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					       Eloxite Corp. 2012
           Your Complete Rockhound & Jewelry Craft Supply House!

                      Dozens of
                      New Items!

                      Everything at LOW WHOLESALE PRICES!
Established in 1955
Angel Jewelry........................29        Dale Stone (Fibre-Optic):                      Hearts:                                       Ring Sizer..............................81
Ankle Bracelets.....................35            Beads................................16        Fibre-Optic (Dale Stone)..26               Ring Stretcher.......................85
Arrowhead Pendants......1, 2, 98                  Cabochons........................16            Gemstone............3, 6, 20, 26           Rock Chisels........................81
Arrowheads, Agate.................2               Rings..................................20      Swarovski.........................26       Rock
Austrian Crystal:                                 Spheres.........................8, 46       Heishe Beads........................51        Picks............................81Rock
  Beads.................................55     Diamond Blades.............79, 80              Hematite Beads......45,51,56,57               Pick Sheaths................82
  Flat Backs.........................24        Diamond Compound............68                 Hummingbird Jlry..........29, 44              Rouge, Jeweler’s...................86
  Hearts.................................26    Diamond Drills......................82         Inserts, 38mm............103-106              Rouge Cloth...........................86
Bails:                                         Diamond Files.......................68         Jeweler’s:                                    Sacagawea Coin Jlry.......11, 35
  Beaver Tail.........................39       Diamond Grinding Points....68                     Cleaner.............................85         112, 119, Back Cover
  Fold-Over...........................39       Diamond Pacif. Items..74,76,78                    Saw Blades......................85         Sanding Belts...................77, 78
  Pinch............................39, 40      Discs, Silicon Carbide..........78                Saw Frames.....................85          Sanding Drums......................78
Ball Point Pens......................33        Discs, Leather.......................72           Tools & Supp..............83-88            Saw Blades,Diamond.......79, 80
                                               Displays:                                      Jewelry Boxes..........28, 64-66              Saw Blades, Jeweler’s..........85
Barrettes.................................30                                                  Jewelry Cleaner....................85         Scarf Slides............................30
Beading Loom.......................60             Bracelet.............................66
                                                  Earring........................65, 67       Jump Rings....................39, 47          Screw Eyes............................38
Beading Tools & Sup.......45-60                                                               Key Rings/Chains................31            Screwdrivers, Jeweler’s........87
Beading Tray....................45, 58            Lucite................................67                                                  Silicon Carbide:
                                                  Necklace............................65      Lamp, Magnifying................88
Beads:                                                                                        Lapidary Equipment.......69-80                   Belts....................................78
  Dale Stone (Fibre-Optic)...16                   Ring...................................65                                                    Discs...................................78
                                                  Sphere...............................67     Leather Belts......................108
  Freshwater Pearls.........6, 55                                                             Leather Cord........................56           Grinding Wheels................78
  Gemstone..45,51-57,59,60,61                  Donuts, Gemstone.................3             Letter Openers.....................33            Tumbling Grit.....................82
  Glass...........46, 53, 54, 57, 59           Dop Pots.........................74, 77        Linde A Polish......................82        Silver Solder...........................83
  Glass Seed........................60         Dop Wax................................74      Locket Loops.......................39         Slabs, Agate.........................4, 7
  Gold Filled.........................47       Dream Catcher Loops..........10                Lockets.................................10    Slab Saws..................71, 73, 76
  Hairpipe.............................56      Drills, Diamond.....................82         Lortone Equip.................69-71           Snake in a Box.......................27
  Ready-to-wear......45,46,51,57               Eagle Jewelry............11-13, 34,            Magnetic Hematite...7,35,45,51                Snap-In Mountings..13,32,95,98
  Spacer.....................47, 51-60                99, 101, 108, 113                       Magnifiers.............................88     Soldering:
  Sterling Silver....................47        Earring Boxes.................64, 65           MK Diamond Blades............79                  Blocks.................................83
  Swarovski..........................55        Earring Cards..................65, 67          Mallet, Rawhide....................85            Clamps................................85
Bell Caps................................38    Earring Clutches.............42, 43            Memo Clip............................33          Flux.....................................83
Belt Buckles.................108-122           Earring Displays.............65, 67            Mineral Collection...............28              Picks...................................83
Belts, Leather.......................108       Earrings:                                      Money Clips....................31, 34            Solder..................................83
                                                  Ear Clips...........................43      Muslin Buffs...................87, 86         Spheres..............................8, 46
Belts, Silicon Carbide...........78                                                                                                         Sphere Stands.......................67
Bezels (for buckles)............107               Gold Filled.............43, 47, 97          Neckchains:
                                                  Pierced for cabs...1,41-44,93                  Gold Filled......................102       Split Ring Pliers.....................86
Blades:                                                                                                                                     Split Rings........................31, 38
  Diamond Saw..............79, 80                 Pierced - faceted stones..95                   14K Gold........................102
                                                  Ready-to-wear...1, 6, 8, 9, 44                 Plated.............................102     Spoons..............................30, 34
  Jeweler’s Saw...................85                                                                                                        Spring Rings.....................38, 47
Blooming Rock.....................28              Ster. Silver...................94, 95          Sterling Silver................102
                                               Egyptian Collars...................52          Optivisors.............................88     Sterling Silver:
Bolas Complete.....................10                                                                                                          Beads......................45, 47, 53
Bola Slides.........10-14, 34, 108             Epoxy Clear Coating.............90             Paua Shell Jewelry...............9
                                               Equipment, Lapidary.......68-79                Pens, Ball Point...................33            Chains...............................102
Bola Ties................................14                                                   Pendants:                                        Earrings........................94, 95
Bola Tips................................14    Estwing Tools........................81
                                               Eye Loupes...........................88          for Cabs....36, 92, 93, 95-101                 Eye Pins..............................47
Bone & Brass Boxes.............66                                                               for Faceted Stones.....94,95                   Feathers.............................94
                                               Eye Pins...........................38, 47                                                       Head Pins...........................47
Book Marks............................30       Faceted Stones:                                     98, 100
Books.......50, 56, 58, 84, 88, 89                                                              Gemstone.1-3,5,8,20,25,26,99                   Pendants.....................94, 95
                                                  Genuine......................21, 22                                                          Rings...........................19, 95
Bottles, Glass........................63          Synthetic.....................23, 24          Glass...........................62, 63
Boxes - Jewelry..........25, 64-66                                                              Gold Filled...................93, 95        Stick Pins................................31
                                               Faceting Machines................73                                                          Swarovski:
Bracelets....1,7,8,28,34-37,46,62              Fairystone Crosses...............27              Pewter................................98
Brazilian Agate Slabs.........4, 7                                                                                                             Beads..................................55
                                               Feathers:                                        Sterling Silver........93-95, 98               Flat Backs..........................23
Brooches.........................29, 98           Bone....................................2   Pewter Figures.....................40
Buffs - Muslin..................86, 87                                                                                                         Hearts.................................26
                                                  Plated................................38    Pill Boxes..............................30    Tags, Jewelry.........................65
Bug in a Box..........................27          Sterling Silver...................94        Pin Backs..............................39     Tapered Spindles..................87
Burnishers.............................84      Fibre-Optic (Dale Stone):                      Pin Vise...........................49, 84     Templates...............................72
Cabochons...................8, 15-19              Beads................................16     Pinch Bails.....................39, 40        Thimbles.................................30
Cages.....................................38      Cabochons........................16         Pins.................................29, 98   Tie Slides................................32
Candy, Rock Pebble..............27                Hearts................................26    Plastic Bags.........................31       Tie Tacks.................................32
Chains..................................102       Rings.................................20    Pliers:                                       Tigertail...................................58
Charms:                                           Spheres.........................8, 46          Beading................49, 52, 60          Tin Oxide Polish.....................82
  Glass..................................63    Files - Needle........................86          Jeweler’s....................49, 86        Tools:
Chip Bracelets.......................46                                                          Split Ring.........................86         Beading......45,49,50,52,56,60
                                               Flex Shaft, Foredom.............84                Stone Setting...................83
Chip Necklaces..........52, 54, 59             Fossil Collection..................28                                                           Jeweler’s.......................83-88
Chokers, Paua Shell...............9                                                           Points, Gemstone..........1, 3, 5                Rockhound.........................81
                                               Freshwater Pearls.............6, 55            Polish - Jeweler’s................86
Clasps............38, 39, 40, 47, 53           Gauge, Sliding......................84                                                       Trim Saws..........................70-76
Clock Hands...........................91                                                      Polish - Lapidary..................82         Tumbled Stones.......................4
                                               Gem Trays.............................65       Polishing Cloths............86, 87
Clock Numerals.....................92          Genie Cab Grinder................74                                                          Tumblers...........................69, 75
Clocks:                                                                                       Polytex..................................90   Tumbling Grit & Polish..........82
                                               Glass Pendants................62, 63           Prong Pusher.......................87
  Pendulum..........................90         Globe Beads..........................59                                                      Turquoise.............18, 45, 54, 59
                                                                                              Puka Shell Jewelry........35, 51              Tweezers, Beading................60
  Quartz..........................90, 91       Glue.................................78, 83    Rattlesnake Eggs.................27
Coin Holders..........................35                                                                                                    Tweezers, Stone.....................86
                                               Goggles, Safety....................81          Riker Mounts........................67        Up-Eyes...................................39
Core Drills..............................82    Gold Pans.............................81       Ring Boxes.....................64, 65
Crosses.......7,8,27,62,97,99,101                                                                                                           Vibrating Laps........................73
                                               Graves Lapidary Equip.....73, 74               Ring Clamps.........................85        Wheel Dresser..................76, 82
Crystal (Austrian):                            Grinding Wheels:                               Ring Displays.......................65        Wheels:
  Beads..................................55       Diamond............................78       Ring Mandrel........................85           Grinding.......................77, 78
  Flat Backs..........................23          Silicon Carbide.................78          Rings:                                           Sanding.......................77, 78
  Hearts.................................26    Grit, Silicon Carbide.............82              Adjustable........................20       Wheel Wetter..........................72
Cubic Zirconia.................23, 24          Hammers, Nylon...................85               Gemstone..................19, 20           Wigjig Wire Tools.............48, 49
Cut Stone Collection.............28            Hammers, Rock.....................81              Snap-In.............................95     Wire, Jewelry..............47, 49, 50
Cutters, Jeweler’s..................86         Head Pins........................38, 47           Sterling Silver.............19, 95         Worry Stones............................6
  Phone (307) 322-3050 Hours:                                                      We are located at 806 10th Street in Wheatland,
  Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm                               Secure ordering of all                     Wyoming. Our store hours are (mountain):
  Mountain Time                                                                                             Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                                                                 our catalog & flyer
                                                                 items, & More!                                      (Saturdays by Appointment)
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    3   00          SPECIAL CASH CERTIFICATE
                                     ELOXITE CORPORATION
                                                                                                  3   00
  This certificate entitles the bearer to $3.00 worth of merchandise if presented with ANY
ORDER TO ELOXITE CORPORATION OF $50.00 or more on or before September 15, 2012.

    NOTE: Only one cash credit certificate may be used per order. The bonus is not retroactive to any
    previous orders, and must be used on a new order. Orders may not be combined for one shipping
    charge with multiple cash coupons. Offer is not good for cash payments on previous charge orders.
    Offer good on mail, telephone, fax or internet orders (be sure to mention the offer on phone orders
    or note it on mail, fax and internet orders). OFFER MAY BE USED ONE TIME ONLY.

                          OFFER EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 15, 2012                                        CODE 1201

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    5   50          SPECIAL CASH CERTIFICATE
                                     ELOXITE CORPORATION
  This certificate entitles the bearer to $5.50 worth of merchandise if presented with ANY
ORDER TO ELOXITE CORPORATION OF $70.00 or more on or before September 15, 2012.

    NOTE: Only one cash credit certificate may be used per order. The bonus is not retroactive to any
    previous orders, and must be used on a new order. Orders may not be combined for one shipping
    charge with multiple cash coupons. Offer is not good for cash payments on previous charge orders.
    Offer good on mail, telephone, fax or internet orders (be sure to mention the offer on phone orders
    or note it on mail, fax and internet orders). OFFER MAY BE USED ONE TIME ONLY.

                           OFFER EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 15, 2012                                       CODE 1202

                                            TEAR ALONG THE DOTTED LINE

    850             SPECIAL CASH CERTIFICATE
                                     ELOXITE CORPORATION
  This certificate entitles the bearer to $8.50 worth of merchandise if presented with ANY
ORDER TO ELOXITE CORPORATION OF $130.00 or more on or before September 15, 2012.

    NOTE: Only one cash credit certificate may be used per order. The bonus is not retroactive to any
    previous orders, and must be used on a new order. Orders may not be combined for one shipping
    charge with multiple cash coupons. Offer is not good for cash payments on previous charge orders.
    Offer good on mail, telephone, fax or internet orders (be sure to mention the offer on phone orders
    or note it on mail, fax and internet orders). OFFER MAY BE USED ONE TIME ONLY.

                           OFFER EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 15, 2012                                       CODE 1203
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  Open accounts are available only to government institutions and businesses having a high rating with Dun
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a $25.00 charge for insufficient funds checks plus collection cost.

SENT C.O.D. Our order line phone number is (307) 322-3050. We have a 24 Hour FAX line for FAX orders -
FAX (307) 322-3055.

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This may include orders for machine parts, etc.

Please note that in some cases the shipping and handling charges shown on our table shown below will not
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charge. Some of these cases could include: small and light orders which are specified to ship by UPS or Fedex,
shipments by expedited air services (UPS Air, Fedex Air, Express Mail), heavier items such as equipment, grit,
etc., shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and foreign countries. You are welcome to request a call with the total of your
order if you suspect higher shipping rates.
                                                    USE THIS TABLE
               Amount of order:
               Orders under $15.00.....$6.95                  $50.01 to $75.00........$11.55
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               $20.01 to $30.00.............$8.55             $150.01 to $200.00....$17.65
               $30.01 to $40.00...........$10.00              $200.01 to $500.00....$18.85
               $40.01 to $50.00...........$10.60              $500.01 and up..........$25.50
Shipping and handling charges shown above are based on the value of the shipment and
include not only postage but packaging and insurance.

   Orders from Alaska, Hawaii, and from foreign countries should be accompanied by an ample amount to
cover shipping charges. Excess amounts will be refunded with order. Orders from foreign countries should
be paid for by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Banker’s Cashier check drawn on a U.S. bank, or a wire trans-
fer to our bank, The First State Bank of Wheatland, Wyoming 82201, to be credited to Eloxite’s account. All
amounts should be payable in U.S. dollars.

  Goods returned for exchange must be returned within 15 days after receipt. If said goods have been abused
or used, full credit for their return will not be allowed. Goods returned for refund will be subject to a 6% re-
stocking charge.
                                            at these Excellent Items!
         Hand Knapped Clear Quartz                                 New Bear Paw and Feather
         Arrowhead Necklace                                      Pendant Necklaces or
Here’s a deal you shouldn’t let slip by!                          Matching Earrings
Nice quality, hand knapped, 100% nat-                            These are a hit from our sale flyers!
ural clear quartz crystal arrowheads                             The necklace is 24” length (including
drilled and hung on an adjustable                                                    the    pendant),
black cord making a ready-to-wear                                                    and features a
necklace. Actual length of arrowheads                                                bear paw pen-
is approximately 1 1/4 inches. Kids                                                  dant     with   a
and adults alike will like these!                                                    turquoise color
                                                                                     epoxy “stone”
         ITEM #40-096 $3.05 each or                                                  combined with
             $32.95 per dozen                                                        feather dangles.
                                                                                     The pendant and
                                                                                     dangles are silver color metal.
Economy Stone Arrowheads                                                             The beads on the necklace are
                                                                                     glass in mainly turquoise color
                                     These stone arrow-
                                                                                     along with some royal blue and
                                     heads from Mexico                               coral color, and some silver
                                     are an economical                               color metal spacers. The neck-
                                     buy and will make                               lace is complete with a silver
                                     good items for build-                           color clasp. Actual sizes shown.
                                   ing artifact replicas or #29-334 Earrings $2.35 pr. #45-249 Necklace $3.25 ea.
                                 as collectibles.      Size
 (Not Artifacts)
                               ranges from 1” up to over                  New Wire Wrapped
                              2” in length.       Different           Crystal Point Pendants
                              types of stone including                                     Good quality polished
                              some obsidian.                                               crystal points in Rose
                      ORDER ITEM #40-094                                                   Quartz, Clear Quartz,
                    YOUR COST $4.40 per dozen                                              and Amethyst, wire
                                                                                           wrapped in silver
                      Hand Knapped                                                         color. Average length
                                                                                           of points is 30mm.
  Clear Quartz Arrowheads                                                                            $2.15 each or
Nicely done, hand knapped arrow-                                  #45-302  #45-303    #45-304        $21.95 dozen
heads done in 100% natural clear                                 Amethyst Clear Qtz. Rose Qtz.      (May Be Mixed)
quartz. These could make good
artifact replicas when attached to                                 Abalone Shell Jewelry Sets
an arrow shaft or they are nice                                  Stunning jewelry sets done with Top quality abalone
enough for jewelry purposes.                                     shell, expertly inlaid in silver color settings forms
Actual length approximately 1 1/4                                these necklaces with center piece pendants and
inches. Recently made in India -                                 matching earrings. Actual necklace length 17”. Two
                                                                 styles that are proven sellers from our flyers!
not artifacts.
                        ORDER ITEM #40-095
                   $2.00 each or $21.60 per dozen                                      NEW!

    Hematite* Coil Bracelet
                                    Hematite* tube beads
                                    strung with adorable
                                    hematite flower or star
                                    beads on tough memory
            Extra Value             wire forming a nice little
            Dozen Price!            bracelet. Nearly 21 inch-
                                    es in length so it wraps
                                    around    most     wrists
                                    almost three times.
                                     ORDER ITEM #18-452
                                    $2.40 each $23.90 dozen      #45-300 Round Pendant     #45-301 Heart Pendant
*These are made of hematite or reconstructed hematite or          (Pendant Size 35mm)     (Pendant Size 40x40mm)
           magnetite. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!                                    Your Choice $13.60 each
      c Eloxite Corp.                                                                         Wholesale Prices       1
                                Southwest is IN STYLE!
                    Hand-Knapped                       Gem Arrowhead BIG Gem Arrowhead Pendant
                Agate Arrowheads                         Pendants    Big, 18 x 44mm
                                                                                   gem     arrowhead
                                                                                   pendant     that’s
                                                                                   ready to wear with
                                                        SU                    S!   a   black    cord.
                                                                          L ER     Assorted polished
                                                                                   stones such as
                                                       Six assorted, polished      goldstone, agates,
                                                       gem arrowhead pen-          green aventurine,
    BEST SELLERS!                                      dants with screw-eyes       jaspers, and more
    These are a great buy! They’re hand-knapped        and bails.    Approx.
                                                       25mm length. Stones
                                                                                   Note -    recently
    agate arrowheads in FOUR SIZES. The small                                      made items, not artifacts.
                                                       may include agates,
    size is great for making jewelry while the         jaspers, etc.                      ORDER ITEM #40-468
    other sizes can be used for making artifact         #40-461 $6.50 asst.          $2.25 each or $23.50 per dozen
    replicas. They all sell very well. Assorted col-
    ors and types of agate. (Recently made - not         New Hand-Knapped Arrowhead Pendants
    artifacts). Average sizes listed below.            Arrowhead items are very popular! These are hand-
ITEM #40-090           ITEM #40-093                    knapped (nice quality knapping) arrowheads in natural
Small 1 - 1 1/2”       Medium 2 - 2 1/2”               agate (variety of colors) or natural clear quartz. Each one
$1.25 ea. $13.05 dozen $3.75 ea. $39.15 dozen          has a firmly attached eye and ring for hanging. Average
ITEM #40-091           ITEM #40-092                    actual sizes shown. Recently made - not artifacts.
Large 3 - 3 1/2”       Extra Large 4 - 5”
$5.15 ea. $53.75 dozen $13.20 ea. $137.80 dz.

         BIG 7 Inch Horn Knife Blade

Mostly dark colored horn, some are lighter.
Seven inches in length and polished. Great for
making replica artifacts. Could be used as
arrowheads, knife blades, or spear points.
      ITEM #89-025 $3.60 each or $37.60 dozen
                                                                             ITEM #45-245 Agate
              TRY OUR FAST SERVICE!                                     $1.60 each or $16.70 per dozen
                PHONE (307) 322-3050

        Opalite Arrowhead Pendants
     Opalite - the man-made stone that has the
     bluish chatoyant look of opal - very attrac-
     tive. Choose from a multi-style assortment
     complete with bails or a larger style which
     is drilled from side to side at the top for
     hanging on cord. (Not Artifacts).

                                                                         ITEM #45-247 Clear Quartz
                                                                       $2.35 each or $24.55 per dozen

                                                                      Large Bone Feathers
                                                       One of the best selling southwest style items!
      Opalite Arrowhead                                Great for western and southwestern jewelry mak-
     Pendant Assortment                                ing. They’re made from genuine bone, carved and
        ITEM #40-048                                   antiqued with a loop for hanging. Use ‘em for
       $5.70 per assort.       ITEM #40-049            earrings, pendants, or other dangles. Feathers
         (6 Pendants       Length approx. 1 3/4”       are in! Actual size approximately 2 1/4”.
       per Assortment)         $2.00 each or
     Length approx. 1 inch   $21.10 per dozen                  ITEM #99-121 90c each or $9.40 per dozen
       c   Eloxite Corp.       More Gemstone Items                                     Wholesale Prices

       Labradorite Pendants                                Sunstone Heart Necklaces
                        Genuine Labradorite “The
                        Flashy Feldspar” now in
                        three new large pendants
                        with plenty of flash.
                        Choose the “Ladder” or
                        Teardrop shape which are
                        drilled for hanging (use
                        the large pinch bails #10-
                        116) - or, the FACETED
                        Hexagon to the left which
                        is complete with black
                        cord. (Color of chatoyance
#40-006 Faceted Hexagon will vary).                       These Genuine Sunstone Heart Necklaces are
$5.85 each $63.20 dozen                                   real Eye-Catchers! Orange and off-white colors
                                                          with lots of fire. Complete with adjustable black
                                                          cord so they’re ready-to-wear. 25mm size.
                                                             ITEM #40-042 $3.75 each or $40.50 per dozen

                                                                25mm “Puffed” Gemstone
                                                           Heart Pendant Assortment

    #40-182 “Ladder”               #40-183 Teardrop
                                                                                           Actual Size
 $6.75 ea. $72.90 dozen         $7.45 ea. $80.45 dozen
                                                          These are 25mm in size, in a thick, puffed style
                                                          and drilled through the side with a large hole
       Best Seller - Assorted Stone                       for hanging on leather, waxed cord, or any other
Crystal Shape Point Pendants                              heavy cord. They look great on chokers (see
                                                          page 61 for 18” Wire Chokers). Sold in assort-
Ten assorted gemstone points
                                                          ments of three hearts and come in a variety of
complete with screw-eyes and
                                                          nicely cut and polished stones such as agates,
bails. These point pendants are
                                                          jaspers, tigereye, goldstone, and more.
a long-time best seller. Several
stones possible such as rose                              ITEM #40-010 $5.50 per assortment (Three Hearts)
quartz leopardskin, goldstone,
and others. You get ten assorted
                                                              High Quality Assorted Size & Stone
point pendants for the low price                                  Gemstone Donuts
of $6.35 per assortment. (Points may be tapered or                                 These semi-precious stone
straight). Actual length of points approx. 1 1/8”.                                   donuts are hand selected
              ITEM #40-462 $6.35 per asst.                                           and in all natural stones
                 (Ten points per asst.)                                              such as Natural Lapis,
                                                                                      Mahogany        Obsidian,
                                                                                      Picture Jasper, and oth-
 Quartz Crystal Point Pendants                                                             ers in assorted sizes
                           Natural crystal quartz pen-                                       ranging       from
                           dants complete with ring for                                       27mm      up    to
                           hanging. Size ranges from                                          47mm.       Hang
                           22 to 30mm in length and                                          them in the tradi-
                           from 9 to 15mm in thick-                                        tional way with a
                           ness. Very economical and                         knot on a cord, or try the new
                                                                            clip bails shown on page 40. Sold
                           a BEST SELLER!
                                                                         in assortments of three.
                             ITEM #40-279 $1.05 each       ITEM #45-276 $10.85 per assortment (3 Donuts)
                      Great Selling Gemstone Items
                                              AGATE SLABS
                              Good quality Brazilian Agate Slabs now in
                              two sizes. All are polished on both sides and
                              come in assorted colors. The small size aver-
                              ages 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 inches and works well for
                              wind chimes while the larger size averages 3
                              3/4 to 4 1/4 inches and is a good size for pen
                              sets or add pewter figures for miniature
                              scenes. Both sizes are good sellers and are
         ITEM #99-176         attractive as is or on stands. The small size
     (1 3/4 to 2 1/4” size)   is sold in assortments of one dozen and the       ITEM #40-060 (3 3/4 TO 4 1/4” size)
       $15.25 per dozen       large size in assortments of six.                        $19.95 per Six Slabs

                    You Crack ‘Em                                   NEW Nature’s Paintbrush
             Geodes from Morrocco                                     Jasper Slab & Stand

    The fun of these is cracking them open to see
    what sparkling crystal beauty is inside! Geode
    nodules from Morocco that average about 2 1/2 x
    3 1/2 inches and 9 inches around. Crack ‘em or
    saw ‘em and you will have some specimen pieces         Outstanding slab specimens of Nature’s Paintbrush
    for collectors or rock craft projects. Crystals are    Jasper (trade name), the “divinely” painted jasper
    mostly light grey to white with lots of sparkle.       with scenery. Each one is clear coated for a high
                ITEM #40-580 $2.85 each                    gloss and includes a fancy brown stand.
                                                           Approximate size of each slab is 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch-
             SMALL BRAZILIAN GEODES                        es. These are a great gift or collector’s item!
                          Good quality Brazilian                            ITEM #40-543 $14.95 each
                          agate     geodes      have
                          sparkling crystal centers                            Tumbled Stones
                          and polished front edges.         Buy them by the specific stone, or in assortments.
                          Your gem & mineral collec-        Sizes range from 1/2 inch to over one inch. Very good
                                                            quality with a mirror-like finish.
                          tor customers and even
                          knick-knack     collectors                           #40-800 2 lb. assortment $22.65
                          should like these. Colors                            #40-801 10 lb. assortment $100.05
    can be white, grey, pink, maroon, and others but
                                                                               #40-804 1 lb. Green Aventurine $10.95
    the most prominent is grey. No two are alike and
    they are ADORABLE. Size averages 1 1/2” across.                            #40-805 1 lb. Brown Tigereye $13.35
       ITEM #40-009 $2.65 each or $28.60 per dozen                             #40-807 1 lb. Carnelian $10.95

                         tumbled stone assortment                 seller!
       Best Grade - A Full Five Pounds - No Dyed Stones in this Batch!
    By buying tumbled stones in large lots, we’re able to put together nice Five
    Pound Assortments at a great price! The stones range in size from 1/2 inch to
    as much as over one inch across. They may include tigereye, tree agate, aven-
    turine, Botswana agate, chevron amethyst, variegated tigereye, blue lace agate,
    as well as other stones. As long as we can buy these at a good price, we’ll con-
    tinue to pass the savings along.
                 ORDER ITEM #99-411 $61.60 per assortment (five pounds)
   c   Eloxite Corp.                      Great Sellers!                                 Wholesale Prices

                              Very Rare!
   Moldavite Pendants in Sterling Silver
Moldavite is in the Tektite family of gemstones. It is theorized
that Tektites were formed when a meteor collided with the earth
with such force that melted rock was thrown at high speeds into
the upper atmosphere and then back to earth. These RARE nat-
ural green meteoric, translucent gemstones are found in the
Moldau Valley of the Czechoslovakia republic.         In legend,
Moldavite is associated with the fabled Stone of the Holy Grail,
which was said to be an emerald that fell from the sky, out of the
crown of an angel. Now you can get this rare stone in sterling
silver wire-wrapped pendants complete with loop for hanging from chain or cord. Quantity is very lim-
ited. Beware - there are lots of people selling what they claim is genuine Moldavite that’s not. Ours
are 100% guaranteed genuine! Approximate actual sizes shown. GREAT SELLERS!
                                   ORDER ITEM #40-192 $29.95 each

   Paintbrush Jasper Necklace                                 New Amethyst Cylinders
                                                                              Beautiful natural cathedral
                                                                              amethyst material from
                                                                              Brazil that is cut in cylin-
                                                                              ders with crystal tops.
                                                                              These will be great for col-
                                                                              lectors or knick-knacks and
                                                                              small paper-weights. (Some
                                                                              pieces sit at an angle).
                                                                              Each one has polished
                                                                              edges     with     sparkling
                                                                              amethyst crystals. Actual
                                                                              diameter is 36mm and
                                                         length varies from approximately 40 to 55mm.
                                                         These are a best seller from our flyer. When you
                                                         can’t have an expensive large cathedral
                                                         amethyst - why not have a piece of one.

Paintbrush jasper (trade name), the divinely painted
                                                                    ITEM #40-495 $5.75 each
stone with patterns and “scenery” in three oval shape
stones with 6mm round spacer beads all done on an                BIG 200 Carat Lots of Genuine
adjustable black cord. Each one is ready-to-wear or               Garnet Cabochons
sell. Actual average size of largest stone is 23x40mm.
                ITEM #40-459 $6.55 each

                        New Ready-To-Wear
                        Quartz Crystal
                        Point Necklace
                 This new, ready-to-wear or sell
                 quartz crystal point necklace fea-
                 tures a polished, natural quartz        You get a full 200 carats of good quality
                 crystal hung from a short piece of      Genuine Garnet cabochons in rounds, ovals,
                 silver color chain on a tough, 18       and marquis shapes, well cut and polished in a
                 inch, black rubber necklace. Each       heavy resealable bag. Sizes range from 2mm
                                                         round up to 8x4mm marquis. Lots of stones in
                 one has a sturdy lobster claw
                                                         each lot (we counted one lot at 742 stones but
                 clasp. Average size of crystal is
                                                         counts may vary). Great for jewelry makers
                 shown. A proven seller!                 and collectors.
                       ITEM #45-305 $2.85 each                  ITEM #20-216 $29.15 per 200 ct. Lot
       Dale Stone Fibre-Optic 6mm Round                       MATCHING FRESHWATER PEARLS
              BALL STUD EARRINGS

                                                                                          A Super Buy!
                                                                           15 pair of gleaming, matched
                                                                (Actual Size)
                                                                           freshwater pearls that are half
                                                              drilled for earrings. These pearls are “AA”
    Dale Stone - the beautiful, colorful man-made fibre-      QUALITY in 6.5-7mm size, natural white,
    optic material that has a hardness of five and looks      button shape. They’re a SUPER buy at this
    like real cat’s eye. Now you can get this material in     price (LESS THAN $1.50 per pair)!. See flat
    6mm round ball stud earrings. Several colors possi-       pad with peg earposts below for mounting.
    ble - black, green, pink and others mounted on silver
    color earposts. Sold in assortments of three pair.                  ITEM #99-127 $21.50 per 30 pearls
        ITEM #29-200 $2.50 per assortment (3 Pair)                      FLAT PAD with PEG EARPOSTS
                                                              Just what you need for mounting the freshwa-
                 Dangle Pierced Earwire                       ter pearls shown above or other half-drilled
               GEMSTONE EARRINGS                              items that are up to 8mm size. 4mm flat pad
                                                              with peg earposts including wing type clutches.
                                Different types of semi-      Just clip the peg to desired length, add a drop
                                precious stones such as       of glue and slip any half drilled item on.
                                agates, jaspers, howlite,     Available in gold or silver color.
                                tigereye and many others                    ORDER ITEM #29-508
                                all nicely done with spac-       $8.95 per dozen pair or $96.65 per gross pair
                                er beads and hung on sil-
                                ver color fish hook ear-
                                wires. Dozens of different
                                                                     BONE FEATHER EARRINGS
                                styles and stones so be                                 We carried these some time
                                sure to order several for a                             ago with good success but lost
                                good variety.                                           our source. Now they’re back
                  ITEM #29-989 $2.40 per pair                                           and a sales hit. White bone
                    or $25.90 per dozen pair                                            with black accent feathers and
                                                                                        colorful seed beads hung from
                                                                                        a silver color ball and loop ear-
                         PHONE 1-307-322-3050                                           post. Each pair is on an attrac-
                                                                                        tive card for easy display and
        FOR FAST
        SERVICE!                                                                        sale. Average length of feath-
                                 CREDIT CARD                                            ers is 40mm.
                               ORDERS WELCOME                                   ITEM #29-007 $2.05 per pair

                                                No Need to Worry with These...
                                                                WORRY STONES
                                            Popular, novelty stones that are freeform cut and polished and
                                            “dished” on one side. Instead of worrying, you can hold it in
                                            your hand and rub your thumb back and forth on the dished
                                            side of the stone. They may not make your troubles go away
                                            but you might forget them for a while. Stone types may include
                                            blue howlite, rose quartz, jaspers, agates, and more but sorry,
                                            you can’t specify stone type. Actual size averages approx. 1
                                            1/2” length. These are good checkout or point of sale items.
                                            ITEM #40-575 $1.60 each or $17.30 per dozen
6         c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                      Wholesale Prices
                                  Gemstone Items are IN!
    Drilled, Small Brazilian Agate Slabs                               Teardrop Style Gem Pendants
                                    NOW IN
                                  THREE SIZES!                               Good quality semi-precious
                                                                             stones like breciated jasper,
                                 Good      quality,
                                                                             rose quartz, picture jasper,
                                  mostly banded,
                                                                             and others, cut and polished
                                   Brazilian agate                           in an eye pleasing teardrop
                                   slabs in natu-                            shape. (Actual size shown.)
                                   ral and dyed                              All have a bail so they are
                                   colors - drilled                          ready to hang from chain or
                                 at the top for                              cord. Sold in assortments of
                           hanging and polished                              six pendants.
               on both sides.     Great for wind                    ORDER ITEM #40-068
              chimes or hang ‘em on a chain or               $4.45 per assortment (Six Pendants)
          cord as pendants. A lot of them are
nice enough to finish out in preform or calibrated            Twist Style Gem Pendants
cabs. Sold in assortments of one dozen slabs.
                                                      These pendants will help
 #40-020 1 to 1 1/2 Inches $15.95 per dozen asstd.    “Twist” up your sales!
 #40-019 1 1/2 to 2 Inches $18.95 per dozen asstd.    Assorted semi-precious
 #40-021 2 to 2 1/2 Inches $23.25 per dozen asstd.    stones such as jaspers,
                                                      agates, opalite, and oth-
            Hematite* Cross Pendants                  ers carved and pol-
Cross pendants are very popular and these should      ished into this new
be no different. Two styles of hematite* crosses      twist style pendant.
complete with bail for hanging from cord or           Three holes in each
chains. Choose the plain or the sparkling rhine-      one (one at the top
stone center style. Actual sizes shown.               for hanging). This
                                                      unique,    refreshing
                                                      new style is a big hit!
                                                                    ORDER ITEM #40-066
                                                                        $3.60 each or
                                                           $36.70 per dozen (assorted stone types)

                                                          Magnetic       Hematite* Bead Bracelets

  #40-064 Plain Style          with Rhinestone
     75c each or                 85c each or
   $8.10 per dozen             $9.20 per dozen

 Dale Stone
Wrap Bracelets
                                                      Many say magnetic jewelry has some therapeutic
Dale Stone - the beautiful man-made stone that        value. Nice quality bead bracelets strung on tough
looks like real cat’s eye now in colorful wrap        stretch cord so they’re ready-to-wear or sell and
bracelets. 4mm round beads with silver color          they are definitely magnetized. Actual length of
spacer beads strung on memory wire. Each one is       each one is approximately 7 1/2 inches
over 21 inches in length and will wrap around         unstretched.     Sold in assortments of three
most wrists three times. Sold in assortments of       bracelets. Styles may vary from those shown.
four bracelets, assorted colors.                          ITEM #18-445 $6.45 per assort. (3 Bracelets)
 ITEM #18-457 $4.55 per assortment (4 Bracelets)          or $69.55 per dz. assortments (36 Bracelets)
      c   Eloxite Corp.                                                            Wholesale Prices        7
       c   Eloxite Corp.          Gemstone Beauties!                                                   Wholesale Prices

                               Super Buy Oval Cabochon Assortments
                                           Super buy cab assortments now in
                                           two oval sizes. You get 25 assorted,
                                           good quality, well polished stones.
                                           Calibrated sizes which will fit stan-
                                           dard oval settings. Several materials
                                           such as tigereye, leopardskin, green
                                           aventurine, agates, jaspers, and more
                                           (assortments will vary). You could get
                                           as many as 15 to 20 different stone
                                           types in one assortment. At these
                                           prices, the 18x13mm stones are less
                                           than 72 cents each and the 18x25mm
    #20-615 18x25mm Cab Asst.                                                     #20-650 18x13mm Cab Asst.
                                           stones are less than $1.70 each!           25 stones for $17.95
        25 stones for $41.95

                    Genuine Fluorite Freeform Cabs                                   Dale StoneTM
                                     Great for wire-wrappers and                  Fibre-Optic Spheres
                                     jewelry-smiths, or you could            Charming Balls of Pleasure for the Eyes
                                     attach a bellcap or bail for         Bring pleasure to the eyes
                                     hanging as a pendant or dan-         of the beholders with these
                                     gle. Nice quality, banded, gen-      Gemstone Spheres.        Dale
                                     uine fluorite freeform cabs.         stone is the amazing man-
                                     Approximate size as shown.           made stone with a hardness
                                           ITEM #20-089 $1.80 each        of five. It has great beauty
                                                                          and looks like expensive
            Beggar Bead Earrings & Bracelets                              cat’s eye with a bright
                                                                          white moving line that cir-
                   The same colorful,                                     cles the sphere and a “bull’s eye” on each
                   highly polished stones                                 side that is transparent enough to read
                   in matching pierced                                    through in assorted colors including some
                   earrings and ready-to-                                 “tri-color” like green-orange-blue. Each
                   wear bracelets.     All                                comes with a lucite stand.
                   have gold color find-                                         40mm (Apx. 1 1/2”) Diameter
                   ings. Colors of stones
                   may vary.      THESE                                     #40-917 (Three Assorted Colors) $14.25
                   ARE GREAT DEALS                                          #40-915 (Six Assorted Colors) $26.90
                   ON CLASSICS!
                                                                          Several colors possible - blues, greens,
                    #89-850 Earrings                ITEM #89-800          purple, pink, and others with some “tri-
                    $1.95 per pair or               $1.50 each or         color”.
                    $21.05 per dz. pr.            $16.20 per dozen          These are Great Buys for Collectors & Gifts!

