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					                             Newtown School PTA meeting 18/01/11

Present:, Liane Johnson (LJ), Julia Antrobus (JA), Frances Reynolds (FR), PaschaAdlam (PA), Claire
Page (CP), Andy Shaw (AS), Jill Stewart (JS), Naomi Davies (ND), Victoria Van Kuijk(VK), Julie Hollis
(JH), Sian Harwood(SH), Violetta John Phillips (JP),Violetta Carrasco (VC)

Aps: Sheila Summers (SS), Helen Richardson (HR), Jenny Grubb (JG),

No.                                   What                                   When             Who

1.        Mins last meeting – received & agreed.

2.        Xmas – All went according to plan
          Grotto went well, the party bags went well. It was really
          lovely. Keep same time slots as last year. Probably don’t
          need as many helpers.
          Photos sold well (some wanted to buy more than one)
          Amanda is happy to do it again. Look at having an
          ordering system for next year for extra copies.
          Raffle prizes were good and just enough. LJ seems to
          think around £250
          Present for Children - Books – was a problem in year 2
          with them not all having the same book. It was suggested
          that the present should have had a label that it was from
          the PTA/Santa. Agreed instead to put an announcement
          on website that PTA sponsored the Xmas present
          purchase. See if Amanda can include on PTA list.                               CP/AR

3.        Race Night Fri 25th March 7.30
          LJ advised that David Reeve is willing to run for no charge.
          We need sponsors for the races. LJ to establish how many
          races there are £40 per race sponsor. Ask David to attend          8/2/11            LJ
          next meeting. Food for evening, chilli con carne and jacket
          potatoes and pudding auction to be supplied by PTA.
          Agreed tickets £5 a head. Will need more help on the
          evening to take the bets etc.

4.        Website – need to put information on the website.
          Amanda is happy to put minutes on website. JA suggested                              AR
          taking photos of events and items that PTA had
          purchased. There is no specific PTA project at the
          moment as have just purchased all the play equipment. LJ
          mentioned a fund for early years equipment and agreed to
          share with JA.

5         Project for PTA This Year. Meeting discussed the top end                       PA to get info
          of reading scheme for new books, PTA, to consider                                  from
          applying to Waitrose community scheme to support                                 Waitrose
          purchase of new reading books.
6    Cake Sale last week raised £57. In future will continue to
     keep classes separate. Next one is Fri 11th Feb.

7    Sausage SizzleNext One is Thursday 17th Feb
     Worked better in terms of supply from outside catering.
     Agreed to run again this way and review after this.
     Discussed changes to prices and agreed the following:
     £3 for two sausages in two rolls, packet crisps and a fairy
     cake, £2.50 one sausage in a roll plus above. We can cook
     the veggie sausages ourselves, look at reviewing this after
     the next one. CP see if have a letter that can go out so
     back by 4th Feb, so order for sausages can be placed by 9th                   CP

8    Your Chesham Magazine – Violetta reported that she had
     been approached by a friend that the magazine wanted to                       VC
     have a feature on primary schools, believes that it is for
     free. Violetta find out more and share details with JA.

9    Collecting Gifts – Discussion took place re ways of
     undertaking class collections for gifts and if there could be
     class reps. It was agreed to look nearer the end of term to
     organising a collection by PTA.

10   Fashion Show Sept/Oct time – LJ said was mentioned at
     parent council and something to involvethe wider school
     community more, by incorporating a showing of
     traditional Asian fashions. Discussed possibility of
     holding it in the early evening. LJ to discuss further with
     person who raised the idea. JA and LJ to look into it more.
     It was agreed that The Eid party had been a success and it                   LJ/JA
     would be good to do more of those sort of things.

11   Funding – it was discussed that Brushwood have been
     successful in obtaining matched funding from a bank to
     amount the school raised. It was agreed to look into
     matched funding for banks. Discussed Easy Fund Raising          Future PTA
     website and raising the profile. Need to do all internet         meeting.
     shopping via the website. Discussed the possibility of
     doing a step by step guide and creating this as the home
     page. To discuss again at future meeting.

12   Carnival –discussed what we have been allocated. It was
     noted it was the same as before (setting out park/security)
     which is quite a siginificant undertaking for the school.

13   May Fayreto discuss at next meeting.                             8/2/11


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