinetics and Hemoglobin Synthesis in Man". Continued 3C. Chemical Abstracts (Continued) 135. "Adaptability of Buffalo to Tropical Climate. II. Seasonal Changes in the Body Temperature, Cardio-respiratory and Hematological Attributes in Buffalo Cows". 136."Fluorometric Detection of Serotonin and Serotonin-O.P.T. Orthophthaldialdehyde)" 137. "Mobilization of Lipids by Perfusion of Pancreatic Juice in Hind Limbs of Dogs". 138. "Fetal Maturation and Amniotic Fluid". 139. "Heat Stable Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes in Human Pregnancy". 140. "Automated Method For Simultaneous Determination of Serum Pseudocholinesterase Activity, Dibucaine Number, and Fluoride Number". 141. "Alterations in Human Organ Alkaline Phosphatases During Fetal Development".

142. "Autonomic Nervous System and the Bata-cell: Metabolic and Morphological Observations Made in Spiny Mice (Acomys Cahirinus) and in Cultured Fetal Rat Pancreas". 143. "Insulin Release From Fetal and Newborn Rat Pancreas in Vitro: Role of the Adenyl Cyclase System". 144. "Possible Role for Calcium in the Stimulus-secretion Coupling for Glucose Induced Insulin Secretion". 145. "Serum Albumin". 146. "Immunochemical Methods in Clinical Chemistry". 147. "International Survey on the Composition of Milk". 148. "Regional Quality Control Scheme". 149. "Quality Control in the Small Laboratory". 150. "Results of an Interlaboratory Trial in Britain". 151. "Introduction of Regional Quality Control". 152. "Midlands Region Quality Control Scheme". 153. "Simple Micromethod for Determination of Hippuric Acid in Urine". 154. "Effect of Diethylstilbestrol on Carcass Quality of Lambs". 155. "Determination of the Glycerol Content of Lipid Oil Glycerides". 156. "Biochemical Influence on the Fetus of Intravenous Alkali Given to the Mother During Normal Labor". 157. "Acid-base Changes in Acute Hypercapnia: Their Relevance to the Interpretation of Acid-base Data". 158. "Our Experience With the Millipore (TM) System and Densitometer, and the Titan III (TM) for Routine Electrophoresis". 159. "Combination of Gel-filtration With Ion-exchange Chromatography for the Separation of Protein Fractions in Body Fluids". 160. "Calibration and Standardization of the Auto Chemist With Computer Assist". 161. "Experience With Simplified Continuous Flow Techniques With Particular Reference to Multiple Analysis for Urea and Electrolytes". 162. "High-protein Breads. Use of Sodium 2-stearoyl Lactylate and Calcium 2-stearoyl Lactylate in Their Production". 163. "Review of Its Properties and Uses in Bakery Products". 164. "Lipoprotein Electrophoresis on Gelatinized Cellulose Acetate". 165. "Free Amino Acids of the Blood Plasma in Cases of Megaloblastic Anemia". 166. "Separation and Quantitative Analysis of Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (Gaba) by Onedimensional Paper Chromatography". 167. "The Question of a Molecular Basis for the Memory Trace". 168. "Attempts to Transfer Approach and Avoidance Responses by RNA Injections in Rats". 169. "Lipase Activities in Adipose Tissue". 170. "Lipases of Adipose Tissue". 171. "Regulation of Adipose Tissue Clearing Factor Lipase Activity". 172. "Relation Between Mechanical and Chemical Phenomena in the Myocardium". 173. "Effects of Light and Temperature on ATP Level as a Means of Determining Aggregation in a Cellular Slime Molds". 