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Firm/Location                 Name/partner names                         Position/Type             logo or photo url
New York, NY                  Village Ventures                           Venture Fund              village-ventures.jpg
Village Ventures              Matt Harris @mattcharriss                  Managing General Partner matt-harris.jpg
Village Ventures              Bo Peabody @bopeabody                      Managing General Partner bo-peabody.jpg
Village Ventures              Bryan Birsis @birsic                       Senior Associate          bryan-birsic.jpg
New York, NY                  Greycroft                                  Venture Fund              greycroft-logo.jpg
Greycroft                     Alan Patricof                              Managing Director         alan-patricof.jpg
Greycroft                     Ian Sigalow @idsigs                        Partner                   ian-sigalow.jpg
Greycroft                     Drew Lipsher                               Partner                   drew-lipsher.jpg
Greycroft                     Dana Settle                                Partner                   dana-settle.jpg
Greycroft                     Marissa Campise @campise                   Senior Associate          marissa-campise.jpg
New York, NY                  Draper Gotham                              Venture Fund              draper-gotham.jpg
Draper Gotham                 Danny Schultz                                                        daniel-schultz.jpg
                                                                         Co-Founder and Managing Director
Draper Gotham                 Ross Goldstein                                                       ross-goldstein.jpg
                                                                         Co-Founder and Managing Director
Draper Gotham                 Mark Davis @markpeterdavis                 Associate                 mark-davis.jpg
Draper Gotham                 Thatcher Bell @thatcherbell                Principal                 thatcher-bell.jpg
New York, NY                  Union Square Ventures                      Venture Fund              union-square.jpg
Union Square Ventures         Fred Wilson @fredwilson                    Managing Partner          fred-wilson.jpg
Union Square Ventures         Albert Wenger @albertwenger                Managing Partner          albert-wenger.jpg
Union Square Ventures         Brad Burnham                               Managing Partner          brad-burnham.jpg
New York, NY                  IA Ventures                                Venture Fund              ia-ventures.jpg
IA Ventures                   Roger Ehrenberg @inforarbitrage            Managing Partner          roger-ehrenberg.jpg
IA Ventures                   Ben Siscovic @bsiscovick                   Venture Capitalist        ben-siscovick.jpg
IA Ventures                   Brad Gillespie @bradgillespie              Technologist              brad-gillespie.jpg
New York, NY                  RRE                                        Venture Fund              rre-ventures.jpg
RRE                           Stuart Ellman @bikenyc                                               stuart-ellman.jpg
                                                                         Co-Founder, Managing Partner
RRE                           Will Porteous @porteous                    General Partner           will-porteous.jpg
RRE                           Eric Weisen @ewiesen                       General Partner           eric-wiesen.jpg
RRE                           James Robinson IV @jdrive                                            james-robinson-iv.jpg
                                                                         Co-Founder, Managing Partner
RRE                           James Robinson III                         General Partner           james-robinson-iii.jpg
New York, NY                  First Round                                Venture Fund              first-round-capital.jpg
First Round                   Josh Kopelman @joshk                       Managing Partner          josh-kopelman.jpg
First Round                   Charlie O'Donnell @ceonyc                  Entrepreneur in Residence charlie-odonnell.jpg
First Round                   Phin Barnes @phineasb                      Principal                 phin-barnes.jpg
First Round                   Howard Morgan @hlmorgan                    Managing Partner          howard-morgan.jpg
New York, NY                  Greenhill SAVP                             Venture Fund              greenhill-savp.jpg
Greenhill SAVP                Steve Brotman @stevebrotman                                          steve-brotman.jpg
                                                                         Managing Director & Co-Chairman of the Investment Committee
Greenhill SAVP                Brian Hirsch @hirschb                                                brian-hirsch.jpg
                                                                         Managing Director & Co-Chairman of the Investment Committee
Greenhill SAVP                Somak Chattopadhay @somakc                 Vice President            somak-chattopadhyay.jpg
Greenhill SAVP                J.B. Lockhart                              Vice President            james-lockhart.jpg
New York, NY                  NY ANGELS                                  Angel Group               ny-angels.jpg
New York, NY                  Golden Seeds                               Angel Group               golden-seeds.jpg
New York, NY                  Arc Angel Fund                             Angel Group               arc-angel.jpg
New York, NY                  Chart Venture Partners                     Venture Fund              chart-venture-partners.jpg
Chart Venture Partners        Matt McCooe                                Managing Partner          matt-mccooe.jpg
Chart Venture Partners        Cole VanNice                               Partner                   cole-vannice.jpg
Chart Venture Partners        Ted Hobart                                 Partner                   ted-hobart.jpg
Chart Venture Partners        Chris Brady, Jr.                           Managing Partner          chris-brady-jr.jpg
Chart Venture Partners        Michael Wu                                 Principal                 michael-wu.jpg
New York, NY                  High Peaks Venture Partners                Venture Fund              high-peaks.jpg
High Peaks Venture Partners   Brad Svrluga @bradsvrluga                  Managing Director         brad-svrluga.jpg
High Peaks Venture Partners   Bela Musits                                Managing Director         bela-musits.jpg
High Peaks Venture Partners   Jon Stillman                               Partner                   jon-stillman.jpg
New York, NY                  First Mark                                 Venture Fund              first-mark.jpg

