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1. Beat all ingredients, except Sweet Topping, powdered sugar, 1–2 tea-
spoons milk, and almonds, in bowl until blended; beat on medium speed
2 minutes. Pour batter into greased 7-inch springform pan; sprinkle with
Sweet Topping. Place pan on rack in 6-quart slow cooker; cover, placing 3
layers of paper towels under lid, and cook on high until toothpick inserted
in center comes out clean, 3 to 31/2 hours. Cool on wire rack; remove side
of pan and place coffee cake on serving plate.
2. Mix powdered sugar with 1 to 2 teaspoons milk to make thin glaze con-
sistency; drizzle glaze over top of cake. Sprinkle with almonds.

Sweet Topping

11/2 tablespoons cold margarine or butter
2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons sugar

1. Cut margarine into combined flour and sugar until crumbly.

Sloppy Joes
A great sandwich for kids of all ages! Serve with lots of pickles and fresh
vegetable relishes.
6–8 servings                                                Per Serving:
                                                            Calories: 278
                                                            % of calories from fat: 23
1 pound ground beef
                                                            Protein (gm): 19.1
1 cup each: chopped onion, green or red bell pepper         Carbohydrate (gm): 35.8
2 teaspoons minced garlic                                   Fat (gm): 7.3
                                                            Saturated fat (gm): 2.6
l cup catsup
                                                            Cholesterol (mg): 41.6
1/2 cup water                                               Sodium (mg): 265
1/4 cup packed light brown sugar                            Exchanges:
                                                            Milk: 0.0
2 tablespoons prepared mustard
                                                            Vegetable: 1.0
2 teaspoons each: celery seeds, chili powder                Fruit: 0.0
Salt and pepper, to taste                                   Bread: 2.0
                                                            Meat: 2.0
6–8 whole-wheat hamburger buns, toasted
                                                            Fat: 0.0
8 sweet or dill pickle spears

1. Cook ground beef in lightly greased skillet until browned, crumbling
with a fork. Combine ground beef and remaining ingredients, except salt,
pepper, buns, and pickles, in slow cooker; cover and cook on high 2 to 3
hours. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve in buns with pickles.

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