174. "Hemoglobin Polymorphism in Hariana and Hariana Cross-bred Cattle". 175. "Biological Availability of Calcium in Feeds. Y. Availability of Calcium From Mineral Salts". 176. "Preparation of Frozen Lymphocyte Panels in Terasaki Trays". 177. "Separation and Isolation of Plasma Membranes and Mesosomal Vesicles From Staphylococcus Aureus". 178. "Fractionation of Hydrolyzed Dextran by Ultrafiltration Through a Series of Anisotropic Cellulose Acetate Membranes". 179. "Purification and Characterization of a Human-specific Esterase From Urine". 180. "Calcium and the Excitable Cell Membrane". 181. "Calcium-adenosine Triphosphate-lipid Interactions and Their Significance in the Excitatory Membrane". 182. "Intracellular Perfusion of Squid Giant Axons. Recent Findings and Interpretations". 183. "What is the Functional Role of Central Nervous Serotonin". 184. "Sphringolipid Metabolism in Neural Tissues". 185. "Clinical Evaluation of an a-Amylase Assay With Insoluble Starch Labeled With Remazolbrilliant Blue (Amylopectin-azure)". 186. "Improved Manual and Semiautomatic Assay for NADP-dependent Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Activity, With a Description of Some Kinetic Properties of Human Liver and Serum Enzyme". 187. "Improved Automated Method for the Determination of Serum and Urine Amylase". 188. "Modified Sickledex Tube Test. Specific Test for S hemoglobin". 189. "Competitive Binding of Free Fatty Acids and Bilirubin to Albumin. Differences in HBABA Dye Versus Sephadex G-25 Interpretation of Results". 190. "Brain Lipid Changes Following Hypoxia". 191. "X-linkage of Human Phosphoglycerate Kinase Confirmed in Man-mouse and ManChinese Hamster Somatic Cell Hybrids". 192. "Inductive Properties of the Organic Matrix of Dentin and Cementum". 193. "Unusual Manifestation of Chronic Gingivitis. Enzyme Histochemical Findings". 194. "Gingival Healing After Hand and Ultrasonic Scaling. Biochemical and Histologic Analysis". 195. "Alterations of the Diurnal Variations of Brain Tryptophan, Biogenic Amines, and 5-hydroxyindole Acetic Acid in the Rat Under Limited Time Feeding". 196. "Activity of Glutamate and Malate Dehydrogenases and the Malic Enzyme During the Development of the Chick Spinal Cord". 197. "Adaptation of the Fluorescent Feulgen Reaction to Cells in Suspension for Flow Microfluorometry". 198. "Cytophotometric Evaluation of the Hale Reaction". 199. "DNA-synthesizing Cells in Cervical Scrapings. Potential but Presently Unusable Approach to Prescreening". Continued 3C. Chemical Abstracts (Continued) 200. "Isolation and Partial Characterization of a Calcium-rich Particulate Fraction From Bone Cells". 201. "Bone Cell Calcium Stores. Their Size, Location, and Kinetics of Exchange". 202. "Mammary Glands of the Red Kangaroo With Observations on the Fatty Acid Components of the Milk Triglycerides". 203. "Cesium-137 in Tissues of the Lizard, Hemidactylus Leschenaulti". 204. "Serum Enzyme Levels in Dogs During Regeneration of Blood". 205. "Unscheduled DNA Synthesis in Human Leucocyts After Exposure to W Light, Gamma-rays, and Chemical Mutagens". 206. "Adrenal Morphology". 207. "Adrenal Biochemistry". 208. "Renin-angiotensin System in Newborn Infants". 209. "Complement System and Increased Susceptibility to Infection". 210. "Abnormalities of the Hexose Monophosphate Shunt". 211. "Open Tubular Gas Chromatography of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters".