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First Mark                   Larry Lenhihan @lawrencelenihan        CEO and Managing Directorlarry-lenihan.jpg
New York, NY                 Softbank                               Venture Fund             softbank-capital.jpg
Softbank                     Eric Hippeau @erichippeau              Special Partner          eric-hippeau.jpg
Softbank                     Mike Perlis                            Partner                  mike-perlis.jpg
Softbank                     Jordan Levy                            Partner                  jordan-levy.jpg
Softbank                     Ron Schreiber                          Partner                  ron-schreiber.jpg
Softbank                     Joe Medved @joevc                      Principal                joe-medved.jpg
Softbank                     Ron Fisher                             Managing Partner         ron-fisher.jpg
Softbank                     Steve Murray                           Partner                  steve-murray.jpg
New York, NY                 Betaworks                              Incubator                betaworks.jpg
Betaworks                    John Borthwick @johnborthwick          CEO                      john-borthwick.jpg
Betaworks                    Andy Weissman @aweissman               Chief Operating Officer  andy-weissman.jpg
New York, NY                 NYCIF                                  Venture Fund             nycif.jpg
NYCIF                        Maria Gotsch                           President                maria-gotsch.jpg
New York, NY                 NYC Seed                               Incubator                nyc-seed.jpg
NYC Seed                     Owen Davis @owendavis                  Managing Director        owen-davis.jpg
New York, NY                 RoseTech Ventures                      Venture Fund              rose-tech.jpg
RoseTech Ventures            David Rose @davidsrose                 Managing Prinicipal       david-rose.jpg
RoseTech Ventures            Bronson Lingamfelter @bcl              Associate                 bronson-lingamfelter.jpg
New York, NY                 FOUNDER COLLECTIVE                     Venture Fund              founder-collective.jpg
FOUNDER COLLECTIVE           Chris Dixon @cdixon                    Founder, Partner          chris-dixon.jpg
New York, NY                 Lerer Ventures                         Venture Fund              lerer-ventures.jpg
Lerer Ventures               Kenneth Lerer                          Manager                   kenneth-lerer.jpg
Lerer Ventures               Ben Lerer                              Manager                   ben-lerer.jpg
New York, NY                 Ron Conway @ronconway                  Angel Investor            ron-conway.jpg
New York, NY                 BOLDstart                              Venture Fund              boldstart.jpg
BOLDstart                    Ed Sim @edsim                          Managing Director         ed-sim.jpg
BOLDstart                    Eliot Durbin                           Partner                   eliot-durbin.jpg
BOLDstart                    Justin Wohlstadter @justpw             Partner                   justin-wohlstadter.jpg
New York, NY                 Contour Venture Partners               Venture Fund              contour-venture.jpg
Contour Venture Partners     Matt Gorin                             Partner                   matt-gorin.jpg
Contour Venture Partners     Bob Greene                             Partner                   bob-greene.jpg
New York, NY                 Milestone Venture Partners             Venture Fund              milestone-venture.jpg
Milestone Venture Partners   Todd Pietri                            Partner                   todd-pietri.jpg
New York, NY                 Genacast Ventures                      Venture Fund              genacast.jpg
Genacast Ventures            Gil Beyda @genacast                    Managing Partner          gil-beyda.jpg
New York, NY                 Paul Sethi @paulsethi                  Angel Investor            paul-sethi.jpg
New York, NY                 David Rose (@davidrose)                Angel Investor            david-rose.jpg
New York, NY                 Roger Ehrenberg @infoarbitrage         Angel Investor            roger-ehrenberg.jpg
New York, NY                 Esther Dyson @edyson                   Angel Investor            esther-dyson.jpg
New York, NY                 Jason Calacanis @jason                 Angel Investor            jason-calacanis.jpg
New York, NY                 Amish Jani @amishjani                  Angel Investor            amish-jani.jpg
New York, NY                 Michael Parekh @mparekh                Angel Investor            michael-parekh.jpg
New York, NY                 Auren Hoffman @auren                   Angel Investor            auren-hoffman.jpg
New York, NY                 John Stylman @jstylman                 Angel Investor            john-stylman.jpg
New York, NY                 Geoff Judge                            Angel Investor            geoff-judge.jpg
New York, NY                 Scott Kurnit @kurnit                   Angel Investor            scott-kurnit.jpg
New York, NY                 Stephen Messer                         Angel Investor            stephen-messer.jpg
New York, NY                 Michael Yavonditte @mikeyavo           Angel Investor            michael-yavonditte.jpg
New York, NY                 Andrew Rasiej @rasiej                  Angel Investor            andrew-rasiej.jpg
New York, NY                 Ramesh Haridas @rameshharidas          Angel Investor            ramesh-haridas.jpg
New York, NY                 Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee               Angel Investor            gary-vaynerchuk.jpg
New York, NY                 Dave Morgan @davemorgannyc             Angel Investor            dave-morgan.jpg
New York, NY                 Dave Lerner @davidblerner              Angel Investor            david-lerner.jpg

