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					Nelson Camera Club
Photography, Friendship and Fun
Bring in Spring Nelson Camera Club meetings are held at: Nelson Netball Clubrooms, Saxton Field Pavilion, Saxton Road East, Stoke 7.30pm start (promptly) 10.00pm finish (approx) Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month Sept 2009

Chance and Bowron Landscape Interclub Competition
For the Chance Competition, our Club submitted four prints to complete a set entitled, The Cycle. This set received a Third placing ( see images below).

Inside this issue:

Bowron entry set Seddon Shield

2 3
Images at top are Rising from the Land by Kay Jackson and Gathering in the Sky by Barry Whitnall. Images below are Running in the Rivers by Don Pittham and Returning to the Sea by Willem Stein.

3 Sept meetings at Nelson Camera Club

Photo Safari update

3 Our Club entry for the Bowron Competition are included over the page… Thanks to members who have sent landscape images for these competitions. Furthermore, the expertise and the time spent by Kay, Neil, and Don for selecting and reselecting is highly appreciated.

Photoshop: Black and 4 White Conversion

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Nelson Camera Club

Bowron Landscape images

entitled “Lines in the Landscape”
Top left: Mud Flat Meanders by Irene Buchan Top right: Sand Dune Swerves by Corri Stein

Bottom left: Bay Boundary by Barry Whitnall Bottom right: Peaks in Parallel by Willem Stein

Spring showers at the Seddon Shield by Barry Doig
It was murky and dull as about 40 folk gathered at the Maxwell Gage Centre in Westport for the Annual Seddon Shield gettogether on August 1st. This is when the four photography clubs at the top of the South Island meet to greet, eat, and compete with each other over the weekend. When Pete Wise said he hoped the rain would keep up everyone looked sideways at him until he said, “Well if it keeps up, it won’t come down.”

That’s my story anyway. Because it did keep up... most of the time. A unique historic AV on Friday night prepared us for Saturday’s Denniston field trip and we were fortified by local tea, coffee and scones on the day. It really needs to be foggy to get the best images at Denniston and for most of the day, it obliged. We explored the relics of a bygone era when coal was sent down a steep slope in what must have been one of the world’s most unique railways. Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday morning were spent listening to our two judges, Harold Mason and Graham Howard. We later saw some of Graham’s 2500 old cameras he has collected… what a display it would make. Buller Camera Club did an outstanding job setting up all the prints for the competitions and the excellent lunches and dinner, not to forget the programme which went very smoothly. Thank you, Buller. It was a great weekend and I look forward to 2010 being organised by Greymouth. OPEN & NATURAL HISTORY (NELSON) Rebecca Bowater Irene Buchan Barry Doig Alan Shadwell Corri Stein Willem Stein Barry Whitnall James Winch Peter Wise Willem Stein and 3 Honours, 1 Merit 2 Merits 3 Merits 1 Merit 2 Honours, 3 Merits 2 Honours, 3 Merits 3 Merits 1 Honours, 2 Merits 1 Merit BEST LANDSCAPE CHAMPION IMAGE GEOFFREY C WOOD TROPHY 1st Place = John Reid, Greymouth 2nd place = Willem Stein, Nelson 3rd place = Corri Stein, Nelson

MATTHEWSON INTERCLUB TROPHY 1st = Marlborough 2nd = Greymouth 3rd = Buller 4th = Nelson

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September meetings at Nelson Camera Club
Monday 14th September, Saxton Pavilion

AV of ‘Through a Window’, our monthly digital challenge results

• Landscape results • Entries for Triptych and Open • Hanafins = Animals / Insects

Monday 28th September, Saxton Pavilion—to be announced
CHAMPION PRINT and PROJECTED IMAGES 2009 During the club meeting on October 12th, you can enter 2 prints and 2 projected images which have received an Honours or Merit in any of this year's competitions to go ahead for annual Champion judging. Please note: the images have to be the same as they were entered previously. Because one and the same image cannot receive more than one Champion Trophy, the Landscape and Natural History Champion Images will not be eligible for the overall Champion Trophy. Furthermore, we don't know yet the outcome of this month’s Triptych and Open competition, which will be announced during the October 12th meeting, so please select two of your prints and two of your projected images and bring them together with the entry form. If you receive an Honours or Merit in the Triptych and Open competition and decide to change your entry for the Champion competition, you can do this at the end of the October 12th club meeting. So, run for the Champion Print Trophy and/or the Champion Projected Image Trophy in the A or B Grade! Start thinking about your entries and be your own judge to select your best winning images. The entries will then be sent off for judging with Champions announced, and trophies handed out, during the AGM on November 9th. Corri Competition Secretary