              Ready-To-Wear - They’re Adorable!                                    Gemstone Crosses
                Gemstone Turtle Pendants
    best seller!                         These darling little turtles
                                         are hand-carved from semi-
                                         precious stones such as
                                         tigereye, jaspers, aventurine,
                                         and others. Each one is done
                                         with two stone pieces bond-
                                         ed together and hung on an
                                                                          Six assorted crosses complete with screw-
                                         adjustable     black     cord.   eyes and bails. Sizes vary from 18x25mm to
                                         Average actual size shown.       22x30mm.      Stones may include jaspers,
                                                                          agates, green aventurine, and others.
                    #99-475 Six Turtle Pendants for $15.95                                ITEM #40-460
                    #99-477 36 Turtle Pendants for $85.95                          $6.95 per asst. (6 Crosses)
      Blue Paua Shell Inlay Bracelets, Chokers, & Earrings

                Bracelets - Photo Reduced
                    (Actual Length 7”)
                  ORDER ITEM #18-401

                                                                  Earwires - Photo Reduced
                                                                     ORDER ITEM #29-975
                                                             $15.95 PER ASSORTMENT (SIX PAIR)

                                                         Assorted designs in silver color
                                                         jewelry that’s ready-to-wear.
                                                         Sparkling iridescent blue paua
             Chokers - Photo Reduced                     shell inlay. Your customers will
Actual Length 16” with clasp (strung on black leather)   love them! These are sure to be
               ORDER ITEM #45-975
     $15.95 PER ASSORTMENT (SIX CHOKERS)                 this season’s best sellers!

                        Drop Chip Necklace Assortment
                                                                 These Drop Chip necklaces are
                                                                 attractive and a GREAT BUY.
                                                                 They are 17 inches in length and
                                                                 are   complete   with    clasp   so
                                                                 they’re ready-to-wear.   They fea-
                                                                 ture nice quality chips with a pol-
                                                                 ished drop pendant. Many stones
                                                                 are possible such as Tigereye,
                                                                 Sodalite, Clear Quartz, Citrine,
                                                                 Labradorite and many others.Sold
                                                                 in assortments of three necklaces
                                                                 at one LOW PRICE!

                                                                   ITEM #93-072
                                                               $8.95 per assortment
                                                                (Three Necklaces)

  c   Eloxite Corporation                                                 Wholesale Prices             9
          Complete Bolas - Ready for Your Stones or Coins
                                                                       38mm or
     36” Bola Cords                                                     SILVER
        with high                                                      DOLLAR
       quality tips
     Styles and colors
     may be mixed
     for dozen price

      Furnished in
     Cords, Assorted
      Colors Only!

         Available in
          Gold or                                      Made In                          Made In
        Silver Color                                  The U.S.A                        The U.S.A
                                    #13-308 18x25mm                 #13-309 38mm                    #13-312 30x40mm
        $11.55 each or $124.75 per dozen (Styles and colors may be mixed for dozen price.)
 Please Specify GOLD or SILVER color.
      best                                            All Made in the U.S.A.!

                                                          Glue-In Style
                                   #37-102 10x14mm      #37-103 18x13mm                                  #37-109 8x10mm
     #37-100 18x13mm                 $7.40 each or        $6.45 each or                                    $6.60 each or
                                                                                  #37-105 18x25mm
       $8.40 each or               $77.25 per dozen     $69.65 per dozen                                 $71.30 per dozen
                                                                                 $8.35 ea. $87.15 dz.
     $87.70 per dozen
                                    Each locket has a frame inside. Put a cab on the
                                    outside, and your favorite photo on the inside.
                                              DREAM CATCHER LOOPS
                                       Make your own Dream Catcher earrings
                                       and pendants with these loops, thread,
                                       seed beads, etc. Each one has a fluted edge
                                       to help hold thread. Silver color only.

                                                                                                        #90-804 1 1/2”
           #90-800 1 3/4 inch                                                           best             $2.75 dozen
            $3.20 per dozen                                           best

                                            #90-801 1 1/8”        #90-802 3/4”     #90-803 T-Drop
                                             $2.30 dozen          $2.20 dozen       $2.75 dozen
10             c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                 Wholesale Prices
   c   Eloxite Corp.
Bola Slide for Sacagawea
                         BOLA SLIDES All Made in the U.S.A.                                  Wholesale Prices

  or Susan B. Dollar           “American Eagle”                      Bola Slide Assortment
                                                        Six, high quality,
                                                        made in the U.S.A.,
                                                        bola slide findings at
                                                        a    GREAT     PRICE!
           best                                         They are mostly west-
          seller!                                       ern style designs and
                                                        are mixed gold and
                                                        silver color.    Some
The Sacagawea dollars                                   have oval settings so
are all the rage! Here’s                                you can add nice
a bola slide you can                                    cabochons and you’ll
put ‘em in and watch                                    have some eye-catch-
‘em sell!                   Item #12-109 18x13mm        ing bola slides. Some
 Gold or Silver Color         Gold or Silver Color      have epoxy detailing. Sold in assortments of six
                                                        bola slides. Styles may vary from those shown.
 #12-774 Susan B. or
Sacagawea Dollar Size           $3.65 each or
                                                                        ORDER ITEM #12-208
 $3.65 ea. $39.40 dz.         $39.40 per dozen                  $8.35 per assortment (Six Bola Slides)

        Tri-Color Eagle Bola Slide                      Bola Slides for Coins or Round Cabs
                                                                       Gold or Silver Color

             Item #12-780 18x13mm
         $4.10 each or $44.30 per dozen               Silver Dollar or 38mm Stone     Silver Dollar or 38mm Stone
         Tri-Color (Gold-Copper-Silver)                       ITEM #12-235                    Item #12-225
                                                      $6.25 each or $67.50 per dz.    $9.95 each or $107.45 per dz.

    Bola Slide for Nickels (Coins)                                                       best

                                                               For Your                          FOR
                                                              KENNEDY                           YOUR
                                                           HALF DOLLAR                    SILVER DOLLAR
                                                           or 30mm Stone                   or 38mm Stone

                   Item #12-772
                    Nickel Size                             SCREW TYPE                       SCREW TYPE
             $3.00 ea. $32.40 dozen                   Half Dollar or 30mm Stone      Silver Dollar or 38mm Stone
                                                             Item #12-771                    Item #12-200
               Gold or Silver Color                  $5.65 each or $61.00 per dz.    $4.95 each or $53.45 per dz.
                                                       BOLA SLIDES
     SPRING-TYPE SLIDE                                          One-Piece                               Small Glue-Ons
        Bola Tie Slide               U.S.A                     Spring Clamp                   best seller!
      with Spring Clasp              Made
                                                    Great price
      SLIDES FREELY                                and easy to
       GRIPS FIRMLY                              use. Big glu-
     No more frayed                             ing   area   for
     cords! Suitable                          cabs, slabs, etc.
                                             Silver color only.                              ITEM #12-401
     for gluing slabs                                                                        5/8” Diameter              ITEM #12-403
     or specimens.                                                                          $3.85 per dozen            $7.05 per dozen
     Silver    color                                                                        $41.60 per gross           $76.15 per gross
     only.                                ITEM #12-405 $1.45 ea. $15.65 dz.
      ITEM #12-301
     $2.75 ea. $29.70 dz.
                                        Matches Buckles
                                          on page108

                                          U.S.A. Made               U.S.A.                    Made
     U.S.A.            Made        TRI-COLOR (Gold-Copper-Silver)   ITEM #12-125 Takes One 6x8mm &       U.S.A.                     Made
                                          ITEM #12-111                   One 10x14mm Oval Cab
      ITEM #12-502 30x40mm                                                                                    ITEM #12-102 38x52mm
     $4.95 each - $53.45 dozen      $4.05 each - $43.75 dozen         $5.85 each or $63.20 per dozen         $4.65 each - $50.20 dozen

                                                                                                                     Economy Style
              U.S.A. Made                                                                                               U.S.A. Made

                                                                                  ITEM #12-504 18x13mm             ITEM #12-510 18x25mm
                                                                                 $3.10 each - $33.50 dozen        $2.95 each - $31.85 dozen
                                         U.S.A.                      Made
        ITEM #12-112 18x25mm                  ITEM #12-232 30x40mm
       $4.05 each - $43.75 dozen             $4.80 each - $51.85 dozen

         SCREW-TYPE SLIDES                              All Made in
              (Complete with Slide)                     the U.S.A.

                                                                                30x40mm                          “For Your
                                               30x40mm                          “For Your                       Gem Stones”
                                               “For Your                       Gem Stones”
                                              Gem Stones”

       ITEM #12-802 22x30mm              ITEM #12-202 30x40mm               #12-801 VERTICAL               ITEM #12-203 30x40mm
      $3.45 each - $37.25 dozen         $3.70 each - $39.95 dozen        $4.35 each - $47.00 dozen        $4.90 each - $52.90 dozen

          c   ELOXITE CORP.    Best Selling Bola Slides all Made in the USA                                    WHOLESALE PRICES
                              All Bola Slides Except #12-110 & #12-519 Are Available in Gold or Silver Color

                                                                            #12-222 30x40mm
   #12-142 Quarter Size                                                    $8.95 ea. $96.65 dz.                 #12-514 30x40mm
                                        #12-503 30x40mm
   $3.70 ea. $39.95 dz.                                                     #12-224 18x25mm                    $5.95 ea. $64.25 dz.
                                       $7.95 ea. $85.85 dz.
    (Coin Not Included)                                                    $4.95 ea. $53.45 dz.

seller!                                                                     best
     Double Lace Style                   #12-516 18x13mm
     #12-515 30x40mm                                                      #12-110 8x10mm
                                        $4.15 ea. $44.80 dz.            $4.95 ea. $53.45 dz.
    $3.20 ea. $34.55 dz.                                                                                        #12-233 18x25mm
                                                                      Gold-Copper-Silver-Color                 $5.30 ea. $57.25 dz.
                                                                    (Matches Buckles on Page 113)

   #12-141 Quarter Size                                              seller!
   $3.70 ea. $39.95 dz.             #12-519 8mm Rd. Faceted                                                     #12-108 18x25mm
                                                                              #12-520 30x40mm
    (Coin Not Included)               $4.85 ea. $52.40 dz.                                                     $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.
                                                                             $4.10 ea. $44.30 dz.

    #12-601 18x25mm                                                                                      seller!
   $4.25 ea. $45.90 dz.                #12-104 18x13mm                      #12-231 18x25mm                 #12-223 18x25mm
                                      $3.80 each $41.05 dz.                $4.15 ea. $44.80 dz.            $4.15 ea. $44.30 dz.
      c   Eloxite Corporation
          Screw-Machined Tips
                                              Bola Tips & Ties                                      Cast Tips
                                                                                                                Wholesale Prices

              our quality is the best!

      #15-200      #15-201        #15-203        #15-206          #15-222        #15-225          #15-229            #15-230
          $1.65 per pair or $15.55 per dozen pair                 $3.10 per pair or $29.95 per dozen pair
                                                                                                     $3.95 pr. $39.95
                               Gross Pair Quantity Discounts Available (Take 10% Off the Dozen Pair Price)

              Genuine Leather Bola Ties                                             Mylar-Vinyl Bola Ties
       Expertly braided. 36 or 42 inch length.                                           Long wearing vinyl and mylar
                                                                                         now in two lengths. Tie ends
         36 inch length U.S.A. 42 inch length                                            are plastic crimped, ready to
         #14-025 Black     Made   #14-024 Black                                          insert into bola tips.
         #14-031 Brown            #14-032 Brown
      $4.95 ea. $53.45 dz.     $5.85 ea. $63.20 dz.                                      Colors in the same price range
                                                                                         may be mixed for quantity prices.
                                   Cloth Bola Ties                    Standard 36 inch Length       “Big Man” 42 Inch
                                  These ties are braided              $1.80 each $16.15 dozen    $2.10 each $19.95 dozen
                                  polypropylene, which                     $174.60 gross              $206.95 gross
                                  is stronger than rayon              #14-010   Gold-White           #14-026    Solid Brown
                                  and dye-fast. Now in                #14-011   Solid Brown          #14-027    Solid Black
                                  36    and    42   inch              #14-012   Solid Black          #14-028    Solid Gold
                                  lengths. Ends are plas-             #14-013   Brown-White          #14-029    Brown-Tan
                                  tic crimped. Made in                #14-016   Brown-Tan            #14-040    Silver-Black
                                  the U.S.A.                          #14-020   Silver-Black         #14-041    Gold-White
     #14-036 (36 Inch) 75c ea. $5.40 dz. $58.30 gross                 #14-021   Tan-Brn-White
                                                                      #14-022   Solid Tan
     Colors available in 36” length are: Brown,                                                               All Are
     Black, White, Royal Blue, Dark Green, May be mixed               #14-023   Gold-Brown
                                                for qty. prices
     Lavender, Denim Blue, Red & Maroon.
                                                                      Metallic Look:                         Made in
     #14-037 (42 Inch) 85c ea. $6.15 dz. $66.40 gross
                                                                      #14-014 Gold                          the U.S.A.!
     Colors available in 42” length are: May be mixed                 #14-015 Silver
     Black, Brown, Tan, Grey, & Navy Blue. for qty. prices

          Suedette Bola Ties                         End of the Trail        Bola Slides - All Made in the U.S.A.
                                                                                           Available in Gold or Silver Color
                                                Pain                                                          His ‘N Hers
                                           Hand                                   best
     Premium suede look. 36
     inch length. Now in four
     colors.   Made in the
     ITEM #14-018 Solid Brown
     ITEM #14-007 Solid Black
     ITEM #14-008 Solid Grey
     ITEM #14-009 Brown-Tan
      $1.50 each $11.35 dozen               4 Color (Gold-Copper-Silver-Black)
     (May be mixed for dz. price)                   #12-781 (2) 6x8mm                   #12-220 18x25mm        #12-221 18x13mm
                                                   $6.95 ea. $51.85 dz.                $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.    $2.85 ea. $30.80 dz
               High Quality                CABOCHONS                          Beautifully Polished

      SHELL        LACE AGATE                                 GOLDSTONE        AGATE            (ITALIAN)

 AGATE                        QUARTZ        HOWLITE    PAUA SHELL    PAUA SHELL       PAUA SHELL

     PAUA SHELL                   AVENTURINE                                                    OBSIDIAN

     MALACHITE       MEXICAN       MOTHER         OCEAN          OPAL        PINK SHELL         POUNDED
                    LACE AGATE     OF PEARL       JASPER        TRIPLET                          GOLD

       POPPY                      RED JADE          RED                     ROSE QUARTZ         SCORPION
                    RED AGATE                                 RHODONITE
       JASPER                      (Dyed)        TIGEREYE                                      (Embedded)

        OBSIDIAN        JASPER      MOSAIC #1     MOSAIC #2     MOSAIC #3      MOSAIC #5        OPAL - BLACK
                                                                                     COLORS AND
                                                                                     PATTERNS MAY VARY
                                                                                    We strive to stock only the
                                                                                    highest quality cabochons.
                                                                                    Our cabs are graded before
                                                                                    they’re shipped.
                                                                                          cELOXITE CORP.
OPAL - BLUE    OPAL - RED   OPAL - WHITE                                                  WHOLESALE PRICES
              Dale StoneTM - Eloxite First
Dale Stone is a man-made stone with a hardness of five. It’s not plastic. This
fibre-optic material has great beauty and looks like expensive cat’s eye.
Choose from ten exciting colors in oval cabochons or beads.

     BLUE              WHITE                  BROWN                       BLACK                   AQUA

     GRAY              GREEN                  PURPLE                      YELLOW                 ORANGE
                                    DALE STONE CABOCHONS
                    #20-800   4x6mm 45c each          #20-804   18x13mm    $1.90   each
                    #20-801   6x8mm 55c each          #20-805   18x25mm    $2.20   each
                    #20-802   8x10mm 65c each         #20-806   22x30mm    $3.35   each
                    #20-803   10x14mm $1.05 each      #20-807   30x40mm    $4.00   each

                                       DALE STONE BEADS
                                          16 Inch Strands
            GREEN                       Temporarily Strung                           BROWN
                                     #90-189 4mm $6.00 per strand
                                     #90-190 6mm $7.20 per strand
                                     #90-191 8mm $8.25 per strand
            PURPLE                                                                        GRAY
                                         Please State COLOR
                                            When Ordering

            YELLOW                ASK ABOUT QUANTITY PRICES!                          AQUA
                                        For FAST SERVICE!
                                              Or order securely on-line
            ORANGE                               at                   WHITE

                                    CREDIT CARD ORDERS WELCOME
             BLUE                                                                     BLACK
16                            See Pages 8 & 46 for Dale Stone Spheres
      High Polish                        OVAL CABOCHONS                                       Dome Top
         ABALONE SHELL                                                                 GREEN AVENTURINE
                                                 CLEAR QUARTZ
                                         100% natural. Great for doublets,        #20-230-------4x6mm-------45c
    #20-111------8x10mm---------45c         triplets, or photo covers!            #20-231-------6x8mm-------60c
    #20-112-----10x12mm--------55c           #20-830-----6x8mm--------95c         #20-232------8x10mm-------75c
    #20-113-----10x14mm--------60c           #20-831-----8x10mm-----$1.15         #20-234-----10x14mm------90c
    #20-115-----18x13mm-----$1.40            #20-834-----18x13mm---$3.35          #20-235-----18x13mm----$1.30
    #20-116-----18x25mm-----$1.90                                                 #20-236-----18x25mm----$2.20
    #20-117-----22x30mm-----$2.55             DYED BLUE HOWLITE                   #20-237-----22x30mm----$3.25
    #20-118-----30x40mm-----$4.40           #20-460--------6x8mm-------60c        #20-238-----30x40mm----$4.05
                                            #20-461-------8x10mm------65c                GREEN JADE
    AFR. BLUE LACE AGATE                    #20-463------10x14mm-----85c
    #20-123------10x14mm----$1.30                                                 #20-250--------6x8mm-----$1.45
                                            #20-465------18x13mm---$1.15          #20-251-------8x10mm----$1.85
                                            #20-466------18x25mm---$2.15          #20-252------10x12mm----$2.85
                                            #20-467------22x30mm---$2.55          #20-253------10x14mm----$3.60
    #20-127------22x30mm----$5.85                                                 #20-255------18x13mm----$5.60
    #20-128------30x40mm----$9.25                                                 #20-256------18x25mm--$10.15
   BLACK MOTHER OF PEARL                  DYED PAUA SHELL - 4 Colors              #20-257------22x30mm--$13.10
     #20-591-------8x10mm-------85c        BLUE:                                  #20-258------30x40mm--$22.05
     #20-592------10x12mm------95c         #20-180-------6x8mm---------40c                 HEMATITE
     #20-593------10x14mm----$1.10         #20-181------8x10mm---------45c        #20-550------8x10mm-------75c
     #20-595------18x13mm----$1.40         #20-182-----10x12mm--------55c         #20-551-----10x12mm------85c
     #20-596------18x25mm----$2.90         #20-183-----10x14mm--------60c         #20-552-----10x14mm----$1.00
     #20-598------30x40mm----$5.85         #20-184-----18x13mm-----$1.40          #20-554-----18x13mm----$1.35
                                           #20-185-----18x25mm-----$1.90          #20-555-----18x25mm----$2.45
           BLACK ONYX                      #20-186-----22x30mm-----$2.55          #20-556-----22x30mm----$3.50
    #20-130-------6x8mm-------60c          #20-187-----30x40mm-----$4.40          #20-557-----30x40mm----$5.20
    #20-131------8x10mm------70c           GREEN:                                        LEOPARDSKIN
    #20-132-----10x12mm-----80c            #20-570----6x8mm-------------40c       #20-190-------6x8mm---------55c
    #20-133-----10x14mm-----85c            #20-571----8x10mm-----------45c        #20-191------8x10mm--------70c
    #20-135-----18x13mm---$1.15            #20-573----10x14mm---------60c         #20-193-----10x14mm-------80c
    #20-136-----18x25mm---$1.85            #20-574----18x13mm-------$1.40         #20-195-----18x13mm-----$1.20
    #20-137-----22x30mm---$2.85            #20-575----18x25mm-------$1.90         #20-196-----18x25mm-----$2.50
    #20-138-----30x40mm---$3.65            #20-577----30x40mm-------$4.40         #20-197-----22x30mm-----$3.55
    #20-139----38mm Rd.---$4.95                                                   #20-198-----30x40mm-----$4.30
       BLUE GOLDSTONE                      #20-580----6x8mm-------------40c            MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN
    #20-141------8x10mm-------90c          #20-581----8x10mm-----------45c         #20-275-----18x13mm----$1.90
    #20-142-----10x12mm----$1.25           #20-583----10x14mm---------60c          #20-276-----18x25mm----$2.30
    #20-143-----10x14mm----$1.30           #20-584----18x13mm-------$1.40          #20-277-----22x30mm----$4.10
    #20-145-----18x13mm----$1.55           #20-585----18x25mm-------$1.90          #20-278-----30x40mm----$5.40
                                           #20-587----30x40mm-------$4.40          #20-279----38mm Rd.----$6.90
    #20-147-----22x30mm----$3.55           RED:
                                            #20-709----4x6mm------------35c               MALACHITE
    #20-148-----30x40mm----$5.65                                                  #20-260--------6x8mm--------95c
       BOTSWANA AGATE                       #20-711----8x10mm-----------45c
   #20-510------8x10mm--------90c           #20-713----10x14mm---------60c        #20-263------10x14mm----$2.50
   #20-511-----10x12mm-----$1.05            #20-714----18x13mm-------$1.40        #20-265------18x13mm----$3.95
   #20-512-----10x14mm-----$1.15            #20-715----18x25mm-------$1.90        #20-266------18x25mm----$6.25
   #20-514-----18x13mm-----$1.90            #20-717----30x40mm-------$4.40        #20-267------22x30mm----$8.05
   #20-515-----18x25mm-----$3.35                                                  #20-268------30x40mm--$14.05
      BRAZILIAN AGATE (A)                   #20-210-------6x8mm-----$2.10      “A” Grade MEXICAN LACE AGATE
         (Very Nice Quality)                #20-211------8x10mm----$2.50          #20-286------18x25mm----$4.65
    #20-155-----18x13mm-----$2.50           #20-212----10x12mm----$6.00           #20-287------22x30mm----$5.35
    #20-156-----18x25mm-----$3.20           #20-213----10x14mm----$7.30           #20-288------30x40mm----$8.45
    #20-157-----22x30mm-----$4.05                                                 #20-289------38mm Rd----$8.95
    #20-158-----30x40mm-----$5.25                  GOLDSTONE
                                            #20-220--------6x8mm-------65c             MOTHER OF PEARL
    #20-159----38mm Rd.-----$5.45
                                            #20-221-------8x10mm------80c         #20-310-------6x8mm---------30c
         CAMEO - SHELL                      #20-222------10x12mm-----90c          #20-311------8x10mm--------40c
High Quality - Cut & Polished in Italy      #20-223------10x14mm-----95c          #20-312-----10x12mm-------45c
                                            #20-225------18x13mm---$1.40          #20-313-----10x14mm-------50c
   #20-348-----30x40mm------$21.40          #20-226------18x25mm---$2.90          #20-315-----18x13mm-------90c
                                            #20-227------22x30mm---$3.75          #20-316-----18x25mm-----$2.20
          CHRYSOPRASE                       #20-228------30x40mm---$5.45          #20-318-----30x40mm-----$4.80
Very nice, apple green chalcedony.
    #20-011-----6x8mm-----$2.40               Watch our Flyers for New Cabs & Cab Specials!
                                All prices are per stone unless otherwise specified.
        Dome Top                             OVAL CABOCHONS                                             High Polish
           OCEAN JASPER                                   RHODONITE                           SYNTHETIC OPAL
From under the Indian Ocean.                                                              (Now in Four Fiery Colors!)
Wide variety of patterns and colors.               #20-330-------6x8mm-------60c
                                                   #20-331------8x10mm------70c       Black: #20-769-------4x6mm-----$1.90
   #20-375------18x13mm----$1.65                                                             #20-770-------6x8mm-----$3.90
   #20-376------18x25mm----$2.75                   #20-333-----10x14mm-----85c
   #20-377------22x30mm----$3.10                   #20-335-----18x13mm---$1.30               #20-773-----10x14mm--$12.45
                                                   #20-336-----18x25mm---$2.45               #20-775-----18x13mm--$20.65
     OPAL TRIPLETS Better Quality                  #20-338-----30x40mm---$3.55        Denim #20-759-------4x6mm-----$1.90
                                                                                      Blue: #20-760-------6x8mm-----$3.90
      #20-320--------6x8mm-----$6.25               #20-339-----38mm Rd---$4.10               #20-761------8x10mm----$7.10
      #20-321-------8x10mm----$8.75                                                          #20-763-----10x14mm--$12.45
      #20-322------10x12mm--$10.30                       ROSE QUARTZ                         #20-765-----18x13mm--$20.65
      #20-323------10x14mm--$11.85                #20-700------8x10mm-------50c
                                                                                      Red: #20-779-------4x6mm-----$1.90
      #20-325------18x13mm--$21.25                #20-702-----10x14mm-------85c              #20-780-------6x8mm-----$3.90
                                                  #20-703-----18x13mm-----$1.15              #20-781------8x10mm----$7.10
              PINK SHELL                          #20-704-----18x25mm-----$1.80
(Color enhanced pink mussel shell)                                                           #20-783-----10x14mm--$12.45
                                                  #20-705-----22x30mm-----$2.15              #20-785-----18x13mm--$20.65
                                                  #20-706-----30x40mm-----$3.05       White: #20-749-------4x6mm-----$1.90
    #20-742-----10x12mm--------65c                SCORPIONS - EMBEDDED                       #20-751------8x10mm----$7.10
    #20-743-----10x14mm--------75c              Real bugs embedded in plastic.
    #20-745-----18x13mm-----$1.75                 #20-392-----30x40mm-----$4.95              #20-755-----18x13mm--$20.65
    #20-746-----18x25mm-----$2.40                 #20-393-----38mm Rd-----$4.95
    #20-747-----22x30mm-----$3.50                                                                   TIGEREYE
    #20-748-----30x40mm-----$5.25                  SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN                     #20-400------8x10mm-------85c
                                                  #20-365-----18x13mm----$1.45            #20-401-----10x14mm----$1.45
           POPPY JASPER                           #20-366-----18x25mm----$1.90            #20-402-----18x13mm----$2.45
      #20-200--------6x8mm-------70c              #20-367-----22x30mm----$2.70            #20-403-----18x25mm----$3.95
      #20-201------8x10mm-------75c               #20-368-----30x40mm----$3.60            #20-405-----30x40mm----$6.85
      #20-203-----10x14mm------90c                #20-369----38mm Rd.----$4.70
      #20-205-----18x13mm----$1.20                                                                 TREE AGATE
      #20-206-----18x25mm----$2.30                     SPIDER JASPER
                                             Unique and beautiful jasper materi-         #20-431------8x10mm------80c
      #20-207-----22x30mm----$2.70           al from Mexico with browns, tans,           #20-432-----10x12mm-----90c
      #20-208-----30x40mm----$3.55           and pinks in beautiful spider-like          #20-433-----10x14mm---$1.10
      #20-209-----38mm Rd----$5.20           patterns. Cut in the U.S.A.                 #20-434-----18x13mm---$1.45
           POUNDED GOLD                           #20-054-----18x13mm----$4.20           #20-435-----18x25mm---$2.55
      #20-792------6x8mm-------$1.20              #20-055-----18x25mm----$4.45           #20-436-----22x30mm---$3.35
      #20-793------8x10mm------$1.65              #20-056-----22x30mm----$5.40         White with dark green scenery.
      #20-794-----10x14mm-----$2.25               #20-057-----30x40mm----$8.50
      #20-795-----18x13mm-----$3.35                 SYNTHETIC MOSAIC #1                             UNAKITE
      #20-391-----30x40mm-----$6.55                                                           Pink & Green Color
      #20-390-----38mm Rd-----$6.55                                                      #20-530--------6x8mm-------60c
                                                   #20-476----18x25mm----$4.25           #20-531------8x10mm-------65c
           RED JADE (Dyed)                         #20-477----22x30mm----$5.05           #20-533-----10x14mm-------80c
          Red is the IN color!                     #20-478----30x40mm----$6.60           #20-535-----18x13mm----$1.10
      #20-840------6x8mm---------65c               #20-479----38mm Rd----$7.20           #20-536-----18x25mm----$1.75
      #20-841------8x10mm--------80c                                                     #20-538-----30x40mm----$3.60
      #20-843-----10x14mm-----$1.05                 SYNTHETIC MOSAIC #2
      #20-844-----18x13mm-----$1.45               #20-480-------6x8mm-----$1.95                 4x6mm Oval Cabs
      #20-845-----18x25mm-----$2.90               #20-481------8x10mm-----$2.10
                                                                                               Various Stone Types
      #20-847-----30x40mm-----$4.50                                                  #20-600 Black Onyx----------------------45c
              RED AGATE                           #20-486-----18x25mm----$4.25       #20-601 Goldstone------------------------50c
      #20-350-------6x8mm--------60c              #20-487-----22x30mm----$5.05       #20-602 Amethyst (Best Quality)--$2.20
      #20-351------8x10mm--------75c              #20-488-----30x40mm----$6.60       #20-603 Green Jade----------------------85c
      #20-352-----10x12mm-------85c                                                  #20-604 Angel Coral (Pink)----------$1.25
                                                    SYNTHETIC MOSAIC #3
      #20-353-----10x14mm-------90c                #20-490-------6x8mm-----$1.95     #20-605 Garnet-----------------------------75c
      #20-355-----18x13mm-----$1.30                #20-491------8x10mm-----$2.10     #20-606 Sodalite (Blue)------------------70c
      #20-356-----18x25mm-----$2.65                #20-493-----10x14mm----$2.40      #20-607 Mother of Pearl-----------------35c
      #20-357-----22x30mm-----$3.80                #20-495-----18x13mm----$2.55      #20-608 Turquoise----------------------$1.85
      #20-358-----30x40mm-----$4.95                #20-496-----18x25mm----$4.25      #20-609 Tigereye---------------------------60c
      #20-359----38mm Rd.-----$6.10                #20-497-----22x30mm----$5.05      #20-610 Malachite-------------------------80c
                                                                                     #20-611 Opal Triplet--------------------$3.55
                                                   SYNTHETIC MOSAIC #5
            RED TIGEREYE                          #20-523-----10x14mm----$2.40                CABOCHON DISCOUNT!
       #20-731------8x10mm----$1.05               #20-525-----18x13mm----$2.55       Buy $85.00 worth or more of Cabochons
       #20-733-----10x14mm---$1.45                #20-526-----18x25mm----$4.25       (sizes and stone types may be mixed) and
       #20-735-----18x13mm---$2.55                #20-527-----22x30mm----$5.05       you can take 10% off the Cabochon
       #20-736-----18x25mm---$3.65                #20-528-----30x40mm----$6.60       prices! A great deal! (Note: Discount can-
       #20-738-----30x40mm---$7.65                #20-529-----38mm Rd----$7.20       not be applied to cabs already on sale).
18                                     All prices are per stone unless otherwise specified.
         High Polish                      OVAL CABOCHONS                                          Dome Top

         8x10mm & 10x12mm Oval                                             New 30x40mm Oval
   Genuine Amber Cabochons                                         Picture Jasper Cabochons
            Genuine,       natural                        Nice quality brown &
            Baltic Amber in the                           tan    Picture   Jasper
            8x10mm & 10x12mm                              (trade name) cabs have
            oval size cabochons.                          plenty of scenery and
Put them in earrings, pendants,                           they’re hand polished
and other small jewelry pieces and you’ll have            to a brilliant shine.
some eye-catchers with cabs that you don’t see            They look great in
too often. Desirable, natural “cognac” color.             buckles, bolas, and
                                                          other large jewelry!
   #20-104 8x10mm                #20-373 10x12mm
      $1.25 each                    $2.25 each                             ITEM #20-046 $3.35 each

   Easy Mount Sterling Silver Men’s & Ladies’ Rings                                                Prices subject to change
                                                                                                   with silver market
With these EASY MOUNT RINGS, almost anyone can create beautiful, professional jewelry with no fil-
ing or burring. The settings are precision cast for a perfect fit, and the prongs are PRE-NOTCHED to
eliminate filing or burring. All rings are sized and polished (finger sizes are approximate and may vary
slightly according to mold and wax shrinkage). Just set the stone with a prong pusher or gem setting
pliers, burnish, and you’re done. Sterling silver rings are not returnable without prior approval.
                      Men’s Styles               For Oval Cabochons Only         Ladies’ Styles                    best
                                           best                                                                   seller!

                                              18x13mm             6x8mm             6x8mm              8x10mm
    18x13mm            10x14mm             #59-740 Size 8     #59-540 Size 5     #59-545 Size 5     #59-550 Size 5
 #59-730 Size 9      #59-735 Size 9        #59-743 Size 9     #59-541 Size 6     #59-546 Size 6     #59-551 Size 6
 #59-731 Size 10     #59-736 Size 10       #59-741 Size 10    #59-542 Size 7     #59-547 Size 7     #59-552 Size 7
 #59-732 Size 11     #59-737 Size 11       #59-742 Size 11    #59-543 Size 8     #59-548 Size 8     #59-553 Size 8
   $39.95 each        $26.95 each            $19.95 each        $11.95 each       $10.50 each        $13.95 each

       Hematite* Ring Bands                                            Adjustable, Assorted Style
                         These have been one of our                      Labradorite Rings
                         best sellers over several
             Average                                         Labradorite, the FLASHY
                         years.   Highly polished,
            Actual Size                                      Feldspar      in      new,
                         domed band rings in popu-
                                                             adjustable, silver color
                    lar hematite*. A good magnet
                    will pick them up. Sold in               rings. These have excel-
                    assortments of one dozen or              lent quality stones in
                    one gross (144). Sizes range             assorted shapes such as
                    from approx. 5 to 8-1/2.                 teardrops, ovals and rounded triangles (sorry, you
                                                             can’t select the shape) in average sizes as shown. Ring
#99-180 $4.90 dozen $52.90 per gross (assorted)
                                                             size is adjustable from approximately size 5 to 9.
      *These   are made of hematite or reconstructed
      hematite or magnetite. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!               ITEM #34-187 $4.10 each or 3 for $11.15 (assorted)

    Adjustable Rings                     For FAST Service             Adjustable Rings for Cabs
     with Pad for Gluing                                            Adjustable rings are bargain
                                             PHONE                  priced and come with a popular
                                         1-307-322-3050             double lace setting for your cabs.
                                        Most orders received        Now in three sizes - 8x10mm,
                                                                    10x12mm, and 18x13mm oval.
                                       by noon mountain time
                                                                    Shank is easily adjusted from size 2 1/2 up to
                                       Monday thru Friday go        10. Gold or silver color. Made in the U.S.A.
Glue-on pad for baroques,
                                         out the SAME DAY!                       ITEM #34-099 8x10mm
etc. Available in gold or sil-                                                                                Shank style
ver color.                                                                       ITEM #34-100 10x12mm
                                                        ITEM #34-101 18x13mm
                                                                                                               may vary.
        ITEM #34-000                   Catalog, Sale Items, &                  $2.15 each or $23.20 per dozen
       $9.50 per dozen                 More! Secure shopping!           (Sizes & colors may be mixed for dz. price)
 Semi-Precious Stone Ring Bands                                         Fibre-Optic Dale Stone
                              Assorted semi-precious gem-
                              stones     like  red    jasper,     Actual Width                  Colorful Dale Stone band
        Actual Width          snowflake obsidian, green                                         rings are 6mm in width,
                              aventurine, and several others,                                   domed, highly polished,
                              nicely cut and polished into                                      and expertly cut so that
                              assorted size 6mm wide ring
                                                                                                the amazing “eye” is
                              bands. Lots of room for profit
                                                                                                down the center of the
                              with these! Sizes range from
                                                                                                band.    Sold in assort-
                              approx. 5 to 11. Order several
                                                                                                ments of several vivid
                              assortments for a good variety
                              of sizes and stones.                                              colors in assorted sizes
                                                                                                ranging from 4 to 9.
                           ITEM #34-162 One Dozen (12)
                              Assorted Rings for $9.75
               ITEM #34-163 100 Assorted Rings                     ITEM #34-157 (12 Rings) $8.05 per assortment
                     $73.05 per assortment                         ITEM #34-158 (100 Rings) $60.75 per assortment

                       Bling Bling is In!                            Freshwater Pearl Pendants
 New Colorful Stretch Band Rings                                                                  These       Freshwater
                                                                                                 Pearl Pendants are
 These rings have plenty of colorful bling in classy
                                                                                                 unique and a GOOD
 styles. Each one features a tough, section style,
                                                                                                    BARGAIN.       Large,
 double strung stretch band to fit sizes 5 1/2 and
                                                                                                    cultured     genuine
 up. Silver color metal tops with colorful rhine-
                                                                                                    freshwater pearls set
 stones in assorted colors. Actual sizes shown.
                                                                                                   in a silver color, wire
 These were a success on our flyers - don’t miss out
                                                                                                wrap style pendant com-
 on them now!
                                                                                   plete with bail for hanging. No two
         Adorable Turtles!               Beautiful Butterflies!                  are alike! Average actual size shown.
                                                                           ITEM #40-262 YOUR COST $3.25 each
                                                                    Genuine, baroque style freshwater
                                                                    pearls in a silver color wire-wrap
                                                                           style pendant with bail. All
                                                                            are in this adorable style
                                                                             with a flower accent but
                                                                             may vary slightly. This is
                                                                              an “inflation buster”
     This adorable turtle ring       Beautiful butterfly rings                 item with a GREAT
     has wiggling legs, head,        with rhinestones in blue,                  PRICE on a GREAT SELL-
     and tail.     The rhine-        purple, pink, blue, multi-                  ER! Average actual size shown.
     stones come in black,           color, or black possible                            ITEM #45-287 $2.95 each
     multi-color, pink, purple,      (sorry no color choice -
     blue, and red (sorry no         order several for a good         See all our catalog items, flyer items,
     color choice - order sev-       variety).     These are          and MORE and order securely online
     eral for a good variety).       proven sellers!
       #34-190 $4.15 each or           #34-191 $4.85 each or
      3 astd. colors for $10.95       3 astd. colors for $12.75                           BIG 35mm
                                                                      Rose Quartz Heart Necklace
         Gemstone Ring Assortment                                                           Nice quality and color rose
                                                                                            quartz in a large 35mm
                                                                                            heart necklace. Each one
 Genuine gemstone rings in stones such as carnelian,                                        is ready-to-wear with an
 leopardskin, tigereye, aventurine, and others in sev-                                      adjustable     black    cord.
 eral styles - hearts, stars, crosses, and more - all nice-                                 Heart pendants are in!
 ly polished. Sizes are also assorted ranging from 4 up                                     Each one is display carded.
 to 14 although most are in sizes between 6 and 11.                                         Get some now - they’re
 These are a real profit maker. By the 100 they’re                                          GREAT SELLERS!
 only $1.10 each! No two assortments are alike!                                                      ITEM #40-231
     #34-155 $14.70 per dz. asstd. $109.95 per 100 asstd.                                    $2.50 each $27.00 per dozen
20        c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                         Wholesale Prices
    Hand Polished, Assorted Stone                                       30x40mm Oval
  30x40mm Oval Cabochons                                   Brazilian Fire Agate Cabs

                                                       These are GORGEOUS! Tough to find, high quality
                                                       Brazilian Fire Agate with a mirror polish. Orange is
                                                       the dominant color with some lavenders, whites,
                                                       reds and browns. Fiery looking spot patterns will
                                                       make them fiery eye-catchers for your pendants,
                            GREAT                      bolas and buckles.
                            SELLERS!                                 ITEM #20-791 $10.45 each
 Several stones are possible in these assortments of                    30x40mm Oval
 30x40mm oval cabs such as banded calcite, pic-
 ture jasper, yellow turquoise and others, and they
                                                           Fossil Jasper Cabochons
 are all HAND POLISHED. You get three cabs at one
 LOW PRICE. Buy several for a good selection.
                ORDER ITEM #20-028
          $9.85 per assortment (Three Cabs)

  New Faceted White Topaz
               These are genuine natural white
               faceted topaz which is a hard stone
               for every day wear. Each stone is
               expertly cut. Three popular sizes       Beautiful 30x40mm oval cabochons of distinct
               at GREAT PRICES! They will look         Crinoid and other invertebrate fossil fragments sus-
               great in any jewelry and don’t for-     pended in a clear to greenish colored agate mass.
               get they are a natural stone.           Each cab is hand polished to a high gloss. Great for
         ITEM #80-835 6mm Round $2.35 ea.              collectors or put them in belt buckles, pendants or
         ITEM #80-836 6x8mm Oval $3.85 ea.             bolas for unique jewelry pieces.
         ITEM #80-837 8x10mm Oval $7.95 ea.                         ITEM #20-030 $4.15 each

                        BIG Faceted Eastern Crystal Stones
These large Eastern Crystal faceted stones have been a big success.
They are very nicely cut and polished showing lots of fire at a frac-
tion of the price of cubic zirconia. Your gem collector customers,
gift seekers, and large costume jewelry makers will want these and
they are very affordable. They also make great EYE CATCHERS for
displays! Now offered in four sizes - 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, & 100mm
with some available in different colors. 60mm round size shown.
           ITEM #80-641 40mm Round White $7.10 each
           ITEM #80-640 60mm Round White $13.60 each
           ITEM #80-643 80mm Round White $15.60 each
           ITEM #80-644 80mm Round Pink $16.60 each
           ITEM #80-645 80mm Round Tanzanite Blue $16.60 each
           ITEM #80-646 100mm Round White $17.50 each
           ITEM #80-647 100mm Round Pink $18.50 each
           ITEM #80-648 100mm Round Tanzanite Blue $18.50 each
    c   Eloxite Corp.                                                             Wholesale Prices        21
                                           GENUINE FACETED STONES
                               Many people have had qualms about using faceted stones in jewelry because
                               the stones may not have been cut in standard sizes. Eloxite is now offering
                               several types of faceted stones in standard sizes to fit our mountings. They
                               are easy to mount and beautiful to behold. All are good sellers. Best of all is
                               the fact that they are priced far below the market price.