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New York, NY              Rho Ventures                              Venture Fund               rho-ventures.jpg
Rho Ventures              Habib Kairouz @habibkairouz               Partner                    habib-kairouz.jpg
New York, NY              Chazen Capital Partners                   Venture Fund               chazen-capital-partners.jpg
Chazen Capital Partners   Jerome Chazen                             Chairman                   jerome-chazen.jpg
New York, NY              21 Ventures                               Venture Fund               twentyone-ventures.jpg
21 Ventures               David Anthony @davidanthony21             Managing Partner           david-anthony.jpg
New York, NY              Stonehenge                                Venture Fund               stonehenge.jpg
Stonehenge                Brian Model @modelvis                     Managing Director          brian-model.jpg
New York, NY              Metamorphic Ventures                      Venture Fund              metamorphic-ventures.jpg
Metamorphic Ventures      Lewis Gersh @lewisgersh                   Managing Partner          lewis-gersh.jpg
New York, NY              Zelkova Ventures                          Venture Fund              zelkova-ventures.jpg
Zelkova Ventures          Jay Levy @zelkovavc                       Principal                 jay-levy.jpg
Boston, MA                Matrix                                    Venture Fund              matrix.jpg
Matrix                    Nick Beim @nickbeim                       General Partner           nick-beim.jpg
Boston, MA                Flybridge                                 Venture Fund              flybridge.jpg
Flybridge                 Jeff Bussgang @bussgang                   General Partner           jeff-bussgang.jpg
Flybridge                 Jon Karlen @jektweet                      General Partner           jon-karlen.jpg
Flybridge                 Nate Westheimer @innonate                                           nate-westheimer.jpg
Boston, MA                Spark                                     Venture Fund              spark-capital.jpg
Spark                     Bijan Sabet @bijan                        General Partner           bijan-sabet.jpg
Spark                     Mo Koyfman @mokoyfman                     Principal                 mo-koyfman.jpg
Spark                     Alex Finkelstein @finkelstein1            General Partner           alex-finkelstein.jpg
Boston, MA                Kodiak                                    Venture Fund              kodiak.jpg
Kodiak                    Chip Meakem                               Managing Partner          chip-meakem.jpg
Boston, MA                Point Judith Capital                      Venture Fund              point-judith-capital.jpg
Point Judith Capital      David Martirano                           General Partner           david-martirano.jpg
Boston, MA                General Catalyst                          Venture Fund              general-catalyst.jpg
Boston, MA                Polaris                                   Venture Fund              polaris.jpg
Polaris                   Peter Flint                               General Partner           peter-flint.jpg
New York, NY              iNovia                                    Venture Fund              inovia.jpg
iNovia                    John Elton @johnelton                     Partner                   john-elton.jpg
New York, NY              Launch Capital                            Venture Fund              launch-capital.jpg
New York, NY              Konstantine Drakonakis                    Venture Fund              konstantine-drakonakis.jpg
New York, NY              Cava Capital                              Venture Fund              cava-capital.jpg
Cava Capital              Geoff Schneider @CavaCapital              Managing Partner          geoff-schneider.jpg
New York, NY              Penny Black                                                         penny-black.jpg
New York, NY              Eliot Durbin                                                        eliot-durbin-2.jpg
New York, NY              Justin Wholstadter@justpw                                           justin-wholstadter.jpg
Silicon Valley, CA        True Ventures                             Venture Fund              true-ventures.jpg
True Ventures             Tony Conrad @tonyspehere                  Partner                   tony-conrad.jpg
True Ventures             Puneet Agarwal @puneet324                                           puneet-agarwal.jpg
True Ventures             Adam D'Augelli @daugelli                                            adam-daugelli.jpg
Silicon Valley, CA        Floodgate                                 Venture Fund              floodgate.jpg
Floodgate                 Mike Maples @m2jr                         Managing Partner          mike-maples.jpg
New York, NY              AOL VENTURES                              Venture Fund              aol.jpg
AOL VENTURES              Jon Brod                                                            jon-brod.jpg
                                                                    Presiden, Local and Mapping
AOL VENTURES              Mike Brown @MikeBrownJr                                             mike-brown.jpg
New York, NY              NBC Peacock Fund                          Venture Fund              nbc-peacock-fund.jpg
New York, NY              Time Warner Investments                   Venture Fund              time-warner.jpg
New York, NY              Hearst Interactive Ventures               Venture Fund              hearst-interactive-ventures.jpg
New York, NY              Siemens Venture Capital                   Venture Fund              siemens-venture-capital.jpg
New York, NY              WPP                                       Venture Fund              wpp.jpg
New York, NY              Google Ventures                           Venture Fund              google-ventures.jpg

