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Quick-Paced Global Business Management Offers In-Depth Training


									    Quick-Paced Global Business Management Offers In-Depth Training

If you have complete business management courses or any other post-secondary credential but have an
interest in the global business management field, you may want to consider attending Centennial
College. This well-respected Ontario institution offers a Global Business Management program to mature
students that prepares them with knowledge and practical skills that are transferable across several
industries. Graduates of the offering can apply for entry-level management/professional roles with
international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and domestic businesses operating
on a global scale.

In addition, international students who attend the Global Business Management program and successfully
complete it may be eligible to apply for a work permit (up to three years) upon graduation.

Taking two years to complete and resulting in an Ontario College Graduate Certificate, the Global Business
Management program is based on a unique blend of strategic management, and international concepts
that are designed to prepare graduates to lead and manage effectively in the global business
environment. To apply, interested parties are required to present a transcript that
proves completion of a college diploma or university degree in any discipline. In some
case, applicants may also be asked to provide proof of English proficiency. Those who
are interested in attending but only possess partial post-secondary and relevant work
experience may also be considered. However, please note that a transcript and resume
review is required.

If you are this wondering whether the Global Business Management program is for you,
consider that successful students have possessed the following qualities: analytical with
strong numeracy skills, highly organized with an ability to plan and prioritize, thrive
under pressure and ability to meet deadlines, strong interpersonal skills, innovative
problem solver and decision maker, comfortable working within a team environment,
open-minded and have a willingness to learn new things.

The Global Business Management program is facilitated from Centennial College’s
Progress Campus. This gives students ample opportunity to interact with peers from
other Business School programs that are also housed at this location, network and gain
insight into the professions they may pursue.

Additionally, small-sized classes ensure individual attention from instructors during
business management courses such as: Accounting for Managerial Decision Marking,
Business     Presentations,   Economic     Analysis   for    Managers,    International
Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, International Baking and Finance. All of these courses are
taught through a unique blend of lectures, guest speakers, external competitions, presentation of research
reports and industry visits.

Rounding out Global Business Management in Toronto is a Capstone Project that challenges students
to apply what they’ve learned by completing an integrated team project for a business client within the
Greater Toronto Area.

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