                      OVALS                                                                     Rounds
                                                         BLUE TOPAZ
     SIZE:        ITEM #        PRICE EACH          (Swiss to London Blue)    SIZE:         ITEM #         PRICE EACH
     4x6mm--------80-500-------------$5.60                                    4mm-----------80-509--------------$3.95
                                                           Sparkling          5mm-----------80-510--------------$6.65
                                                           Beauties!          6mm-----------80-511--------------$8.70

                       Ovals                              AMETHYST                               Rounds
     SIZE:        ITEM #        PRICE EACH                                    SIZE:          ITEM #        PRICE EACH
     4x6mm--------80-114-------------$2.75                                    4mm------------80-109-------------$1.10
                                                          to Purple
     6x8mm--------80-100-------------$3.15                                    5mm------------80-110-------------$2.30
     8x10mm------80-101-------------$3.85                 February            6mm------------80-111-------------$3.45
     10x12mm-----80-102-------------$8.75                Birthstone           7mm------------80-112-------------$5.30
     10x14mm-----80-103------------$10.90       Best Sellers at Lower Prices! 8mm------------80-113-------------$6.35

                       Ovals                               CITRINE                              Rounds
     SIZE:        ITEM #        PRICE EACH                  (Golden)          SIZE:          ITEM #       PRICE EACH
     4x6mm--------80-214-------------$2.45                                    4mm------------80-209-------------$1.20
     6x8mm--------80-200-------------$3.65                                    5mm------------80-210-------------$2.50
     8x10mm------80-201-------------$8.20                 November            6mm------------80-211-------------$3.65
     10x12mm----80-202-----------$10.85                   Birthstone          7mm------------80-212-------------$4.30
     10x14mm----80-203-----------$14.20                                       8mm------------80-213-------------$7.25

                      Ovals                                                   SIZE:          ITEM #        PRICE EACH
                                                         (Bright Green)       4mm------------80-309-------------$1.20
     SIZE:        ITEM #        PRICE EACH
     4x6mm--------80-302-------------$2.25                   August           5mm------------80-310-------------$2.30
     6x8mm--------80-300-------------$8.55                 Birthstone         6mm------------80-311-------------$3.95
     8x10mm------80-301------------$35.70                                     7mm------------80-312-------------$9.15

                                           best       RAINBOW TOPAZ           best
                                          seller!                            seller!
                                                    Genuine topaz treated to
                      Ovals                         produce a kaleidoscope                      Rounds
     SIZE:        ITEM #        PRICE EACH          of colors with blues and SIZE:          ITEM #       PRICE EACH
     4x6mm--------80-525-------------$4.50          greens the dominant 4mm------------80-520-------------$2.95
     6x8mm--------80-526-------------$7.90          colors. It’s beautiful!  5mm------------80-521-------------$4.50
     8x10mm------80-527-----------$11.30                                      6mm------------80-522-------------$6.75

             Ovals                                               Rounds                       GARNET ASSORTMENT
SIZE:      ITEM # PRICE EACH                             SIZE: ITEM # PRICE EACH
4x6mm-------80-414-----$ .90             (Deep Burgundy) 4mm----80-409-----$ .95
6x8mm-------80-400----$1.35                              5mm----80-410----$1.70
8x10mm------80-401----$2.25                Good Grade    6mm----80-411----$2.00
10x12mm----80-402----$6.85                               7mm----80-412----$2.45
10x14mm----80-403----$9.95                               8mm----80-413----$3.95
              Ovals                        Birthstone            Rounds
SIZE:       ITEM # PRICE EACH                            SIZE: ITEM # PRICE EACH             These are brilliant faceted
4x6mm-------80-450----$2.40                              4mm----80-456----$2.65              stones in round and oval
6x8mm-------80-452----$4.20               Better Grade   5mm----80-457----$5.25              shapes.   Sizes go up to
8x10mm------80-453----$5.70                              6mm----80-458----$6.15              8x10mm. This item is sold
10x12mm----80-454---$12.20                               7mm----80-459----$7.55              in assortments only.
                                                         8mm----80-460----$7.80               #80-444 15 stones - $15.95
22                                   c   Eloxite Corp., Wheatland, WY 82201
              Faceted Synthetic Stones & Cubic Zirconia
              Prices Are Per Stone - Browse the Catalog for Exciting Findings for Faceted Stones
ITEM # Round SIZE    PRICE            OVALS                   ITEM #    SIZE & COLOR   PRICE EACH
80-602   2mm          55c     ITEM # Oval SIZE: PRICE         80-816    4mm Red/Orange    $1.50
80-603   3mm          65c                                     80-817    4mm Yellow        $1.30
                              80-624 4x6mm      $1.15
80-604   4mm          70c                                     80-818    4mm Lavender      $1.30
80-605   5mm          75c     80-625 6x8mm      $1.80         80-819    4mm Pink          $1.30
80-606   6mm         $1.10    80-627 10x12mm    $5.45         80-800    5mm Red/Orange    $1.95
80-607   7mm         $1.85                                    80-801    5mm Yellow        $1.55
80-608   8mm         $2.25                                    80-802    5mm Lavender      $1.55
                                                              80-804    5mm Pink          $1.55
                  MISC. SHAPES                                80-822    6mm Red/Orange    $2.25
                                                              80-823    6mm Yellow        $2.00
    ITEM #         SIZE:                PRICE
                                                              80-824    6mm Lavender      $2.00
    80-621      21x11mm Marquis       $18.50 each             80-826    6mm Pink          $2.00
    80-622      3x6mm Navette          $1.45 each             80-810    8mm Red/Orange    $4.35
    80-623      4x6mm Pear             $1.45 each             80-811    8mm Yellow        $3.80
                                                              80-812    8mm Lavender      $3.80
  Round SYNTHETIC SAPPHIRES & RUBIES                          80-814    8mm Pink          $3.80
               (Synthetic Corundum)
These stones are nearly as hard as a diamond.              Shop by Phone, Mail, or Internet
Don’t confuse them with cheaper glass imita-
tions offered by some of our competitors.                                 See our new website for catalog
   ITEM #     SIZE    STONE         PRICE EACH
                                                                          items, sale specials & more!
   80-749     4mm     Ruby            $1.20                           
   80-750     5mm     Ruby            $1.35                            Phone (307) 322-3050
   80-751     6mm     Ruby            $2.15
   80-753     8mm     Ruby            $2.85
   80-759     4mm     Sapphire        $2.30
   80-760     5mm     Sapphire        $2.70
   80-761     6mm     Sapphire        $4.50                         SYNTHETIC ALEXANDRITE
   80-763     8mm     Sapphire        $6.25             Named after czar Alexander II, this stone has the
                                                        ability to change colors. In daylight it looks to be
   Oval SYNTHETIC SAPPHIRES & RUBIES                    blue, and under an ordinary light bulb it looks pur-
                (Synthetic   Corundum)                  ple or red. Synthetic corundum.
     ITEM #      SIZE         STONE    PRICE EACH       ITEM # Round SIZE   PRICE     ITEM #   Oval Size   PRICE
     80-780    6x8mm          Ruby         $3.30        80-775   5mm        $2.30     80-771   8x10mm      $4.60
     80-781    8x10mm         Ruby         $4.80        80-776   6mm        $2.75     80-773   10x14mm     $6.30
     80-782    10x12mm        Ruby         $6.45        80-778   8mm        $5.65     80-774   18x13mm     $9.20
     80-794    10x14mm        Ruby         $7.00
     80-795    18x13mm        Ruby         $8.25              Round SYNTHETIC AQUAMARINE
     80-783    6x8mm          Sapphire     $5.25            & BLUE ZIRCON (Synthetic Corundum)
     80-784    8x10mm         Sapphire     $7.95        High quality, hard, synthetic corundum in the
     80-785    10x12mm        Sapphire    $13.25
                                                        light blue aquamarine and greenish blue zircon.
      Round SYNTHETIC GOLDEN TOPAZ                         ITEM # SIZE        STONE      PRICE EACH
 Synthetic Golden Topaz, the November birth-               80-488    4mm   Aquamarine        $3.00
                                                           80-786    5mm   Aquamarine        $3.40
 stone is a popular stone. Synthetic corundum.
                                                           80-787    6mm   Aquamarine        $3.85
        ITEM #        SIZE         PRICE EACH              80-789    8mm   Aquamarine        $5.80
        80-730        4mm             $2.30                80-790    5mm   Blue Zircon       $3.40
        80-731        5mm             $2.60                80-791    6mm   Blue Zircon       $3.85
        80-732        6mm             $4.35                80-793    8mm   Blue Zircon       $5.80
        80-733        8mm             $6.25
                                                                    SYNTHETIC BLUE SPINEL
 BRIGHT emerald      green and nicely faceted. Use      Synthetic Blue Spinel is a bright blue stone with
 ‘em for earrings,   pendants, and rings!               plenty of fire!
     ITEM #           SIZE        PRICE EACH            ITEM # Round SIZE   PRICE
                                                                                      ITEM #   Oval SIZE   PRICE
     80-740           4mm            $1.30              80-720   4mm        $1.60
                                                                                      80-726   8x10mm      $5.00
     80-741           5mm            $1.45              80-721   5mm        $1.90
                                                                                      80-728   10x14mm     $6.75
     80-742           6mm            $1.90              80-722   6mm        $3.10
                                                                                      80-729   18x13mm     $9.00
     80-743           8mm            $3.40              80-723   8mm        $4.45
        c    Eloxite Corporation                                                    Wholesale Prices           23
                                     Oval Faceted Cubic Zirconia
                                 High quality, oval faceted genuine cubic zirconia stones now in five col-
                                 ors and four sizes. Choose from White, Red, Lavender (Amethyst) or
                                 Yellow (Citrine), in popular oval sizes 8x10mm, 10x14mm, 18x13mm or
                                 18x25mm all at INCREDIBLY LOW PRICES! Put these in the pendants
                                 or earrings watch ‘em sell! Also good for stone collectors. Prices are
                                 per stone.

  8x10mm Oval Faceted CZ         10x14mm Oval Faceted CZ       18x13mm Oval Faceted CZ   18x25mm Oval Faceted CZ
 80-626 White      $1.20         80-629 White      $2.15       80-628 White      $3.60   80-712 White      $12.55
 80-830 Pink       $1.45         80-831 Pink       $2.75       80-832 Pink       $3.70   80-713 Pink       $14.65
 80-701 Red/Orange $1.45         80-705 Red/Orange $2.75       80-709 Red/Orange $4.45   80-714 Red/Orange $14.65
 80-702 Lavender   $1.45         80-706 Lavender $2.75         80-710 Lavender $4.45     80-715 Lavender $14.65
 80-703 Yellow     $1.45         80-707 Yellow     $2.75       80-711 Yellow     $4.45   80-716 Yellow     $14.65

     10mm & 20mm Round Faceted Cubic Zirconia
 These SPARKLING BEAUTIES could capture the hearts of your
 customers. High quality, expertly cut & polished, Genuine
 Cubic Zirconia in several colors including Tanzanite (a bluish
 lavender and Tourmaline (a fiery dark pink). Great for custom
 jewelry builders, collectors, or lay some loose stones around
 your displays to dress them up. Prices are per stone.
   10mm      Round Faceted CZ             20mm Round Faceted CZ
 ITEM #        COLOR     PRICE           ITEM #      COLOR       PRICE
  80-650     Tanzanite   $8.35            80-660     White        $6.45
  80-651     Tourmaline $8.35             80-661     Pink         $7.15
  80-610     White       $1.35            80-662     Red          $7.15
  80-656     Pink        $1.50            80-663     Lavender     $7.15
  80-657     Red/Orange $1.80
                                          80-664     Peridot      $9.15
  80-658     Lavender    $1.80
                                          80-667     Yellow       $7.15
  80-659     Yellow      $1.80

                                     Shop by Phone, Mail, or Internet
                                                                          See our new website for catalog
                                                                          items, sale specials & more!
                                     Phone (307) 322-3050             

                           Colorful! Genuine Swarovski Crystal!               Flat Back Rhinestones
                           Genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal Rhinestones. Use them to “Light Up” almost any
                           jewelry or craft piece and the Swarovski name will “Light Up” your sales! The flat
                           backs make for easy glue-on mounting. We now have the foil back 30ss (apx. 6mm),
                           20ss (apx. 5mm), and 16ss (apx. 4mm) sizes in stock in the colors listed. Colors in
                           the same size may be mixed for the gross price.

   16ss Size (Appx. 4mm round)              20ss Size (Appx. 5mm round)            30ss Size (Appx. 6mm round)
 $1.20 per dz. or $12.95 per gross        $1.35 per dz. or $14.60 per gross       $2.80 per dz. or $30.25 per gross
     ITEM   #44-050   Lt. Yellow              ITEM   #44-060   Lt. Yellow           ITEM   #44-100   Lt. Yellow
     ITEM   #44-051   Siam Ruby               ITEM   #44-061   Siam Ruby            ITEM   #44-101   Siam Ruby
     ITEM   #44-052   Emerald                 ITEM   #44-062   Emerald              ITEM   #44-102   Emerald
     ITEM   #44-053   Clear Aurora            ITEM   #44-063   Clear Aurora         ITEM   #44-103   Clear Aurora
     ITEM   #44-054   Aquamarine              ITEM   #44-064   Aquamarine           ITEM   #44-104   Aquamarine
     ITEM   #44-055   Amethyst                ITEM   #44-065   Amethyst             ITEM   #44-105   Amethyst
     ITEM   #44-056   Sapphire                ITEM   #44-066   Sapphire             ITEM   #44-106   Sapphire
     ITEM   #44-057   Jet Black               ITEM   #44-067   Jet Black            ITEM   #44-107   Jet Black
        c   Eloxite Corp.                                                              Wholesale Prices

 New Laguna Stone Pendants                                  Genuine Natural Tigereye
                                                             20mm Heart Necklace
                                                        Popular, natural brown
                                                        tigereye in a 20mm
                                                        heart necklace complete
                                                        with adjustable black
                                                        cord on a display card so
                                                        it’s ready-to-wear or
                                                        sell. Pendants in heart
These Laguna Stone (trade name) pendants are            shape are in and these
quite attractive with interesting patterns. Color       are no different - a Best
enhanced but very color stable. Freeform shapes         Seller!   It’s tough to
complete with silver color bails for hanging. There     beat this price!
are red, blue, and green colors possible. Average
                                                        ITEM #40-416 $1.85 each
actual size shown. Sold in assortments of 6 pen-
dants. These are a best seller from our flyers!
    ITEM #45-207 $5.95 assortment (6 Pendants)              Good Deals on Good Sellers!
     Zuni Bear Gem Pendants                            The Zuni Bear is a popular southwest style design
            Extra High Quality Stones!                 and now we have them in high quality semi-precious
                                                       gemstone pendants. High quality stones such as
                                                       amethyst, picture jasper, leopardskin jasper, and
                                                       others, very well cut and polished and all are com-
                                                       plete with attached loops so they are ready to hang
                                                       from chains or cords. They are sold as single pen-
                                                       dants or, if you buy the complete box of one dozen
                                                       (12) you will get 12 different stone types along with
                                       (Actual Size)   the attractive display box at a better price.
                 ORDER ITEM #40-162 $1.65 each or $17.80 per dozen (including display box)

                NEW 35x45mm Oval                        Cabochon Pendant Assortment
  Purple Kiwi Stone Pendants
Purple Kiwi Stone (trade name) features shades of                    GREAT BUY!                  NEW!
purple with black spots and some black patterns.
Color enhanced but color stable and dye fast. The
variations of the natural material cause the color
treatment to be absorbed more in different parts
of the stone producing the shades of purple. PUR-
PLE IS IN! You can choose the style without the
bail and add your own (see pages 39 & 40 for large
pinch bails), or the one complete with silver color
bail that’s ready to hang from chain or cord. Best
sellers from our flyers!

                                                                           ALL NATURAL STONES!
                                                        This cabochon pendant assortment is a great
                                                        deal featuring natural stones such as jaspers,
                                                        agates, obsidian and others in several shapes
                                                        like trillions, ovals, squares and teardrops. All
                                                        are set in a silver color cinch type mounting
                                                        with a bail to hang from chain or cord. The size
                                                        averages about 20x30mm. Sold in assortments
                                                        of 3 pendants at a ONE LOW PRICE!
 ITEM #45-283 $3.25 each    ITEM #45-068 $3.50 each         #45-292 $12.75 per assortment (3 Pendants)
                      Gemstone Hearts                Dale Stone (Fibre-Optic) Heart Assortment
                     Popular gemstone hearts
                     come complete with bails
                     for hanging.      They’re
                     20mm in size and come
                     in assorted gemstones
                     such as jaspers, aven-
                     turine, obsidian, and oth-
                     ers. Sold in assortments
                     of ten hearts.
                 ORDER ITEM #99-260
                 $7.50 per assortment
                                                  Assortments of ten fibre-optic hearts, 20mm size in assorted
                 SOUTHWEST STYLE                  colors. These are being sold at a LOW price of only $13.60
           Mosaic Inlaid Heart                    per assortment. Complete with bails for hanging.
     Hearts are in and these are                               ITEM #40-465 $13.60 per assortment
     the latest! They’re 20mm
     size as shown in colorful                                                       Swarovski Crystal
     (turquoise blue, salmon,                                                         Faceted Hearts
     brown, green, etc.) south-                                                Colorful,     10mm      faceted
     west style complete with                                                  Austrian crystal hearts. Sold in
     bail. Similar to the syn-                                                 assortments only - six pair of
     thetic inlaid cabochons we stock.                                         assorted color hearts. Colors
              ORDER ITEM #40-470                                               may include blue, green, clear,
           $3.95 each or $42.65 per dz.                                        gold, red, etc.     Hearts are
                                                                               drilled at top, from front to
            TRY OUR FAST SERVICE!                                              back for hanging. (Use small
                 PHONE (307) 322-3050                                          pinch bails.)
                                                                               ORDER ITEM #99-300
                                                                               $8.60 per assortment (12 pieces)

      “Floating Heart” Gem Necklace                       25mm Labradorite
     “Floating Heart” gem                                  Heart Necklace
     necklace is a big hit.                                 “The Flashy Feldspar”
     Genuine stones such                               Good quality labradorite in
     as agates, picture                                popular 25mm Heart pen-
     jasper, howlite, includ-                          dants.   Nicely cut and pol-
     ing bail and adjustable                           ished with bails, hung on an
     black cord.      (Photo                           adjustable black cord and
     reduced - actual gem                              carded for easy display. This
     heart size 20mm.)                                 is a great seller - order now
                                                       and don’t miss out!
         ITEM #40-035                                             ITEM #40-351
     $1.60 each $17.30 dz.                                  $2.95 each $31.85 dozen
                        Ready-to-Wear                          Genuine Fluorite
           30mm Gem Heart Necklaces                            Heart Necklace
                                                             High quality banded, gen-
                                                             uine Fluorite heart pen-
                                                             dants in a popular 25mm
                                                             size (as shown). They’re
                                                             hung on an adjustable
                                                             black cord so they’re
                                                             ready - to - wear.
                                                             Attractively carded for
 Nice quality stones such as Rose Quartz, Picture Jasper,
                                                             easy sale.
 Kiwi Stone and others in well done heart pendant neck-
 laces complete with cords. Six per assortment.                     ITEM #40-350
                                                                    $2.70 each or
        ITEM #40-496 $11.30 per assort. (6 Necklaces)             $29.15 per dozen
26           c   Eloxite Corporation                                                     Wholesale Prices
                        Novelty Items & More...
  seller!    Bug in a Box                   Rock Pebble Candy                      Snake in a Box
                Our all time best selling
                novelty item! Many of
                you have seen these at
                Quartzsite.         Hand
                carved wood boxes with
                a very realistic looking
                bug inside. When you
                open the box the bug’s
                legs move and the bug                                          Everybody will want one of
                looks alive! A fun thing!                                      these! They’re a small wooden
                They are amazing!                                              box with a sliding lid. When you
                                            These just might be the best
 Great check-out or point of sale item!                                        slide the lid open, a friendly
                                            rocks you’ve ever tasted! It’s
        ORDER ITEM #89-002                                                     snake coils out to greet you with
                                            one full pound of colorful
   $1.45 each or $15.65 per dozen                                              a lick on the finger. Just don’t
                                            candy that looks like different
                                                                               stand too closely when someone
                                            kinds of agate, jasper, etc.
    TRY OUR FAST SERVICE!                   Kids and kids at heart will love
                                                                               opens it for the first time!
         PHONE (307) 322-3050                                                  Actual box size 2 x 1 1/2 x 5/8”.
                                            it! Be sure to order plenty!
                                                                                     ORDER ITEM #99-015
                                              ITEM #89-001 $4.95 per lb.        $1.35 each or $14.60 per dozen

         Rattlesnake Eggs                               Colorful Fancy Glass Crosses
                                                  These colorful fancy glass crosses
                                                  are a big hit! Wide variety of colors super deal
                                                  and designs done with glass lamp lower prices!
                                                  work - blues, greens, reds, and
                                                  more, some with glittery lamp-
                                                  work accents. Each one is a work
A fun, unique item that everybody will            of art! All have loops at the top for
want! They look harmless enough - just            hanging. Use them alone for pen-
an envelope labeled “Rattlesnake Eggs” -          dants or string them with beads
but when you begin to open them, the              for a colorful necklace master-
                                                  piece. Sold in assortments of six
device inside rattles loudly enough to give
                                                  crosses. Buy ten assortments for
anybody a scare. A great gag gift or point
                                                  a better price. Actual size shown.
of sale item. Actual envelope size 3x6”.
                                                          ORDER ITEM #89-075
            ORDER ITEM #99-012
                                                   $2.90 per asst. (Six Crosses) or
       $1.40 each or $15.10 per dozen
                                                                 $26.50 for Ten Assts. (60 Crosses)

    best                                     Fairystone Crosses
  sellers!                    Amazing twined staurolite crystals form a natural “faceted” cross and are
                                known to be found in a couple places on earth - one in Patrick County,
                                  Virginia. Legend has it that in ancient times
                                   when the news of the death of Christ was
                                   brought to the fairies that roamed the land
                                    in Patrick County, the tears they shed fell
                                    upon the earth and were crystalized into
                                    these beautiful crosses. You could say
                                    they’re made by the Divine Hands of God.
                                    Available in Natural (mottled tan, brown,
                                   and white colors), or Treated (brown color).
                                  All have gold colored findings and are ready
                                 to be hung on chains or cords. See the photo
                               at the right of crosses embedded in matrix as
 RARE!                      they come naturally.                                (Crosses Shown in Natural matrix)
             ITEM #40-040 Natural Fairystone Crosses ITEM #40-041 Treated Fairystone Crosses
              (Mottled Tan, Brown, and White Colors)              (Brown Color)
                  $5.95 each or $64.25 per dozen         $5.95 each or $64.25 per dozen
    c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                      Wholesale Prices         27
       Fossil Collection              Rock & Mineral Collection                  Blooming Rock
                 Ten different fossil                  16 different genuine              Create your own
                 specimens of excel-                   educational     rocks             blooming rock gar-
                 lent quality at an                    and minerals plus a               den. Blooming rock
                 affordable price. All                 surprise in every bag.            is a limestone min-
                 fossils are individual-               Specimens of igneous,             eral occuring most
                 ly     bagged     with                sedimentary,      and             abundantly in west-
                 informative        I.D.               metamorphic rock                  ern Utah. Add some
                 cards.     Includes a                 plus mineral speci-               white vinegar, food
 trilobite, fossil leaf, shark’s tooth,  mens all individually bagged with coloring and watch the garden
 and more.       Includes     geological I.D. cards and an interesting sur- grow! Protect it and enjoy it
 time chart and magnifier.               prise in every bag.                  for years!
     #40-001 $13.50 Per Collection         #40-002 $13.50 Per Collection      ITEM #40-003 $6.50 Per Bag

                          Fossil Fish Magnets                       Cut Stone Collections
                    These are the real deal - authen-     Three different styles of cut stone collections
                    tic fossil specimen not reproduc-     and they are all mounted on framable cards with
                    tions. Each one is expertly pre-      labels showing the names of the stones and the
                    pared, cut in an oval shape and       areas from which they were collected. (The 52
                    said to be from the Eocene peri-      Stone Card measures approximately 12 1/2 x 8
 od, collected from the Green River Formation in          1/2” and the other two 11 1/2 x 8 1/4”). They’re
 Lincoln County Wyoming. Magnetic back for stick-         all a SUPER value!
 ing to metal or you can lay them flat or put on a
 stand for display. Average length of each fish is 3                             10x14mm Rectangle
 inches. All come with Certificate of Authenticity.
                                                                                 Cut Stone Collection
                ITEM #40-259 $11.55 each
                                                                               52 different kinds of cut
                                                                               stones from A to Z. There
                Gems & Minerals                                                are agates, jades, jaspers,
             of the Bible Collection                                           and many other types of
 Unique Gems and Minerals                                                      stones. Each stone has
 of the Bible collection has                                                   been cut and polished to
 15 gem and mineral samples                                                    about 10x14mm in rec-
 with labels. On the back of                                                   tangle shape.     Only 16
 each display card is a story                                                  cents per stone!
 of the use of the stones &
 minerals in the bible and                                                      ITEM #99-146 $8.40 each
 bible references where each
 is mentioned. Mounted in a                                 18x13mm Oval Cab
 sturdy clear lucite box. Actual size of the box is 3       Cut Stone Collection
 1/2 x 4 5/8 inches. Assembled in the U.S.A.              28-calibrated, 18x13mm oval
                ITEM #40-242 $8.30 each                   cabs ready for mounting in
                                                          jewelry or frame the card as
                                                          is.  Good quality, polished
                                                          stones. At this price, the
                                           BIG            stones are only 30 cents each
                                                          so you won’t go wrong!
                                     Cut Stone              ITEM #40-505 $8.40 each

                                     Collection                                    Freeform Cab
                                                                                Cut Stone Collection
                                                                                Great for Wire Wrappers!
                                                                              28 freeform cabs (apx.
 This Cut Stone Collection has 143 - 15x20mm                                  20x25mm) that can be wire-
 (average size) rounded corner rectangular stones -                           wrapped or attach a bell cap
 all with a nice polish. It is very impressive on a
 framable card that measures approximately 16 1/4                             for hanging. The collection
 x 11 1/2 inches. Each stone shows the name                                   card as is, is suitable for
 below it. Just imagine the time it took to cut and                           framing. The stones are only
 polish all the stones!                                                       30 cents each at this price!
                ITEM #40-522 $44.95 each                                        ITEM #40-506 $8.40 each
28      c Eloxite Corp.                                                                   Wholesale Prices
c   Eloxite Corporation                                                                       Wholesale Prices
                                                    All Made in the U.S.A.

                                       Available in Gold or Silver Color

                                                         #48-803 10x14mm
     #48-840 Multi-Stone                                 $2.65 ea. $28.60 dz.
    Takes (3) 6x8mm Cabs      #48-842 18x13mm              (Matches Pendant          #48-835 8x10mm
     $4.65 ea. $50.20 dz.    $4.45 ea. $48.05 dz.              #45-723)             $4.75 ea. $51.30 dz.

      #48-813 22x30mm
     $4.90 ea. $52.90 dz.       Hummingbird                                         #48-805 30x40mm
      #48-814 30x40mm         #48-831 8x10mm              #48-804 18x25mm          $4.85 ea. $52.40 dz.
     $5.10ea. $55.10 dz.     $3.85 ea. $41.60 dz.        $4.10 ea. $44.30 dz.     (Photograph Reduced)
                                                                                       Butterflies Are In!
     best                     best
    seller!                  seller!

                                                                                     #48-700 10x14mm
                                                                                  $3.15 ea. $34.00 per dz.
      #48-820 18x25mm         #48-850 8x10mm            #78-291 LARGE Bow Pin    (Matches pendant #45-870
     $5.95 ea. $64.25 dz.    $4.15 ea. $44.80 dz.         $2.00 ea. $21.60 dz.   & Earposts #29-176.)

      #48-832 18x13mm                                                               (Photograph Reduced)
     $3.40 ea. $36.70 dz.     #48-837 10x14mm             #48-825 8x10mm             #48-712 10x14mm
    (Photograph Reduced)     $3.65 ea. $39.40 dz.        $2.95 ea. $31.85 dz.       $3.30 ea. $35.65 dz.

                                                                                 best !

                                                           #68-430 4x6mm
       #48-828 8x10mm         #48-839 10x14mm                (Tack Style)            #48-845 18x25mm
      $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.   $3.25 ea. $35.10 dz.        $2.85 ea. $30.80 dz.       $4.15 ea. $44.80 dz.     29
        c   Eloxite Corp.                       Misc. Items                                         Wholesale Prices
            SCARF SLIDES - Made in the USA                BARRETTE -       Made in the USA
                                                        Fancy filigree style Barrette
                                Scarf,    neck    tie
                                                        has an 18x13mm oval lace
                                slides with a nicely    setting for cabs.
                                detailed ring and an
                                18x13mm oval lace           ITEM #89-252 18x13mm
                                setting. Good cabs      $4.25 each or $45.90 per dozen
                         best make these great                Gold or Silver Color
                                sellers! Available in                 BIG BARRETTE - Made in the USA
                                gold or silver color.

                                   ITEM #89-200
                                   $3.70 each or
                                 $39.95 per dozen

 Screw-type      scarf
 slides make cab
 setting or changing
 a snap! A screw-
 driver is all you                                      The latest in ladies’ hair accessories and it’s American
 need. Available for                                    made. Takes a 30x40mm cab. Gold or silver color.
                                   “For Your
 22x30mm cabs, in                 Gem Stones”             ORDER ITEM #89-254 $5.95 each or $64.25 per dozen
 gold or silver color.
                                                                       SPOON - Made in the USA
 ORDER ITEM #89-204

       $3.30 each or
     $35.65 per dozen                                   #57-114 10x14mm Gold or Silver Color
                                                                $4.95 each or $53.45 per dozen

        For FAST service!                        FANCY THIMBLE                              “Squiggle” Style
                                                    Made in the USA                          BOOK MARK
                      TELEPHONE                                                These         “squiggle”
                    1-307-322-3050                    A great item for
                                                      collectors       or      style book marks
               or securely order on                   crafters.   It’s a
 our website at                                                are a BIG HIT! Each
                                                      useable thimble,
 and see all the catalog items plus                   and    it’s    very      one     is     complete
 much more!                                           attractive when          with a heavy jump
                                                      you add a nice
                                         18x13mm oval cab to the lace          ring    for     hanging
                                         setting. Silver color only.           gemstone pendants,
                                          ORDER ITEM #89-260 18x13mm           findings      or     other
     BOOK MARK - Made in the USA          $2.75 each or $29.70 per dozen       dangles to add that
                                            PILL BOX - Made in the USA         one-of-a-kind look.
                                                                               Everybody is look-
                                                                               ing     for     a    new,
                                                                               unique        item    and
 This little book mark has been a
 long time best seller. It has a                                               these will fit the
 “royal” look to it with the crown                                             bill.   Actual length
 design at the top. Each one has
                                                                               6 inches. Available
 a 10x14mm oval lace setting for
 a cabochon. Made in the U.S.A.                                                in silver color only.
            #89-250 10x14mm                  ITEM #47-100 30mm Round
                                                                                      ORDER ITEM #89-257
     $3.95 each or $42.65 per dozen        $5.50 each or $59.40 per dozen
                                                                                 $2.90 each or $31.30 per dozen
           Gold or Silver Color                   Gold Color Only
                        Money Clips & Misc. Items

                                                                                                         HINGED TYPE
#42-100 38mm (Silver $)    #42-101 18x13mm            #42-105 30mm                #42-102 30x40mm      #42-103 18x25mm
     $5.90 each or           $3.75 each or             $5.90 each or                $5.90 each or        $7.60 each or
   $63.70 per dozen          $40.50 per dz.          $63.70 per dozen             $63.70 per dozen     $82.10 per dozen
                           Available in Gold or Silver Color - All Made in the USA

                                               Key Rings

            best                                                  seller!

   Split-ring type.   18x13mm oval
   lace setting. Gold or silver color.
                 ITEM #33-200
          $3.50 ea. $37.80 per dozen

                                                       Snake chain in Gold
                                                       or Silver color.                      Split-ring    type.
          S P L I T- R I N G                                #33-100 Gold Color
                                                                                             Available in Gold
                                                                                             or Silver color,
                                                           (Real GOLD Plating!)              super-polished
                                                              $6.95 per dz. or               finish. 18x13mm
                                                             $79.25 per gross                lace setting.

  Silver Color Only (38mm diameter)                        #33-101 Silver Color                 ITEM #33-250
             ITEM #33-118                                    $3.70 per dz. or                   $3.80 each or
   $1.85 per dz. - $19.95 per gross                         $39.95 per gross                  $41.05 per dozen

                Plastic Bags                                                        Stick Pins
              Gleaming, clear plastic bags                                    GOLD OR SILVER COLOR
              make your products look bet-                      For 18x13mm Oval Cabochons
              ter. Very handy for packing
              small items in gross or dozen
              lots.   Staple shut or heat
              seal. Sturdy polyethylene.                             #60-555 18x13mm $1.75 ea. $18.90 dz.

              #50-105 2x4 Bags         $1.70   PER   100           Flat for Gluing Stones or other Decoratives
              #50-106 3x5 Bags         $2.40   PER   100
              #50-107 4x6 Bags         $3.60   PER   100
              #50-108 6x8 Bags         $4.25   PER   100
              #50-109 8x10 Bags        $6.25   PER   100                    #60-558 PAD $1.50 ea. $16.20 dz.
      c   Eloxite Corporation                                                                   Wholesale Prices      31
c   ELOXITE CORPORATION                                                                          WHOLESALE PRICES
                                      TIE TACKS & SLIDES
         TIE SLIDES ARE COMING BACK!                           “DIAMOND JIM BRADY” TIE TACK
     Put an 18x13mm cab in these and watch ‘em sell!

