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									Learn How To Write A Blog Of Value – To Keep Your Visitors
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by alaska303 | on January 7, 2013

How To Write A Blog Of Value
Here’s a quick video on you can write a blog of value. I still suggest you read the post as well. It has action
assignment to help you along the way.

When you write a blog of value, There are definite dos and don’ts. In this post you will learn some of those. So
keep on reading. And pay attention.
Here are some simple strategies that can be applied to write a blog of value
containing useful content, plus an action assignment to complete, and get you
Write with intention
The first thing you should do when you write a blog of value is have an intention. Have a Intention with
anything you do, from writing a blog, to creating a video. It’s a key fundamental on writing a quality blog.

Stick to your subject when you write a blog of value
Make sure that you actually write about what your headline states. You need to do this in order to capture
attention and gain trust. If you were to click on the link to this post that says “How to Write A Blog Of Value.”
And the first line was a sales pitch saying something like Buy My Product… You would immediately click
away, and find something else. You’ve got 5-6 seconds to capture the attention of your reader. So engage
quickly when you write a blog of value.

Capture, Engage, Sell
Once you’ve grabbed the attention of your reader, you’ve got to engage them when you write a blog of value
with the use of content, by giving the reader something of value. You need to give them what they are looking
for when you write a blog of value. If it’s a recipe give them the recipe they are looking for, if it’s educational,
make sure you deliver, do research on what your writing about prior to writing your blog. Educational Blogs
should be accurate; you don’t want to teach in a incorrect way. It could really damage success of the reader. I
learned everything about blogging from the leaders at Empower Network. You can get the same training here,
on how to write a blog of value.

Dont be spammy when you write a blog of value
Once you’ve engaged your reader, and delivered valuable content, You can pitch your sale, But remember
don’t be spammy. People hate being sold too, but love to buy. So sell them in a way that is effective, and offers
something of value. You shouldn’t just come out and say… Buy my product, give me money, blah, blah,

That is not how you write a blog of value.
Instead give them a reason to buy from you. On this post for example, I will tell you to Join Empower
Network, but not without purpose. Not without giving you a reason. I’ll give reasons that can help you gain
success in you marketing career. Our products we sell, are the best online training packages that you’re going
to find anywhere.

Our Products are top of the line, from the 15K per Month formula, which will
breakdown the exact formula of what to do, in order to make 15K plus a month.
Including Blogging strategies to create compelling content, and so on. With over 15
modules within the 15K per month formula alone, this adds up to over 30 hours of
valuable content.
Or take the Inner Circle Audios, which can be used to rewire your brain… For the
pursuit of personal growth, breakthroughs, and the necessary confidence needed for
success. Made with a true intention of gaining your personal and financial freedom
you deserve.
Sign up today. And further excel your education and knowledge of online marketing.
To be put simply…
You won’t have to learn anywhere else once you learn from us. We are the game

That’s a appropriate sales pitch. It’s clear, with intention, and doesn’t come off as spammy.

It’s not just saying Buy, Buy, Buy… Join, Join, Join.

People Won’t buy from you if you’re not giving them anything of value.

These are just some initial guidelines on how to write a blog of value.

Get more education in marketing online by signing up. You can Sign up here.
Plus when you sign up, you can promote and sell our products for 100% Commissions.
Action Assignment. – Write A Blog Of Value.
1.   Write a blog of value with intention of what you’re writing about and who your targeting.
2.   Syndicate your blog through Social Media – You can learn more about that by Clicking Here
3.   Be proud of yourself for taking action and completing this assignment, it’s the difference between success and failure,
     (Completing action assignments when given).
Thanks for reading, I hope it helped. And I hope you go and write a Blog of Value right now.

Please “like” if you found it helpful, and leave any questions or comments in the box at the bottom of the
page. Thank You.
Posted By Hank Klinger, Aka ” Personal Freedom Warrior”
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How To Write A Blog Of Value –
Posted By Hank Klinger – “It’s time to get ruthless about your success”

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