In Sight Photography Workshop… where Words and Images Meet

Tutor: Sally Mason

Workshop Details Date: Saturday 31 October – Thursday 5 November 2009 Venue: Lochmara Lodge Arts Centre, Marlborough Sounds Hours: Boat departs Picton 3.15pm Saturday. Returns 2.30pm Thursday. Fee: $850 per person Includes: Accommodation on a shared basis for five nights, return transfers from Picton, and access to Lochmara Lodge grounds and facilities. Meals are not included. For course description and registration forms, please contact Sally Mason at

Weather warning for “Photo Safari” day!
Unfortunately the weather was not compatible for our Stoke Photo Safari on Sunday 30 August. We have postponed the Photo Safari for two weeks - now on Sunday 13th September. Time and place will remain unchanged: 1.30pm at Isel Park carpark, Main Road Stoke entrance. The evaluation evening will now be held on Monday 21 September, 7.30pm in our club rooms at Saxton Field Pavilion. Let’s hope we have better luck next time. Regards, Sandra ph 544 9479

Interested in learning about judging? We are in the process of creating a small group of trainee judges within the club. If it interests you, please drop us an email.

Page 4 Converting images to Black and White

Nelson Camera Club

There are several ways to turn a digital colour image into black and white. Adjustment Layers is one way. An adjustment layer is a layer on top of another layer in which you can make a number of adjustments without affecting the pixels of the layer underneath. 1. Open an image but don’t sharpen it. Always sharpen last. 2. Open the Layers palette on the right of your screen. Your image will appear in its own layer called Background. Click on the image and a screen will pop up. Rename the layer ‘Layer 0’. This unlocks the Background for you to work on it. 3. Just above Layer 0 are a number of buttons. One looks like a half moon. Hover your cursor over it and you will see ‘create Adjustment Layer’. Click on it and select Hue / Saturation. Your new adjustment layer will appear. When the Hue/Saturation box pops up, click OK. Do nothing else. 4. Above the layer you will see a little window with the word ‘Normal’ in it. This takes you to Blending Modes. Click on it and scroll down to ‘Color’ and click there. You now have a Hue / Saturation layer with the blending mode ‘Color’. 5. Create another Adjustment Layer by clicking the half moon above the previous layer. This time, when the Hue / Saturation box comes up, move the middle Saturation slider way over to the left to -100. Your image will turn Black & White. Leave the blending mode at Normal. 6. This is where the fun starts. Click on the bottom adjustment layer - the one above layer 0. Click on the left panel, the one that looks like a TV screen. When the Hue / Saturation box comes up, you will see three sliders - Hue, Saturation, Lightness. Move the top Hue slider and see the infinite variations you can get. You will also get changes with the other sliders. All the colours of your image are now translated into shades of black and white. Just remember those blending modes - the top layer is Normal, the middle layer is Color. It’s the ’Color’ adjustment layer that you adjust. That’s not all. You’re only on the Master channel. Click on the Master window at the top and you’ll see a range of colours. Adjust any of these to your heart’s content. You are doing what every experienced black and white worker used to do with filters. You can simulate the depth of a red filter or the subtlety of a yellow filter. When you’re finished, convert your image to Grayscale (Image>Mode>Grayscale. Discard Color information). Then save the image with a new file name. Now flatten the new image and apply the unsharpen filter. This way you can always go back to your unflattened image, make further adjustments, and save that again under a different name. Printing is difficult using a home inkjet printer as you will get a colour cast. It’s best to get it done professionally. See you in B&W, Barry

2009 CLUB POINTS SUMMARY A Prints Barry Whitnall Willem Stein Barry Doig Graeme Skinner Rebecca Bowater Laurie Cooper A Projected Dianna Hambleton Sandra Johnson Barry Doig Willem Stein Alan Shadwell B Prints Graeme Martyn Brian Dowling Richard Palmer Kevin Piper Peter Warren B Projected Bruce Davies John Henderson Graeme Martyn Kevin Piper Peter Warren Points 47 42 24 21 10 10

49 34 32 30 30

30 28 20 15 10

30 28 27 25 23

Club Noticeboard
For sale Nikon D40X, AF-S Nikkor 55-200, AF-S Nikkor 18-55,circular polarising filter, extra battery, case that will hold camera with zoom and one extra lens/battery/cleaning bulb etc, Digital Field Guide for D40X. Email James if you are interested and he will put you in touch with the member who has it for sale. Less than 6 months old. New members, new ideas…? Thinking about joining the committee and would like to give it a trial run? You are welcome to come to the next committee meeting - just email and we will give you all the info. Our AGM is coming up soon and we would welcome new people and new ideas. Supper roster - our roster is empty and volunteers are needed for the rest of this year.

CONTACTS President: James Winch 544-4360 027 544-4360

Secretary: WE NEED YOU! Treasurer: Stephen Forbes 547-0915

If you would like something included in our club newsletter - helpful websites, member portfolios, items for sale - please supply info to Laura by the last Monday of the month preceeding the newsletter.

Newsletter: Laura Richards 545-2600

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