                                                        (STONE NOT INCLUDED)
             Made in the USA
            #89-301 (18x13mm) Alligator Clip                              GENUINE SNAP-TITE
             $5.25 each or $56.70 per dozen              Settings are sterling silver or gold filled. Takes a
                                                         6mm C.Z. or other faceted stone. With a C.Z. it looks
                                                         like a two carat diamond!

        Made in the USA                                    #63-404 with sterling silver setting.....$7.55 each
                                                           #63-407 with gold filled setting...........$7.75 each
              #89-300 (18x13mm) Tie Slide
             $4.75 each or $51.30 per dozen
                                        Please Specify Gold or Silver Color

                 #63-104               #63-201           #63-109 6x8mm                     #63-301
          #63-104 8x10mm $2.45 ea. $26.45 dz.
                                                           #63-109 Arrowhead $2.75 ea. $29.70 dz.
          #63-101 Regular $7.75 dz. $83.70 gr.
                                                           #63-301 w/Chain $1.30 each $14.05 per dozen
          #63-201 Tiny Head $6.75 dz. $72.90 gr.

    We’ve gone BUGGY again...                                       JEWELRY GRAB BAG
    Everybody is looking
    for unusual items today
    - well here they are!
    Colorful crawly looking
    real bugs embedded in
    clear lucite plastic,
    drilled and hung from
    an adjustable cord so
    they are ready-to-wear.
    Several types of bugs
    (even some scorpions
    but sorry, you can’t
    choose     your    bug).
    These should be great                                   This is a SUPER DEAL! You get Six, high quality,
    for kids (and probably                                  made in the U.S.A., jewelry items which may
    even some adults).                                      include pins, pendants, earrings (in pairs), rings,
    Individually     boxed.                                 hair barrettes, or others, mixed in gold or silver
                                                            color at one LOW PRICE! Most items have set-
    Actual size shown.
                                                            tings for cabochons or faceted stones. Just add
                 ITEM #40-109 $2.45 each or                 the stones and you’ll have some very nice fin-
                  $26.45 per dozen assorted                 ished jewelry pieces at a fraction of the normal
                                                            cost for possibilities of extra good profits. Each
                            PHONE 1-307-322-3050            grab bag has a suggested retail value of over
         FOR FAST                                           $35.00 without the stones! Each bag is different
         SERVICE!                                           so order several for a good variety. Styles may
                                 CREDIT CARD                vary from those shown.
                               ORDERS WELCOME                #99-028 $6.25 per Grab Bag (Six Jewelry Pieces)
         Good                     Ball Point Pens -                        All Made in the USA
                                                                                 STYLE “A”

         Style “A”:       #46-100   Black with Black Plastic Funnel $1.75 each or $16.75 per dozen
                          #46-101   Black with Gold Plated Funnel $1.95 each or $19.65 per dozen
                          #46-102   White with White Plastic Funnel $1.75 each or $16.75 per dozen
                          #46-103   White with Gold Plated Funnel $1.95 each or $19.65 per dozen

                                                                  Style “C” is available in black with gold
                                                                  color funnel or black with silver color
                                                                  funnel. Funnel has a self-adhesive base.

                      STYLE “C”       ITEM #46-300 GOLD color $4.40 each or $47.50 per dozen
                                      ITEM #46-301 SILVER color $4.25 each or $47.50 per dozen

                                                              This florentine finish, all metal desk pen is
          Still Better                                        available in gold or silver color, and
                                                              includes a self-adhesive base. A Hot Seller!

                                                                 ITEM #46-400 for GOLD color
                                                                 ITEM #46-404 for SILVER color

                            Priced at....$5.25 each or $56.70 per dozen

                  PHONE 1-307-322-3050
                                                                            Memo Clip
    FOR FAST                                                      Memo clip will make a great addition to
    SERVICE!                                                      an existing desk pen set or stick it on a
                           CREDIT CARD                            rock slab or wood base by itself for a
                         ORDERS WELCOME                           handy desk organizer. Looks like a giant
or, order on-line securely at our website                         paper clip and comes complete with a
                                                                  self-adhesive base for easy mounting. and see catalog items,
                                                                  Gold color only. Actual size 4 inches tall
flyer specials, and more!                                         by 7/8 inch wide.
                                                                            ORDER ITEM #89-110
c   ELOXITE CORP.        WHOLESALE PRICES                               $3.95 each or $42.65 per dozen

                                    Letter Openers
                                                                                Letter Opener Blade
                                                                            Available in silver color only.
                                                                                    ITEM #36-100
                                    Made in the USA
ITEM #36-100                                                               $1.85 each or $20.00 per dozen

                                                      Made in the USA
                                                                                             Ready for an
                                                                                            18x13mm Cab
ITEM #36-101
This letter opener has a beautiful finish and is a fast seller! Available in both GOLD & SILVER color.
ORDER ITEM #36-101 takes an 18x13mm stone in a lace setting. $4.95 each or $53.45 per dozen.
                                    New Gemstone S-t-r-e-t-c-h Bracelets

                      ITEM #18-078 Green                        ITEM #18-077 Blue                   ITEM #18-063 Purple
                                                            Dale Stone “Tanker” Bracelets in 4 COLORS
                                                        Dale Stone is a man-made stone with a hardness of five. This
                                                        fibre-optic material looks like expensive cat’s eye. Now we’re
                                                        offering this stone in four colors (colors may vary slightly from
                                                        those shown) in the popular “Tanker” style bracelet. Each one is
                                                        done with 6mm round beads and 6x12mm rectangle beads that
                                                        are curved on one side. Strung on tough stretch cord.
                      ITEM #18-076 Pink                               YOUR CHOICE - SALE PRICE $3.95 each

                                                   New Aqua Kiwi Tanker Bracelet
 Popular Aqua Kiwi Stone (trade name) which is also called Kiwi
 Quartz, a harder, better polishing stone than the original serpen-
 tine material. This is a color enhanced but dye fast natural stone.
 The variations of the material cause the color treatment to be
 absorbed more in different parts of the stone producing attractive
 shades. Now get this desirable material in the popular Tanker
 Style bracelet. Double strung on stretch cord. Actual size shown.
                        ITEM #18-134 $4.75 each

     For the FASTEST Service....                                         Telephone (307) 322-3050         Eloxite Corp.
                                                                                                          P.O. Box 729
       c   Eloxite Corp.             Wholesale Prices                    FAX3073223055    or write:       Wheatland, WY 82201
           See our brand new, fully re-designed website! Our new site is faster, easier to use and more
                    secure. for all our catalog items, flyer specials & more!
                      Vial of .999 Pure                                     Items for the U.S.
        Silver Crystal Nuggets                                              State Commemorative Quarters
           Here’s a real collecter’s                                        Something for everybody with a Collector’s
           item (especially with the
        .999 Pure
     Silver Nuggets                                                         Spoon, sharp looking Tri-Color Eagle Bola Slide,
           rush on the silver market)                                       and a popular dollar sign design Money Clip. Just
           - it’s a glass vial (actual                                      add a Commemorative Quarter or an antique
           size shown) filled nearly                                        quarter and watch ‘em sell! (Coins not included).
                                                                            All made in the USA!
           to the brim with genuine,
           natural, .999 Pure Silver
 Crystal Nuggets. This has been a
 good selling item so don’t miss out!
             ITEM #40-531 $12.50 each
           Price Subject to Change with Silver Market

           SHOP WITH US
             AND SAVE!

                                                                               Tri-Color (Gold-Copper-Silver)     Money Clip
                                                            Spoon #57-120             Eagle Bola Slide        Gold or Silver Color
                        CREDIT CARD                       Gold or Silver Color ITEM #12-128 $4.30 each or #42-112 $4.15 ea.
                      ORDERS WELCOME                      $4.45 ea. $48.05 dz.       $46.45 per dozen          or $44.80 per dz.
34                    c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                   Wholesale Prices
c   Eloxite Corp.                              7 INCH BRACELETS                                     Wholesale Prices

                            #18-211 Bracelet (Actual Length 7 1/4”) $3.00 each or $32.40 per dozen
                                                           best seller!

                                       #18-200 Bracelet $3.35 each or $36.20 per dozen

                                       #18-201 Bracelet $3.35 each or $36.20 per dozen

                          Made in the USA! #18-210 Bracelet - Takes three 6x8mm Cabs - $7.95 each or $85.85 per dozen

                                                                     Made in the USA!
    #18-212 Bracelet - Takes three 8x10mm Cabs - $7.25 each or $78.30 per dozen - (Matches Earrings #29-103)

Check out our website at for                                 Glass Flower & Petal Bracelet
    all our catalog products PLUS MORE!
 Coin Holders for                      Coin Holders
Sacagawea Dollars                   #25-100 Penny Holder
Turn the Sacagawea dol-             #25-101 Nickel Holder
lars into dollars of profit         #25-102 Dime Holder
for you with these coin             #25-103 Quarter Holder
holders for pendants or             #25-104 Half Dollar Holder
key chains. Will also fit           #25-105 Silver Dollar Holder            This adorable Flower & Petal Bracelet is done
Susan B. Anthony dollars.             SILVER COLOR ONLY                     with several shapes of glass beads - some
(Coins not included.)                 $1.80 each or $19.45 per dozen        rounds with flowers, flower “petal” beads
                                                                            and flower blossom beads. Possible colors
                                     Puka Shell Jewelry is BACK!            are blues, greens, lavenders and others.
                                        Bracelets & Anklets                 Strung on stretch cord to fit most wrists.
                                                                                        ITEM #18-539 $3.25 each

                                                                             Magnetic Hematite*Bead Bracelet
                                                                             with COLORFUL Bi-Cone Spacer Beads
    #25-110 Sterling Silver
        $8.35 each or               Remember the Puka shell craze in
      $90.20 per dozen              the 70’s? Well they’re back and sell-
    Prices subject to change with
                                    ing stronger than ever! We’re offer-
    gold & silver markets.          ing the delightful little shell from
     #25-111 Gold Filled            the Philippines in ready-to wear
        $8.95 each or               bracelets, and anklets at some great
      $96.65 per dozen              prices. Young and old alike are          Attractive bracelets with magnetic
                                    wearing them. 4-5mm shells.              Hematite* beads and COLORFUL bi-cone
(Style as above right holders        Bracelet - #18-408 - 7” Length          faceted look plastic and metal bali style
not those directly above.)           Anklet - #18-409 - 9” Length            spacer beads. Each one is strung on
                                     $1.50 each or $16.20 per dozen          tough stretch cord.      Actual length
  #25-106 Coin Holder
                                        (Bracelets and Anklets may           unstretched 7 inches. Styles vary.
  Gold or Silver Color
$1.80 each $19.45 dozen                  be mixed for dozen price.)           ITEM #18-505 $2.35 each $25.40 dozen
                       Gemstone S-t-r-e-t-c-h Bracelets are IN!
                                                                             Popular Princess Style in
                                                                                   Five Stones
                                                                           The classy, “Princess” features 6mm
                                                                           round and 10x20mm diamond shape
                                                                           (approx. sizes) shape beads, double-
                                                                           strung on tough stretch cord. Now you
                                                                           can get them in these four stones. 7”
                                                                           length un-stretched.
        New Purple Kiwi Stone                     Brown Tigereye
     ITEM #18-111 $4.75 each            Always a favorite stone! Good
                                        quality, natural brown and gold
                                        tigereye with the ageless alure
                                        of the flashy chatoyance.
                                            ITEM #18-454 $6.25 each

                                                                                        Fancy Jasper
                                                                             “Delicious” looking, natural
                                                                             Fancy Jasper with blends of
      New Aqua Blue Kiwi Stone
                                                                             mauve, lilac, cream and greens
     ITEM #18-062 $4.95 each
                                                                             with an excellent polish.
 Kiwi Stone (trade name), a color
 enhanced but dye fast stone. The                                                ITEM #18-455 $4.95 each
 variations of the natural material             Leopardskin Jasper
 cause the color treatment to be        Leopardskin jasper is a natural              New Tanker Style
 absorbed more in different parts of    jasper material with unique pat-         Purple Laguna Stone
 the stone producing the shades of      terns that resemble a leopard’s
 the base color.     The black spots    coat. A variety of colors possi-
                                        ble with tans and browns domi-
 add to the attraction. Now available   nant (some with a pink cast).
 in these Purple or Aqua blue color
 Princess bracelets. Proven sellers!        ITEM #18-453 $4.95 each

              New Semi-Faceted Nugget Bracelets
                                                                             Purple Laguna Stone (trade name) is
                                                                             a color enhanced (dye fast) material
                                                                             that is beautiful, with every piece
                                                                             having unique patterns resembling
                                                                             those in laguna agate. The popular
                                                                             tanker style bracelet is done with
        Aqua Blue Kiwi Stone               Turquoise Howlite (Enhanced)      6mm round beads and apx.
 The same eye-catching material         Well done 10x15mm (apx. size)        8x14mm rectangle beads that are
 as described in the above princess     Turquoise Howlite (color enhanced)   curved on one side. Gorgeous pur-
 bracelets in 12x15mm (apx. size)       semi-faceted nuggets with 4mm        ples and lavenders are dominant.
 nuggets and 4mm round black            round assorted stone spacer beads.   Each one is strung on stretch cord
 stone spacer beads.                    7” length un-stretched.              to fit most wrists.
      ITEM #18-086 $3.95 each               ITEM #18-138 $3.95 each               ITEM #18-133 $5.50 each
                      New Gemstone Tumbled Nugget Bracelet Assortment

 This is a GREAT BUY on these! You get three, nice quality, glossy polished, gemstone nugget bracelets
 with many stones possible such as rhyolite, tigereye, sodalite, amethyst and other natural stones (sorry
 no stone choice) for one LOW PRICE. Actual average size of nuggets is 12x17mm. Each one is done on
 tough stretch cord with an un-stretched length of 7 inches to fit most wrists.
                         ITEM #18-139 WOW! ONLY $6.95 per assortment (3 Bracelets)
36       c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                Wholesale Prices
                   Cuff & Hinged Bracelets for Oval Cabs
     All are available in gold or silver color except #18-107(Tri-Color) and All Made in the USA
       Fleur-De-Lis Design

                                                    best seller!

        #18-109 18x13mm
                                            #18-129 18x13mm
      $11.85 ea. $128.00 dz.
                                           $5.95 ea. $64.25 dz.

                                                                                         #18-106 30x40mm
                                                                                        $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.

        #18-128 8x10mm
       $5.25 ea. $56.70 dz.
                                            #18-130 18x13mm
             best seller!                  $5.75 ea. $62.10 dz.

                                               Popular Style
                                      Tri-Color (Gold, Copper, Silver        seller!
                                          Leaves - Hand Painted)                          #18-110 18x25mm
                                                                                        $10.55 ea. $113.95 dz.

                                      Cuff Color                    best
        #18-103 22x30mm               - Gold Only                  seller!
       $7.95 ea. $85.85 dz.                  #18-107 10x14mm
                                            $5.95 ea. $64.25 dz.
                                                                                          #18-115 18x25mm
                                                                                         $6.95 ea. $75.05 dz.

Classy, detailed, and ornate style!

        #18-108 10x14mm
                                             #18-102 18x13mm
       $4.85 ea. $52.40 dz.
                                            $5.95 ea. $64.25 dz.                          #18-137 8x10mm
                                            (Cuff Style May Vary)                        $4.40 ea. $47.50 dz.
      Popular Antique Style                                                            (Matches Pendant #45-257
      Beaded Edge Setting                                                                 & Earrings #29-129)

                                             #18-124 8x10mm                  ITEM #18-161 Hummingbird 6x8mm
        #18-104 18x25mm
       $8.25 ea. $89.10 dz.                 $4.65 ea. $53.45 dz.                    $4.55 ea. $49.15 dz.
       c   Eloxite Corporation                                                                Wholesale Prices    37
c   Eloxite Corporation               BELL CAPS                                                       Wholesale Prices

     Our Bell Caps are Annealed (Softened) for Easy Bending without Breakage                        Economy
                                                   best                                             Magnetic
                                                  seller!                                            Clasps
                                                                                                Two magnetic clasps
                                                                                                economically priced
     Bell Cap #11-100       Bell Cap #11-101       Bell Cap #11-103       Bell Cap #11-104
    Gold or Silver Color                                                                        Gold or silver color.
                           Gold or Silver Color   Gold or Silver Color   Gold or Silver Color
                                                                                                (Styles may vary slightly.)
    $2.50 per dozen or     $2.05 per dozen or     $1.75 per dozen or     $2.45 per dozen or
     $23.95 per gross       $19.95 per gross       $16.80 per gross       $23.50 per gross
                                                                            See Our                 ITEM #22-122
                                                                                                 $1.00 ea. $10.25 dz.
                                                                         Bead Supply
     Bell Cap #11-105       Bell Cap #11-109       Bell Cap #11-114        Pages For
    Gold or Silver Color   Gold or Silver Color   Gold or Silver Color                              ITEM #22-123
    $1.65 per dozen or     $2.30 per dozen or     $2.00 per dozen or
     $15.75 per gross       $21.55 per gross       $19.10 per gross        Bead Tips            $1.20 ea. $12.95 dozen

                                     SPRING RINGS                                                     SMALL
                                                                             SPRING RING     SPLIT RINGS
                    Gold or Silver Color Available                          ASSORTMENT
                                                                                                 Two Sizes
                                                                         6 Dozen Assorted
                                                                         Spring Rings, sizes
                                                                         1/8” through 1/4”,
    #58-130 Spring Ring    #58-131 Spring Ring    #58-132 Spring Ring    half gold and half     #99-119 6mm
            1/8”                   5/32”                  1/4”           silver color.          #99-120 9mm
     $2.40 per dozen or     $2.40 per dozen or     $3.00 per dozen or        ITEM #58-140    Gold or Silver Color
      $25.90 per gross       $25.90 per gross       $32.40 per gross      $12.85 PER ASST. $1.15 dz. $10.10 gross

                                     CAGES                                              SCREW EYES
                  Large      cages             Use with gem balls, baroques,                        For any drilled
                  with flexible metal           etc., and make dangles for ear-                     stone, gem ball,
                  so they’re easy to            rings, pendants, bow pins, or                       leaf, etc. Gold
                  put whatever you              bracelets. Gold or silver color.                    or silver color.
                  want inside. Gold          Two sizes to choose from.
                                                                                                     ITEM #52-199
                  or silver color.          #77-208 Small (7/16” diameter)
                                                                                                     $3.25 per dozen
                                            #77-209 Large (9/16” diameter)
    ITEM #77-210 $12.20 per dozen          $6.45 per dozen or $69.65 per gross         (Clip off to desired length.)

    Feathers!                  (Metal Stampings)                                   Head Pins
                      Feathers!                                  Use for making dangles out of full drilled beads
                                         Feathers!               or a number of other applications. Sold in
                                                                 assortments only of 36 head pins, half gold
                                                                 and half silver color in assorted lengths. Can
                                                                 be clipped off to exact length needed.
                                                                    ORDER ITEM #48-970 $1.95 per assortment

                                                                                   Eye Pins
    #39-150      #39-151       #39-152      #39-153             There are many uses for eye pins in making jew-
    $4.35 dz.    $3.55 dz.    $3.45 dz.    $2.80 dz.            elry. - We are offering an assortment of three
   1 3/4 inch   1 1/4 inch      1 inch     3/4 inch             sizes, 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, and 2 inch in half silver
   Feathers are definitely in! Use these for mak-               color and half gold color for $1.60. The assort-
   ing your own southwest style earrings, pen-                  ment contains 36 useful eye pins. These pins can
   dants, etc. Four sizes to choose from as                     be clipped off to the exact length you want.
                                                                     ORDER ITEM #48-975 $1.95 per assortment
38 shown above. Gold or silver color available.
c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                                     Wholesale Prices

Please specify                                                                           * Sizes shown are
Gold or Silver Color                            JUMP RINGS                          approximate inside diameter.

                                                                            ITEM #32-103
      ITEM #32-100          ITEM #32-101            ITEM #32-102             4.0mm Large            ITEM #32-104
      2.0mm Small          3.0mm Medium          3.5mm Med. Large             Heavy Wire            5.0mm Large
     $5.50 per ounce       $6.75 per ounce        $6.75 per ounce         $6.50 per ounce          $5.50 per ounce

      ITEM #32-105       ITEM #32-106 Oval       ITEM #32-107 Oval            #32-119
      6.0mm Large            4.0 x 2.0mm             5.0 x 4.0mm           9.0mm Large             #32-109 Triangle
     $5.50 per ounce       $5.25 per ounce         $6.75 per ounce        $5.95 per ounce          $6.25 per ounce

                 LOCKET LOOPS                                            FOLD-OVER BAILS
                                                                           Use on WIND CHIMES, etc.

       ITEM #38-100 3/8”           ITEM #38-101 1/4”               ITEM #10-100                  ITEM #10-101
     $1.70 dz. $18.35 gross      $1.55 dz. $16.75 gross       $2.35 dz. $25.40 gross        $3.10 dz. $33.50 gross
      Gold or Silver Color        Gold or Silver Color         Gold or Silver Color          Gold or Silver Color
                                                PINCH BAILS
            PINCH BAIL ASSORTMENT                          Small Pinch Bails                   Large Pinch Bails
                        These are used for hang-         These bails can be                 These bails can be used
                        ing drilled drops, drilled
                                                         used for any small side            for any larger side drilled
                        crystals, etc.     Sold in
                                                   drilled or front drilled item.           or front drilled item.
                        assortments only. Both
                        gold and silver colors, Available in gold or silver         Available in gold or silver color.
                        three different styles.    color. Actual size shown.        Actual size shown.
          ITEM #10-111 36 bails for $8.15           ITEM #10-115 $2.35 dozen          ITEM #10-116 $4.95 dozen

        BEAVER TAIL                            UP-EYES             Gold or Silver Color         (Photos Enlarged)

                                      ITEM #65-100                  ITEM #65-101                 ITEM #65-102
    #10-105         #10-106          $12.25 per gross              $12.25 per gross             $12.25 per gross
    $8.45 dz.       $5.95 dz.

                                    PIN BACKS               Gold or Silver Color

    ITEM #49-100 1/2” Length    ITEM #49-101 3/4” Length     ITEM #49-102 1” Length       ITEM #49-103 1 1/2” Length
      $2.95 dz. $31.85 gross      $2.95 dz. $31.85 gross      $2.95 dz. $31.85 gross        $2.95 dz. $31.85 gross

                                        CLASPS              Gold or Silver Color

#22-100 Pull-Out                              seller!
$3.00 per dz. or       #22-118 Magnetic         #22-110 Lobster        #22-111 Lobster      #22-103 Barrel Clasp
$32.40 per gross         $2.20 each or            Claw with Tab         Claw with Tab      (For beads or heishe)
                       $23.75 per dozen      $4.95 dz. $53.45 gross $4.95 dz. $53.45 gross   $2.50 per dozen 39
                                 Economy Clasps                                                   New Magnetic Clasp
     These clasps are economically priced but very good quality.                                  with Sparkling Rhinestones
     Choose from two toggle clasp styles and two barrel clasp styles.                      Make your neck-
                                                                                           laces or bracelets a
                                                                                           little classier with
                                                                                           this magnetic clasp     Magnetic
                                                                                           featuring sparkling rhinestones.
                                                                                           Silver color only. A proven sales
                                                                 New Lower Prices!
                                                                                           winner from our sale flyers! Actual
       ITEM #22-124               ITEM #22-125              ITEM #22-126 ITEM #22-127
      50c ea. $4.05 dz.          50c ea. $4.05 dz.            75c dozen    75c dozen       size shown.
                     All available in gold or silver color.                                        ITEM #22-133 $2.85 each

        Create miniature scenes with these!                             Made in the U.S.A.!
                                                                                                   Pewter Miniature Pieces
                          (Approx. actual sizes shown)

                                                                                                              95c each - $10.25
                                                                                                              per dozen - $69.35
                                                                                                              per 100
                                                                                                             (Styles may be mixed for
       Deer       Miner & Burro Gold Panner                 Cactus       Miner       Cactus         Burro
      #89-901        #89-902      #89-916                   #89-905     #89-915      #89-906       #89-909   quantity prices.)

     Medium Size Pewter Pieces                              Railroad Style Pewter Pieces
                Made in the U.S.A.!

                                                                                                        #89-946          #89-945
                                                                  #89-949 Railroad Track            Empty Ore Car        Ore Car
                                                                                        USA Made!               Build old-time minia-
                                                                                     Actual Sizes Shown         ture mining scenes
                                                                                                                with these!

                               #89-933 Panner
                                                                                                                Small Cars or Track
                                                                                                                $1.30 ea. $14.05 dz.
                                                                  #89-940 Locomotive           #89-948 Caboose Locomotive $2.60 ea.

                                                                            New Fancy Donut Clip Bails
                                                                                   Fancy bails that clip right
                                                                                   through the holes of a gem
     #89-931 Miner/Pick                                                            donut and they have an
                                                                                   opening that will accept
      Create miniature                                                             chain or heavy cord.
     scenes with these!        #89-934 Pack Mule                                   Attractive, fancy filigree
                                                                                   styles in silver color and
     Larger antique style pewter pieces                                            lead safe. The small size
     in three popular styles.                                                      fits donuts from 27mm up
        $3.45 each or $37.25 per dozen                                             to 40mm while the large
      Styles May Be Mixed For Dozen Price                                          size takes up to 47mm.
                 (Actual Sizes Shown)                           ITEM #10-118        $2.75 each $29.70 dozen          ITEM #10-123

                                                          New Fancy Pinch Bails
 Add a fancy touch to your pendants that are drilled from front to back with these! Each one will work
 great with chain or heavy cord and is lead safe in silver color. Four of the styles have bali look tube
 tops. Actual sizes shown. (*Note: This style has one curled peg and a bar. The bar must be bent out and the peg straight-
 ened to attach the item and then re-closed).

      #10-121    #10-119    #10-120                       #10-122           #10-124*            #10-125        #10-126    #10-127
     $1.50 ea. $1.25 ea. $1.25 ea.                       $1.60 ea.         $1.85 ea.           $1.85 ea.      $1.50 ea. $1.15 ea.
     $15.30 dz. $12.75 dz. $12.75 dz.                    $16.30 dz.        $18.85 dz.          $18.85 dz.     $15.30 dz. $11.75 dz.
40        c Eloxite Corp.                                                                                     Wholesale Prices
       Popular Pierced Earrings for Oval Cabochons -                                           All USA Made
                                                    Best Seller!
        Classic Loop Style

       ITEM #29-338 8x10mm             Intricately detailed filigree style
          $4.25 per pair or            takes 10x14mm oval cabs. Great
                                                                                         Dream Catchers
        $45.90 per dozen pair          seller - be sure to get the matching
                                                                                       ITEM #29-152 6x8mm
                                       pendant for a great selling set!
   Matches Pendant #45-337                                                           Antique Silver Color Only
                                              ITEM #29-111 10x14mm               $4.60 per pr. or $49.70 per dz. pr.
                                                Gold or Silver Color
                              NEW!       $4.35 per pr. or $47.00 per dz. pr.         NEW!
                    ITEM #29-341            (Matches Pendant #45-684)            ITEM #29-340
                       8x10mm                                                        6x8mm
                     $4.25 per pair                                               $4.25 per pair
                        Matches                                                      Matches
                        Pendant                                                      Pendant
                        #45-334                                                      #45-333

                                               ITEM #29-138 8x10mm
                                                Gold or Silver Color
                                          $4.35 per pr. or $47.00 per dz. pr.
  ITEM #29-118 18x13mm                                 Gold or Silver Color
 $6.50 pr. or $66.30 dz. pr.
XTRA Dozen Pair Discount!
       Gold or Silver Color
Matches Pendant #45-831                                                                  ITEM #29-145 6x8mm
                                                        Feather Hoops
                                                                                          Gold or Silver Color
                                                  #29-160 6x8mm                         $5.25 pr. $53.55 dz. pr.
                                               $3.85 pr. $41.60
                                                                                             Economy Style

                                                                                        ITEM #29-159 18x13mm
  ITEM #29-177 8x10mm                                                                    $3.80 pr. $41.05
     Silver Color Only                             #29-141 6x8mm                      (Matched Pendants #45-147
    $5.35 pr. $57.80 dz. pr.          $4.70 per pair (Matches Pendant #45-926)                & #45-148)
   c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                        Wholesale Prices           41
        c   Eloxite Corp.             Pierced Earposts -                  All Made in the USA                 Wholesale Prices

                                                 Best Selling Single and Double Lace Styles             Lace setting earposts
                  best                               Double lace design, two oval                       are available in the
                 seller!                             sizes. Gold or silver color                        five sizes listed below.
                                                     with surgical steel posts and                      Priced at $2.65 per
                                                     clutches.                                          pair.
                                                     ITEM #29-700 8x10mm Oval                       ITEM #29-696 6x8mm
                                                     ITEM #29-703 18x13mm Oval                      ITEM #29-697 8x10mm
                                                                                                    ITEM #29-698 10x12mm
                                              $3.85 per pair or $39.25 per dz. pr.
     ITEM #29-109 10x14mm                                                                           ITEM #29-699 10x14mm
                                             (MAY BE MIXED FOR DOZEN PRICE)
         $5.30 per pair                                                                             ITEM #29-688 18x13mm
                              Bead Holder Earrings!

            seller!                   NEW!

                                                                                                                   #29-176 4x6mm
                                Easily add 4mm to                                                                   $3.35 per pair
                                                                                     Cowboy Boots
     #29-102 8x10mm           7mm round beads & Wow!       #29-179 6x8mm             #29-194 4x6mm           Matches Pin #48-700
      $5.25 per pair            #29-342 $2.95 pair          $3.85 per pair            $4.00 per pair         & Pendant #45-870.)

     #29-110 6x8mm          #29-113 8x10mm          #29-112 6x8mm            Cowboy Hats 4x6mm
      $4.70 per pair         $4.95 per pair          $4.35 per pair          #29-192 $3.95 per pair
                                                                                   Dolphins are in!          Grinning Kitty Cats
                                   Tri-Color       NEW Antique Look                                           #29-119 6x8mm
                                                                                                                $4.30 per pair

                                #29-161 8x10mm
                                 $5.40 per pair                                     #29-140 4x6mm
     #29-100 10x14mm            Matches Pendants        #29-339 10x14mm              $4.60 per pair                #29-130 4x6mm
       $6.20 per pair           shown on page 100         $3.95 per pair        Matches Pendant #45-931             $4.20 per pair

        NEW Tri-Color                                                                              Pierced Ear Clutches
                                                                                                  Friction nut or wing clutch.
                                                                                                  Gold color or surgical steel.
                                                                                                         ORDER ITEM #29-350
                                                                                                         $1.30 per dz. pair or
                                                                                                         $14.05 per gross pair
                                                                                                   Barrel clutch. Surgical steel
                                                                                                   front, gold or sil. color back.
                                                                                                            ORDER ITEM #29-351
       #29-343 18x13mm                   #29-178 6x8mm                  #29-142 8x10mm
                                                                                                            $1.35 per dz. pair or
         $8.50 per pair                   $4.75 per pair                 $4.60 per pair
        Matches Pendants
                                                                                                            $14.60 per gross pair
                                      Matches Pendant #45-935       Matches Pendant #45-923
        #45-330 & #45-331
                                                                                                   Comfort clutch. Plastic front
                                                                                                   with gold or silver color back.
                     Try Our

     H            Fast Service!
                 Phone (307) 322-3050 or shop on-line at
                                                                                        H                   ORDER ITEM #29-352
                                                                                                            $1.30 per dz. pair or
                                                                                                            $14.05 per gross pr.
                           (All Items On This Page Are Available In Gold or Silver Color Except Tri-Color Items)
    c   Eloxite Corp.                       PIERCED EARWIRES & POSTS                                    Wholesale Prices
 GF & SS Fish Hook                                                                Fish Hook
                    Prices subject to
                    change with gold
                    & silver markets.

  #29-860 Earwire                                      #29-502 Earwire       #29-855 Earwire
                               #29-501 Earwire                                                     #29-520 Earpost
   Gold-Filled or                                       Surgical Steel        Gold Color or
   Sterling Silver           1/20 12K Gold Filled                             Surgical Steel     6mm Flat Pad w/loop
  $4.95 per pair or            or Sterling Silver      $4.40 per gross      $4.15 per dz. pr. or Gold or Silver Color
  $53.45 per dz. pr.         $9.95 per dozen pair    $37.10 per 10 gross   $22.40 gross pieces $5.20 per dozen pair
            BEST SELLER!                                                                       For FAST Service
    #29-503 Earpost
Post with ball and loop for
dangle.    Gold or silver                              #29-504 Earpost                               TELEPHONE
                                              Takes 5mm gemballs. Gold or sil-
color with surgical steel posts.
                                              ver color with surgical steel                          1-307-322-3050
        $6.40 per dozen pair                  posts.
                                                       #29-516 Earpost                   Most orders received by noon
                        LEVER BACKS           Same as above but with 4mm flat             mountain time Monday thru
                  European style for          pad.                                       Friday go out the SAME DAY!
                  pierced ears.    With                #29-518 Earpost
                  loop for dangles.           Same as above but with 8mm flat
                  Gold or silver color.       pad.
 #29-576 Earwire $7.95 dozen pair                   $7.50 per dozen pair                 CREDIT CARD ORDERS WELCOME

FLAT PAD WITH PEG EARPOSTS                                                                                EAR CLUTCH
                                                                                                         36 ear clutches
                                                                                                         for pierced ear-
 For gem balls, pearls, or other                                                                         rings including
 half-drilled items that are about                                                                       wing, barrel, and
                                                                                                         the firm holding
 6mm in size. 4mm flat pad with
                                             Medium size kidney earwires.                                barrel with plas-
 peg. Gold or silver color.                                                             tic back. Gold and silver colors are
                                             Actual size shown. Gold or sil-
          ORDER ITEM #29-508                                                            mixed in the assortment.
                                             ver color available.
           $8.95 per dz. pr. or                     ORDER ITEM #29-489                         ORDER ITEM #29-300
          $96.65 per gross pair               $3.30 per dz. pr. - $35.65 gross pr.             $2.75 per assortment

        Combination                                     EARCLIPS                                         Tiffany Earclip

                                    #29-600   #29-601     #29-602   #29-603              $6.75 per
                                                                                                   Takes 5mm faceted stones
   Flat Pad & Loop                 $6.10 per $6.10 per   $6.10 per $6.10 per                       ITEM #29-640 Gold Color
                                                                                        dozen pair
 ORDER ITEM #29-610               dozen pair dozen pair dozen pair dozen pair          Peg 5mm Cup ITEM #29-641 Silver Color
 $9.50 per dozen pair                                                                                    $5.65 per pair
                                          Available in both GOLD or SILVER colors
                                                  PIERCED EARRINGS
                                                                                            (Gold-Copper-Silver Color)

  #29-129 8x10mm $4.95 per pair
 (Matches pendant #45-257 and
                                               #29-106 6x8mm $3.95 per pair
                                                                                          #29-163 8x10mm $5.60 per pair
 bracelet #18-137). Please specify           (Matches pendant #45-079). Please
                                                                                         Matches pendants shown on page 100
     gold or silver color.                   specify gold or silver color
                                                   More Earrings!                    Teddy Bears                  Hearts
                          Gemstone Chip Earrings                                               Gold or Silver Color
 Popular ready-to-wear or sell polished gemstone chip earrings.                                                    best
 Approximate actual sizes shown. (DEEP DISCOUNT dozen price!)                                                     seller!


                                                                                   #29-127 8x10mm           #29-139 6x8mm
                                                                                 $4.95 pr. $53.45 $4.15 pr. $44.80
                                                                                                         (Matches Pendant #45-242)

     #29-205 Amethyst           #29-206 Garnet       #29-005 Red Jasper


                                                                                    #29-103 8x10mm Gold or Silver Color
                                                    #29-004 Blue Howlite            $4.50 per pair or $48.60 per dozen pair
     #29-207 Tigereye          #29-218 Hematite*    (Turquoise Color Dye-Fast)
     $1.40 pair or $13.95 dozen pair (May be mixed for dozen price.)               Popular Hummingbird Dangle Earposts

                                                   “For the Cause”
                                                    Ribbon Style
                                      Gold or
                                    Silver Color

                                                                                            ITEM #29-185 6x8mm
                                                                                   $4.20 per pair or $45.35 per dozen pair
                                           #29-107 6x8mm $3.75 per pair
 #29-170 10x14mm $3.80 per pair             (Matches Pendant #45-722)                         Gold or Silver Color

                                                                           New Hand Crafted Earrings
                                                              These earrings are beautifully hand-crafted with
                                                              colorful, intricate designs in thread and seed beads
                                                              on silver color wire trim findings. The long styles
                                                              also have feather look metal pieces. Not including
                                                              the earwires, the actual length of the long dangles
                                                              is 2 3/4” and the shorter ones are 1 1/2”.

     #29-332 Purple & Black      #29-333 Purple & Pink   #29-330 Purple & Black      #29-331 Purple & Pink
     $5.65 pair $57.65 dozen pair (Styles May Be Mixed) $5.35 pair $54.55 dozen pair (Styles May Be Mixed)
44         c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                       Wholesale Prices
A Truly Versatile, Ready-to-Wear Bead Item..