212. "Pesticide Residues in Milk and Milk Products". 213. "Use of Electron Acceptors, Donors, and Carriers". 214. "Oxygen Electrode Measurements". 215. "Electrode Measurements of Carbon Dioxide". 216. "Ionization Methods of Counting Radioisotopes". 217. "Use of Isotopes in Tracing Metabolic Pathways". 218. "Radiorespirometric Methods". 219. "Pulse Labeling of Microorganisms". 220. "Effects of Added Electrolytes on Ruthenium Red Reactions of Model Polyanions on Filter Paper and in Tissue". 221. "Immunofluorescent Staining of Mucosal Glycoprotein of Human Intestinal Mucosa". 222. "Phosphoglucomutase Phenotype Determination in Blood Platelets". 223. "Structure of Water in Capsule of the Bovine Crystalline Lens". 224. "Effect of Surfactant in the Auto-Analyser". 225. "In Vivo Tissue Analysis Using Cadmium-109". 226. "Epididymal Histochemistry and Physiology". 227. "Differentiation of Steroid Biosynthetic Pathways in Developing Testes". 228. "Metabolic Aspects of Spermatogenesis". 229. "Applications of Flow Microcalorimetry to Biological Problems. I. Theoretical Aspects". 230. "Possible Application of Microcalorimetry to the Study of Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions in Vitro". 231. "Surface-localized Reactions in Tissue Cells. Microcalorimetric Study". 232. "Transport of Sulfate in Cartilage". 233. "Determination of Acid Phosphatase in Human Platelets". 234. "Hexosamines of Human Umbilical Cord in First Trimester of Fetal Development". 235. "Plasma Insulin in the Fetal Rat". 236. "Photodegradation of Serum Bilirubin in the Gunn Rat". 237. "Biochemical Processes in the Rumen. VIII. Significance of Molar Proportions of Acetic and Propionic Acids in the Rumen on the Growth Rate of Buffalo and Zebu". 238. "Molecular Sieving Fractionation of Nondialysable Rat Urine Residue". 239. "Separation of Rhodanese and Thiosulfate Reductase Activities in Carp Liver Extracts". 240. "Ultracytochemistry of Histiocytes in Mouse Subcutaneous Tissue". 241. "Studies on Albumin-heme Complex Formation". 242. "Nucleic Acids (DNA and RNA) Content of Spermatozoa of Murrah Buffalo Bulls". 243. "Effect of Storage on the DNA and RNA Content of Spermatozoa of Murrah Buffalo Bulls". 244. "Rapid Bacterial Ring Test for Distinguishing Cow and Buffalo Milk". 245. "Assay of Gamma-aminobutyric Acid and Enzymes Involved in its Metabolism". 246. "Flavor and Chemical Evaluation of Partially Hydrogenated Sunflower Oil as a Potato Chip Frying Oil". 247. "Prospects for Nonconventional Protein Resources". 248. "Simple Ultramicromethod for Indirect Serum Bilirubin Determination". 249. "Cytogenetic Studies on Lymphocytes of Neonates After Placental Scanning". 250. "Occurrence of Escherichia Coli Strains With Multiresistance and Transferable Resistance to Antibiotics in Foods". 251. "Fetal Sources of Amniotic Fluid. Enigma". 252. "Fetal Response to Glucose Loading". 253. "Oxygen and Glucose Measurement in the Human Fetus". 254. "Toluene Exposure. I. Concentration in Alveolar Air and Blood at Rest and During Exercise". 255. "Toluene Exposure. II. Psychophysiological Functions". 256. “Electrodeacidification of Blood” 257. "Automated Mass Screening for Hemoglobin S. Rational Method". 258. "Gouda Cheese Made With Microbial Rennets Derived From Mucor Miehei". 259. "Use of an Instron Universal Testing Instrument in Studying the Rigidity of Milk During Coagulation by Rennin". 260. "Utilization of Insoluble Phospholipid-bata-lactoglobulin Complex for Stabilizing Butterfat-in-water Emulsion". 261. "Characterization of Abomasum Juice as Obtained From Living Calves and Its Utilization For Cheese Making". 262. "Use of the Sodium Deoxycholate Sensitivity Test in Cell Cultures". 