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GOMEZ-PENA’S LECTURE: Ethno-Techno: In Search of a New Aesthetic Ideal venue:
A theater or auditorium with good sound and lighting capabilities and a nearby dressing room.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Schedule/crew requirements:
*A Technical Director with decision-making authority must be present during set up time, and accessible to the Artist during his visit. - The artist must be able to meet with the light technician, sound technician, and the technical director 4 hours prior to the performance to test sound and check lights. (Video projector optional). - Tech takes 1-2 hrs depending on the space - Artist takes 2 hours to apply make-up and costume and organize his materials prior to performance.

Stage Set-Up:
- Lectern - Two screens (one for video projector, one for slide projector). - One bottle of sparkling mineral water

- 3 lighting fixtures (dimmable for blackout); 2 front lights and one back light. - Front lights gelled w/ bastard amber; back light gelled steel blue -preferably “Lycos”. - House lights must be independent from stage lights.

- 1 high quality “boom” mike w/stand - Sound system w/audio CD reproduction capability - 1 sound technician

- Two white projection screens one for slides and one for video. (Or one large enough to contain both video and slide projections.) - 35 mm slide projection system w/2 carousels. - Carousel must be available at beginning of tech time to set up slide show. - Video projector w/multi-regional DVD system (long format preferably)

Dressing Room:
- Must be inaccessible to the public - Access to dressing room at least 4 hours prior to performance. - The dressing room must be private, and secure, near the stage w/ makeup lights, mirrors, tables, and wardrobe rack. - Private rest room for the artist (not accessible to audience). - Coffee, cream, sugar, and sparkling mineral water in dressing room. *Meyers rum bottle optional if the presenter wishes to be real nice.

During set up, rehearsal, and preparation time, the presenter shall provide: fresh fruit, cheeses, cold cuts, bread, good coffee, milk, and sugar sufficient for artist, and crew.

Presenter agrees to make the performing space, all required facilities, and equipment available for the exclusive use and direction of the company during the entire period from load-in until the completion of the strike. If other activities should cause a delay in the technical preparation of the show, the presenter shall be responsible for the time, personnel, and cost required to complete the technical preparation of the show. Following the final performance the presenter must provide a crew to strike and pack the company’s equipment. The Company’s strike must take priority and be completed before strike of the venue’s equipment begins.