                                      Necklace/Choker/Bracelet with
                                      Magnetic    Hematite* Beads
                  Here’s an EXCITING versatile finished bead item. It’s a 36 inch finished strand done
                 with FACETED MAGNETIC hematite* beads that are polarized on the side. With the
               magnetic polarization so the beads “stick together” on the sides you can double,
               triple, or quadruple the strand to make a necklace, choker, Y-Necklace, or bracelet
               with it! Each one is strung with the faceted hematite beads, faceted glass beads,
               pewter Bali Style rondell beads or other spacer beads - very attractive. The faceted
                glass beads come in a variety of colors (one matched
               color per strand) so order several to get a variety.
               Beware of cheaper imitaions.
                      ITEM #90-020 $4.95 each or $53.45 per dozen
                 *These are made of hematite or reconstructed hematite and magnetite.
                                       THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

             45x60mm Freeform Pendant                                     The Bead Anywhere Desk
        Paintbrush Jasper Necklace                                               Dual Lap Desk
                   Paintbrush Jasper (trade name)
                   - the “divinely painted” natural
                   material that has unique pat-
                   terns or “scenery in a large
                   45x60mm freeform pendant
                   hung from a heavy black cord
                   forming a ready-to-wear neck-
                   lace. The pendants are hand
                   polished to a high gloss - they
                   are gorgeous! Length of the
                   necklace is adjustable from 16
                   to 28 inches.
                          #40-513 $5.25 each

      Antique Horn Look
     Peace Sign Necklace                                                                   Beads & Tools Not Included
Peace signs are in and this neck-
lace is a GREAT DEAL It features a                               The Dual Lap Desk is a must have for any serious
40mm resin, antique horn look                                    beader. It’s a portable and convenient “Bead
pendant, two round wood beads                                    Anywhere” desk and includes a flocked work board
and a sturdy adjustable black cord.                              for beadweaving and a flocked design board for
DEEP DISCOUNT dozen price!                                       stringing. Lots of extra storage for tools and and
                                                                 patterns, it also features a carrying handle and a
           ITEM #45-294                                          built-in lap cushion. Take it with you in the car -
    $1.25 each or $12.95 dozen                                   take it with you outdoors! Overall dimensions are
                                                                 15 1/2” x 11 1/2” x 4 1/2”.
        Sterling Silver                Price subject to change
                                                                          ORDER ITEM #70-326 $29.70 each
                                       with the silver market.
  Crimp Bead Covers                                                          8mm Round Magnesite
                         Don’t like the looks of
                         crimp beads?     Here’s the
                         answer - high quality ster-
                                                                         Turquoise color Beads
                         ling silver crimp bead cov-
              Enlarged ers. They are easy to use -
              for Detail just carefully squeeze the              These are a material called magnesite which is a
                         cover closed around the                 white material that is color injected to look like
 Actual Size
                         crimp using a crimping plier            real turquoise and is hardness stabilized. They are
or jeweler’s pliers. Measures 3.2mm when closed.                 well cut, polished, and drilled. Very nice robin’s
May be used to cover 2x2mm crimps or smaller.                    egg blue color. 16 inch temporary strands.
          ITEM #90-207 $5.95 per dozen                                     ITEM #90-370 $7.95 per strand
             c Eloxite Corp.                                                             Wholesale Prices           45
     Sparkling - Ready-to-Wear                                 Finished Bracelets - Ready-to-Wear
         Eastern Crystal Faceted                                Faceted Eastern Crystal
          Necklace with Pendant                                     Bead Bracelets
 An inexpensive look of elegance!
 Attractive mix of Eastern Crystal in
 clear round & faceted rondel beads
 with rectangle tube beads & faceted
 pendants in pastel or bright assort-
 ed colors. A full 18 inches in length
 complete with clasp so they are
 ready-to-wear or sell.       Sold in
 assortments of (3) necklaces.
                ITEM #99-022
     $4.15 per assortment (3 Necklaces)

               New Generous Size, 50mm
            Zebra Stone Spheres                               Elegant looking faceted Eastern Crystal Bead
 Zebra Stone (trade name) is a                                Bracelets only appear expensive.        Colorful
 marble with fossilized clam                                  8mm round faceted beads with faceted rondel
 shells - grays, black and whites                             spacers in several color combinations. They
 with patterns and crystal pock-                              are strung on strong stretch cord so they are
                                                              ready-to-wear or sell. The cut and polish on
 ets. These 50mm (approx. 2”)
                                                              these beads is very good, not like alot of lower
 spheres are well done with a                                 quality beads on the market now. Faceted
 good polish and each is com-                                 beads are very popular and there is plenty of
 plete with stand. A proven sell-                             room on these for a nice profit. Sold in assort-
 er from our flyers.                                          ments of six bracelets.

          ITEM #40-908 $9.70 each                              ITEM #18-428 $4.85 per asst. (Six Bracelets)

                                                                    The Latest - Ready-To-Wear
     Garnet Cherry Rope Necklace                               Gemstone Chip Bracelets
                             GENUINE GARNET
                     Hundreds of 4mm round India cut
                     Garnet beads strung and weaved
                     together making a beautiful endless
                     rope necklace. 26 inches in length
                      and ready-to-wear. Over the years,
                       one of our BEST SELLING fin-
                        ished necklaces and it’s full of
                        genuine stones!
                                  ORDER ITEM #90-501
                            $8.25 each or $89.10 per dozen

               COLORFUL! FIBRE-OPTIC
       20mm Dale Stone Spheres                                Young and old alike are wearing these!
                   Sphere and marble collectors are on the    Medium size polished gemstone chips in sev-
                   rise and all will want an assortment of    eral stone types such as red jasper, clear
                   these colorful 20mm Dale Stone spheres     quartz, blue howlite, and more strung on
                   or marbles. They have all the character-   durable stretch cord in bracelet size (actual
                   istics of larger Dale Stone spheres with   length approx. 7 inches). No stringing or knot-
                   the translucent sides opposite the “eye”
                                                              ting, they’re ready-to-wear or sell. Sold in
                   sides. They’re amazing. These are great
                                                              assortments of Six Bracelets. A BEST SELLER!
                   for kids and adults!
            ORDER ITEM #40-905 (Assorted Colors)               ITEM #18-429 $6.65 per asst. (Six Bracelets) or
                $11.50 per dz. $89.95 per 100                  $71.80 per dozen assts. (72 Bracelets)
46              c Eloxite Corp.                                                    Wholesale Prices
                 High Quality Sterling Silver & Gold Filled Findings                                    Prices subject to change
                                                                                                        with gold & silver markets.

                                                            No more chipping or cracking of plating with these!
                                                           Head Pins - 2 inch length        Eye Pins - 2 inch length
 Leverback Earwires       4mm Ball & Loop                ITEM #48-964 Sterling Silver     ITEM #48-994 Sterling Silver
 Sterling Silver Only     Earpost w/clutch               $8.95 per dozen                  $5.95 per dozen
    ITEM #29-578         #29-506 Ster. Silver            ITEM #48-965 Gold Filled         ITEM #48-995 Gold Filled
$3.95 pr. $42.65 #29-507 Gold Filled              $9.95 per dozen                  $7.95 per dozen
                        $3.50 pr. $37.80
                                                                             Sterling Silver Bali Head Pins
    Precious Metal Spacer Beads
                 Round Beads                               Assorted Styles
#90-414   3mm    Sterling Silver     $2.95   dz.      Make loops, dangles, and necklace ends with head pins. With
#90-415   3mm    Gold Filled         $3.10   dz.      these, get the versatility of head pins in solid Sterling Silver
#90-416   4mm    Sterling Silver     $3.95   dz.      with ornate “Bali” style heads. Sold in assortments of one
#90-417   4mm    Gold Filled         $4.95   dz.      dozen (styles may vary ). Approximate length 2 1/4”.
#90-418   6mm    Sterling Silver     $6.95   dz.                    ITEM #48-966 $4.95 per asst. (12 Head Pins)
#90-419   6mm    Gold Filled         $8.95   dz.
                                                      Actual Size       2mm Crimp Beads                   Round Jump Rings
         Melon Beads (3x5mm Oval)
   #90-420 Sterling Silver $5.15 dz.                    Easy crimp beads in sterling sil-        Sterling silver or gold filled
                                                        ver or gold filled.                      jump rings are 4mm inside
   #90-421 Gold Filled     $6.45 dz.
                  Tube Beads                           #90-360 Sterling Silver $1.95 per dz.     #32-202 Ster. Silver $5.10 dz.
Actual size shown - 1/4” length, .037”                 #90-361 Gold Filled     $2.60 per dz.     #32-203 Gold Filled $5.10 dz.
inside diameter, .047” outside diameter.
#90-430 Sterling Sil.$1.65 dz. $17.80 gross                         5.5mm Spring Rings                  Lobster Claw Clasps
                                                                                          Sterling silver or gold
#90-431 Gold Filled $1.65 dz. $17.80 gross
                                                                                 filled lobster claw clasps for
                                           High quality, sterling silver or gold
                    Bead Tips                                                    those who insist on high quality.
                                           filled spring rings for your high #22-112 Ster. Silver
       Popular clam shell style folds over quality bead necklaces or bracelets.
       to hide the knot in the bead cord.                                            $1.65 each or $17.80 per dz.
   #90-312 Sterling Silver         $5.95 dz.             #58-134 Sterling Silver    $5.95 dz.    #22-113 Gold Filled
   #90-313 Gold Filled             $7.95 dz.             #58-135 Gold Filled        $7.20 dz.      $2.25 each or $24.30 per dz.

          Gold Filled & Sterling Silver                                                Fluted Metal Beads
                    Jewelry Wire                                        Sparkling fluted metal beads make great spac-
 Wire wrapping is in, especially with the high
                                                                        ers for gemstone, crystal, glass, or any other
 cost of solid precious metal jewelry. High qual-
 ity gold filled and sterling silver jewelry wire for                   bead necklace. Three round sizes (2mm, 4mm,
 wire wrapping. Choose from the different styles                        and 6mm), available in gold or silver color.
 and sizes shown below. Prices subject to change                        #90-225 2mm Round 95c per dozen $5.95 gross
 with gold and silver markets.                                          #90-226 4mm Round $1.60 per dozen $10.55 gross
Gold Filled Wire:                   Half Hard Temper                    #90-227 6mm Round $1.85 per dozen $12.60 gross

                ITEM #98-110 20 gauge $8.95 per ft.
                ITEM #98-115 24 gauge $3.25 per ft.
                                                                                           For FAST Service!
    Round       ITEM #98-120 20 gauge $5.95 per ft.
     Wire       ITEM #98-125 24 gauge $2.45 per ft.                                             1-307-322-3050
                ITEM #98-130 20 gauge              $2.95 per ft.                   Handy Bead Finding
    Wire    ITEM #98-135     24 gauge              $1.85 per ft.
                                                                      This is a handy little bead finding and
Sterling Silver Wire:               Half Hard Temper                  not just for beaders. It is a Bali style
                                                                      tube with a large hole that can be
                ITEM #98-140 20 gauge              $5.85 per ft.      strung over chain or cord and it has a
     Wire       ITEM #98-145 24 gauge              $4.50 per ft.      loop for hanging dangles. Just slip the bail or jump
                                                                      ring on a pendant through the loop, put it in a cord
               ITEM #98-150 20 gauge               $4.40 per ft.      or chain with a clasp and you have a finished neck-
    Round                                                             lace with the added touch of the nice looking tube
     Wire      ITEM #98-155 24 gauge               $1.95 per ft.
                                                                      bead. Antique style silver color only.
                                                   $2.75 per ft.
 Half-Round ITEM #98-160       20 gauge                                               ORDER ITEM #90-217
    Wire    ITEM #98-165       24 gauge             95c per ft.                    55c each or $5.95 per dozen
          c   ELOXITE CORP.                                                                         WHOLESALE PRICES                  47
      c   Eloxite Corp.        Jewelry Wire Craft Tools                                    Wholesale Prices

       Wigjig wire craft tools along with accessories, and the Coiling Gizmo.
       Everything you need to get started in this exciting jewelry craft!
                                        Design with Wire Instantly!
                                        Transparent Wigjigs

               Wigjig Olympus                seller!
                                                                                         Wigjig Delphi
 Transparent jig with the largest work            Beginners’ Jig at a           Transparent jig has smaller
 space of any Wigjig, allowing you to             Great Price                   pegs and closer holes than the
 make large wire designs for pendants,                                          Olympus. Accordingly, designs
 suncatchers, paper arts designs,                      Wigjig Olympus-Lite      made are smaller and more del-
 bracelets, and much more. It is the        Transparent jig has the same        icate. A great accompaniment
 thickest of the jigs, and works            pegs and hole spacing as the        jig to the Olympus since it
 extremely well in a vise. It is clearly    Olympus with a smaller work         facilitates making smaller
 the jig of choice for serious wire         area. It’s the only entry-level     components to match larger
 designers. Just place it over a pat-       transparent jig with METAL          ones made on the Olympus.
 tern, insert pegs and design with wire     pegs that will NOT break. The       Complete with jig, 20 metal
 instantly. Complete with 40 metal          best value entry-level jig on the   pegs, and wire designing tips.
 pegs in two sizes, basic instructions,     market. Size 3x4”. Complete
 and ten design patterns. Five inches       with jig, 10 metal pegs, basic         Great Companion for the
 square with 482 holes.                     instructions, and a free pattern.      Olympus or Olympus Lite!
              ITEM #70-001                           ITEM #70-002                        ITEM #70-003
          YOUR COST $48.95 each                  YOUR COST $19.95 each               YOUR COST $20.95 each
                                                        Make larger diameter loops with Round Super
     Super Pegs & Pins for Wigjigs                      Pegs or put angles and corners in your designs
                                            with Square Super Pegs. Extra pins for the Wigjigs are also
                                            listed below. (Olympus & Olympus Lite take the same size.)
                                                                    Round Super Pegs
                                                  Set of Six Round (3/16” to 1/2” Set of Three Large Round
                                                  diameter - metal or nylon tops) (5/8, 3/4, and 7/8” diameter)
                                                  $10.90 per package              $10.90 per package
                                                   for Olympus ITEM #70-006         for Olympus ITEM #70-008
                                                   for Delphi ITEM #70-007          for Delphi ITEM #70-009

                                   Extra Metal Pins (Package of 20)
                                   $4.95 per package (No super pegs - just pins)
                                    for Olympus ITEM #70-016
                                    for Delphi ITEM #70-017

                          Easily Create Your Own Coiled Beads & Jewelry with....
                                       The Coiling Gizmo
                     Make beautiful coiled wire beads and dangles easily with the Coiling
                     Gizmo Econo Winder. Just start some wire around one of the coiling         Make This
                     rods, insert the rod in the bracket and twist. Soon you’ll have a coil
                                                                                              Bead in about
                     that can be shaped or wrapped around another coil for a bead or dan-
                     gle. Kit includes: Two Coiling Rods, One Bracket Frame, and
                                                                                               10 Minutes
                     Complete Instructions.
                                                                                                 with the
                                                                                              Coiling Gizmo!
                                     ITEM #70-004 YOUR COST $7.65 each
                              Jewelry Craft Wire & Tools
Artistic Wire “Buy the Dozen”                                         German Style Wire
                                                              With the soaring prices of
                               You don’t have to buy
       ul!                                                    precious metal wire, here’s a
Colorf                         large spools of several
                               colors to get started in       high quality alternative.
                               colored     wire    jewelry    This German Style Wire is
                               crafts with Artistic Wire’s    excellent quality shaping
                               “Buy the Dozen”. Each          wire, now in three shapes.
                               assortment comes with          This copper and brass wire
                               one dozen, five yard           has an anti-tarnish coating
                               spools of round wire in        and the perfect temper and
                               assorted colors.     Colors    finish for most jewelry wrap-
                               may vary by lot but all
                                                              ping uses. Sold in packages
                               come with a spool of gold
                               and silver color. It’s high    by the lengths shown below.
                               quality, silver plated cop-                     20 Gauge Length 6 Meters
                               per wire to give it an                Round
                               expensive glossy look at a             Wire 24 Gauge Length 12 Meters
                               reasonable price.     Each       #98-260 20 gauge Gold Color $3.60 per pkg.
                               assortment comes with a          #98-250 24 gauge Gold Color $3.60 per pkg.
                               total of 60 yards of wire.       #98-261 20 gauge Silver Color $3.60 per pkg.
  ITEM #98-210 22 gauge Assortment $24.55 each                  #98-251 24 gauge Silver Color $3.60 per pkg.
  ITEM #98-211 24 gauge Assortment $17.10 each                     Half-Round 20 Gauge Length 2 Meters
  ITEM #98-212 26 gauge Assortment $14.85 each                        Wire    22 Gauge Length 5 Meters
  Each Assortment Contains: 12 - 5 Yard Spools (60              #98-252   20   gauge   Gold Color $6.15 per pkg.
  Yards Total Length) in Assorted Colors                        #98-253   22   gauge   Gold Color $6.15 per pkg.
                                                                #98-254   20   gauge   Silver Color $6.15 per pkg.
                                                                #98-255   22   gauge   Silver Color $6.15 per pkg.
    New Swivel Head Pin Vise
                                                                     Square 20 Gauge Length 2 Meters
                                                                      Wire 24 Gauge Length 4 Meters
                                                                #98-256   20   gauge   Gold Color $6.15 per pkg.
                                                                #98-257   24   gauge   Gold Color $6.15 per pkg.
This new Swivel Head Pin Vise is perfect for twisting           #98-258   20   gauge   Silver Color $6.15 per pkg.
                                                                #98-259   24   gauge   Silver Color $6.15 per pkg.
jewelry wire. It comes with two double ended collets
for a capacity of 0 to 3.3mm. Overall length is 3 1/2”.             Wire Wrapping Pliers
                 ITEM #70-019 $4.40 each                         Several must have pliers for wire crafters.

  New Wire Wrapping Tool Kit

                                                                                               4 1/2”
                                                                                4 1/4”

                                                              #70-028 Flush Cutters             #70-025 Flat Nose
                                                                   $6.70 each                      $5.85 each

                                                                               2 Styles
This new wire wrapping tool kit is a great value!
                                                             #70-029 Looping (5 1/2”)
You get: three lap-joint, leaf-spring pliers (round          3 step looping pliers Nylon jaw pliers for
nose, chain nose, and flat nose), side cutter, alu-          with concave lower jaw. mark free straigtening
minum ring mandrel rawhide mallet, pin vise with                    $10.75 each
four interchangeable collets, equaling needle file,                                   or hardening.
brass gauge, steel ruler, and steel scribe all for one           #70-197 Looping         #70-198 $19.95 each
LOW WHOLESALE PRICE.                                         3 step looping pliers        Replacement Jaws:
                                                             with flat lower jaw.       #70-199 $4.65 per set
               ITEM #70-034 $52.95 each                             $13.95 each
          c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                Wholesale Prices          49
        c   Eloxite Corp.
                            More Wire Craft Goodies!                                         Wholesale Prices

                                        Wire Wrapping Books


                                                Author Wyatt White shows         Author Wyatt White demon-
        “Wonderful, Wearable Wire”              the fundamental tech-            strates the essentials of wire
 The premier reference book for begin-          niques of wire wrapping.         wrapping, featuring more
 ning and experienced wire workers. In          Featuring more than 116          than 80 sensational picture
 addition to over 180 wire designs made         enlarged photo instruc-          instructions. The lessons in
 on the Olympus Wigjig, it includes             tions, the lessons illustrate    this booklet will help you
 invaluable wire working tips, such as          the principle wire wrapping      develop the vital skills need-
 how to wrap beads in wire, how to make         techniques and how they          ed to wire wrap practically
 loops, coils, cages and scrolls, how to        are used to make loops,          any type of object/stone
 choose the right wire, how to pick the         links, wrapped beads, and        using square and half-round
 best tools and supplies, and much more.        more using round wire. 8         wire. 8 1/2 x 5 1/2” format.
 172, 8 1/2 x 11” pages, spiral bound           1/2 x 5 1/2” format.                   #70-038 $3.25 each
 with color inserts.                                #70-037 $3.50 each              Wire Wrapping: Component
     ITEM #70-020 YOUR COST $28.55 each           Beggining Wire Wrapping                & Stone Setting

 New Wire Wrapping Video                                New Nylon Jaw Wire Tweezers

                                                     Get these new nylon jaw tweezers for the gentle
                                                     touch you sometimes need in straightening fine
                                                     gauge jewelry wire. The nylon jaws prevent mar-
                                                     ring or nicking the wire. Actual length 5 1/4”.
                                                                   ITEM #70-033 $7.00 each

                                                          WIRE WRAPPING IS FUN!
                                                   WATCH FOR MORE, NEW WIRE WRAPPING
                                                       ITEMS IN UPCOMING FLYERS!
 CINDERHILL STYLE SIMPLE & ELEGANT                            Gem Tree Wire
 WIRE SETTINGS: An Easy to Follow Guide
 on Professional Wire Wrapping (DVD).            Making gem trees is a popular hobby. Also,
 Recognized for wonderfully shaped               wire wrapping tumbled stones is a lot of fun.
 stones and simple yet elegant settings,         These wire spools have 25 yards of wire,
 Cinderhill style is a striking style of wire    enough for several projects. They’re avail-
                                                 able in three colors - gold, silver, and copper
 wrapping. Learn to wire wrap a pendant
                                                 in 24 gauge size.
 from start to finish, create a unique and
 sleek frame to accent the stone’s natural           #98-200 Gold Color Wire - 24 gauge
 beauty and fashion a doubly wrapped bail            #98-201 Silver Color Wire - 24 gauge
 for longer wear. Approx. 30 minutes.                #98-202 Copper Color Wire - 24 gauge
             ITEM #70-039 $23.99 each                     Your Cost $4.30 per spool or $46.45 per dz.
                              BEADS! BEADS! BEADS!
                                        Magnetic  Hematite*                        Freshwater Pearl
                                                                                    Dangle Balls
                                         Bead Assortment
                         Magnetic beads are definitely IN!
                         There is some evidence suggest-
                         ing magnetic items have some
                         therapeutic value. Now we are
offering high quality, magnetic hematite* beads in assort-
ed shapes such as rounds, drums, tubes, twists, and oth-
ers in 16 inch temporary strands. You get three 16 inch
temporary strands in assorted shapes for your beading
pleasure. String them by themselves or mix them in with
other beads and chips and you will have some great sell-                       Genuine, natural white color,
ing bead items! These are BEST QUALITY not B grade!                            potato shape freshwater pearls
                                                                               strung forming delightful balls.
ITEM #90-196 $15.95 per assortment (3 - 16 inch assorted shape strands)        Great for a variety of uses - you
       *These are made of hematite or reconstructed hematite and magnetite.    can make dangle pendants or
                             THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!                               earrings with them, string
                                                                               them with your bead creations,
                                                                               or apply them to your craft
                                  Pandora Style Beads                          projects. These are a big hit,!
                        Pandora Style Beads are all the rage! They are         Average actual size shown.
                        rondel shape beads with metal inserts (these are          ITEM #40-272 $1.95 each or
                        silver color) in the holes. Now we are offering                $21.05 per dozen
                        them in a 14mm size in assorted stones such as
                        green aventurine, black stone, kiwi stone,                 Shimmering
                        unakite and several others. They make great             “Pave” Metal Beads
                        spacer beads or they could even be hung as pen-                Shimmering and glim-
                        dants. Sold in assortments of six beads.                       mering “Pave” metal
             ITEM #93-035 $5.85 per assortment (6 Beads)                               beads really sparkle and
                                                                                       are economically priced.
                                                                                       Gold or silver color in
        Fabulous Faceted Amethyst Beads                                        two popular round sizes. Add
High quality, natural African Amethyst faceted beads with great                these as spacer beads to your
color for your beading delight at a super price! 8x5mm rondel                  bead creations for eye-catching
shape on a 16 inch strand.                                                     designs. These are a bargain!
          “A” Quality Faceted 8x5mm Rondel Shape                               #90-211 4mm $2.40 dz. $24.25 gr.
                                                                               #90-215 8mm $4.65 dz. $47.35 gr.

            ITEM #90-387 YOUR COST ONLY $22.65 strand                          Puka Shell Necklaces

                       Heishe Shell Beads
                                              From the Philippines - Heishe
                                              shell beads in three styles.     Remember the Puka shell craze
                                              Popular for craft and fashion
             Melon Heishe                                                      in the 70’s? Well they’re back
                                              beaders. All are 4-5mm size.
                                              Choose the melon heishe - a      and selling stronger than ever!
                                              tan to brown color, pen shell    We’re offering the delightful lit-
            Pen Shell Heishe                  heishe - brown to dark brown,    tle disc shaped shell from the
                                              or dark pen shell heishe which   Philippines in ready-to wear
                                              is brown to black and slightly   necklaces at some of the lowest
                                              thicker. 24” strands (lots of    prices in the country.
        Dark Pen Shell Heishe
                                              shells per strand).
   #90-730 Melon Heishe $3.10 strand $33.50 dz. strands                          #90-502 Puka Shell Necklace
   #90-731 Pen Shell Heishe $2.50 strand $27.00 dz. strands                        16” Length - 7-8mm Shells
   #90-732 Dark Pen Shell Heishe $1.85 strand $20.00 dz. strands               $1.60 each or $17.30 per dozen
              c Eloxite Corp.                                                        Wholesale Prices           51
                                       Beading is FUN!
               Egyptian Style Gem Collars                                     4-In-One
                                                                           Beader’s Pliers

                                                                     This plier is our 4-In-One “beader’s
                                                                     delight. A must for wire wrappers
                                                                     too, because it offers a finely
 SUPER DEAL! 13 pieces of semi-precious stones such as tiger-
                                                                     tapered nose for coiling, a flat jaw
 eye, opalite, green aventurine, and several others, graduated
 in size and nicely cut, polished, and drilled to form a fan look-   for flattening, straightening or
 ing necklace piece (temporarily strung). Just string them with      bending, a groove for closing coils
 other beads or gem chips and you will have a stunning neck-         and jump rings, plus sidecutter.
 lace. Sold in assortments of Six - order several for a good vari-   Definitely a must have for beaders,
 ety. Actual width is approximately 43mm or 1 3/4 inches.            jewelers, and crafters.
      ORDER ITEM #99-024 $12.80 per assortment (Six Collars)               ITEM #70-320 $9.25 each

     Ready-to-wear - 36 Inch            Craft Traveler Tote Bag
      Multi-Stone Chip                   with 6 Storage Boxes
          Necklace                    These are so HANDY every crafter,
                                      beader, jeweler, and maybe the
                                      handyman will want at least one.
                                      Zip-front tote bag features a carrying
                                      handle and a removable adjustable
 Chips of agate, jaspers,
                                      shoulder strap. Six exterior storage
 amethyst, garnet, and others         pockets. Includes six storage boxes,
 all strung on an endless 36          each with 15 removable dividers to
 inch ready-to-wear necklace.         create up to 20 sections per box.
 Multi-color stones so they go        Boxes measure 10.75 x 7 x
 with anything.                       1.75”. Bag measures approxi-
                                                                                                    (Tools &
                                      mately 13 x 7.5 x 11.5”.
             ITEM #90-560                                                                           Supplies
                                                                                                  Not Included)
     $2.10 each or $22.70 per dozen    ORDER ITEM #70-325 $36.30 each

          Bead Stoppers                                      Pewter bead assortment
 We know how frustating it can
 be when all the beads you’ve just
                                                                                        ITEM #90-218
 strung     accidentally
                                                                                      New Lower Price!
 slip off the cord.
                                                                                         $2.95 dozen
 This simple and
                                                                                         $30.10 gross
 handy         little
 device clips to the end of your cord to keep beads
 in place while you‘re working. No more spilled
 beads to clean up, or starting from scratch! Made
 from stainless steel to prevent rust. Sold in pack-    Our popular pewter beads are now lead safe.
 ages of six. Beads not included.                       Styles have changed but many are still the Bali
                ORDER ITEM #70-035                      look. Many different shapes & sizes possible.
         $5.85 per package (6 Bead Stoppers)            Actual average sizes shown.
52               c Eloxite Corp.                                               Wholesale Prices
                          BEADS! BEADS! BEADS!
                                    High Quality Round Gemstone Beads
                                     Best quality round gemstone beads are available in a variety of
                                     styles and sizes. Each is a 16 inch strand strung on a tempo-
      **NEW LOWER PRICE              rary cord. Create your own necklace masterpiece with Eloxite’s
                                     beads and beading supplies! Strand lengths are approximate.
                                                               AFRICAN BLUE LACE AGATE
                  BLACK ONYX                              ITEM #90-117.....8mm..$19.80 per strand
    ITEM #90-101.....4mm....$5.85 per strand                        MOTHER OF PEARL
    ITEM #90-102.....6mm....$7.95 per strand**            ITEM #90-118.....4mm....$3.55 per strand
    ITEM #90-103.....8mm....$8.95 per strand**            ITEM #90-119.....6mm....$5.75 per strand**
                                                          ITEM #90-120.....8mm....$7.40 per strand
                    RED AGATE
    ITEM #90-112.....4mm....$8.35 per strand                              TIGEREYE
    ITEM #90-113.....6mm....$9.95 per strand**            ITEM #90-123.....6mm.....$7.95 per strand**
    ITEM #90-114.....8mm..$10.90 per strand**             ITEM #90-124.....8mm.....$11.95 per strand**
                    HEMATITE*                                      GREEN AVENTURINE
    ITEM #90-155.....4mm....$2.25 per strand**            ITEM #90-126.....4mm....$3.95 per strand**
    ITEM #90-150.....6mm....$2.95 per strand**            ITEM #90-127.....6mm....$5.65 per strand**
    ITEM #90-151.....8mm....$3.25 per strand**            ITEM #90-128.....8mm....$6.85 per strand**
                 LEOPARDSKIN                                            RED JASPER
    ITEM #90-140.....6mm....$5.15 per strand              ITEM #90-130.....6mm....$6.50 per strand**
    ITEM #90-141.....8mm....$7.20 per strand                       BROWN GOLDSTONE
           MALACHITE (Best Quality)                       ITEM #90-137.....4mm....$4.95 per strand
    ITEM #90-160.....6mm..$18.70 per strand               ITEM #90-138.....6mm....$6.95 per strand**
    ITEM #90-161.....8mm..$34.75 per strand               ITEM #90-139.....8mm....$7.95 per strand**
    MULTI-COLOR TOURMALINE (Nice Quality)                    CHRYSOPRASE (Excellent Quality)
    ITEM #90-004.....6mm..$20.95 per strand**             ITEM #90-008.....8mm....$40.90 per strand

      Rose Quartz Beads                                           Metal Beads
                                                Excellent for spacers on semi-precious stone necklaces.
Nice quality and color Rose Quartz Beads at                             #90-210.....2mm Round
LOW WHOLESALE PRICES! These are some of
                                                ROUND BEADS:
                                                                       $1.15 dozen - $7.20 gross
                                                                                                 All Available
the most popular stone beads which were                                 #90-212.....4mm Round
                                                                       $1.45 dozen - $8.55 gross In Gold or
introduced in our flyers! Round beads are on                                                      Silver Color
                                                                        #90-214.....6mm Round
16 inch strands and the chips are 36 inch.                             $2.75 dozen - $19.90 gross
                                                MELON BEADS:             #90-220...3x7mm (Oval)
                                                                        $1.35 dozen - $11.05 gross
     #90-527 4mm Round $3.40 per strand
                                                          Findings for Beading
                                                 Clasps and spacers for multi-strand beadwork and the
                                                 popular Hook/Eye clasp for single strands. Gold or
     #90-528 6mm Round $4.25 per strand          silver color.

                                                     2 Strand Spacer                     3 Strand Spacer
                                                         #90-290                             #90-291
     #90-529 8mm Round $4.95 per strand                $2.45 dozen                         $2.95 dozen

                                                 2 Strand Clasp         3 Strand Clasp       Hook/Eye Clasp
       #90-630 Chips $2.35 per strand                #22-115                #22-116             #22-117
                                                  $3.10 dozen            $3.60 dozen          $1.95 dozen
               Crimp Beads                                        Glass Spacer Beads
              Easy-crimp beads, a must                            White color. Use for spacing almost
              for bead enthusiasts. They                          all kinds of beads. About 3mm round.
              come in gold or silver color.                                      ITEM #90-201
             ORDER ITEM #90-205                                      1/2 oz. package (approx. 180 beads)
      $1.40 per dozen or $7.80 per gross                                      $2.15 per package
            c Eloxite Corp.                                                     Wholesale Prices              53
                                        Beading Bonanza!
                      NEW 100% Natural                              Genuine Aquamarine Chips
      Genuine Black Tourmaline Beads
     These aren’t your average black beads - they’re gen-
     uine, 100% natural, Black Tourmaline. Natural jet
     black color with a SUPER POLISH. These were very            Here’s an item you just don’t see often -
     popular on our flyers! They are now offered in two          Genuine Aquamarine with it’s sea blue color
     popular round sizes at prices that are tough to beat!       in a generous 36” endless chip necklace, all
     16 inch strands.                                            at a LOW WHOLESALE PRICE! Actual size
                                                                 of chips shown.
                                                                ITEM #90-612 $5.95 per strand New Lower Price
             ITEM #93-074 6mm $5.45 per strand
                                                                 Rainbow Glass Beads               Great Seller!
                                                                                       These beads are irides-
                                                                                       cent with colors flashing
              ITEM #93-106 8mm $6.25 per strand                                        from all sides! Rainbow
                                                                                       beads may have different
           6mm Round Sodalite Beads                                                    shapes, but are approxi-
                                                                                       mately the size of the
                                                                                       photograph.     Sold in
      These Sodalite Beads are very attractive with var-
      ious shades of blue and white mottled patterns.                                  assortments     of   1/2
      The colors will go very well with a number of oth-                               pound only (approxi-
      ers. Nicely cut and polished and all natural.                                    mately 250 beads).
                   ITEM #90-369 $4.95 per strand                         ITEM #99-283 $8.25 per 1/2 lb.
                                                                             (approx. 250 beads)
                      NEW Assorted Color
                    Glass Crow Beads                                         Beading Book
                              These colorful glass crow         The Basics of Bead Stringing
                              beads work great for western      by Debbie Kanan is a complete
                              or contemporary style bead        illustrated approach to beading
                              projects.    They’re glass        for beginner and advanced
                              beads in a variety of colors      designers. This book was one
                              with a large hole for string-     of our best sellers at one time
                              ing on heavy cord if desired.     until we lost track of the pub-
                              Sold in assortments of 4 oz.      lisher. Now it is back in stock.
                              (approximately 163 beads).        82 pages in paperback, 5 1/4”
                              Proven seller from our fly-       x 8 1/4” format.
                              ers! Actual size shown.
              ITEM #93-094 $2.95 per 4 oz. assort.                     #90-303 YOUR PRICE $8.50 each

            Chevron Beads              New Lower Price!        Here’s a HOT SELLER....
                                   Beads similar to these
                                   coming in from Europe              36 Inch Magnesite
                                   sell for as much as
                                   $200 and $300 per
                                                                    Turquoise Color Chips
                                   kilo! These are made in
                                   India but they’re very
                                   nice. Brightly colored
                                   ceramic beads with        This is a material called magnesite which is a
                                   “chevrons” or pointed     white material that is color injected to look like
                                   stripes. A rainbow of     real turquoise and is hardness stabilized. Very
                                   colors in round, oval,
                                   and rondel shapes!        nice robin’s egg blue color. 36” temporary strands.
                                   Two dozen beads per       Actual size of chips is shown.
                                   assortment. Photo is
                                   actual size.                        ORDER ITEM #90-611 36” Chips
         #90-277 $3.50 per asst. (Two Dozen Beads)                           $2.95 per strand
54             c   Eloxite Corp.                                                       Wholesale Prices
                    Round Faceted Swarovski Crystal Beads
                                     Genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal beads. They are known the
                                     world over for their high polish, brilliant color, and sparkling
                                     facets. These are round sizes with 32 facets on each bead.
                                     You’ve asked for them and now we have them in eight colors.
                                           4mm Size              6mm Size                8mm Size
                                       $3.65 per dozen or    $5.10 per dozen or     $8.55 per dozen or
                                       $39.40 per gross      $55.10 per gross       $92.35 per gross
                                     #90-320 Lt. Yellow     #90-330 Lt. Yellow     #90-340 Lt. Yellow
                                     #90-321 Siam Ruby      #90-331 Siam Ruby      #90-341 Siam Ruby
                                     #90-322 Emerald        #90-332 Emerald        #90-342 Emerald
                                     #90-323 Clear Aurora   #90-333 Clear Aurora   #90-343 Clear Aurora
                                     #90-324 Aquamarine     #90-334 Aquamarine     #90-344 Aquamarine
                                     #90-325 Amethyst       #90-335 Amethyst       #90-345 Amethyst
                                     #90-326 Sapphire       #90-336 Sapphire       #90-346 Sapphire
                                     #90-327 Black Aurora   #90-337 Black Aurora   #90-347 Black Aurora
                                         “These are not closeouts, seconds or Chinese Glass -
                                              they’re top quality Austrian Crystal Beads”

                 Swarovski Crystal Beads
These are genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal beads! Eight colors of
diamond shaped, faceted beads, vividly colored in transluscent
Austrian crystal. Beads of the same size may be mixed for gross price.
      4mm Size               6mm Size                8mm Size
 $1.70 per dozen or     $3.45 per dozen or     $5.85 per dozen or
 $18.45 per gross       $37.25 per gross       $63.20 per gross
#90-240 Lt. Yellow    #90-250 Lt. Yellow      #90-260 Lt. Yellow
#90-241 Siam Ruby     #90-251 Siam Ruby       #90-261 Siam Ruby
#90-242 Emerald       #90-252 Emerald         #90-262 Emerald
#90-243 Clear Aurora  #90-253 Clear Aurora    #90-263 Clear Aurora
#90-244 Aquamarine    #90-254 Aquamarine      #90-264 Aquamarine
#90-245 Amethyst      #90-255 Amethyst        #90-265 Amethyst
#90-246 Sapphire      #90-256 Sapphire        #90-266 Sapphire
#90-247 Black Aurora  #90-257 Black Aurora    #90-267 Black Aurora

  New Faceted Glass                    Underwater Jewels.......
   Pandora Beads                        Freshwater Pearls (*New Lower Price on This Style!)
Sparkling                              Turn these underwater treasures into profits. Mix them with
  Facets!                              other types of beads or use them by themselves to create your
                                       own beaded masterpieces. Now in rice shape & nugget shape.
                                       15-16 inch temporary strands. All are 100% natural colors.
                                      White Color Pearls                                      Rice Shape
                                      #90-901 Grade A- White 4 1/2 to 5mm $2.15 each or $23.20 per dz.
                                      #90-902 Grade B+A White 5 to 6mm    $4.25 each or $45.95 per dz.*
                                      Peach Color Pearls                                      Rice Shape
Pandora style beads are in! These      #90-905 Grade B Peach      3 to 5mm     $3.20 ea. or $34.55 per dz.
are 14x9mm rondel style with
                                                      Nugget Shape (Approx. 6mm Size)
sparkling facets and silver color
grommets in the large holes. They
are sold in assortments of 6 beads
There is a wide variety of colors
possible including some with auro-    Similar to button or rondell shape pearls side drilled so they look
ra borealis effect. Order several     like rounded nuggets. 100% natural white or peach color.
assortments for a great selection.               ITEM #90-913 White        ITEM #90-914 Peach
            ITEM #93-088                          $5.95 per strand or $64.25 per dozen strands
   $4.75 per assortment (6 Beads)                    (Colors may be mixed for dozen price.)
            c Eloxite Corp.                                                    Wholesale Prices           55
                                         Beads and More!
       2mm Round Leather Lace                                  Bone & Horn Hairpipe Beads
                                                        Genuine white bone and black horn hairpipe beads.
                                                        They’re tube shape beads that taper slightly on the
                                                        ends.    Large holes allow stringing on heavy cord,
                                                        leather, or regular bead cord. Great for southwest style
                                                        beading. Three lengths to choose from.