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short bio                           Blog URL            twitter url         linkedin url
Village Ventures is a seed and early stage venture capital firm focusing on the consumer media/retail and financial services sectors.
                                                         Partner of Village
Matt Harris is the co-founder and Managing General
Bo is an expert in consumer-oriented businesses
Bryan started his career as a consultant at Bain & Company’s New York office
                                               digital media companies
Greycroft Partners is a venture capital partnership, formed to invest in
A longtime innovator and advocate for venture capital, Alan entered the industry in its formative days with the creation of Patricof & Co. Ventures Inc., a pred
Prior to joining Greycroft, Ian founded StrongData Corporation, a pioneer in digital encryption, and spent several years as a venture capitalist with Boston Mi
Drew brings over fourteen years of media and entertainment experience to Greycroft.
                                                        as a venture capitalist and
Prior to joining Greycroft, Dana spent several years advisor to startup companies in the Bay Area, including six years at Mayfield,
                                                         collateral analyst
                                                                            with Deloitte
Marissa began her career in structured finance as a and Touche's Securitization Transaction Team.
DFJ Gotham Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in New York City focused primarily on investments in information technology startups bas
Danny focuses on investments in financial services, digital media, network infrastructure and mobile technologies.
                                                                             President and Chief Financial Officer of Interactive Imaginations, Inc., one of the East
Prior to co-founding DFJ Gotham Ventures, Ross was Executive Vice
                                               startup roles with software
                                                                             consulting and
Mark’s background includes venture investing, merger & acquisitions, and Internet companies.
Thatcher’s background includes venture investing, operating and consulting roles with software, Internet, and financial services companies.
Our venture capital firm was conceived as a place where a small number of very experienced investment professionals, working collaboratively from a single
Fred Wilson has been a venture capitalist since 1987. He currently is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures and also founded Flatiron Partners.
As an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded five companies, including a management consulting firm (in Germany), a hosted data analytics company
Brad Burnham began his career in information technology with AT&T in 1979. He held a variety of sales, marketing and business development positions the
We are interested in a wide variety of verticals including government, healthcare, financial services, and often our investments are directly or indirectly releva
                                                        LLC, a quantitative trading firm
Roger is also founder of Kinetic Trading Strategies, that develops proprietary, alpha-generating language models for top prop
                                                        team, Ben            with select
n addition to his role on the IA Ventures investment operating and strategic projects at Kinetic Trading Strategies, an IA Ventur
Prior to IA Ventures Brad Gillespie was the Technical Assistant and Speechwriter for Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie.
                                                         including consumer
We invest across a range of rapidly growing sectors and digital media, mobility, green technology, software & services, financial technolo
Since co-founding RRE in 1994, Mr. Ellman has been responsible for over forty technology investments, ranging from incubation-stage to post-revenue com
 Before joining the venture capital industry, Mr. Porteous held senior management positions in marketing and product management with SupplyWorks and N
                                    for Updata Partners where he focused on
Prior to RRE, Mr. Wiesen worked growth-stage software investments.
Since co-founding RRE in late 1994, Jim has been responsible for more than thirty technology investments, with a focus on digital media, enterprise and fina
Mr. Robinson served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Express Company from 1977 to 1993.
                                                                             entrepreneurs build remarkable companies.
First Round Capital is a seed stage fund dedicated to helping talented
                                     the Wharton School of the
In 1992, while he was a student at of Pennsylvania, Josh co-founded Infonautics Corporation – an Internet information
He is interested in technologies that improve connection and empower individuals. He is available for consulting projects for startups and large companies al
Before joining First Round Capital, Phin founded ResponDesign, an independent videogame company that developed and published Yourself!Fitness, the fir
Howard Morgan has more than 25 years of experience serving as a mentor, advisor and investor in entrepreneurial ventures.
                                                                            entrepreneurs focused on the next generation of innovation: Technology Enabled Serv
Greenhill SAVP, an early stage venture capital fund, backs seasoned
While at SAVP, Steve was a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2000 and was named in Crain's 2001 Tech 100.
Brian Hirsch is a Managing Director of Greenhill SAVP and a Co-Chairman of the Fund’s Investment Committee.
                                               Venture Fund, where he sourced and evaluated investments in the tech-enable
Somak Chattopadhyay joined GSAVP in 2007. Previously, he was at
JB currently serves as a Board Observer at Mobile Commons and Pontiflex. He is also a Junior Board Member at The Beginning with Children Foundation,
The mission of New York Angels, Inc. is to provide a forum in which its members can exchange information about investment opportunities in early-stage tec
                           investing group has been purposefully recast into a
Golden Seeds was founded in August 2004. What began as a simple disciplined investment organ
ARC Angel Fund invests in seed and early-stage companies with high growth potential.
Chart Venture Partners, L.P. (CVP) is a $100M venture capital fund investing in security related technologies with government and commercial applications.
                                                                             and robotics. He represents CVP on the Board of RemoteReality and PacStar Commu
Matt focuses on early stage investments in communications, software
Cole focuses on early-stage investments in the semiconductor, photonics, imaging, sensor, and geospatial sectors.
Ted focuses on investments in communications, materials science, and power & energy.
Christopher founded The Chart Group in 1994. With over 25 years’ experience in private equity, corporate finance and capital markets, Chris focuses on iden
Michael utilizes CVP’s network to source technologies that fit the needs of InSitech’s client, the US Army.
                                    venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, high-growth, entrepreneurial technology companies.
High Peaks Venture Partners is a
                                               (sold to Getty Images), Soft Sight (sold
                                                                             Pump Audio
At High Peaks he has led the firms successfully exited investments in confidentially to a NASDAQ listed
He provided management assistance to over 40 companies in the areas of capital acquisition, growth strategies, and general business principles.
In addition to his role at High Peaks, Jon is Managing Director of Assembla, Inc., an early stage software company focused on bringing the advantages of co
We constantly evaluate the market shifts that underlie the next wave of business opportunities and stay ahead of a constantly-changing marketplace.

