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									The World’s Cheapest Car
“Safe, affordable, all weather vehicle for a family which is today traveling on a two wheeler."
Angela Perrone, Rose Dugan & Angela West

Tata Motors
 The Tata Nano was introduced at the 9th auto expo by Tata Motors in New Delhi, India on Jan. 10, 2008  The entry level model is ticketed at just over 100,000 rupees or 2,500 USD  Currently distributed in India but plans to expand to global markets within the next few years.

 A short body, with four doors, tiny wheels placed out at far corners of the body and plenty of room inside  Can carry a brief case or small bag under the hood  Travels up to 60 mph  The engine is in the back like the old Volkswagen Beetles  Offer both left and right hand versions

Is it Environment Friendly?
NO YES  Compiles with India’s emissions laws and even with Europe’s much stronger standards.  Gets 50 miles per gallon or better, one of India’s most efficient vehicles

 Environmentalists, city planners and even some competitors, on the other hand, warn that the new vehicle will clog up India’s crowded roads and add clouds of pollution to its already filthy air.

 Giving the steep rise in the cost of steel, rubber and other inputs in the past few years it is possible that the Nano might not break even.  Tata makes a point in saying the price tag will stay because the company will make money across its various models.  “A promise is a promise”

High Hopes
 Tata Motors hopes to sell a million Nanos a year.  Represents a new brand of innovation that makes more out of less with cheap fixes to problems.  “There will be people who say it looks like a toy, but if you consider the value proposition I think the car is great.” Ratan Tata  Tata hopes the Nano will help millions of poor people around the world.

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