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Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening - McGohan


									                                                                                                             As of January 1, 2011

Wellness: Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening
    Vendor Questionnaire
     Wellness issues important to you – brought to you by McGohan Brabender.
Company Information
Company Name                                         Wilson Memorial Hospital-Occupational Health
Contact Name(s)                                      Lesia Arnett
Direct Phone number(s)                               937-498-5511
Email Address(es)                          
Web Address                                

What year did your business begin administering
Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screenings? 2004

Geographic Region Served by States and
Counties (unless you are a national organization)    Shelby, Logan, Miami, Auglaize Counties, OH
Explain your HIPAA compliance                        Following National Standards
Is there a maximum participation size you are
willing to quote? If so, what size?                  Open - We service companies that have 400+ employees
Is there a minimum participation size you are
willing to quote? If so, what size?                  We only quote companies that have 10 or more employees
How is the HRA administered (on-line, paper or
both)?                                               HRA - paper version at this time
What languages are the HRA available in?             English
Do you provide fasting blood draws or finger
sticks?                                              Fasting Blood Draws
How are the biometric appointments scheduled?
Example: paper, telephone, email or on-line          Company HR assigns appt. two every five minutes
Are you able to provide follow up screenings for
any employees that did not comply with the fasting
guidelines? If yes, how?                            Not at this time
What are the follow-up procedures for critical lab  Yes - Our physician will contact any abnormally high or low critical
results?                                            values following the national guidelines
                                                    Yes - We have developed a spreadsheet that can be downloaded to
Do you have the technology to interface results     insurance carriers for follow-up & disease management. (We can work
with health insurance carriers? If yes, which ones? with most insurance carrier)
Communication & Reporting
What follow-up does the employee receive?
(consultation, paper report, health coaching,
individual/group meetings, online resource) What     We have several options and work directly with each company on how
is the turnaround time for the employee to receive   they would like the results conveyed to the associate. We offer a lot of
the results?                                         one-on-one Health Coaching
Do you include a physician copy?                     Yes
What spoken languages can the follow-up be
delivered in?                                        English
                                                     The company will receive an aggregate report as well as a group report
What interpretation/analysis will the employer       in a follow-up meeting to the health fair. They will be given the top 12
aggregate report include? Predictive Modeling        risk factors broken down into a calendar of what they need to target on
tools? ROI projection or analysis?                   a monthly or bi-monthly basis.
What are your pre-HRA communication materials        Posters/flyers designed normally by the company and/or insurance
used to promote the testing? Example: posters,       company. They are given samples from other health fairs to know what
payroll stuffers, etc.                               works and what doesn't work.

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                           As of January 1, 2011

Health Fair Support
                                                    We have several departments we utilize within our facility that can come
Beyond an HRA and biometric screening, what         on-site and complete monthly lunch-n-learns or just vendors booth
educational pieces can you bring on-site to make    topics. Our list consists of approx. 12 or more topics that can be
this event become a health fair?                    covered throughout the year.
What are the costs of those educational pieces?     These are charged by the hour
Are there price breaks based on quantity? If so, at
what quantity of tests are there breaks?            Our HRA prices are broken down per associates
Final all inclusive price per person?
To include:
  1. Health Risk Assessment
  2. Biometric screening:
               Fasting Cholesterol screening with
              Lipid Panel (HDL, LDL, total
              Cholesterol, total Cholesterol/HDL
              Ration, VLDL, and Triglycerides)
               Blood Sugar (Glucose)
               Blood Pressure                      $40.00 or $50.00 with complete Metabolic panel with lipid panel
               Height, Weight and BMI
Availability and cost of the following additional
  PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
  Coloscreen (take home kits?)
  Thyroid Screening (for females)                   $37.00 – PSA, $17.30 - Coloscreen, and $16.00 - Thyroid
  Others (please list)
What are the staff travel costs, if any?
Last But Not Least

                                                    Our WOW (Wilson's On-site Wellness) Program has been a big hit in
                                                    the local counties and we have been extremely busy in assisting
What other things would you like to tell us about   companies on reducing their injuries and increasing their wellness
your services?                                      within their facilities. "A Healthy Employee is a Productive Employee"

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439

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