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He serves as a senior member of FirstMark Capital's investment Committee and has been directly involved in the formation of each private equity and ventu
SoftBank Capital was formed to make U.S. based venture capital equity investments in early stage technology companies benefiting from the wide scale dep
                                                     with SoftBank Capital’s investing activities since 1995, and joined SoftBank Capital in 2000 from SoftBa
Mr. Hippeau has been involved in various capacities
 He has served as a media industry CEO with over 20 years experience managing a wide range of content and multi-media brands.
Jordan Levy is an experienced operating executive with an expertise in sales and marketing.
Ron Schreiber is an experienced operating executive with an expertise in founding and leading companies and technology development.
Mr. Medved joined SoftBank Capital in 2005. His responsibilities include evaluating and identifying new investment opportunities, and supporting portfolio co
Mr. Fisher joined SoftBank in 1995, overseeing its U.S. operations and its other activities outside of Asia, and was the founder of SoftBank Capital.
                                                                        all aspects of mergers and acquisitions and significant
His experience includes sourcing and managing venture investments, corporate finance and accounti
Betaworks is an Internet media company with a number of investments in three categories: the now web (real-time), the context web (structured data), and th
John Borthwick is CEO of betaworks. Senior Vice President of Alliances and Technology Strategy for Time Warner Inc.
Weissman is a co-founder and current COO of Betaworks         
The Fund was established in late 1996, under the auspices of the nonprofit The Partnership for New York City.
Maria is the President and CEO at the New York City Investment Fund. Prior to joining the Fund in 1999, Maria was a Managing Director at BT Wolfensohn (
YC Seed was formed to provide deserving New York City seed stage entrepreneurs with the capital and support they need to move from idea to product laun
                                                                        in all aspects of the online world, including work
Owen is currently Managing Director of NYC Seed. Owen has worked with early versions of AOL and MSN
                                                                             all-around support infrastructure dedicated to finding,
Rose Tech Ventures is an early stage investment fund, incubator, and and launching the next
                                     "world conquering entrepreneur" and by Crain’s New York Business as "the father of angel investing in New York", David i
Described by BusinessWeek as a       
                                                                             RTV fold, and working to support the
 He is responsible for finding exciting new companies to bring in to the’s existing portfolio companies.
Founder Collective is a seed-stage venture capital fund, built by a collection of successful entrepreneurs. We are headquartered in New York City and Camb
Chris grew up thinking he'd be a professor in either philosophy or computer science. In fact, he was halfway through a PhD program in philosophy when he
Lerer Media Ventures is a New York-based Angel fund run by Ken and Ben Lerer.
Kenneth Lerer is a Manager of Lerer Ventures. Serves on the boards of directors of several nonprofit organizations. Mr. Lerer served as the Hearst New Med
Ben Lerer is a Manager of Lerer Ventures . He was listed among Crain’s “40 Under 40” class of 2010 and NY Enterprise Report’s “Game Changers of 2010”
Ronald Conway has been an active angel investor for over 15 years. He was the Founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds (1998-2005
BOLDstart is a micro-VC fund that seeks to partner with and provide seed funding to bold entrepreneurs who want to create the market leaders of tomorrow.
