Law Clerk Diploma Program at Centennial College Is One-of-a-Kind

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					    Law Clerk Diploma Program at Centennial College Is One-of-a-Kind

Being able to list experience on your resume upon graduation from your college program is essential in
having an edge on the competition. If your interest lies in the Law Clerk field and you want that work
experience aspect, your only choice is Centennial College. As Patty-Ann Sullivan, the coordinator and
faculty member in this Law Clerk Diploma offering explains, “The most unique feature of this program is
we are the only college that offers a four-day-per-week work placement and allows students to have
experience to put on their resume.” As a direct result of this unique aspect, Patty-Ann explains possible
post-graduation outcomes for students of Centennial College’s Law Clerk offering. “As noted by the name,
a Law Clerk is really an assistant to the lawyer. So students are going to work in a law firm … alongside a
lawyer in various areas of the law. Some of our students work in the government, and they may have
become familiar with the government because of their work placement. Other students work for
corporations, in the legal department of those corporations.”

Patty-Ann offers great insight into the very practical nature of the Law Clerk program but let’s take a look
at some of the finer details. Firstly, it is important to note that the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario
                  (ILCO) accredits this offering. Secondly, aside from the work placement feature,
                  students also obtain a balance theory of law and hands-on practice that gives them the
                  knowledge of rules and procedures of law and government, proficiency in speaking and
                  writing English language, knowledge of clerical procedures, and effective personal and
                  customer service. In addition, an emphasis on practical, career-oriented assignments
                  ensures that students are learning about specifics of the field in courses such as:
                  Current Issues in Canadian Law, Computers for Law Clerks, Legal Research and Writing,
                  Family Law, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Government Boards and Agencies, Wills and
                  Estates, Debtor-Creditor/Landlord Tenant Law, and more.

                  Graduation from the Law Clerk program is only possible with a minimum GPA of 2.0, a
                  minimum C grade average, a minimum C grade in COMM-170, and a minimum
                  keyboarding speed of 40 words per minute. Graduates may enter the field or pursue
                  further education. As such, qualified graduates may be eligible to participate in an
                  articulated program with selected universities, institutes and professional associations.
                  These partnerships allow them to apply academic credit towards further study. The Law
                  Clerk program’s partners are Athabasca University, Algoma University and University of
                  New Brunswick.

                   Those interested in attending the Law Clerk at Centennial College offering are
required to have completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of
age or older. In addition, they must have completed compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or
equivalent and Math 11C, M or U, or 12C or U, or skills assessment, or equivalent. Possession of minimum
admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

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