 Necklaces, chokers, and bracelets made with
 leather are now very popular items and easy to
 make. This 2mm round leather lace is nice quali-
 ty and comes in two colors - Smooth Black and
 Tan (Natural) Suede. Available in lengths of 6 feet.
 ITEM #64-115 Black    ITEM #64-116 Tan Suede
          Your Choice $2.45 per 6 feet                   Black Horn Hairpipe Beads     White Bone Hairpipe Beads
                                                        ITEM # SIZE DZ.$ GROSS $       ITEM # SIZE DZ.$ GROSS $
               See our website                          90-705 1/2” $1.55 $16.75       90-700 1/2” $1.75 $18.90
     at for Catalog Items,              90-706 1” $2.60 $28.10         90-701 1” $2.75 $29.70
            Flyer Items, & MORE!                        90-707 2” $4.75 $51.30         90-702 2” $5.00 $54.00

                End Caps                                                      Bead Caps
                                                         Add class to any of your bead designs. Use them with
 The perfect end to your bead necklace, choker,          stone beads, freshwater pearls, and other beads. All are
 or bracelet. 4mm inside diameter end cap with           drilled for stringing, and domed to fit beads. Four styles
                                                                                   to choose from. Gold or silver
 loop. Gold or silver color.
         ITEM #90-204       $3.70 per dozen
                                                            #90-315       #90-316        #90-317       #90-318
     Large Hole Beads & Findings                             8mm          8-9mm           6mm           6mm
 Spacer beads and necklace end findings have                       $1.55 per dozen or $16.75 per gross
 large holes for leather or heavy bead cord. All             (Styles & colors may be mixed for gross price.)
 come in gold or silver color.
                                                                      Diamond Bead Reamer

          6.5x5.5mm              #90-209
             Barrel             Spring End
           $3.50 dz.             $2.95 dz.

                Beading Book                             Sometimes holes in beads or pearls aren’t straight, or
 Complete Beading                                        on some hand drilled beads, the holes don’t meet.
                                                         Here’s the perfect tool to remedy these problems.
 for Beginners by
                                                         Versatile four piece bead reamer set includes three dia-
 Karen Rempel is a                                       mond coated reaming points and a chuck style handle.
 great    book     for                                   The reaming points are long lasting and perfect for hard
 beginners and veter-                                    materials. It’s easy to change points with the chuck
 ans could benefit                                       style handle and then store them in the handle case.
 too.        Start-up                                             ITEM #70-030 YOUR COST $15.95 set
 instructions      for
 many       different                                              Beading Book
 kinds of beading all                                   Step-by-Step Bead Stringing - a popular
 in     one     book.                                   beginner to intermediate skill beading
 Simple, easy-to-fol-                                   instruction book written by Ruth Poris -
 low directions with                                    a dedicated teacher/jeweler with over
 lots of diagrams to make it even easier. Big           twenty years of experience. 45 pages in
 8 1/2 x 11 inch format with 158 pages                  5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch size.
 loaded with instruction and illustrations.                         ITEM #70-523
         ORDER ITEM #70-536 $19.90 each                          YOUR COST $8.60 each
56          c   Eloxite Corp.                                                           Wholesale Prices
                                More Exciting Bead Items!
      Blockbuster Deal!
    Hematite* Necklaces
     (Approximately 17 to 18 inches in length)
Assortments of six necklaces - no two are
alike.       Six for $1080
 That’s less than $1.85 per necklace! Ready
 to wear! Ready to sell! Order more than
 one assortment to get a large variety for
 your store.
    You may have seen necklaces resem-
bling these at other suppliers, but they
may not be the same as ours. There are
many on the market that are only 14 to
16 inches in length. Ours are top quality
and approximately 17 to 18 inches in
length so you get more for your money!
ITEM #99-190 - $10.80 per assortment                       *These are made of hematite or reconstructed hematite
PRICE BREAK - 20 assortments for $195.00                   and magnetite. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

       Fancy Glass Fish Beads                                         Clay Fimo Beads
                                                                 COLORFUL ASSORTMENT!
                                                         Tube shaped fimo beads have
                                                         bright, vibrant colors in assorted
                                                         patterns. Large hole for string-
                                                         ing on leather or heavy cord.
                                                         Actual size shown.
                                                              ITEM #90-295 $2.95 dozen or $31.85 gross

                                                                          Hemp Cord
                                                               for Macrame Beading & Jewelry
                                                         The latest for beading and
                                                         jewelry making. This cord is
                                                         ecologically correct with no
                                                         drug content, and it’s pol-
Enhance any of your bead necklaces with these            ished especially for making
unique, colorful, fish beads. They come in a vari-       jewelry.    Four ounce ball
ety of colors and are sold in assortments of one         (approx. 400 feet).
dozen. Actual length approx. 21mm.
                                                                  ITEM #64-125
 ITEM #90-283 Wow only $2.95 per dozen (assorted)              $4.20 per 400 ft. roll

        Bronzite Round Beads                                        Garnet Grape Necklace
Bronzite is a very attractive, 100% natural materi-
al! Brown color with gold highlights - many with                   Over 300 Beads
flashy gold chatoyance. Available in three popular
round sizes. 16 inch strands. Inflation Buster Prices!                                On Each Necklace!

        ITEM #90-406 4mm $5.25 per strand

        ITEM #90-407 6mm $6.95 per strand                26 inch ready-to-wear garnet necklace. Fine qual-
                                                         ity genuine garnet bead clusters look like small
                                                         grape bunches. Larger garnet spacer beads sepa-
                                                         rate the bunches. Can retail for $30 each and up!
         ITEM #90-408 8mm $7.95 per strand                    ITEM #90-500 - New Lower Price! $9.95 each
          c   Eloxite Corp.                                                         Wholesale Prices           57
                                         Beading Supplies
          Beading Tray                                                   Bead Cord
     Gray plastic bead board allows                                   6 1/2 ft. of nylon bead-
     perfect matching and string-                                     ing cord on a card.
     ing of bead necklaces up to                                      Comes with a beading
                                                                      needle. May be mixed
     30” in length.    Has five easy                                  for dozen price.
     access    compartments        for
                                                                      $1.50 ea. or $14.60 dz.
     holding supplies.                                                             SIZE       ITEM #    COLOR
                                                                             #2   (Small)     64-212    White
       Overall Size 12” x 8 1/2”                                             #4   (Medium)    64-214    White
                                                                             #6   (Large)     64-216    White
         ORDER ITEM #90-301                                                  #6   (Large)     64-226    Red
             $5.95 each                                                      #4   (Medium)    64-230    Green
                                                                             #4   (Medium)    64-231    Pink
                                                                             #4   (Medium)    64-232    Garnet
         “Stretch-Magic” Jewelry Cord                                        #4   (Medium)    64-233    Black
 Make your own bracelets with                                                #6   (Large)     64-234    Black
 “Stretch-Magic” Jewelry Cord and
 our wide selection of gemstone                                                                     Tigertail
 beads. Now available in either                                                              Tigertail is the staple for
 transparent or black color, 1mm                                                             bead stringing and our
 diameter. It’s very strong and will
                                                                                             best seller over many
 stretch a considerable length.
                                                                                             years.     Nylon coated
 Each spool is 25 meters or approx-
                                                                                             stainless steel wire that
 imately 75 feet in length.
                                                                                             is xtremely strong. 30
       ITEM #64-105 Transparent $8.95 per 25 meter spool                                     ft. x .012 inch diameter.
       ITEM #64-106 Black Color
                                                                               ITEM #64-100 $3.65 per spool
              Crimp on Cord End with Loop                                Watch for Many New Bead Items
       This is a finding that is a must if you are using                       in our Sale Flyers!
      heavy cord. The easy crimp style holds firmly. It
 will work for any heavy cord like lace, leather, waxed                     Black Suede Look Lace
 cord, etc., up to about 2.8mm. Gold or silver color.
                   ITEM #22-134 $1.95 per dozen                       This black suede look lace is very strong and
                                                                      economical. It works great for creating neck-
                   New Wire Protectors                                laces (including hanging gem donuts) and the
 These Wire Protectors guard all stringing                            price is SUPER! The actual width is shown and
 material from the everyday wear and tear                             you get a dozen strands, with each strand at 1
 caused by toggles, clasps, and other find-                           meter (39 1/2”) in length, for one low price.
 ings. Finish your necklace or bracelet using                             ITEM #64-245 $2.15 per dozen strands
 Wire Protectors as you would use french
 wire. Here’s how it works: 1) thread a crimp bead                            Opelon Stretch Cord
                                                     Photo Enlarged   A flat, fibrous cord which
 onto your beading wire, followed by the Wire
 Protector. You’ll need to guide the wire through one end-hole,       does not require crimp
 around the back (making sure it lays in the channel), and then       beads and has        great
 back out through the other end-hole of the Wire Protector. 2)        strength. Convert tempo-
 Next, hook the threaded Wire Protector onto a finding as you         rary strands of beads onto
 would with an open jump ring. 3) Slightly pinch the Wire             Opelon by simply tying
 Protector so that the two end-holes touch, then pull the end of      Opelon to the temporary
 the wire and insert it back through the crimp bead. Now you can      strand and slide beads
 crimp the bead, snip the excess wire and begin beading! These
                                                                      downward. Instantly cre-
                                                                      ate bracelets, necklaces,
 are a must for all beaders! Available in gold or silver
                                                                      fringe and more. Knots remain nearly invisi-
 color. Actual width and height is approx. 5x6mm.                     ble. 25 meter spools in white color.
        ITEM #93-170 95c per dozen or $10.25 per gross                    ITEM #64-111 $5.75 per 25 meter spool

                Clam Shell Bead Tips                                               Bead Tips
     For bead necklace ends. Thread bead cord                    Use for endings of your bead necklaces. Easily
     through hole, then tie knot. Knot is hid-                   attach jump ring and clasp. Gold or silver color.
     den by closing tip. Gold or silver color.                                 ORDER ITEM #90-305
     ITEM #90-304 $1.30 per dozen or $13.95 per gross                     90c per dozen or $9.65 per gross
58             c   Eloxite Corp.                                                             Wholesale Prices
c   Eloxite Corporation                                                                              Wholesale Prices
                                         Beads, Chips, Etc.
                                          36” Gemstone Chips
    We are now stocking these very popular strands of semi-precious stones in 36” length (apx.), temporarily strung.
    They are all good quality China cut (not India) and nicely polished. By using your imagination and our other
    beads and supplies, you can create a one-of-a-kind necklace. Also, they may be restrung for a nice necklace.
    Gr. Aventurine.#90-601...$3.10 ea.        $33.50 dz.           Tigereye............#90-615...$3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.
    Carnelian.........#90-602...$3.55 ea.     $38.35 dz.           Malachite..........#90-616...$4.95 ea. $53.45 dz.
    Leopardskin....#90-603...$3.55 ea.        $38.35 dz.           Black Stone......#90-631...$2.95 ea. $31.85 dz.
    Garnet .............#90-604...$5.95 ea.   $64.25 dz.
                                                                   Clear Quartz......#90-620...$3.75 ea. $40.50 dz.
    Goldstone........#90-606...$3.55 ea.      $38.35 dz.
                                                                   Amethyst...........#90-621...$3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.
    Blue Lace.........#90-607...$4.80 ea.     $51.85 dz.
    Rhodonite........#90-608...$3.10 ea.      $33.50 dz.           Brec. Jasper......#90-622...$3.55 ea. $38.35 dz.

          36” Chip Necklace                                                   16” Genuine Opal Chips
             Assortment                                                  Genuine Australian opal at a great
                                                                         price. Approx. chip sizes shown.
                                                     We have a hard time keeping these in stock SO HURRY!
                                                     16 inch temporary strands.
                                                                    ITEM #90-413 $6.85 each

                                                                       Lampwork Beads
                                                     These India native made
                                                     beads are a great buy!
                                                     Colorful wound glass beads in
    This is a GREAT BUY! 100% natural,
                                                     mixed sizes, shapes, and col-
    high quality, gemstone chips with a nice
                                                     ors. Nicely decorated - some
    polish on 36” strands. Sold in assort-
                                                     with glitter accents swirled
    ments of three strands. Several stones           into the glass.    Sizes are
    possible such as tigereye, amethyst,             approximately as shown.
    sodalite, jaspers and others (all are nice).     Sold in assortments only.
    Chips are medium size and average 7mm                ORDER ITEM #90-280
    in length and 5mm in thickness.                    $3.50 per dozen (assorted)
       ITEM #93-121 $6.95 per assortment
                                                                                    Globe Beads
                                                                               Amazing beads that resemble a world
        16” Turquoise Chips                                                    globe with continents made of semi-
                                                                               precious stones. They’re amazing!
                                                                               They come in 12mm size for earrings
                                                                               and 20mm size for necklaces or key
    The real McCoy! Genuine North American                                     chains. Or you can string them with
    turquoise in nice quality chips (nuggets).                                 some of your favorite beads for a
    All are nice blue color and nicely polished.                               unique bead necklace. Lowest prices
    No dye! Most have some natural black                                       in the U.S.A.!
    matrix. Average size shown. 16” strand.            #90-918 12mm $1.75 each            #90-920 20mm $2.15 each
    ITEM #90-451 SUPER PRICE! $19.95 each
                                                       Animal Fetishes
            Glass Feather Beads                      Nicely carved and polished
            A colorful glass work of art! Oval       genuine gemstone fetish-
            shaped beads have colorful “feath-       es, full drilled for string-
            er branches” swirled in. Available       ing. Many styles such as
            in blue, green, and red (a reddish       thunderbirds, foxes, fish,
            brown). Actual size shown.               turtles, and more all in
             #90-296 Blue Feather Beads              genuine      semi-precious
             #90-297 Green Feather Beads             stones such as tigereye,
             #90-298 Red Feather Beads               agates, and jaspers.
       $2.70 per dozen or $29.15 per gross                  ITEM #90-293
       (Colors may Be Mixed for Gross Price)         $8.65 per dz. $65.95 per 100
                                    More Beads & Supplies
                       Glass Seed Beads                                          Beading Loom
                                             Czechoslovakian glass
                                             seed beads are the best
                                             quality! Size is 10o or
                                             approximately     2mm
                                             round.   About 2,225
                                             beads per ounce.
                                                 $2.95 per ounce or
                                               $26.55 for Ten Ounces
                                                                          Study, portable loom for modern or
                  Colors May Be Mixed for Ten Ounce Price
                                                                          Native American bead work. Beaded
 ITEM #       COLOR       ITEM #      COLOR      ITEM #      COLOR        strips 3 inches wide of almost any
 90-230     Black         90-235   Light Brown   93-089   Burgundy        length are easy to make. Includes
 90-231     White         90-236   Yellow        93-090   Gold            beading loom, pattern, graph paper,
 90-232     Red           90-237   Orange        93-091   Silver          and complete instructions.
 90-233     Med. Blue     90-238   Lavender      93-092   Royal Blue               ORDER ITEM #90-307
 90-234     Med. Green                           93-093   Emerald Grn.        $4.40 each or $47.50 per dozen

                  Beading Needles                                        Storage Jars
                                                                  Made of tough clear plastic.
                                                                  Ideal for storing beads, find-
     Six assorted (small, medium, large) needles for a low
                                                                  ings, and other small parts.
     price of $1.95 per assortment.
                                                                  Screw together for easy
         ORDER ITEM #90-302 - $1.95 per assortment
                                                                  storage. Each jar is 2 inch-
                                                                  es in diameter and 1 1/4”
      Bead Crimping Pliers                                        deep. Set of five jars.
 “The Crimper” (patent pending) is a low
 cost hand tool which forms a smooth                               ORDER ITEM #17-710
 crimp using crimp beads or tubes up                               $4.70 per set
 to 3mm in diameter. The small size
 of the formed crimp bead when
 using this tool allows it to be hid-                                    Knotting Tweezers
 den in a clam shell bead tip. No
 more sharp edges on your bead
 necklaces to catch on clothing!
         ORDER ITEM #70-208                                      These bead knotting tweezers have extra
        YOUR COST $12.95 each                                    sharp points and a slender shank which makes
                                                                 them perfect for tying knots and pulling bead
                                                                 needles through bead holes. Sturdy tempered
                   Beading Pliers                                steel tweezers are 4 1/2 inches in length.
                                                                            ITEM #90-306 $2.95 each

                                                                 Russian Jade Round Beads

                                                                This is a very popular material on the market
                                                                today! The trade name is “Russian Jade” and
     A must for all beaders! Smooth, finely tapered             it is light to medium green in color with black
     needle nose design allows knotted bead cord to
                                                                “spider web” matrix and a good polish.
     slide off for forming knots close to beads easi-
     ly. Stainless steel, box joint construction with           Popular 6mm round size on 16 inch tempo-
     cushion grips.                                             rary strands. Low, low wholesale price!
                    ORDER ITEM #70-207                                   ORDER ITEM #90-018
                   YOUR COST $8.70 each                          6mm Round YOUR PRICE $4.95 per strand
60            c   Eloxite Corp.                                                       Wholesale Prices
                                 Best Selling Beads!
                SUPER BUY! 6mm Round Bead Assortment
                                                             Beaders don’t pass this deal up!
                                                             6mm round beads are the most
                                                             popular size and shape of beads on
                                                             the market. You get three 16 inch
                                                             strands for a SUPER LOW PRICE of
                                                             $7.90.    Several popular natural
                                                             stones possible like Black Agate,
                                                             Breciated     Jasper,    Mahogany
                                                             Obsidian, Picture Jasper and many
                                                             others. Order several assortments
                                                             for a good variety. These are qual-
                                                             ity beads - not seconds.
                                                              ORDER ITEM #90-890
                                                    SUPER PRICE $7.90 per assortment (3 Strands)

              New Rondel & Tube                      New Long Chip or Tooth Beads
     Red Laguna Stone Beads                         These long chip or “tooth” beads are the in
                                                    thing! Offset drilled, highly polished pieces of
                                                    good quality, 100% natural, Amethyst, Tigereye,
                                                    Moukaite, and Red Jasper. Average actual sizes
                                                    shown on 16” strands.
Two styles of beads (6x8mm Rondel & 8x12mm
Tube) on a single strand in the popular Red
Laguna Stone (trade name), a color enhanced
(dye fast) natural material with every piece
having unique patterns that resemble those in
laguna agate. Each bead is well done with a
nice polish. They’ll work great by themselves
or with other beads. 16 inch strand.
                                                         ITEM #93-100 Genuine Natural Amethyst
         ITEM #93-104 $8.25 per strand

   Purple is IN! A Best Seller from our Flyers!
                New 6mm Round
     Purple Kiwi Stone Beads
                                                         ITEM #93-101 Genuine Natural Tigereye

Popular Purple Kiwi Stone (trade name) which is
also called Kiwi Quartz, a harder, better polish-
ing stone than the original serpentine material.
This is a color enhanced but dye fast natural
stone. The variations of the material cause the         ITEM #93-158 Genuine Natural Red Jasper
color treatment to be absorbed more in different
parts of the stone producing attractive shades.
The natural black spots add to the uniqueness.
Hang one of the oval purple kiwi pendants (page
25) from a strand of these for a Hot Color
Necklace! 16 inch strand.                             ITEM #93-163 Genuine Natural Moukaite Jasper
         ITEM #93-124 $3.85 per strand                $6.25 strand $63.75 dz. strands (May Be Mixed)
         c   Eloxite Corp.                                                  Wholesale Prices           61
                                       FAST SELLERS!
                  Matching Gemstone Necklace & Earring Sets

 Assorted semi-precious gemstones such as mahogany obsidian, leopardskin, sodalite, and others in
 MATCHING necklace and earring sets. They are nice and a good buy at these low prices. Necklaces are
 done on an adjustable black cord and earrings are hung from fish hook earwires. All are carded for easy
 display and sale. Many different styles so order plenty for a good variety. Photos reduced - actual size
 of display cards is approximately 1 3/4” wide by 2 1/4” tall. XTRA value dozen set price!
                         ORDER ITEM #40-080 $2.85 per set or $29.05 per dozen sets

    Colorful Millefiori Glass Pendants                              18” Cable Choker
 These glass pendants are COLORFUL BEAUTIES! “Millefiori” in
 Italian means “a thousand flowers” and these pendants are def-
 initely full of flowers. Popular cross and heart styles complete      Magnetic
 with bails for hanging from cord or chain. Actual sizes shown.         Clasp
                                                                    Turn a pendant into
                                                                      a stylish choker
                                                                    necklace with ease!
                                                                    This tough, steel cable covered with
                                                                    black nylon choker makes it simple to
                                                                    make a necklace with a pendant. Just
                                                                    thread it on large loop pendants or snap
                                                                    on a locket loop or jump ring with a pen-
                                                                    dant. Each one is complete with a mag-
     ITEM #40-156 Crosses             ITEM #40-157 Hearts           netic clasp. 18 inch length.
  $1.45 each or $15.65 dozen       $1.55 each or $16.75 dozen               ITEM #99-071 $3.20 each

                                 COLORFUL Glass Pendants
  These COLORFUL glass pendants are in! Five excellent styles to choose from and they come
  in a good variety of colors possible so order several for a good variety. Sold by the piece or
              assortments of six. Each one has a loop for hanging. Actual sizes shown.

   Multi-Color Spoon    Round Flower        Coral Heart             New Feather Heart Dichroic Style Spoon
  #40-534 $2.25 each #99-198 $1.65 each #40-536 $2.65 each          #45-241 $2.25 each #40-535 $2.85 each
    6 Astd. for $12.15 6 Astd. for $8.95 6 Astd. For $14.30          6 Astd. For $12.15  6 Astd. for $15.40
62     c ELOXITE CORPORATION                                                       WHOLESALE PRICES
                Glass Bottles                           Colorful Glass Fruit & Vegetable Charms
Fill ‘em with tiny treasures and make neck-                              Hand-Made Glass
laces, earrings, etc. All have loops for hanging.       Each one of these is a colorful work of art! Use ‘em
                                                        for pendants, earrings, charms, or decorations for
                                                        craft projects. All have loops for hanging.

                                                       #41-200 Grapes      #41-207 Tomato #41-205 Cherries
                                                       Purple Grapes        Red/Orange      Red Cherries
                                                       w/green leaves     Tomato w/green      w/green
                                                           & stem          leaves & stem   stem & leaves

 #99-100 #99-101 #99-102        #99-103
   ITEM #99-100 $1.30 ea. $14.05 per dozen
   ITEM #99-101 $1.40 ea. $15.10 per dozen
   ITEM #99-102 $1.40 ea. $15.10 per dozen
   ITEM #99-103 90c ea. $9.70 per dozen
                                                       #41-206 Watermelon #41-203 Apple #41-210 Pepper
                                                        Red Melon, black    Red Apple      Dark Red
      Popular Scoop Style - COLORFUL                     seeds w/green       w/green    Pepper w/green
           Glass Foil Earrings                            rind & stem     stem & leaves leaves & stem
                                                                 $1.15 each or $12.40 per dozen
                                                                  (Styles May Be Mixed for Dozen Price)

                                                                          Two - Hand Made
                                                           Colorful Glass Flower Pendant Styles
                                                       These hand made glass flower pendants are pleasing to
                                                       the eye and good sellers! Each one is unique with a col-
                                                       orful glass flower design “somehow” molded in clear
                                                       glass. Choose from the adorable small round style or the
                                                       teardrops. All have loops for hanging from chain or cord,
These COLORFUL Scoop Style Glass Foil                  or use the magnetic clasp, wire chokers (page 61) for an
Earrings are adorable! Each pair is done with          easy to make choker style necklace. Several colors pos-
silver color fish hook earwires with a number          sible. Actual sizes shown.
of colors possible in matched pairs. Actual
average length of scoop dangle is 25mm.
         ITEM #29-202 $2.20 per pair

Colorful Glass Peace Sign Pendants
                Peace Signs are IN!

                                                       ITEM #40-178 $1.50 each or 6 Assorted Colors for $7.95

  #45-145 1 1/2” Dia.          ITEM #45-146 1” Dia.
 $1.75 ea. $18.90 dz.           $1.60 ea. $17.30 dz.
These peace sign pendants catch your eye
with their colorful designs. Many colors are
possible in the designs - blues, greens, yellows
orange and others. Each is complete with a
silver color split-ring for hanging.                   ITEM #40-155 $1.65 each or 6 Assorted Colors for $8.95
           c   Eloxite Corp.                                                            Wholesale Prices           63
     Wholesale Prices
                                                  JEWELRY BOXES

           RING BOX #17-095
            $11.95 per dozen
           Will help sell your rings!
                                                 EARRING BOX #17-093
                                                   $11.95 per dozen
                                                                                                  PENDANT BOX #17-094
                                           Faceted Boxes                                             $13.95 per dozen
                      These faceted boxes are a thick clear lucite-look plastic. Will make any
                      ring, earrings, or pendant look much better. Velvet type pad included.
 Cotton Filled Boxes                                      This size is ideal for matching pen-
                                                                                                    New Ring Box
                                        #17-200           dant-earring sets or bola tie-buckle
                                    Size 7 x 5 1/2 x 1”   combinations. $13.55 per dozen or
                                                          $95.90 per 100.

                                        #17-201           This is the perfect size for display-
                                   Size 5 1/4 x 3 3/4     ing your belt buckles or pendants.
                                   x 7/8”                 $9.85 per dozen or $72.15 per 100.

                                                          An excellent size for pendants, ear-
                                        #17-202           rings, stick pins, or small speci-
 Wrapped in fine white
                                   Size 3 x 2 1/8 x 1”    mens. $8.40 per dozen or $59.50
 Leatherette paper.    Filled                                                                     This new ring box is stylish
 with white jeweler’s cotton.                             per 100.
                                                                                                  and economical, featuring
                                                                                                  translucent white plastic
                                                                                                  with a soft suede foam pad.
                                                                                                  Actual size is 1-5/8 x 1-5/8
                                                                                                  x 1-3/8”.
                                                                                                   #17-098 $7.95 per dozen
                                                                                                    For FAST Service
                                                                                                     Phone (307) 322-3050
                                                  #17-104 Bracelet Box $15.95 per dozen
                                                  9-5/8 x 1-15/16 x 5/8”

      Stylish New Boxes
 Three new jewelry boxes that
 are done in translucent, recycla-
 ble, white plastic with soft
 suede foam pads. There is a
 necklace box (will accept a
 necklace & earrings), bracelet
 box, and earring box. All will
 “dress up” your jewelry at great                       #17-105 Necklace & Earring Box
                                                                                                    #17-106 Earring Box
 prices. Sold by the dozen.                                     $8.95 per dozen
                                                                                                     1-5/8 x 1-5/8 x 5/8”
                                                              2-3/8 x 2-3/8 x 7/8”
                                                                                                      $6.95 per dozen
64                                                          c   Eloxite Corporation
                                   Jewelry Boxes & Displays
                        Pendant/Earring                          Gemstone Sales Trays
                             Box                                                  Practical, well-made, and
                      This is a very nice,                                        sturdy. This two piece
                     black velour covered                                         unit consists of Black
                                                                                  Leatherette Tray with
                    box that you can use for
                                                                                  matching cover, filled
                   earrings, pendants, or a
                                                                                  with Gemstone Boxes
                   combination of the the
                                                                                  and white velour foam
                     two. A gold colored rim                                      pads. Each unit comes
                       on the bottom of the        with 36 - 1 1/4” x 1/2” round Gemstone Boxes.
                         box really sets it off!
                                                             ORDER ITEM #17-700 - $18.85 each
                              ITEM #17-420                      Round replacement boxes for above:
                                                             ORDER ITEM #17-705 - $6.75 per dozen
                              $3.40 each or
                            $36.70 per dozen                     New Crystal Clear
                                                            Lucite Necklace Bar Display
                             Ring Box               Display your necklaces in style with
                                                    this new Crystal Clear Lucite
                     Put your rings in a            Necklace Bar Display. Each one is
                    deserving box!     This         made of sturdy, lucite plastic that has
                    metal ring box with a           a mirror finish and end caps to keep
                   fine velour covering and         necklaces in place. Great for bead
                   pad is worthy of your            necklaces, chains, pendant neck-
                     finest rings.                  laces, and bola ties up to 36” in
                                                    length. You asked for ‘em and now
                            ITEM #17-425
                                                    we’ve got ‘em at a very good price.
                           $2.60 each or            Size 18” H x 12” W x 5” D.
                           $28.10 per dz.                   ITEM #17-615 YOUR COST $29.95 each

  Economy Ring Display                                        Jewelry Tags
                                                            Choose either string
                                                            tags or self-adhesive
                                          String Tags       tags for all your price
                                                            marking and tagging            Self-Adhesive Tags
                                         ITEM #17-160
                                        $2.05 per 100 or    needs. White color.               ITEM #17-165
                                        $18.35 per 1000     Actual size shown.                 $6.35 per 500
Heavy duty plastic, stackable, ring
display tray with a plush pad that                 Gold Foil Jewelry Boxes
holds 36 rings. You could also take      Add the Midas touch to your jewelry and gift
the ring pad out and use it for dis-     items with these gold color foil covered, cot-
play of other items. Actual size is 8    ton filled boxes. Each one is wrapped in fine
1/4 x 8 1/4”. (Rings not included.)      gold color foil and filled with white jeweler’s
           ITEM #17-445                  cotton. Two popular sizes to choose from.
  $4.95 each or $53.45 per dozen        ITEM #         SIZE        DZ. PRICE 100 PRICE
                                        17-207 5-1/4x3-3/4x7/8”     $10.50      $74.55
    Deluxe Ring Display                 17-208 3-1/16x2-1/8x1”       $8.95      $63.45

                                                                    Pierced Earring Display
                                                           This attractive display can be used as a counter-top
                                                           or stand-up type with the fold out easel on the
                                                           back. Includes frame, velboard display cards, and
                                                           header card which reads “Pierced Earrings”. Holds
Holds 24 rings in a padded velvet
                                                           12 pairs of earrings. Available with black or dark
type top.      Can be used as a
                                                           blue color earring cards.
stand-up or flat display. 8 x 1/4 x 4
                                                                                 Extra Display Cards
1/2 x 1” size. NEW LOWER PRICE!
                                        ORDER ITEM #17-350                  ITEM #17-360 - $1.55 per dozen
   ITEM #17-444 $10.75 each             $7.00 each Size: 7 1/4 x 7 x 1/2”     (Black or Dark Blue Color)
         c   Eloxite Corporation                                                      Wholesale Prices          65
       Treasure Chests                                        New Wood “Treasure” Chests
       Bone & Brass Jewelry Boxes

         Beautiful polished brass & bone boxes.
                                                                         Great Seller from our Flyers!
     They look like 16th century pirates treasure
                                                            These wood boxes are works of art. Some styles
     chests. Complete with hinges, latch, (or               will work for guys’ or gals’ trinkets or treasures.
     snap-in lid), and velvet-like lining. Sizes            Each is done with solid wood construction, a
     range from 1 1/2 x 2” up to 2 1/2 x 3 1/2”.            metal, antique copper look latch and eye-catch-
                                                            ing staining and embossing. Sold in assortments
     Styles may vary. Sold in assortments of four           of three boxes. Six styles possible so order more
     boxes only.                                            than one assortment for the best selection.
                                                            Actual size 3” (wide) x 2” (deep) x 2 1/4” (tall).
                         $             assortment
                             20 80 per Boxes)
                                    (4                         ORDER ITEM            $   7 65 per assortment
                                                                 #17-112                       (3 Boxes)

              Crystal Clear Lucite              Southwest Style Pouches & Coin Purses
             Bracelet Display                  Southwest style pouches and coin purses in suede leather
                                               with feathered dream catcher ornaments sewn on and car-
                                               rying cords. Colors are dark browns, tans, and blacks.

                                                                                                     ITEM #89-019
                                                                                ITEM #89-017        Small tear drop
                                                        ITEM #89-015          Small pouch, sin-     shaped pouch.
       With the popularity of bracelets        Large pouch with      a sin-   gle zipper closure.   Dream catcher
       this is just what you need to dis-      gle zipper closure    and a    Dream      catcher    ornament. Velcro
       play them to sell or just to organ-     dream catcher         orna-    ornament. Acutal      closure.   Acutal
                                               ment. Acutal size     3 1/2    size 2 x 2 3/4”.
       ize. Tough crystal clear lucite                                                              size 2 1/2 x 3”.
                                               x 4 1/4”.
       construction. Actual size 8” wide                                       $2.25 each or $24.30 per dozen
                                                        $3.60 each or
       x 8 1/2” tall.                                                          (May Be Mixed for Dozen Price)
                                                      $38.90 per dozen
             ITEM #17-613 $19.80 each               NOTE: These items are not Indian Produced or Indian Products.

                       Inlaid Soapstone Boxes - NOW IN THREE SIZES!

     Popular soapstone boxes that are nicely polished with shell and stone flower inlays - NOW IN THREE
     SIZES! Your customers won’t be able to resist them. Sold in assortments of four boxes. Styles may
     vary slightly from those shown above. Small box size 1 1/2 x 2” (rectangular style). Medium box size
     2x3” (rectangular style). Large box size 3x4” (rectangular style).
         #17-810 - Small Box Assortment - $8.85               #17-812 - Large Box Assortment - $16.20
         #17-811 - Medium Box Assortment - $12.60          You get four boxes in each assortment - A GREAT BUY!
66                 c   Eloxite Corp.                                               Wholesale Prices
    Eloxite Corp.                                                                                   Wholesale Prices
                          More Jewelry Boxes & Displays
                                                                                  Lucite Earring Display
                               Clear Lucite Display Stands
                                   Heavy     Lucite    plastic
                                   stands for displaying your
                                   cabs, slabs, clocks, and



     #17-601         #17-605        #17-607          #17-604          #17-606

ITEM #                 DESCRIPTION             PRICE EACH        DOZEN PRICE
17-600         Large Cabs                           85c              $7.50        Spinning earring display
17-601         18x25mm Cabs up to 30x40mm           80c              $6.85        holds up to 72 pairs of ear-
                                                                                  rings on hanging cards. Lazy
17-602         Large Slabs or Slab Clocks         $1.25             $11.85
                                                                                  susan type rotating base. 17
17-603         Medium Slabs                       $1.20             $10.90        1/2” Tall.
17-604         Medium Slabs                       $1.50             $15.55
                                                                                      (Earrings not included.)
17-605         Small Spheres or Eggs                65c              $5.95
17-606         Large Spheres or Eggs                90c              $8.20               ITEM #17-612
17-607         Large Slab Clocks                  $2.45             $23.10           YOUR COST $26.85 each

                Riker Specimen Mounts                                         Bola or Bracelet Box
                                                                      We’ve had many requests for boxes to
                                                                      fit bolas or 7 inch pad bracelets. These
                                                                      cotton filled boxes may be the answer.
                                                                      High quality boxes have a white
                                                                      leatherette cover and jeweler’s cotton
                                                                      filling.    Size is approximately 2-
                                                                      1/2x11x1-1/4 inches. Lids included.
                                                                                    ITEM #17-205
                                                                                    $1.35 each or
                                                                                  $14.60 per dozen
                                                                                 (Bola not included.)

                                                                                Hanging Earring Cards
                                                                          Popular earring cards for hanging
The most popular small displays in the jewel-                             style displays. They’re 2x2”, have six
ry craft and lapidary trade today. Heavy card-                            holes for different length earrings,
board construction with black textured cover                              and a flap to accommodate earclips.
and glass lid. White poly matting inside. Lid                             Available in Black or Grey color.
is secured with four pins. Available in two
sizes. XTRA value dozen prices!                                            ORDER ITEM #17-370
                                                                   $1.75 per dozen (Please specify color)
#17-157 8x12x3/4” $8.70 each or $93.95 per dz.
#17-158 12x16x3/4” $12.95 each or $139.85 per dz.                Sphere Stand
                                                        Cast metal sphere stands will
                           Earring Cards                set your gemstone spheres or
                    These earring cards are econom-     eggs up in style. Antique look,
                    ical and versatile. Cream color,    scroll design legs with a 1-1/8”
                    quilted cardboard cards have        diameter round base.        Gold
                    three sets of holes for use with    color only.
                    posts, dangles, or earclips.
                                                                           Order ITEM #17-625
        ITEM #17-365 - Your Cost $1.55 per dozen                     $5.25 each or $56.70 per dozen
         Diamond Grinding & Polishing Products
 Industrial diamonds that are nickel bonded to the steel tools or in a slurry, in the
 diamond compounds. The tools are ideal for sharpening, grinding, cutting, and
 shaping numerous materials such as steel, carbide, glass, marble, masonry, rock,
 concrete, and all kinds of wood. Use the diamond compounds for sanding and pol-
 ishing almost any material.
                                    Diamond Grinding Point Sets
 Industrial diamonds nickel bonded to the steel tools for grinding all kinds of surfaces. Designed for
 high speed die grinders, drills, and flex shafts. Choose from three different sets in two shank sizes.
 All come packed in a handy storage box. All are 150 grit for all purpose grinding.