 Ed's private equity career began in 1996 with Prospect Street Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm, where he worked on software and technolog
Eliot Durbin is Managing Director for Penny Black                 
                                     the creation of
Justin has created and assisted in in industries ranging from print media, to retail, to web 2.0.
Contour Venture Partners is a New York based early stage venture capital firm.
Matt Gorin is a general partner and co-founder of Contour Venture Partners and has experience in technology operations, start-ups and turnaround mana
Bob Greene is a co-founder of Contour Venture Partners. He has invested in all stages of venture capital across several industry sectors.
Milestone is an early stage venture capital fund with $65 million under management. They focus on technology-enhanced service businesses in the New Yor
Since launching MVP II in 2001, Mr. Pietri has developed expertise and relationships in the financial services IT, pharmaceutical IT, healthcare media, marke
                                                       $750,000 in technology-centric Internet start-ups in the northeastern US.
Genacast Ventures is a seed fund that invests up to
Gil launched his first company Mind Games in 1982 to develop games for the original Apple II.
Director at PKS Capital International                           
                                    "world conquering entrepreneur" and by Crain’s New York Business as "the father of angel investing in New York", David i
Described by BusinessWeek as a     
Roger was an active angel investor pursing opportunities through IA Capital Partners, LLC, an early-stage investment firm focused on digital media and finan
Esther Dyson is an active investor in a variety of start-ups, focusing on technology. She is also the organizer of Flight School, an executive workshop for star
Jason Calacanis is an Internet entrepreneur and former blogger. He has founded many companies including Silicon Alley Reporter and Weblogs, Inc. He i
Amish Jani focuses on software and systems investments in the enterprise, communications and digital media sectors and serves of FirstMark Capitals Com
                          firm, which eventually
Michael helped build the Internet Research effort at comprised of many analysts covering major internet segments around the wor
                          in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the UC Berkeley.
                                                       a B.S.E. 
He is the founder of the Dialog Retreat. Auren holds
He is the driving force behind Reprise Media’s efforts to redefine the role of search and social media in integrated marketing communications.
Geoff Judge is an investor in early stage companies. He often works directly with his investments on business strategy and business development.
Scott Kurnit is an investor and advisor at the cross-section of media and technology.
He revolutionized the world of online marketing creating one of the first technology platforms to measure and manage advertising relationships.
Michael Yavonditte is a veteran of new media and technology. He was responsible for negotiating complex ‘outsourced’ e-commerce alliances with leading U
                                                       Founder of Personal Democracy Forum, an annual conference and community website focusing on and
Andrew Rasiej is a social entrepreneur, futurist, and
Ramesh Haridas has been an entrepreneur and an investor in early stage internet companies for the last 10 years. He has started and sold two internet com
Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times bestselling author and American businessman who was born in Belarus and immigrated to the United States as a yo
Dave is a serial entrepreneur. He was the founder, CEO and Chairman of both TACODA, Inc.
                                                     funding companies in the healthcare, internet and media sectors.
David spent over a decade founding, operating, and

