Simplifying the Complexities of Business and IT With Effective SDLC Solutions by kovair


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									Simplifying the Complexities of Business & IT with Effective SDLC Solutions

The software development life cycle is an ever-present part of a business. Software is never static as it is
continually being modified and improved upon by the people who work on it. Today’s competitive world
depends on information technology, and designing and developing software application requires a high
level of understanding of the development process. One cannot develop perfect software with full
functionality unless it passes all the tests and quality analysis. Enterprises need an SDLC as a framework
to guide the development to make it more systematic and efficient. Essentially made of a series of steps
or phases the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) describes the tasks that are performed during
the software development process. It is essential to put special focus on SDLC in order to generate
better and efficient functional and critical mission software that helps businesses in the long run.

A complete and comprehensive Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) solution must necessarily
provide an extensive and complete support for all SDLC functions. It must also help in improving the
requirements management process for hardware / software development and systems engineering
while improving both, the efficiency and quality of the products delivered to end customers. The
solution must also surmount the complexities that may exist in the entire development process – right
from initiation, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance all through disposal. Offering a
planned and consistent process for all phases of software development, a good solution ensures that all
functional user requirements- and strategic goals and objectives are successfully addressed.

Look for a solution with a flexible and configurable workflow and the configurable application entities
allow the users to configure it to their specific needs irrespective of the development methodology
whether it is the traditional Waterfall, Iterative or an Agile methodology. The companies specializing in
application Lifecycle management have come up with SDLC solutions that must:

       Ensure the delivery of high quality software
       Provide excellent management controls and reporting
       Maximize productivity and timely delivery

Investing in an efficient solution can greatly help in improving the productivity of your enterprise. Ensure
that the solution that you choose is completely web-based, has multiple input capturing methods and
traceability matrix relationships. It must also facilitate process automation and have multiple reporting
options. In today’s competitive market, everyone is striving to gather innovative software solutions and
other mobile applications to facilitate their business operations. Choose the best solution that ensures
the maximum possible ROI opportunities of all of the potential projects.

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