       Large Head 10 Point Set        Small Head 20 Point Set            Medium Head 30 Point Set
     Ten diamond points in          20 diamond points in sev-
     several styles - cylinders,    eral styles - cylinders,        BIG 30 diamond point set features
     cones, wheels, etc. Length     cones,     wheels,   etc.       several styles - cylinders, cones,
     is approx. 1 3/4”. Average     Length is approx. 1 3/4”.       wheels, etc.   Length is approx. 1
     size of the heads is approx.   Average size of the heads       3/4”. Average size of the heads is
     1/4”.                          is approx. 1/8”.                approx. 5/32”.
       10 Point Set 1/8” Shank       20 Point Set 1/8” Shank              30 Point Set 1/8” Shank
     ITEM #70-050 $14.20 per set    ITEM #70-052 $6.95 per set           ITEM #70-054 $14.70 per set
       10 Point Set 3/32” Shank      20 Point Set 3/32” Shank              30 Point Set 3/32” Shank
     ITEM #70-051 $14.20 per set    ITEM #70-053 $6.95 per set           ITEM #70-055 $14.70 per set

                       Diamond Hand Files                                     Diamond Compound
      Industrial diamonds nickel bonded to steel. Great for stone            Five gram tubes of industrial
      carvers or can be used for fast sharpening of saws, knives,            diamond in a compound for
      blades, and tools. Coarse grit.                                        sanding and polishing. Just
                                                                             squeeze out what you need
                                                                             from the easy to use syringe

                                                                             ITEM #70-070   5 gram   600 Grit
                                                                             ITEM #70-072   5 gram   1200 Grit
                                                                             ITEM #70-075   5 gram   8000 Grit
                                                                             ITEM #70-076   5 gram   15,000 Grit
                                                                             ITEM #70-077   5 gram   30,000 Grit
                                                                                  $7.95 per 5 gram tube or
                                                                                    $35.80 for five tubes
                                                                             (Grits May Be Mixed for Qty. Price)
       Single Diamond Hand File             Diamond Hand File Set
 Large 5 1/4” filing surface that’s   Set of five files including flat,       FOR FAST SERVICE!
 5/8” wide. Complete with heavy       round, curved, square, and triangle                   Telephone
 duty plastic handle.      Overall    shapes. 3” diamond filing surfaces,
                                      8” overall lengths with rubber coat-                (307) 322-3050
 length 9 7/8”.
                                      ed handles.                                     Credit Card Orders Welcome
 ITEM #70-060 Single Diamond File          ITEM #70-061 Five File Set
            $16.95 each                          $27.95 per set
                          Lapidary Equipment & Tools
 LORTONE tumblers which feature their exclusive quick-seal closure. These items
 are in stock and ready to ship. Due to their weight they may require more postage
 than is listed on our rate chart, please include an ample amount for shipping with
 your order.                                  LORTONE Mid Size Tumblers
     LORTONE Small Tumblers                             Three larger capacity tumblers for 6-12 pound loads.
  Four compact tumbler models offer 3                   Designed for continuous shop use featuring heavy duty
  to 4 lb. capacities. Each is quiet, stur-             overload protected motors and durable welded steel
  dy, simple to operate, and gives excel-               construction. All include LORTONE’s patented barrels
                                                        with positive quick seal leak proof closures.
  lent results. All feature the patented
  quick-seal closure, and a continuous-
  duty fan cooled motor.

                                                                  Model QT6 Single Barrel 6 lb. Capacity
                                                        List $189.00 each ITEM #70-888 YOUR COST $166.30 each

Model 3A 3 lb. Capacity Sug. List $89.00 ea.                     Model QT12 Single Barrel 12 lb. Capacity
ITEM #70-882 YOUR COST $75.65 each                      List $210.00 each ITEM #70-889 YOUR COST $184.80 each
Extra Barrel for Model 3A #70-883 $29.20 ea.                Model QT66 Two 6 lb. Barrels - 12 lb. Total Capacity
                                                                       Versatile two barrel model.
                                                        List $225.00 each ITEM #70-890 YOUR COST $198.00 each
                                                        Extra 6 lb. Barrel (Mod. QT6 & QT66) #70-891 $56.30 each
                                                        Extra 12 lb. Barrel (Mod. QT12) #70-892 $71.00 each

          Multiple Barrel Models                                              Gem Scoop
Model 33B - Two 3 lb. Barrels - 6 lb. Capacity          A very popular item when Estwing was making them but
Greater capacity allows you to tumble twice             they discontinued them. Now a very similar design is
as much at once or polish one load while                being done by another manufacturer with high quality. A
shaping another. Suggested List $132.00 each            very handy tool with Overall length of 37 inches which
ITEM #70-884 YOUR COST $116.15 each                     allows you to scoop and dig without bending over.
Extra 3 lb. Barrel #70-883 $29.20 ea.
                                                          ITEM #70-592 $39.95 each Inflation Buster Lower Price!
Model 3-1.5B - (3) 1.5 lb. Barrels - 4.5 lb. Capacity
Very versatile with 3 barrels. List $135.00 ea.
ITEM #70-885 YOUR COST $114.75 each                        LORTONE Gator Jaw Slab Saw Clamp
Extra 1.5 lb. Barrel #70-881 $25.40 ea.                 This clamp from LORTONE will help solve those tough
                                                        holding problems experienced in your slab saw vice with
                                                        odd shaped and rounded rock pieces. Heavy stainless
                                                        steel construction and custom tooth design for incredible
                                                        holding      power.
                                                        Made to fit only the
                                                        LORTONE LS12 and
                                                        LSS14P slab saws.
                                                        Works best as an
                                                        alternative to the
                                                        stock top jaw.
Model 45C 4 lb. Capacity List $132.00 each
ITEM #70-886 YOUR COST $112.20 each
Extra Barrel for Model 45C #70-887 $41.80 each                ORDER ITEM #70-593 YOUR COST $28.45 each
      c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                        Wholesale Prices     69
                    More... Lapidary                       & Jeweler’s Equipment
     6 Inch Inland Swap-Top TM All-In-Wonder TM                                  Cut, Grind, Sand, and Polish with this...
           Complete Lapidary Workshop                                               Combination Lapidary Unit

 The All-In-Wonder can be set up as a 6” Flat Lap, a 6 1/2”                      This is a great little machine especially if
 Trim Saw, or a 1” Drum Grinder/Shaper. Water cooled sys-                        your space and budget are limited. The 6”
 tem . Faster RPM motor allows you to quickly finish cabo-                       saw allows you to do trimming and small
 chons. Includes everything (except rocks) you need to start                     slabbing with a built-in vise, hinged top
 making cabochons today. Shipping weight 18 lbs.                                 shield and blade guard. Grind, sand, and
                                                                                 polish with the grinding wheel, sanding
     Key Features:
        The direct drive Permanent Magnet DC motor is stronger than              drum, and polishing head on the other end
     other machines you will find for two or three times the price. Comes        of the unit. Lubricate with a gravity feed
     complete with speed controller and water drip kit.                          or under wheel water system (not includ-
       As a Flat Lap Machine: Quickly and easily converts to a Swap Top          ed). 57 lbs. shipping weight in two boxes.
     Flat Lap Machine with the conversion kit provided. Includes (1) 170
     Grit 6” Flat Lap, (1) 325 Grit 6” Flat Lap, (1) 600 Grit 6” Flat Lap, (1)   Here’s what you get:
     1200 Grit 6” Flat Lap, 14,000 diamond compand a polishing pad.               Machine with 1/3 hp Motor
      As a Trim Saw: Quickly and easily converts to a Swap Top Trim               6 x .025” Diamond Blade
     Saw. Includes (1) 6 1/2” x .020” diamond blade.
      As an Edger/Shaper. Quickly and easily converts to a Swap Top               6 x 1” Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel
     Edger/Shaper. Includes (1) 1” 60 grit diamond drum.                          6 x 2 1/2” Sanding Drum
     Replacement Diamond Saw Blade ITEM #27-540 $28.95 each                       220, 400, & 600 Grit Sanding Belts
     Replacement 1” 60 Grit Diamond Drum ITEM #70-048 $26.95 each                 Aluminum Polishing Head
     See page 73 for replacement Flat Laps                                        Plus; Templates, Aluminum Scribes,
     ITEM #70-047 List Price $479.95 YOUR COST $389.95 each                             Lapidary Cement, Polish, Cork Disc,
                                                                                        Dop Wax & Sticks
                             Jeweler’s Polisher                                   ITEM #70-674 Suggested List $725.00 each
 A    compact      jeweler’s
                                                                                    YOUR COST $616.25 each plus freight
 polisher (only 12” wide)
 with a foot pedal speed
 control for easy operation.                                                           LORTONE Cutting Oil
 Twin 1/4” tapered spin-
 dles will mount a wide
 range of wheels and buffs
 up to 3” diameter. Rigid
 steel frame with 1/15 h.p.                                                                                     UPS Ground
 motor and variable speed                                                                                      Shipping Only
 up to 5,000 rpm. Comes complete with an accessory kit.
                 SuggestedList Price $169.50 each.
             ORDER ITEM #70-694 YOUR COST $152.20 each

                               Rock Clamps
 Increase the versatility of any saw vise and produce                            A lapidary cutting oil with the proper vis-
 slabs down to the end of rough material.                                        cosity and lubrication to prolong blade life
                                                                                 and provide clean, cool cutting. Mineral
                                                                                 oil that’s newly formulated, has no smell,
                                                                                 is less irritating to the skin, and cleans up
                                                                                 easily.    Recommended for all oil-based
                                                                                 saws. Shipping weight 9 lbs. per gallon

                                                                                         ORDER ITEM #70-697
       Large Clamp (Up to 5”)              Small Clamp (Up to 2 1/2”)
                                                                                 YOUR COST $32.75 per gallon (plus freight)
     ITEM #70-695 $41.95 each              ITEM #70-696 $18.75 each
70       c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                              Wholesale Prices
                                             LORTONE 18 Inch Slab Saw
                                This rugged, accurate, economical 18” slab saw has been proven by years
                                of trouble-free performance in commercial operations. Slabs material up
                                to 7” x 7” cleanly and easily. Convenient, free-standing design allows it
                                to go next to a work bench. The frame, drive guard, and tank are con-
                                structed of heavy gauge welded steel for long life. Easy access is provid-
                                ed by the hinged hood, making loading and setup simple. The side win-
                                dow permits monitoring for the cut. Its feed rate is adjustable from 9 1/2
                                to 19 1/4 inches per hour and allows easy operation. Features shutoff
                                switch, threaded crossfeed, sealed ball bearings, 3/4” arbor, and 2” drain.
                                Includes an 18”diamond blade and 1/2 hp heavy duty overload protect-
                                ed motor. Shipped complete, assembled, and ready to use. Requires 3
                                1/2 gallons of cutting oil.
                                    ORDER ITEM #70-583 List Price $3700.00 YOUR COST $3100.00 each
                                NOTE: Price does not include shipping charges. This item is made to order and
                                shipped directly from the LORTONE factory by motor freight only. Delivery time is
                                approximately six weeks. NO CRATING CHARGE helps make it a good buy!

 Slab saws larger than 18 inch are available. Please call for pricing. PHONE 1-307-322-3050

          LORTONE 12 and 14 Inch Slab Saws                                       FOR FAST SERVICE!
Slabbing is the first step in exposing the natural patterns,
colors, and beauty of the stone. LORTONE slab saws are                                       Telephone
meticulously designed and constructed for long life and                                    (307) 322-3050
ease of operation. Designed for use with oil as a coolant
                                                                                       Credit Card Orders Welcome
to deliver the best in cutting speed and blade life.

                         Shipped by truck
                           freight only.                                   See our website -
                                                                           for all the catalog products + more!

                                                                             LORTONE Overhead
                                                                               Water System

                                    This remarkable 14” high per-
This quiet, fully enclosed, pro-
                                    formance slab saw delivers
fessional quality 12” saw is a
                                    straight, smooth cuts in the
real workhorse. It features a
                                    hardest agate at twice the speed
ball bearing carriage, fixed rate
                                    of standard saws. Bench top
power feed at 8 inches per hour,
                                    style saves space. Features the
full hinged hood with safety
                                    14” diamond blade and fast fixed
glass window for viewing. Vise
                                    rate power feed that cuts at 15
can hold up to 5 x 6 1/2”” rough
                                    inches per hour. Sealed high
and cross feed allows several
                                    performance bearings, 5 1/2 x 6
cuts without repositioning. The
                                    1/2” capacity vise, and threaded
coolant tray is detachable for
                                    cross feed. Requires 2 1/2 gal-
easy cleaning. Complete with
                                    lons of cutting oil. Complete           With a newly updated design,
12” diamond blade and 1/3 hp
                                    with blade, 1/2 hp 110v motor           this free-standing gravity feed
110v motor with thermal over-
                                    with overload protection, and           water supply works with any
load protection. Requires 2 gal-
                                    built-in blade sharpener. Model         lapidary arbor. Includes stand,
lons of cutting oil. Model LS12.
                                    LORTONE LSS-14P.                        tank, valve and tubing.
  ITEM #70-581 List $1450.00 each     ITEM #70-582 List $1850.00 each
YOUR COST $1247.00 ea. plus freight YOUR COST $1582.40 ea. plus freight              ITEM #70-584
Ship. Wt. 144 lbs. in two boxes        Ship. Wt. 170 lbs. in two boxes           YOUR COST $36.95 each
     c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                                 Wholesale Prices
                                  Lapidary Equipment & Tools
            Inland 8 Inch Flat Lap Machine                                          Plastic Templates
                                                                       See-through plastic allows total visibility of
                                                                       the slab. Two styles to choose from.

                                            (6 or 8 Inch laps may be         Ovals & Circles       Squares & Rectangles
                                            used with this machine.)        ITEM #70-342        ITEM #70-348
                                                                                  YOUR COST $4.85 each
        ITEM #70-087 Inland 8” Flat Lap Machine Kit
     (Suggested List $449.95) YOUR COST $373.45 each                             Rock Rascal Lapidary
 This Inland 8” Flat Lap Machine is the most affordable                            Combination Unit
 full-featured cabbing set-up on the market! Because of
 its unique low profile design, it can be taken anywhere,
 but will still pass muster on the workbench at home.
 Water cooled system means no messy oil to clean up.
 Faster RPM motor allows you to quickly finish the finest
 cabs possible. This machine includes everything (except
 rocks) you need to start making cabochons today.
     Key Features:
      8” Diamond Discs: Includes four metal bonded
      discs, 2 master laps and a polishing pad.
       (1) 170 Grit 8” Flat Lap (Metal Bonded)
       (1) 325 Grit 8” Flat Lap (Metal Bonded)
       (1) 600 Grit 8” Flat Lap (Metal Bonded)
       (1) 1200 Grit 8” Flat Lap (Metal Bonded)                         Trim slabs for cabs or faceting material,
                                                                        then grind and polish with this handy,
      Quick & Easy: No hassle product assembly,                         portable, combination unit. Comes com-
      operation is easy and straight forward, and                       plete with motor, six inch diamond
      diamond disc changes take less than a minute.                     blade, six inch 100 grit silicon carbide
 Includes: Motor unit, base, grinder surface with open                  grinding wheel, six inch aluminum pol-
 grid work surface, (4) 8” diamond laps, 14,000 diamond
                                                                        ishing head, felt pad, 220 grit silicon car-
                                                                        bide wet/dry disc, and sponge rubber
 compound, polishing pad, water drip system, splash                     pad. One side cuts and trims, the other
 guard, (2) master laps & arbor, and instruction guide.                 side grinds and polishes.        Great for
 Size is 11” wide x 10” deep x 7” high. Speed control unit              faceters and cab cutters!
 for near infinite adjustment. Fits any 6” or 8” laps with
 1/2” arbor holes. Two year full confidence warranty.                                ORDER ITEM #70-671
                    EXTRA LAPS & POLISHING PADS:
                                                                            Check this low wholesale price!
         ITEM   #70-081 170 Grit 8” Lap $53.95 each
                                                                               $37500 each with motor & blade
         ITEM   #70-082 325 Grit 8” Lap $53.95 each
         ITEM   #70-083 600 Grit 8” Lap $53.95 each                         Rock Vise for Above ITEM #70-673
         ITEM   #70-084 1200 Grit 8” Lap $44.95 each
                                                                            (Also fits the Rock Rascal trim saw on
         ITEM   #70-085 8” Master Lap $19.95 each
         ITEM   #70-086 8” Felt Polish Pads (3 pack) $19.95 each            page 75.) YOUR COST $19.95 each

                              Under-Wheel Water System                          Leather Polishing Discs
                                An easy, low cost coolant/lubri-        Chrome tanned cowhide
                                cating system for your grinding         discs an industry stan-
                                and sanding machine. Just sub-          dard for a long list of lap-
                                merge the solid aluminum pulsor         idary    polishing    jobs.
                                in your coolant trough, plug it in      Many gem materials pol-
                                and the pulsor will spray coolant       ish the best with leather.
                                on whichever wheel it’s under.          6 and 8 inch diameter.
                                         ITEM #70-683                  ITEM #70-654 6 inch $5.75 each
                                     YOUR COST $22.05 each             ITEM #70-653 8 inch $9.50 each
               Inland 6” Flat Lap Machine
This Inland 6” Flat Lap Machine is the most affordable full-featured cabbing
set-up on the market! Because of its unique low profile design, it can be taken
anywhere, but will still pass muster on the workbench at home. Water cooled
system means no messy oil to clean up. Faster RPM motor allows you to quick-
ly finish the finest cabs possible. This machine includes everything (except
rocks) you need to start making cabochons today.
  Includes: Motor unit, base, grinder surface with open grid work surface, (4)
  6” diamond laps, polishing pad, 14,000 diamond compound, water drip sys-
  tem, splashguard, two master laps & arbor, and instruction guide. Size is 11”
  wide x 10” deep x 6.75” high. Speed control unit for near infinite adjustment.
  Fits any 6”laps with 1/2” arbor holes. Two year full confidence warranty.
                         EXTRA LAPS & POLISHING PADS:
                ITEM   #70-041 170 Grit 6” Lap $37.95 each
                ITEM   #70-042 325 Grit 6” Lap $37.95 each
                ITEM   #70-043 600 Grit 6” Lap $37.95 each
                ITEM   #70-044 1200 Grit 6” Lap $37.95 each
                ITEM   #70-045 6” Master Lap $13.95 each
                ITEM   #70-046 6” Felt Polish Pads (3 pack) $15.95 each
               ITEM #70-040 Inland 6” Flat Lap Machine Kit (List $349.95) YOUR COST $290.45 each

           Raytech Hustler Vibrating Lap                                  Inland FlexShaftTM Accessory
                                   The ultimate for pol-             The FlexShaftTM turns
                                   ishing slabs, clock
                                                                     your Inland Swap Top
                                   faces, and geode
                                                                     motor into a hand held
                                   halves. The Raytech
                                   Vibrating Lap comes               engraving, drilling, and
                                   complete with two                 shaping tool.
                                   15 inch grooved alu-              Key Features:
                                   minum pans, plus                    *The FlexShaft accessory fits on all motors with a
                                   bumper rings, a pol-              5/16” diameter shaft. Simply plug it on and it’s ready
                                   ish pad, and a grit               to go. *The FlexShaft works with nearly any 1/32” to
                                   kit which includes                1/8” shaft tool or bit. *Use it to engrave, polish, sand,
all the abrasives you need to produce sparkling slabs.               drill and create intricate detailing in many materials.
(Rocks not included). Shipping weight 38 lbs.                        *The drill style chuck is easy to use.
ORDER ITEM #70-677 NEW LOWER PRICE! $630.00 each                          ITEM #70-588 YOUR COST $36.00 each
              (Shipping charges extra.)
                                                                          MK Lapidary Trim & Tile Saw
          Graves Mark IV Faceting Machine
 Variable Speed Motor (0 to 600 RPM)
Aluminum/Magnesium Construction
Accepts Full Size Laps
 Light-Weight and Portable
 Large See-thru Acrylic Drip Tank
 Bright 100 Watt Flexible Lamp
Accurate Readings to 1/10 Degree
 110 Volt AC Model
 Fully wired and Ready to Run
 Full Accessory Package Included
Package includes: Graves                                             This handy little saw is a giant in performance
Mark IV faceting machine,                                            and value and our best selling small trim saw.
dop set, “Fundamental                                                It is a lightweight and portable wet saw has a
Faceting” book, 360 grit                                             flat table making it easier for handling larger
8” Grooved Diamond Disc,                                             slabs up to 1/2 inch thick. High torque 1/2 hp,
1200 grit 8” Metal Bonded                                            4 amp, 5,500 rpm, 115 volt motor. Comes
Diamond Disc, 8” Plastic                                             complete with two diamond blades - a 4-1/2” x
Lap, Stick Shellac, Ultralap Set, and Dia-Cut Lube.                  .060 and a 4 x .020 MK #303C continuous rim
Everything you need except stones and water to                       blade. and a 45 degree rip guide.
get started.                                                                #70-676 Saw with Diamond Blades
 #70-804 Sug. List Price $1330.00 ea. YOUR COST $1179.60 ea.                    YOUR COST $117.00 each
 Price does not include shipping charges. Shipping weight 42 lbs.             (plus freight - ship wt. 12 lbs.)
      c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                         Wholesale Prices             73
     c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                  Wholesale Prices
                                                           The Genie is THE complete package for your
                                                           cab grinding and polishing needs. The Genie is
                                                           powered by a heavy duty, industrially rated,
                                                           sealed capacitor start motor, 1/4 HP, 1725
                                                           RPM, 115 volts AC (230 volt export model avail-
                                                           able). Included with the Genie are two 6 x 1
                                                           1/2” Galaxy diamond grinding wheels (80 &
                                                           220 grit), four 6 x 1 1/2” Nova sanding and pol-
                                                           ishing wheels (280, 600, 1200, & 3,000 grit),
                                                           18” lamp, cab rest, 5 1/2” canvas polishing
                                                           pads, two grams 50,000 grit diamond com-
                                                           pound, 4 oz. bottle Water Aid, four splash
                                                           guards, manual, and a book “How to Use
                                                           Diamond Abrasives”. Also included are SAFETY
                                                           GLASSES which must be worn when operating
                                                           this machine. Allow up to two weeks for deliv-
                                                           ery. Price does not include UPS freight. Many
          “The Genie”            BY DIAMOND PACIFIC        add-on accessories available.

              ORDER ITEM #70-685              ALSO AVAILABLE:                       Telephone
              List Price $2225.00 each           The Titan
          Lower Price! $1850.00 each          CALL FOR PRICE
                                                                                    (307) 322-3050

     Dop Pot                                                    Graves Cab Mate
                                                        “The Do-it-All Lapidary Workcenter”
 Electric dop pot by
 Johnson    Brothers
 has a removeable
 copper pan. Heats
 and maintains prop-
 er temperature for
 dop wax.    Ceramic
 heater uses only 50

             ORDER ITEM #70-807
         NEW LOWER PRICE $38.00 each

               Green Dop Wax
                                                 SAW, GRIND, SAND, AND POLISH on this all-in-one cabbing
                                                 and glass restoration machine. This sturdy unit is made
                                                 with a high quality, cast, aluminum-magnesium base to pro-
                              Eloxite’s          vide years of dependable use. The most versatile cabbing
                           Green Dop Wax         machine on the market, this unit offers clean operation, a
                                                 compact size; only 10 1/2” x 19 1/2” of space required, and
                                                 it weighs only 30 lbs. Powerful two speed 115 volt AC
                                                 motor. All Diamond accessories.
                                                  ITEM #70-662 All Diamond Cab Mate
                   (1 lb.) Box                    Includes machine, work lamp, water supply, 6x.012 Diamond
 The rockhound & lapidary’s staple green          Blade, 180 Grit Diamond Wheel (6x1 1/2”), 600 Grit Diamond
 dop wax for dopping stones to dop sticks.        Thin Disc, a set of three pads, Diamond Compounds 325,
                ORDER ITEM #70-209                1200, and 50,000 Grit, Dop Sticks, and Dop Wax.
                $13.95 per box (1 lb.)                 List Price $669.00 each - YOUR COST $608.70 each

             For FAST Service....
          Telephone (307) 322-3050
                                             Credit Card Orders Welcome
c   ELOXITE CORP.                                                                     WHOLESALE PRICES
                                     LAPIDARY EQUIPMENT

     ITEM #70-860                  ITEM #70-862                ITEM #70-863            ITEM #70-864
                                        Vibrating Tumblers
Two models of vibratory tumblers are available, each with the following features: Removable
heavy-duty polyethylene bowl with lid. Ball bearing motor which operates on 115 volts. The stones
create a cyclonic effect moving down the center and up on the outside, at the same time moving
around the bowl. (Vibrating tumblers work best for polishing preforms and cabs.)
                          ITEM #70-860 YOUR COST $209.90 10 lb. Capacity
                          ITEM #70-861 YOUR COST $499.95 45 lb. Capacity
                                          Rotary Tumblers
               Three models of rotating tumblers are now available. Whether novice or
               expert, we have one to fit your needs! (Rocks not included.)
      ITEM #70-862 YOUR COST $199.95 Heavy-duty model featuring 15 lb. capacity rubber
      coated hexagon barrel and continuous duty, fan cooled 115V motor. Five year guarantee
      on barrel and liner.
      ITEM #70-863 YOUR COST $139.95 Deluxe 9 lb. capacity rubber barrel model with fan
      cooled, continuous duty 115V motor.
      ITEM #70-864 YOUR COST $97.40 3 lb. capacity, rubber barrel, continuous duty
      115V motor model. Besides the tumbler this model includes sample rock, four
      grades of grit, jewelry findings, and booklet “A Guide for Rock Polishers”.
                          We Will Meet or Beat Any Price on These Tumblers!

              Raytech Tumble-Vibe
                                                                                   Rock Rascal
       4 lb. Vibrating Tumbler
                                                                                   Trim Saw
Economical & Versatile
                                                                                   Takes up to 6” diam-
This popular low cost unit is a
favorite of the hobbyist and is                                                    eter blades. Comes
used commercially as well.                                                         with     motor    and
It’s Raytech’s Tumble-Vibe 5                                                       blade.     Uses ball
and will handle about a 4 lb.                                                      bearings for high
load of rock. Bowl diameter is                                                     speeds required with
8” with a new, convenient                         thin blades. Use for trimming slabs for cabs. Cuts fast
solid lid system.     Shipping                    and cool. (Note: For use on tougher, less expensive
weight 7 lbs.                                     material such as agate, we recommend that you order
                                                  an item #27-402 6x.032” MK #303C Pro Continuous
                  ORDER ITEM #70-859
                                                  Rim blade - $43.50 each.)
       Inflation Buster Lower Price $9995 each
        Extra Bowl & Lid Assembly                                ORDER ITEM #70-675
        ITEM #70-870 - Your Cost $24.95 ea.          Inflation Buster Lower Price $275.95 each
                                         Lapidary Equipment
     Raytech 10” Slab & Trim Saw                                       Inland Lapidary
                                                                 DB-100 Diamond Band Saw

                                                                                    The Inland DB-100 Diamond Band
                                                                                    Saw is the first mini band saw engi-
                                                                                    neered to be a multiple use tool that
                                                                                    cuts stone, marble, glass, and a
                                                                                    whole lot more.
                                                                                 Key Features: Comes with a dia-
                                                                                 mond blade for sawing glass,
                                                                                           ceramic, tile, stone, and
                                                                                             more. Coolant system
                                                                                         provides a continuous,
                                                                                   regulated flow of coolant to the
                                                                                   blade when wet sawing. Spring-
                                                                                      loaded     tension     system
                                                                                      insures proper wheel align-
      This could be the best all-around lapidary saw
                                                                                   ment, simple blade setup, and
      on the market today! It’s a Raytech 10” slab
                                                                 perfect tracking to enhance blade life. Motor type
      & trim saw and features an easy to clean, lift-
                                                                 is permanent magnet, high torque, with built in
      out sump, a ball bearing arbor which is pre-
                                                                 speed control. Frame, cover, and water reservior
      cisely aligned, shielded and lubricated for life.
                                                                 are molded, structural grade thermoplastic with
      Positive hold down on the cross feed helps pre-
                                                                 extra thick supports. Work surface is machined
      vent blade damage.       The crossfeed handle
                                                                 aluminum 9” x 10”. It’s rigid, quiet, and light
      moves the vise exactly 1/16” per turn for
      gauging slab thickness. Power feed has an                  weight so it’s easy to handle.    Actual height is
      infeed rate of 10” per hour. Clear hood to help            18”. Uses water for coolant.
      contain oil mist. The vise assembly swings                    ITEM #70-780 Suggested List Price $284.95
      away for easy trimming. Comes complete with                       YOUR WHOLESALE PRICE $236.50
      1/3HP motor and 10 x .040 x 5/8” Green                        Replacement Blade #70-781 $69.95 each
      Blazer blade. Everything you need to start                    Replacement Inserts #70-782 $2.95 each
                                                                     (Optional Wood & Metal Blades Available)
      slabbing and trimming your rock except lubri-
      cant (a suitable lapidary oil recommended).
                                                                             FOR FAST SERVICE!
                     ORDER ITEM #70-678                                            Telephone (307) 322-3050
       List Price $1450.00 WOW - NEW LOWER PRICE
     EVEN WITH A FACTORY INCREASE! $1040.95 each
     (Price does not include freight. Shipping weight 70 lbs.)
                                                                                    Credit Card Orders Welcome

                                by Diamond Pacific
                     “The Complete, Portable Gem Maker”
     The Pixie is the handiest little cab maker on the market. It comes with
     all the main features of the larger Genie but in a smaller, more portable
     size. Each Pixie includes a one piece housing on a 14 1/2” x 18” formi-
     ca baseboard, 1/8 HP motor, Spra-Mist coolant system, one 80 grit and
     one 220 grit 4” x 1 1/4” Galaxy metal-bond diamond grinding wheel, one
     set of four 4” x 1 1/4” Nova resin-bond diamond sanding and polishing
     wheels (one each 280, 600, 1200, and 3,000 grit), one 15” flex stem lamp,
     one 4” 14,000 grit Diamond Nova Disc, handy cab rest, base for geyser,
     sample bottle of Water Aid, set of two splash guards and a manual. We
     also include SAFETY GLASSES which must be worn when operating this
     machine. Price does not include UPS freight.
                               ORDER ITEM #70-806
                     List Price $1525.00 each INFLATION BUSTER - LOWER PRICE $1270.00 each
76       c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                       Wholesale Prices
                        Lapidary Equipment & Supplies
              Dop StationTM                                   Cab King Grinder/Polisher

The Dop StationTM is a thermostatically-con-
trolled ceramic heater for melting and keep-
ing your dop wax at the perfect temperature
along with built-in storage for all your tools!
Key Features:                                         The Cab King 6V3 is a direct drive 6” diameter diamond
 *Handy storage for dop sticks, wax, and other        wheel grinding and polishing machine for all your cab-
  tools.                                              bing needs. It has an adjustable water feed system that
 *Lighted switch for convenient and safe operation    drips clean water on the wheels instead of bubbling up
 *Melts waxes for dopping cabochons or faceting       dirty water. This system is based on a separate water
  rough.                                              pump (included) that eliminates costly upkeep of the
 *Pre-heat stones on the wide bezel for better adhe   built-in air pump found on other machines. Our simpli-
 sion (Note: some temperature resistant stones        fied drainage system has a hose connected to the pans
 should be warmed with care.)                         so the dirty water drains out without the user constant-
    ITEM #70-587 YOUR COST $31.95 each                ly having to empty them. Shipping weight 54 lbs.
                                                      *Key Features:
We are distributors for Diamond Pacific,                 * Clean water, contamination free, independent, adjustable,
Raytech, Graves, Barranca Diamond, MK                 drip feed system including pump. * No maintenance, direct
Diamond, Lapcraft, LORTONE, and several               drive 1/4 HP 1800 RPM motor, 60 HZ, 110 volt. * Polishing
                                                      accessory kit (canvas disc, diamond paste, goggles and
others, so if you need something you don’t            apron). * 360 grit electroplated diamond full face lap.
see here - give us a call at (307) 322-3050           (8 inch trim saw attachment and replacement parts available)
for competitive pricing!                               ITEM #70-026 LOW WHOLESALE PRICE $1399.00 each

                       Eastwind Diamond Belts & Flex Wheels
Eastwind Diamond Belts & Flex Wheels are high quality diamond sanding and polishing prod-
ucts and they are made in the U.S.A. An excellent value.
 Diamond Belts for 8 x 3” Expandable Drums                          6 x 1 1/2” Diamond Flex Wheels
                                   Resin bonded belts  Now an affordable alter-
                                   giving a nice smoothnative to other soft
                                   finish. Under nor-  sanding and polishing
                                   mal use they should wheels. Diamonds are
                                   last from 50 to 100 embedded in a tough
times longer than silicon carbide abrasives. For use   resin base, then bonded
with 8x3 Inch expandable drums.                        to a foam backed wheel.
    #70-789 120 Grit          #70-794 1200 Grit        Perfect for sanding and
    #70-790 220 Grit          #70-795 1800 Grit
                              #70-796 3000 Grit        polishing, eliminating
    #70-791 325 Grit                                   flat spots, blending sur-
    #70-792 400 Grit          #70-797 8000 Grit
    #70-793 600 Grit          #70-798 50,000 Grit      faces, and producing
                              #70-799 100,000 Grit     glossy finishes. 6 inch diameter wheels that
  Sug. List Price $87.66 each YOUR COST $69.95 each    are 1 1/2 inches wide. Bushings are included
                                                       to fit most arbor sizes.
                                          Dressing          #70-820 180 Grit        #70-825 1200 Grit
                                            Stick           #70-821 220 Grit
                                                            #70-822 400 Grit
                                                                                    #70-826 3000 Grit
                                                                                    #70-827 8000 Grit
Every lapidary craftsman needs these. Special alu-          #70-823 600 Grit        #70-828 14,000 Grit
minum oxide stick designed expressly for dressing dia-      #70-824 800 Grit        #70-829 50,000 Grit
mond blades, wheels, and many other diamond tools.               Suggested List Price $110.24 each
               ITEM #70-598 $3.75 each                              YOUR COST $89.95 each
    c Eloxite Corp.                                                                   Wholesale Prices  77
          c   Eloxite Corp.
                                       Equipment & Supplies                                               Wholesale Prices

 Diamond Pacific Wheels                                                                                 Silicon
 Diamond Pacific Standard Galaxy
 diamond grinding wheels and Nova                                                                    Carbide Belts
 Resin-Bond diamond sanding and
 polishing wheels. 4, 6, & 7 5/8 inch                             Made with premium grains and materials. The
 sizes to fit a variety of today’s                                backing consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton
 machines.                                                        which will out-last and out-perform 100% cotton
     Note: No returns or refunds on Diamond                       backing. Each belt features a flat joint, with high
     Pacific Wheels as we have no control                         strength bonding. Six and eight inch sizes for use
     over proper use.                                             with expandable drums. USE WET OR DRY.
                         4 x 1 1/4” Wheels
                                                                       6 x 2 1/2” BELTS                    8 x 3” BELTS
                                          NOVA WHEELS              (Actual Length 18 15/16”)        (Actual Length 25 7/32”)
     #70-770 80 grit                 #70-775 280 grit
                                                                      #70-600 100 grit                   #70-610 100 grit
     List Price $150.00 each         #70-776 600 grit
                                                                      #70-601 220 grit                   #70-611 220 grit
     YOUR COST $120.00 each          #70-777 1200 grit
                                                                      #70-604 320 grit                   #70-614 320 grit
                                     #70-778 3,000 grit
 #70-771 220 grit                                                     #70-602 400 grit                   #70-612 400 grit
                                     #70-779 14,000 grit
 List Price $110.00 each             List Price $87.00 each           #70-603 600 grit                   #70-613 600 grit
 YOUR COST $88.00 each               YOUR COST $69.60 each              $2.90 each or                      $3.55 each or
                                                                      $31.30 per dozen                   $38.35 per dozen
                        6 x 1 1/2” Wheels
         GALAXY WHEELS                    NOVA WHEELS
     #70-640 80 grit                 #70-645 280 grit              Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels
     List Price $200.00 each         #70-646   600 grit           Fast cutting green grinding
     YOUR COST $160.00 each          #70-647   1200 grit          wheels made from 100% vir-
                                     #70-644   3000 grit          gin silicon carbide. Green
 #70-641 220 grit                    #70-648   14,000 grit        wheels will not glaze easily.
 List Price $140.00 each             List Price $130.00 each
                                                                  Used by cab cutters for the
 YOUR COST $112.00 each              YOUR COST $104.00 each
                                                                  years. Bushings included
                              7 5/8” Wheels                       for a variety of arbor sizes.
 GALAXY WHEELS 1 1/2” wide NOVA WHEELS 2” wide
                                                                  **Grinding wheels must be
 #70-650 80 grit          #70-655 280 grit
                                                                  used with adequate guards as
 List Price $260.00 each  #70-656 600 grit
                          #70-657 1200 grit                       described in ANSI Code B.7.1. Do not exceed
 YOUR COST $208.00 each                                           recommended operating speeds. Always wear
                          #70-659 3000 grit
 #70-651 220 grit         #70-658 14,000 grit                     safety glasses when using a grinder.
 List Price $180.00 each             List Price $215.00 each      ITEM #           SIZE            GRIT        YOUR COST
 YOUR COST $144.00 each              YOUR COST $172.00 each       70-690         6 x 1”            100         $28.90 each
                                                                  70-691         6 x 1”            220         $33.30 each
              Sanding Drums                                       70-692         8 x 1 1/2”        100         $54.25 each
 Expandable sanding drums are                                     70-693         8 x 1 1/2”        220         $58.45 each
 some of the best tools for sanding
 or polishing. These are soft, pli-
 able rubber that expands during                                             Silicon Carbide Discs
 rotation to grip the belts. Belts                                                  A long time favorite with cabbers
 slide on and off. Use with silicon                                                  and lapidaries. High quality sili-
 carbide      or     diamond      belts.                                              con carbide bonded to a tough
 Complete with arbor bushings.                                                        waterproof backing for wet or
               6 x 2 1/2” DRUM - ITEM #70-660                                         dry use. Attaches to master disc
   Sug. List Price $72.00 each - YOUR COST $61.90 each
                                                                                     with disc adhesive. Available in 6
                 8 x 3” DRUM - ITEM #70-661                                         or 8 inch size in the grits shown.
  Sug. List Price $96.00 each - YOUR COST $79.00 each
                                                                           6” Discs                           8” Discs
                                                                      #70-630 100 grit                   #70-635 100 grit
                              Silicon Carbide Belts                   #70-631 220 grit                   #70-636 220 grit
                                   (Bulk Rolls)                       #70-632 320 grit
                                                                      #70-634 600 grit
                                                                                                         #70-637 320 grit
                                                                                                         #70-639 600 grit
                          High quality silicon carbide belts             $1.40 each or                      $2.40 each or
                          as 25 foot rolls. You can cut                $15.10 per dozen                   $25.90 per dozen
                           these to length for many uses.         (May be mixed for dozen price)   (May be mixed for dozen price)
                          Use Wet or Dry.
                                                                     #30-100 DISC ADHESIVE (5 oz. tube)
                             3” WIDTH          #70-629 320 grit
                                                                     Contact adhesive for attaching sanding discs.
                          #70-625 100 grit     #70-627 400 grit
       $22.40 each                                                   (Ships by UPS Only) YOUR COST $9.35 each
                          #70-626 220 grit     #70-628 600 grit
         MK Diamond Gemking                                                   8 inch Lap Size
                                                          Inland Swap-Top TM All-In-Wonder TM
                                                             Complete Lapidary Workshop

                                                         The 8 inch All-In-Wonder can be set up as an 8” Flat
These are the revamped Gemking 301 blades that           Lap (6 or 8” laps may be used), a 6 1/2” Trim Saw,
feature an improved, higher carbon core making it        or a 1” Drum Grinder/Shaper. Water cooled sys-
a tougher blade. Also, the rim has been changed to       tem. Faster RPM motor allows you to quickly finish
an improved kerf design for better cutting and cool-     cabochons. Includes everything (except rocks) you
ing. The rim (kerf) is higher for a longer lasting       need to start making cabochons today. Shipping
blade and is all diamond - not diamond then steel.       weight 20 lbs.
We had a customer tell us it was “the best blade he’s    Key Features:
ever used”. A good mineral oil is the recommended           The direct drive Permanent Magnet DC motor is stronger
lubricant. Blades run in water are not guaranteed.       than other machines you will find for two or three times the
                                                         price. Comes complete with speed controller and water drip
Take advantage of these LOW WHOLESALE PRICES!            kit.
NOTE:   When ordering blades, BE SURE TO                    As a Flat Lap Machine: Quickly and easily converts to a
INCLUDE THE ARBOR SIZE (HOLE SIZE) you need.             Swap Top Flat Lap Machine with the conversion kit provid-
                                                         ed. Includes (1) 170 Grit 8” Flat Lap, (1) 325 Grit 8” Flat Lap,
 ITEM # DIMENSIONS LIST PRICE YOUR COST                  (1) 600 Grit 8” Flat Lap, (1) 1200 Grit 8” Flat Lap, (2) 8” Master
 27-201   6” x .025” $81.00       $60.75                 Laps, 14,000 diamond compound, and a polishing pad. (Can
 27-202   8” x .040” $111.00      $83.25                 be used with 6” or 8” laps.)
 27-204 10” x .040”  $134.00    $100.50                   As a Trim Saw: Quickly and easily converts to a Swap Top
 27-207 12” x .065”  $210.00    $157.50                  Trim Saw. Includes (1) 6 1/2” x .020” diamond blade.
 27-220 14” x .060”  $312.00    $234.00                   As an Edger/Shaper. Quickly and easily converts to a Swap
 27-221 16” x .060”  $402.00    $301.50                  Top Edger/Shaper. Includes (1) 1” 60 grit diamond drum.
 27-222 18” x .085”  $478.00    $358.50                  ITEM #70-080 List $579.95 YOUR COST $469.95 each
 27-223 20” x .085”  $525.00    $393.75
                                                                          Replacement Blade or Drum
Need something else by MK/Barranca?                          Diamond Saw Blade ITEM #27-540 $28.95 each
                                                             1” 60 Grit Diamond Drum ITEM #70-048 $26.95 each
We can get it for you at a wholesale price!                  See page 72 for replacement laps.