263. "Excretion of Catecholamines, Corticosteroids and 5-HIAA (5-hydroxy-indoleacetic Acid) as Related to the Testing Conditions, Physical Fitness, and Psychological Variables of Healthy Subjects". 264. "Family Studies on Phosphoglucomutase (PGM1)''. 265. "De Novo Synthesis of Myocardial Adenine Nucleotides in the Rat. Acceleration During Recovery From Oxygen Deficiency". 266. "Transcapillary Escape Rate of Albumin and Plasma Volume in Essential Hypertension". 267. "Fall in Plasma-testosterone Levels in Normal Male Subjects in Response to an Oral Glucose Load". 268. "Biochemically Active Substances in Urine Which Increase With Fatigue Due to Physical Exercise". 269. "Human Serum Dopamine-beta-hydroxylase. Relation to Hypertension and Sympathetic Activity". 270. "Effect of Lesions in the Medial Forebrain Bundle on Three Measures of Pain Sensitivity and Noise-elicited Startle". 271. "Isolation and in Vitro Cultivation of Cells of Elaeis Guineensis". Continued 3C. Chemical Abstracts (Continued) 272. "Modifications of Casein Ultra High Temperature Treated Milk During Storage". 273. "Problems Related to the Measurements of Primary Production Using the Radiocarbon Technique". 274. "Complement as a Mediator of Inflammation in Acute Gouty Arthritis. I. Reaction Between Human Serum Complement and Sodium Urate Crystals". 275. "Iron-binding by Macromolecular Components of Human Gastric Juice". 276. "Possibility of Obtaining Apyrogenic Deionized Water by Means of Allassion Ion Exchangers". 277. "Isionic pH of Mixtures of Bone and Pork Gelatins". 278. "Revised Normal Values for Hemoglobin, Red Cell Indexes and White Cells in Adults". 279. "Pearson Square". 280. "Fatty Acid Composition of Brain Phospholipids-cytochrome C Complex. Lipid -protein Interactions". 281. "Citrus Seed Oils". 282. "Improved Method for Serum Bromide Estimation". 283. "Determination of Copper and Zinc in Plasma and Urine by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry". 284. "Simpler Radioisotope Method for the Determination of Fecal Fat". 285. "Histochemical Characterization of Malignant Tumor Mucins as a Possible Aid in the Identification of Metastatic Deposits".

286. "High-protein Cookies. I. Effect of Soy Fortification and Surfactants". 287. "Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, and Red Cell Count in School Children". 288. "Levels of Fetal Hemoglobin in the Blood of Children of Indore". 289. "Manganese Concentration in Red Blood Cells and Serum of Filipinos". 290. "Procedure for Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis of Biological Material". 291. "Detection of Diffusible Ions in Insect Osmoregulatory Systems by Electron Probe Xray Microanalysis Using Scanning Electron Microscopy and a Cryoscopic Technique". 292. "Radioimmunological Assay of Prostaglandin Synthetase Activity". 293. "Quantitative Determination of Prostaglandins and Malondialdehyde Formed by the Arachidinate Oxygenase (Prostaglandin Synthetase) System of Bovine Seminal Vesicle". 294. "Prostaglandins During Development. I. Age-dependent Activity Profiles of Prostaglandin 15-hydroxydehydrogenase and 13, 14-reductase in Lung Tissue From Late Prenatal, Early Postnatal, and Adult Rats". 295. "Prostaglandin Specific Binding in the Rabbit Oviduct". 296. "Signs of Hypoxia Measured by Means of PO2 Multiwire-electrodes by NADH and NADPH Fluorescence and Determination of Lactate and Pyruvate Formation". 297. "Production and Application of 0.2 to 1.0 Microns Poly (Tetrafluoroethylene) Membranes to Continuous Polarographic Measurement of Oxygen Tension in the Gas Phase". 298. "Problems With the Use of Platinum Cathodes for the Polarographic Measurement of Oxygen". 299. "Continuous Method for Measuring Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in Expired and Alveolar Gases". 300. "Nervous System Proteins". 301. "Tissue and Cell Culture as a Tool in Neurochemistry". 