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Rho Venures is a seasoned investors who have backed more than 200 companies through multiple cycles. Identifying interesting opportunities and providing
                                                    Partners and Rho organizations focused on reform
                                                                        Ventures. Habib is involved with a number of nonprofit
Habib Kairouz is a managing partner of Rho Capital
Chazen Capital Partners, LLC was established in 1997 as a private investment partnership. We provide equity capital and support to growth opportunities in
Prior to Chazen Capital, Mr. Chazen was one of the four founders of Liz Claiborne Inc., where he is also Chairman Emeritus.
21Ventures employs a hands-on approach and supports our portfolio companies’ growth until it can bring on later-stage institutional investors.
David Anthony is an Adjunct Professor at the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS).
Stonehenge Capital Company is a national specialty finance company, with expertise in private equity, tax credit finance and structured finance.
Mr. Model is responsible for Stonehenge Capital's Early Stage and Start-Up investment activities in New York State.
Metamorphic Ventures is a New York City based venture capital fund that invests in start-up and early stage businesses exclusively in digital media and tran
Lewis is a digital media and venture investor veteran with over 15 years of experience.
Zelkova Ventures is a venture capital firm committed to helping talented entrepreneurs build incredible companies.
 Jay focuses most of his time in working with the current portfolio company and looking at new investments in the software-as-a-service, internet media and
                                                                           on venture capital investments. The firm invests in
Matrix Partners is a US based private equity investment firm focusing and early stage companies in
Nick joined Matrix in 2001 after working in the high tech investment banking group at Goldman Sachs & Co. and the technology and media group at McKinse
Founded in 2001 as Boston-based IDG Ventures Atlantic, we re-named the firm Flybridge Capital Partners in 2008 to better reflect our position as a firm with
Jeff is a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners whose investment interests and entrepreneurial experience are in consumer, Internet commerce, mar
Jon is a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners whose investment interests and experience include enterprise software, consumer-focused products a
Nate Westheimer is the VP of Product for and the Organizer of the NY Tech Meetup.
Spark Capital is a venture fund based in Boston, Massachusetts. Our investment focus is on the conflux of the media, entertainment and technology industri
Bijan is not an observer of the confluence. He lives in it. In fact, he is probably Twittering as you read this.
                          and acquisitions in the media and entertainment sect
                                              primarily on mergers
                                                                            he focused
Mo began his career as an investment banker at Bear Stearns, where
                                                        passionate entrepreneurs who
Alex focuses on working with and investing in highly enjoy leaving stable jobs to build transformative companies.
Kodiak focuses on seed and early stage investments in emerging communications/wireless, semiconductor/equipment, software/services, internet/new med
Based in New York, Chip leads our efforts in digital media focusing primarily on e-commerce, Internet advertising, gaming, and a broad range of supporting t
Our investment approach is based on a core belief that with the right capital and support, great entrepreneurs can build market leading companies.
                                                                             on software.
David focuses on information technology investing, with a broad focus
General Catalyst Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs who are building the technology-based companies that will lead innovation a
Since its inception, Polaris has believed that diversification across company stage and across industries is the key to outstanding long-term results for the fir
He joined Polaris in June 2003 and works with the portfolio companies advising them on recruiting senior executives, Board members and advisors. Peter al
We combine access to innovative technologies, deal-structuring experience and a rigorous investment philosophy to build successful companies that deliver
                                              He also heads iNovia’s US
                                                                            the US.
He focuses on digital media and software investments in Canada and initiatives.
We combine the dedication, direct experience and organization of a traditional venture capital firm with added flexibility, focus and speed to help portfolio com
Konstantine Drakonakis, P.E., Director of the New Haven Office of LaunchCapital LLC, brings over ten years of environmental and energy technology invest
                          promising opportunities and invest wisely in companies where we can have significant i
                                                       to identify highly
We stay extremely focused on our deal filter criteria
He has helped build over twenty venture-funded businesses into viable high growth enterprises, been instrumental in raising millions of dollars of venture cap
The Penny Black was the world’s first prepaid adhesive stamp that standardized the British postal system in 1840.
Eliot Durbin is Managing Director for Penny Black                
                                     the creation of
Justin has created and assisted in in industries ranging from print media, to retail, to web 2.0.
Founders of high growth companies deserve partners with experience, creativity and strength.
Tony is simultaneously a Venture Partner at True and Founder/CEO of Sphere, acquired by AOL in April 2008.
Puneet began his career at an early stage integration software startup, Crossworlds Software, which was later sold to IBM.
Energetic entrepreneur with experience in marketing, strategy, and product design. My main skill set involves getting stuff done.
                                                        we help them discover, refine, evolve, and master the core elements of their businesses so they will be
we help companies with more than just fundraising:
Mike Maples, Jr. is the managing partner of FLOODGATE, and was recently named as one of "8 Rising VC Stars" by Fortune Magazine for his investments
AOL Ventures is the venture capital arm of AOL, focused on early stage investing in technology-centric consumer Internet companies.
Jon Brod is responsible for the company's global innovation efforts including investing in promising start-ups with exceptional leaders, incubating and suppor
Mike is very interested in technology, innovation and greenhousing, strong brands, art and music
The joint venture focuses on companies developing technologies, platforms or business models that are a strategic fit to NBC Universal and have high growt
Time Warner Inc., a global leader in media and entertainment with businesses in television networks, filmed entertainment and publishing, uses its industry-l
Hearst Interactive Media provides strategic guidance and advocacy for a wide range of technology-driven operational and development activities.
Our goal is to identify and finance young companies worldwide during their start-up phase and to provide established companies with additional capital for th
                                    communications services groups, employing 138,000 people* working in over 2,400 offices in 107 countries.
WPP is one of the world's largest
                          consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech, health care and others.
                                                       industries including
Google Ventures is broadly interested in startups in