302. "Recognition of Proteins by Hormone-binding Properties". 303. "Nerve Growth Factor". 304. "Glycosaminoglycans of Temporomandibular Articular Discs". 305. "Effect of Demineralization of Stainability of Human Mast Cells in Normal Periodontal Membranes, Apical Granulomas, and Radicular Cysts". 306. "Alkaline Phosphatase in the Enamel Organ of the Rat Incisor". 307. "Elimination of Free and Protein-bound Ionic Mercury (203Hg2+) in Man”. 308. "Polarography and Voltammetry of Nucleosides and Nucleotides and Their Parent Bases as an Analytical and Investigative Tool". 309. "Corneal Cryopreservation Evaluated by Trypane Blue Staining". 310. "Integrated Ion-current (IIC) Technique of Quantitative Mass Spectrometric Analysis. Chemical and Biological Applications". 311. "Normal Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of Indian Pigs (Sus Scrofa Domestica)". 312. "Myocardial Contractility. IV. Relation Among Changes in Intracellular Calcium Stores, Ultrastructure, and Contractility of Myocardium". 313. "Calcium Metabolism and Contractility of Isolated Cardiac Muscle From Endotoxintreated Guinea Pig". 314. "Changing DNA Molecular Patterns During Cell Maturation in the Mouse". 315. "Changes in Nuclear DNA Molecular Pattern of Spinal Ganglion Cells During Regeneration of Spinal Nerves of the Cat". 316. "DNA Molecular Pattern During Metaplasia of Stratified Squamous Epithelium of Mouse Vagina to Mucin-producing Cells". 317. "Application of Ultrastructural and Biochemical Methods in the Study of Phosphoproteins From Rat Mammary Tumors". 318. "One-step Isolation and Characterization of Nuclear Membranes". 319. "Dynamics of Cytoplasmic Membranes in Pancreatic Acinar Cells". 320. "Content of Nucleotides in Erythrocytes of Different Breeds of Cattle". 321. "Transferrin Polymorphism in Some Breeds and Types of Horses Reared in Poland". 322. "Serum Proteins Polymorphism in Zlotnicka Pig". 323. "Deoxyribonucleic Acid Synthesis in Regenerating Rat Liver Studied by Sytofluorometry in Combination With Titrated Thymidine Autoradiography". 324. "Cytochemical Studies of Secretory and Other Granules Associated With the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Rat Thyroid Epithelial Cells". 325. "Membranes of Adrenal Medulla. Their Role in Exocytosis". 326. "Secretory Mechanisms in Pancreatic Acinar Cells. Role of the Cytoplasmic Membranes". 327. "Practical Value of Cytochemical Studies for the Classification of Acute Leukemias". 328. "Changes in Nucleic Acids During Brain Maturation". 329. "Appearance of Brain Specific Glycoprotein in Human Ontogenesis". 330. "Amino Acids and Myelin Proteins". 331. "Lipid Metabolism in Isolated Neurons and Oligodendroglia". 332. "Influence of Cysteine on Adenyl Cyclase Activity in Rat Lymphocytes". 333. "Gamma-glutamyl Transpeptidase Activity (GGTP) in Ontogenetic Development of the Guinea Pig". Continued

3C. Chemical Abstracts (Continued) 334. "Localization of Gamma-glutamyl Transpeptidase (GGTP) in the Rat Small Intestine. Adaptive Response of the Enzyme After Massive Small Bowel Resection". 335. "Retention of Volatile Organic Compounds During Freeze-drying of Model Systems and Shrimps". 336. "Scope of Radioimmunoassay". 337. "Postribosomal Function of Vitamin K in Prothrombin Synthesis". 338. "Calcium and Prothrombin Activation". 339. "Localization of Tritium-labeled Progesterone in the Oral Mucosa of Rabbits". 340. "Reviews of the Progress of Dairy Science. Water-soluble Vitamins in Milk and Milk Products". 341. "Procedural Notes on an Intestinal Fat Absorption Test as Determined by the Excretion of Carbon-14 Dioxide". 342. "Rapid Method of Chlorophyll Determination in Apple Fruits". 343. "Flavor, Taste, and Smell".

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