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website url                                  portfolio                             Boards they sit on                                             Bluetarp
                                    Financial, Swift Financial, Vico Software, OnDeck Capital, TxVia,
                                             r                                     t Babble, Makeover at Babble, Makeover Solutions, and Top Ten Reviews Solutions, and Top Ten Reviews  
                                             Huffington Post,M5 Networks,Takkle,PaidContent,Pump Audio
                                             h ttp://                                                             Scout Analytics, Betaworks,, Ember Corporation, Tippr, Payfone, R                                              Pontiflex Payfone, RoundBox and Venmo.
                                             Adaptive Blue, Betaworks,, Hot Potato, and Solvate         
                                             h ttp://               

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                                                             Sheet1                                                                     Advanced Telemetry; BioPetroClean, ETV Motors, and Variable Wind Sol
                                                                   Gilt Groupe,,, Conductor, Intent Media, BuyWithMe, OatSystems, Jboss                                                                                                  

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TheFunded URL                                                                 Email address                                                                  

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Physical Address                                      Phone (if any)
430 Main St., Suite 1 Williamstown, MA 01267          (413) 458-1100

601 Lexington Ave, 53rd Floor, New York, NY 10022     212 756-3508

132 West 31st Street Suite 1102 New York, NY 10001    212-279-3980

915 Broadway Suite 1408 New York, NY 10010            (212) 994-7880

156 5th Ave Suite 1107 New York, NY 10010             917.262.02

130 East 59th Street, 17th Floor New York, NY 10022   212-418-5100

200 Park Ave South Suite 515 New York, NY 10003

300 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022                    (212) 389-1600
                                                      (212) 389-1602
                                                      (212) 389-1604
30 East 23rd Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010
New York, NY                                          1-888-629-6774
885 3rd Avenue, 20th FL New York, NY 10022
75 Rockefeller Plaza 14th Floor New York, New York 10019

10 2nd Street Troy, NY 12180                          (518) 720-3090

1221 Avenue of the Americas, 26th Floor New York, NY 10020

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1120 Avenue of the Americas Suite 1509 New York, NY 10036


416 W 13th Suite 203 New York NY 10014               646.839.8575

                                                      5th Floor New
New York City Investment Fund One Battery Park Plaza, 212.493.7400 York, NY 10004

Six MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY 11201              (707) 469-3669

30 East 23rd Street - 8th Floor New York, NY 10010-4439212) 228-8770

54 W. 21st St #1001 New York, NY 10010

416 W 13th St Suite 203 NYC 10014                    646 839 8582

317 Madison Avenue Suite 1124 New York, NY 10017
551 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10022    [212] 223 7400

One Comcast Center, 55th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103

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767 Fifth Avenue 26th Floor New York, NY 10153       (212) 888-7800

21Ventures, LLC The Chrysler Building 405 Lexington Avenue, 26th Floor New York, NY 10174-2699

152 West 57th Street 20th Floor New York, NY 10019   212.265.9380

450 Park Avenue South, Floor 9 New York, NY 10016    (212) 209-3366

667 Madison Avenue, 20th Fl New York NY 10065        (212) 750-3156

2 Park Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016              646-524-9292
500 Boylston Street, 18th floor Boston, Massachusetts 02116

137 Newbury St 8th Floor Boston, MA 02116            617.830.2000

Bay Colony Corporate Center 1000 Winter Street, Suite 3800 Waltham, MA 02451

50 Park Row, Suite 107 Providence, RI 02903          (401) 648-7360

20 University Road, Suite 450 Cambridge, MA 02138    617.234.7000
1000 Winter Street Suite 3350 Waltham, MA 02451      781.290.0770

1155 René-Lévesque Boulevard West Suite 2701 Montréal Québec H3B 2K8 Canada
                                                   (514) 982-2251
                                                   (514) 982-2251 x324
1 Mifflin Place Suite 320 Cambridge, MA 02138

                                                    (203) 210-7477
7 Danbury Road Second Floor Wilton, Connecticut 06897

530 Lytton Avenue, Suite 303 Palo Alto, CA 94301     650-319-2150

545 Middlefield Rd, Suite 220 Menlo Park, CA 94025   650.284.2201

770 Broadway New York, NY 10003                      (212) 206-4400

One Time Warner Center New York, NY10019-8016        212.484.8000

Otto-Hahn-Ring 6 81739 Munich Germany             +49 89 636 33585
100 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017-5529 USA       +1 212 632 2200
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043

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