303C Pro Continuous & 303C Pro Segmented Blades
303C Pro Continuous Rim                                 by MK Diamond
ITEM #       SIZE       LIST PRICE   YOUR COST MK/Barranca Professional lap-
27-400    4” x .020”       $46.00      $33.50  idary diamond blades for cut-
27-402    6” x .032”      $58.00       $43.50  ting many materials such as
27-404    8” x .032”      $72.00       $54.00  agate, quartz, jasper, jade and
27-406    10” x .050”    $106.00       $79.50  others. We are stocking the
27-408    12” x .065”    $224.00      $168.00  303C Continuous Rim blades
27-409    14” x .070”    $248.00      $186.00  in the six sizes shown while in
303C Pro Segmented Rim
                                               the 303C Segmented Rim* we
                                               stock four sizes (the 30” blade is
                                               shipped from the factory). The other
27-410*   16” x .085”    $294.00      $203.00
                                               MK sizes of these blades as well as any other MK/Barranca
27-411*   18” x .085”    $336.00      $249.00
                                               diamond products are available at low wholesale prices. A
27-412*   20” x .100”    $356.00      $320.00  good mineral oil like the Lortone Cutting Oil is the recom-
27-413*   24” x .100”    $777.00      $550.00  mended lubricant. Blades that have been run in water are not
27-414*   30” x .125”   $1119.00      $739.00  guaranteed. Be sure to state arbor (hole) size when ordering.
     c   ELOXITE CORPORATION                                                           WHOLESALE PRICES
             The Tough Ones!           ECONOMICAL!                  Plastic Pellets for Tumbling
       Continuous Rim Diamond Blades
                                          We had these blades
                                          tested and found that
                                          they cut extremely
                                          well! They also last a
                                          long time, in fact they
                                          cut, and cut, and cut!
                                          Now available in three
                                          diameters - 6 inch, 8
                                          inch, and 10 inch.
                                          Save as much as 50%
                                          off list prices!          These plastic pellets will be a valuable
                                                                    addition to your tumbling operation.
     The retail price of a good 10 inch blade ranges                They float which makes for easy separa-
     from $100.00 to $130.00 each. Eloxite has BRO-                 tion and they can be used over and over.
     KEN THE PRICE BARRIERS and we are selling                      An excellent filler or cushioning materi-
     these premium quality continuous rim blades for                al in the tumbler. Don’t mix between
                                                                    grinding and polishing steps.
     an UNHEARD OF PRICE OF $56.00 EACH. These
     blades last longer and cut much faster than                           ITEM #70-706 $4.95 per lb.
     notched rim or other types. They should be run in                      For FAST service!
     a light oil such as Lortone Lapidary oil. Please
     specify arbor (hole) size (5/8” or 1/2” available for
                                                                       Telephone (307) 322-3050
     all three blades).
 #27-460 6” x (Appx.) .044” Rim Thickness PRICE $35.20 each
                                                                                   CREDIT CARD ORDERS WELCOME
 #27-463 8” x (Appx.) .044” Rim Thickness PRICE $48.00 each
                                                                    See our website at
 #27-465 10” x (Appx.) .052” Rim Thickness PRICE $56.00 each        for all catalog products & more!

                  R      R             You asked for ‘em.                      Lube Cool 4800
             LICE                               We’ve got ‘em!
         O-S                          If you saw expensive materi-      Lube Cool 4800 is the
       PR                              als like opal, turquoise, or     most advanced 100%
                                       faceting rough, it is impor-     synthetic, water-solu-
                                       tant that you not waste the      able lapidary coolant on
                                       material with thick saw cuts.    the    market      today.
                                      The Pro-Slicer blades will cut    Excellent     lubricating
                                    through these materials with a      properties,rust inhibitors,
                                 minimum of waste and make a            plus skin conditioners.
 clean cut. They have a bonded rim that makes for fast cutting. At      Does not contain any
 this time we have them in stock for immediately delivery at whole-     nitrosamines, phenols,
 sale prices. They are used by commercial lapidaries the world over.    nitrates, sulphur, chlorine, phos-
 (Not recommended for slabbing). Oil lubricant recommended.             phates, or oil. Lube Cool 4800 is
                                                                        100% biodegradable.         Successful
         ITEM #     BLADE SIZE            KERF       YOUR COST          tests were made on all sizes of dia-
         27-300     4 x .004 x 1/2”       .007         $23.95           mond blades up to 24”. You’ll be
         27-301     4 x .004 x 5/8”       .007         $23.95           pleased with the results. For most
         27-302     4 x .012 x 1/2”       .016         $23.95           sawing, mix 10 to 1 with water, up
         27-303     4 x .012 x 5/8”       .016         $23.95           to 20 to 1 for grinding. Available in
         27-306     6 x .006 x 1/2”       .009         $28.95           three sizes - 16 oz., 32 oz., or the
         27-307     6 x .006 x 5/8”       .009         $28.95           economical gallon size.
         27-308     6 x .012 x 1/2”       .016         $28.95
         27-309     6 x .012 x 5/8”       .016         $28.95           #70-740 16 oz. (One Pint) $9.95 each
         27-310     6 x .025 x 1/2”       .032         $32.50           #70-741 32 oz. (One Quart) $17.75 ea.
         27-311     6 x .025 x 5/8”       .032         $32.50           #70-742 One Gallon $59.95 each
         27-312     8 x .012 x 5/8”       .016         $41.40
         27-313     8 x .025 x 5/8”       .032         $41.40               Buy from Eloxite
         27-314     10 x .015 x 5/8”      .019         $57.95
         27-315     10 x .032 x 5/8”      .040         $57.95                and SAVE $$
   c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                       Wholesale Prices
                                     Estwing           ROCKHOUND TOOLS
            Rock Picks
                                                                           Geo/Paleo Pick
                All Steel Construction
          Forged in One Piece - Fully Polished
              Exclusive Nylon-Vinyl Grip
                                                           Has a large pointed tip pick on one end with
                                                           a large digger/shovel on the other end.
               Pointed Tip Picks - Available in                               ITEM #70-906
                   Men’s or Ladies’ Sizes                                 YOUR COST $64.25 ea.
          Item #        Size         YOUR COST
          70-900 22 oz. (Mens’)         $37.70 ea.
                                                                            Crack Hammers
          70-901 14 oz. (Ladies’)       $36.40 ea.

              Chisel Edge Picks - Available in
                  Men’s or Ladies’ Sizes

                                                       Solid steel hammers with nylon-vinyl grip in three sizes.
                                                                     ITEM #70-917 2 lb. Hammer
                                                                       YOUR COST $33.45 each
         Item #        Size           YOUR COST
         70-914   20 oz. (Mens’)       $36.25 ea.                    ITEM #70-918 3 lb. Hammer
                                                                      YOUR COST $33.45 each
         70-915   12 oz. (Ladies’)     $36.00 ea.
                                                                     ITEM #70-919 4 lb. Hammer
                                                                       YOUR COST $37.70 each
                  Rock Chisels
Solid steel rock chisels with vinyl cushion grips                    Safety Goggles
now in four sizes.                                     Soft Vinyl Frame - Replaceable Lens
                                                         “Always wear Safety Goggles when
                                                       using hand tools to protect your eyes”
        Overall Length 12” - Cut Width 5/8”
                                                                Order Item #70-905
       ITEM #70-920 YOUR COST $11.15 ea.
                                                               YOUR COST $3.35 ea.

                                                                             Gold Pans
 Overall Length 9” - Cut Width 3/4” Wedge Style                                       With Riffles
     ITEM #70-921 YOUR COST $16.05 ea.                                                Estwing 24 Gauge steel
                                                                                      or heavy plastic gold
                                                                                      pans made with riffles
                                                                                      to catch the fine
        Overall Length 8” - Cut Width 1 1/8”
                                                                                      specks of gold. 12 or
       ITEM #70-903 YOUR COST $14.65 ea.
                                                                                      14” diameter size.
                                                           Metal Pans:
                                                           ITEM #70-910 12” Diameter
                                                           YOUR COST $5.75 each or $62.10 per dozen
         Overall Length 7” - Cut Width 2 3/8”              ITEM #70-911 14” Diameter
        ITEM #70-922 YOUR COST $14.65 ea.                  YOUR COST $6.95 each or $75.05 per dozen

  Rock Pick Belt Sheaths or Holster                       Plastic Pans:
                                                          ITEM #70-925 12” Diameter
                                                          YOUR COST $4.95 each or $53.45 per dozen
                                                          ITEM #70-926 14” Diameter
                                                          YOUR COST $6.85 each or $74.00 per dozen
Long lasting genuine
leather in two styles.                                            Foredom Micro Chuck
For Pointed Tip Picks     Pick holster in tough,
ORDER ITEM #70-902        ABS plastic fits pointed     This Foredom Micro Chuck is a great tool for chucking
For Chisel Edge Picks     tip and chisel edge picks.   small diamond drills into a drill that normally won’t
ORDER ITEM #70-931          ORDER ITEM #70-930         take them. In our drills it will accept the 3/4mm up
                                                       to 1 1/2mm drills. The chuck itself has a 1/8” shank.
 YOUR COST $6.95 ea.        YOUR COST $5.50 ea.                       ITEM #70-065 $17.00 each                 81
        c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                             Wholesale Prices
                              Lapidary Grit, Polish, & More
                Silicon Carbide Grain                                              Lapidary Polishes
            Best quality virgin silicon carbide                          Below you’ll find a number of
                                                                         high quality lapidary polishes
                 for tumbling, grinding, or lapping                      and a pre-polish for all your            Lapidary
       Available in one pound bags or 100 pound drums.                   rock polishing needs and all at           Polish
                                                                         LOW WHOLESALE PRICES!
                            #70-700   60/90 Coarse   $4.05 lb.
                            #70-701   60/90 Coarse   $306.95 100 lb.      Alumina TXP Polish:
                            #70-702   120/220 Med.   $4.40 lb.           High grade Alumina base provides long lasting
                            #70-703   120/220 Med.   $342.00 100 lb.     polishing particles for use on almost any mate-
                            #70-704   500 & Finer    $ 7.35 lb.          rial. Great for tumbling or hand polishing.
                            #70-705   500 & Finer    $ 600.20 100 lb.              Order ITEM #70-429
                                                                         YOUR COST $10.65 per lb. or 5 lbs. for $47.90
                            Grit sizes fall approximately into the
                            ranges shown. The grain is not grad-          Rapid Polish:
                            ed to one specific size.
                                                                         This polish has stood the test of time over
     Note: Shipping charges may be higher than those quoted              the years. It will work on almost any lap-
                                                                         idary material. Especially good for tumbling.
     on the back of our order blanks due to the weight.
                                                                                   Order ITEM #70-426
                                                                           YOUR COST $15.35 lb. or 5 lbs. for $63.80
              Ceramic Tumbling Media
                                                                          Tin Oxide:
 Could be the answer to some of your                                      AAA Grade Tin Oxide that will put a high
 tumbling problems is the need for a                                      polish on most gem materials. Good for
 filler or carrier which also acts as a                                   tumbling and hand polishing.
 buffer to keep material such as obsidi-                                           Order ITEM #70-422
 an from bumping into each other which                                   YOUR COST $34.50 per lb. or 5 lbs. for $151.80
 can prevent polishing. This is a non-
                                                                          Linde A Polish:
 abrasive, angle end, cylinder shape ceramic media which                  Linde A is the best and purest grade of
 works great in any tumbling stage. Just be sure the                      Aluminum Oxide. The 0.3 micron size par-
 media is cleaned well when changing stages. Will help                    ticles make it excellent for faceting. Linde
 speed up the tumbling process and give a super finish.                   A will put a mirror-like finish on jade and
 Actual size 5/32” x 5/16”.                                               many other tough to polish stones.
                                                                          ITEM #70-420 one ounce $11.40 each
            ORDER ITEM #70-428 YOUR COST $7.15 per lb.
                                                                          ITEM #70-425 one pound $164.85 each

            Grinding Wheel Dresser                                        ALUMINUM OXIDE PRE-POLISH:
                                                                         Good grade, 800 grit aluminum oxide makes
 Diamond grinding wheel
                                                                         a great pre-polish. After your other sanding
 dresser for use on silicon
                                                                         stages, use this and follow with a final polish
 carbide wheels. Perfect for
                                                                         and you’ll be extra pleased with the results.
 truing, flattening, and cleaning grinding wheel surfaces.
                                                                                      Order ITEM #70-710
               ORDER ITEM #70-597 $27.95 each
                                                                                    YOUR COST $8.55 per lb.
                                 Diamond Drills                                 Diamond Core Drill
                               Use for drilling holes in stone
                               items for screw eyes, pinch bails,
                               etc. Choose from the sizes shown
                               below. Made in the U.S.A.                 Three sizes to choose from. Use the 3/8” size
                                                                         for drilling holes to fit our battery quartz clocks.
 ITEM #         SIZE             YOUR COST $3.55 each                    Durable, diamond tipped core drill works great
 70-220        3/4mm                  or Six for $19.00                  for rock, ceramic tile, and other hard material.
                         (Sizes may be mixed for qty. price)             Be sure to use a light, non-detergent oil for con-
 70-221        1mm
                                                                         stant lubrication when drilling.
 70-222        1-1/4mm NOTE: We recommend the use of a light
                                                                               #70-229 5/16” Diameter $29.65 each
 70-223        1-1/2mm non-detergent oil for lubrication when
                       using diamond drills.                                   #70-230 3/8” Diameter $31.75 each
 70-224        2mm
                         Note: No returns or refunds on diamond                #70-231 7/16” Diameter $33.15 each
 70-225        2-1/2mm   drills as we have no control over proper use.          Note: No returns or refunds on core drills
                (For screw eyes use 1-1/4mm size)                               as we have no control over proper use.
            Stone Setting Pliers                                          Cobb Silver Solder
                                                                    These are genuine Cobb solder sheets in
                            These specialty pli-                    three different hardnesses - soft, medium,
                            ers are a great                         and hard. Silver solder sheets are sold six
                            value! They’re high                     to a package (six dram weight). Approx.
                            quality box joint pli-                  size of sheet is shown to the left.
                            ers for setting or                      NOTE: Prices are subject to change with silver market
                            tightening prongs            SILVER #70-110-------Soft---------$26.50 per package
on just about any prong-type mounting. The               SOLDER #70-111-------Medium---$27.45 per package
jaws are shaped so that they fit over the prongs.               #70-112-------Hard--------$28.35 per package
   ITEM #70-201 - Suggested List Price $18.65 each
             YOUR COST $15.65 each
                                                                             Silver Solder
    Precision Stone Setting Pliers                                                (LOW TEMP. SOLDER)
                            The ideal pliers for all                      Stay-Brite silver solder is five times
                            your stone setting                            stronger than ordinary solder. Flows
                            needs. Complete with a                        free and smooth and solders all met-
                            10 to 1 lever ratio,                          als and retains its bright finish.
                            adjustable and parallel                       Won’t break under constant stress.
                            closing jaws, and a lim-                            ORDER ITEM #70-105
                            ited travel stop, these                        (Ships by UPS Only) $19.00 each
pliers are the solution to regular plier problems.
             ITEM #70-200 - $29.95 each                                  Soldering Pick
              Soldering Block
Magnesia     soldering                                 Deluxe Titanium soldering pick is made to lift or posi-
block is a super value.                                tion drops of molten solder and features a high-tech
Block measures 6 x 3                                   Titanium rod to which solder cannot stick!
x 1 1/2 inches and is                                                     ITEM #70-509
easily punctured to                                                    YOUR COST $6.50 each
allow work to be held
during soldering.
             ORDER ITEM #70-510                                                                     Epoxy 330
        $5.85 each or $66.20 per dozen                                                                (Ships by UPS
                    Solder Flux
                                                       The industry standard for assembling doublets and
            The tried-and-true jewelers’ yellow-
                                                       triplets and for bonding gem materials to metal find-
            green self pickling solder flux. For
                                                       ings. Also works great for invisible bonding of glass,
            hard soldering use on silver, gold,
                                                       china, ceramics, stone metals and other non-porous
            platinum, etc. Preserves color and
                                                       materials. Hardens in about one hour - or 10 minutes
            temper of metal. Water based and
                                                       under a heat lamp. One ounce size.
            well mixed to eliminate suspension.
            Available in two sizes.                        ORDER ITEM #30-103 YOUR COST $5.50 each
             #70-115 4 oz. YOUR COST $3.75 each
             #70-116 8 oz. YOUR COST $5.40 each                5 Minute Epoxy
                                                       No more leaky tubes and no guesswork
        All-Purpose Glue                               with this durable dual-tube syringe
                                                       dispenser.    The correct amount of
Bond 527 is a clear, strong, durable,                  resin and hardener are dispensed just
quick-drying adhesive and is one of                    by pressing the plunger. A quick mix
the most popular craft & hobby glues                   and it’s ready to use. Clear, fast, and
available today.    Use it for gluing                  foolproof epoxy. Ideal for speedy jew-
glass, gemstones, shells, china,                       elry repairs - fix it with only a short
                                                       wait for your customers. Bonds many
leather, metal, wood, tile, most plas-
                                                       different materials - metals, ceramics,
tics, paper, etc. 2 ounce tube.                        glass, wood, etc. One ounce tube.
           Order ITEM #30-101                                  ORDER ITEM #30-102
     $5.15 each or $55.60 per dozen                          YOUR COST $5.60 each or
          (Ships by UPS Only)                                   $60.50 per dozen
        c   Eloxite Corp.                                                               Wholesale Prices
     c   Eloxite Corp.
                         Jeweler’s Tools & Supplies                                          Wholesale Prices

 Metal Ring Sizer                                                              Burnishers
 Sturdy metal ring sizers are
 complete with sizes from 1
 to 15 in American standard                                                    #70-503 Straight
 sizes.    Graduated in 1/2
 sizes. Bright nickel finish
 will last a lifetime.
 ITEM #70-500 $14.95 each                                                      #70-504 Curved
                                                                                  $6.25 each
                         Pin Vise                              Polished tool steel burnishers set in wood handles
                                                               for smoothing bezels and prongs around stones.

                                                                   Foredom Flex Shaft Kit
 Double ended pin vise can be used to hold a wide vari-        The best general pur-              U.S.A. Made!
 ety of items such as small drills, wire, taps, etc., or       pose, pro quality flexi-
 can be used as a handle for dopping small stones. Two         ble shaft power tool
 jaws with a capacity of 0 to 1.5mm and 1.5 to 2.5mm.          kit. Includes: Hang-up
                                                               style 1/8 HP ball bear-
         ORDER ITEM #70-515 YOUR COST $5.60 each               ing motor with variable
                  Sliding Brass Gauge                          speed up to 18,000
                                                               RPM, 110 Volt AC.
                                       This is one of the      Key-type 3-jaw geared
                                       handiest tools you      chuck style handpiece.
                                       can own! Great for      35 piece accessory kit
             measuring cabs, stones, or anything else inside   with burs, cutters,
           or out (up to 80mm or 3 inches). Solid brass con-   grinding stones, etc.
          struction. Calibrated for inches or millimeters.       ITEM #70-680 Suggested List Price $329.00 ea.
         ITEM #70-308 $7.30 each or $78.85 per dozen                     YOUR COST $257.95 each


 Gem Tumbling and Baroque
 Jewelry Making by Arthur and             Gemstones of the World                The Complete Metalsmith by
 Lila Victor is a great book for any-     Revised & Updated by Walter           Tim McCreight.      Best tech-
 one doing tumbling and making            Schumann. Over 14,000 spec-           niques of working with gold,
 tumbled stones into jewelry. In          imens. Discover what gems are,        platinum, copper, brass, steel,
 tumbling it covers selecting             how they are classified and           plaster, and more. “No metal-
 stones to tumble, special tum-           named, their physical proper-         smith or jewelry maker is com-
 bling techniques for specific                                                  plete without this easy-to-use
                                          ties, and how they are cut and
 stones     including     “tougher”                                             resource.”- Lapidary Journal.
                                          polished. “The Reference” for
 stones and much more. The jew-                                                 208 pages, 2,500 black &
                                          rockhounds & gem cutters.
 elry making section shows many                                                 white illustrations, 7 3/8 x 9
 guidelines and suggestions for           278 color pages, 4 7/8 x 7
                                          5/8” hardbound.                       1/8”, spiral bound.
 the craft. 58 page book in 8x9
 inch size with many illustrations             ORDER ITEM #70-544                    ORDER ITEM #70-546
 in black and white
                                             YOUR COST $23.65 each                 YOUR COST $16.50 each
  ITEM #70-501 YOUR COST $6.20 ea.
                         Jeweler’s Tools & Supplies
      Wood Ring Clamp                             Saw Frame
                                                High quality German
                                                saw frame made of tem-
                                                pered tool steel with a
                                                reinforced wooden han-
Long lasting hardwood ring clamp. Round         dle. Large thumb screw
and flat leather lined jaws bound with a riv-   on top allows for easy
eted brass band. Actual length six inches.      blade tension adjustment. Saw height is four inches.
 ITEM #70-301 YOUR COST $9.95 each              ITEM #70-306 List Price $23.85 - YOUR COST $18.95 ea.

                Jeweler’s Saw Blades                                       Metal Ring Clamp

European quality, durable and fast-cutting. Once you try them
you’ll never want to switch. Actual length 5 1/4”. Four dozen
blades in assorted popular sizes. 48 blades for only $11.65.
            ITEM #70-305 - $11.65 per assortment                      Inside or outside, this ring clamp will
                                                                      do the job. It clamps from the out-
                              Soldering Clamps                        side for filing, polishing, and stone
                                                                      setting and it will hold rings from the
                         Double third hand clamps allow hand          inside for total circumference polish-
                         free work on two different items at          ing. Made of high strength aluminum
                         once. Heavy cast base prevents tip-          alloy which absorbs heat away from
                         ping.   Eight adjustable ball joints         the ring. Holds ring sizes 1 through
                         allow work at any angle. Make your           13.
                         fine soldering work easy with this
                         handy tool.                                   ITEM #70-304 Sug. List Price $25.45
ITEM #70-300 Sug. List Price $17.20 LOWER COST $11.05each                   YOUR COST $20.95 ea.

           Ring Mandrel                  Made in the USA               Rawhide Mallet

                                                                            (1 inch diameter)
               ORDER ITEM #70-302                                       ORDER ITEM #70-303
 Sug. List Price $33.15 - YOUR COST $24.60 ea.             Sug. List Price $23.60 ea. - YOUR COST $17.75 each
For truly professional ring finishing we recommend the use of a steel mandrel and rawhide mallet. -
Hardened tool steel, grooved, working mandrel has sizing marks graduated in 1/4 sizes from 1 to 15. -
Rawhide mallet with hickory handle and specially treated rawhide. Will not scar soft metal surfaces.

                Ring Stretcher              Made in the USA

                              Impact ring stretcher is made of
                              tempered steel and is easy to use.
Tapered shaft slips into the outer mandrel which spreads when
you strike the end of the shaft causing the ring to be stretched.                               Cleaner
               ORDER ITEM #70-502 $23.95 each

                      Nylon Hammer

Everybody that works with jewelry must have one of these! It’s       Clean your jewelry and gems with this
a German made hammer with nylon faces. Set prongs or bezels          compact electro-sonic cleaner. 110
and do other metal working tasks without scarring the metal.         volt unit includes liquid cleaner. 2
Drop forged head with two durable 7/8” diameter nylon faces          year warranty.
and a seasoned ash handle make it the best quality and value.           ITEM #70-309 Sug. List Price $34.00
ITEM #70-355 Sug. List Price $13.30 YOUR COST $11.10 each                   YOUR COST $28.35 each
           c   ELOXITE CORPORATION                                              WHOLESALE PRICES                85
 c    ELOXITE CORP.                                                                      WHOLESALE PRICES
                           Jeweler’s Tools & Supplies
       For snipping chain, wire,                                       Chain Nose
       and all cutting jobs in
       the lapidary.                                                   Pliers
                                                                       These pliers are used for set-
        ORDER ITEM #70-205                                             ting cabs, closing jump rings,
       YOUR COST $9.95 each                                            attaching chains and many
                                                                       other purposes.

                                                                            ORDER ITEM #70-206
                                                                          Sug. List Price $18.95 each
                                                                          YOUR COST $14.95 each

                                       ZAM      R
                                                    Jewelry Polish                Muslin Buffs
     Split Ring Pliers                         Zam buffing compound was
                                               specially formulated for sil-
 No more broken finger nails!                  ver and turquoise jewelry,
 Open split rings easily with these            but also works well on gold.
 specialty pliers.                             It will not scratch soft
 ITEM #70-202         $10.25 each              stones such as turquoise.
                                               Time-saving to use, since
                                               stones do not have to be
            Rouge                              removed before buffing.
                                               Leaves a high lustre without     These 3” x 35 ply Muslin
                                                                                Buffs are perfect for almost
                                               residue. Fast clean-up, does     any type of polishing opera-
                                               not cling to or penetrate sur-   tion. Stitched, with shellac
             Red Rouge                         face of stones. 1/4 lb. tube.    hardened centers.
                                       ITEM #70-412 Sug. List Price $6.10 ea.         ITEM #70-400
 All purpose polish in peel-                 YOUR COST $4.95 each               $2.35 ea. or $25.40 per dz.
 back sticks. Will produce a
 mirror polish on gold or sil-        Needle File Set
     Four Ounce Tube
     ITEM #70-410 $6.95 each

            Green Rouge

 This will produce a high pol-
 ish on gold, silver, chrome,
 and stainless steel.                   12 PIECE SET
     Four Ounce Tube                  ORDER ITEM #70-298
     ITEM #70-411 $5.15 each            $12.10 per set                    Rouge Cloth
                                                                One side of this chemically treated
                  Stone Tweezer                                 cloth has jewelers rouge for polishing,
                                                                the other side can be used for the final
                                                                polish. Perfect for polishing silver, gold,
                                                                platinum, nickel or chrome.        Comes
                                                                complete in a plastic storage pouch.
      Four prong stone tweezers. For picking up faceted
      stones.                                                            ORDER ITEM #70-401
            ITEM #70-211 YOUR PRICE $5.95 each                      $6.15 each or $66.40 per dozen
  c   ELOXITE CORPORATION                                                                 WHOLESALE PRICES

                   Jump Ring Tool                                      Tapered Spindles             Made in the USA!

This linking ring is extra handy for open-
ing and closing jump rings of various
sizes. With a chain nose plier and the
linking ring, one can open and close
jump rings with ease and accuracy with-                        Just the attachment you need for your
out damaging other parts on necklaces,                         grinder or buffer motor that will allow you to
earrings, etc. Made of stainless steel and has three           attach polishing buffs. Threaded spindles
different size grooves to fit all types of jump rings.         allow you to attach buffs firmly. Available
         ITEM #70-311 YOUR COST $4.10 each                     for two shaft sizes and for left or right sides.
                                                               For straight shafts only, not threaded.

Watch our upcoming flyers                                               #70-594 5/8” Shaft Right Hand
                                                                        #70-595 5/8” Shaft Left Hand
                                                                        #70-590 1/2” Shaft Right Hand
for more tools & supplies!                                              #70-591 1/2” Shaft Left Hand
                                                                           $9.70 each or Six for $52.40

              6 Inch Muslin Buffs                      “Double Brilliant” Rougeless Polishing Cloth
                   We’ve had several requests for       This could be the ultimate in
                   a larger muslin buff - now we’ve     jewelry polishing cloths! It’s a
                   got ‘em. These are 6” diameter       double cloth - one part impreg-
                   with 50 layers of muslin and         nated with a non-rouge polish-
                   stitched in four rows with shel-     ing compound and the other
                   lac center for durability. Great     part natural for final polishing.
                   for buffing and polishing jewel-     No messy rouge, and it’s envi-
                   ry, rock, bone, and many other
                                                        ronmentally safe. Both cloths
materials. (See page 86 for 3” muslin buffs.)
                                                        are 7 1/2 x 12 inches in size.
          ORDER ITEM #70-402
  YOUR COST $7.75 each or $83.70 per dozen             ORDER ITEM #70-405 $5.95 each or $64.25 per dozen

        Rouge-less Polishing Cloth                                Jewelry Shield
NO     MORE      MESSY                                This is a handy product that shields sen-
ROUGE!        The new                                 sitive skin from jewelry irritation and
                                                      prevents skin discoloration. Use it on
technology which cre-
                                                      rings, earrings, bracelets, and more.
ated the chemical                                     You’ll be able to wear all the jewelry you
agent on this cloth                                   never dreamed of with complete comfort
cuts tarnish better                                   and confidence and no more allergic
than other cloths and                                 reactions. Just brush it on and let it dry.
leaves no residue. Use                                1.5 ounce bottle. Ships by UPS only.
on brass, chrome, cop-                                          ITEM #70-314 $7.15 each
per, silver, and gold.
              ORDER ITEM #70-404
         $4.05 each or $43.75 per dozen
                                                                  #70-511 Bezel Roller
         Jeweler’s Screwdrivers                                         $3.90 each

If you’re working with jewelry you’ll need
a good screwdriver set. The small screw-                                    #70-512 Prong Pusher
drivers in this set can also be used for                                         $4.05 each
tightening eye glass screws or replacing
them. There are many uses for the larger
                                                                             Stone Setting Tools
screwdrivers. Each set comes in a handy                              Roll tapered bezels evenly against the
plastic box.                                                         stones with the Bezel Roller. Prong
                                                                     Pusher sets prong-type mounts in a
              ORDER ITEM #70-750                                     snap. (For setting stones in rings,
      $3.30 per set or $35.65 per dozen sets                         use with mandrel.)
                                           The First Choice For
     optiVISOR                            Superior Magnification
                                                                                 Portable Magnifying Lamp
Optical Glass Prismatic Lenses - Ground and polished to precision optical
standards - bevel edged and mounted in interchangeable plastic frame. It
Tilts - Adjustable pivots allow the visor to be tilted out of the way when not
needed and at your fingertips when you need magnification. Adjustable
Headband - Conforms to fit all head sizes - fabricated from a special blend
of lightweight ABS material - comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

                                       OptiVisor is a precision binocu-
                                       lar headband magnifier which
                                       permits unrestricted user effi-
                                       ciency while reducing eye strain
                                       - leaves both hands free and              This affordable magnifier lamp offers the
                                       allows three dimensional vision -         user a portable solution to viewing any-
                                       Used by anyone whose profes-              thing small. See all the details and work
                                       sion or craft requires close accu-        with greater ease and better results.
                                       rate work - Can be worn over pre-          Features:
                                       scription or safety glasses.                *5X power magnification for easy work with
                                                                                 small parts and detailed projects.
LOW POWER (1 1/2x) used by silver workers for fine work,                             *Lamp is a cool-white that renders colors
soldering, engraving, etc., at a distance of about 20” from                      perfectly and reduces eye fatigue.
the work bench.      ORDER ITEM #89-702 $41.10 each                                 *Fexible neck design allows adjustment of
MEDIUM POWER (2 1/2x) All purpose magnifier, for viewing                         the lamp to various heights and positions.
at about 8 inches. ORDER ITEM #89-705 $41.10 each                                   *Heavy metal base for stability.
                                                                                    *Easy on-off switch & flip down cover.
HIGH POWER (2 3/4x) Used for examining and setting faceted
stones and cabochon at a working distance of about six inch-                             ITEM #70-557 $28.95 each
es.                ORDER ITEM #89-707 $41.10 each                                   (Replacement Bulb #70-558 $5.75 each)
EXTRA HIGH POWER (3 1/2x) For highest power applica-
tions.            ORDER ITEM #89-710 $41.10 each                                        Deluxe Eye Loupe
          Genuine Optivisor Lens Plates
Genuine optiVISOR replacement lens
plates in a variety of magnifications. Can
be easily changed to provide a choice of
magnifying power for your optiVISOR.
#89-715 (1 1/2x) Focus 20 Inches        #89-718 (2 1/2x) Focus 8 Inches
#89-716 (1 3/4x) Focus 14 Inches        #89-719 (2 3/4x) Focus 6 Inches
#89-717 (2x) Focus 10 Inches            #89-720 (3 1/2x) Focus 4 Inches          10x doublet diamond loupe is carefully
                    YOUR COST          $24.70 each                               designed to provide a large, clear field of
                                                                                 vision. Top quality 23mm magnifier is set
                                       VisorLIGHT            TM                  in a sturdy chrome finish, all-metal body.
                                                                                 All this at our unbeatable wholesale price!
                              Attach the “VisorLITE” to your
                              Optivisor and get that lighted,                              ORDER ITEM #70-507
                              magnified viewing you need. The                                 $14.25 each
                              “VisorLIGHT” provides 6000 can-
                              dle power worth of light and offers                     Economy Eye Loupe
                              hands free light by easily clipping
it to your Optivisor. Takes two “AA” size batteries (batteries &
Optivisor not included).
                ITEM #89-700 YOUR COST $22.95 ea.

Attaches easily to either eye of                                                                 SINGLE LENS
your optiVISOR. Just remove one                                                  Economical loupes with ground, polished,
                                                                                 lenses set in a lightweight black plastic
of the lens plate bolts and bolt it                                              frame.
on. Adds 2 1/2x extra power.                                                                    ITEM #70-210
88                 ORDER ITEM #89-711 $9.50 each                                       $2.50 each or $27.00 per dozen
                                                 BOOKS!                                   WHOLESALE PRICES
                                       Most Popular Rock Books

                                   ORDER ITEM #70-541          ORDER ITEM #70-542           ORDER ITEM #70-543
     ORDER ITEM #70-540            Paperback, 128 pages,       Paperback, 317 pages,       Paperback, 380 pages.
    Flexi-Bound, 256 pages,        color illustrated begin-    detailed descriptions of    The essential guide to
    well illustrated in color      ners guide shows how        270 samples. Over 260       rocks, minerals, and
    for easy i.d. of more          rocks are formed, i.d.,     photos.    Simple i.d.      gemstones. 600 color
    than 500 rocks and             and where to find           tests and procedures        photos.       Detailed
    minerals.                      them.                       shown.                      descriptions.
    YOUR COST $18.40 ea.           YOUR COST $5.45 ea.         YOUR COST $18.40 ea.        YOUR COST $20.25 ea.

                           Montana Agate Book                              Fairburn Agate Book
                                                                                  “Fairburn Agate - Gem of
                          From the history and discovery
                                                                                  South Dakota” by Roger Clark,
                          of Montana Agate by the first
                                                                                  an expert on these beautiful
                          lapidaries, Native Americans, to
                                                                                  agates. This is a completely
                          the explorers and white settlers
                                                                                  new work featuring current
                          of Yellowstone River County
                                                                                  knowledge of the origins of
                          and the era of lapidary that fol-
                                                                                  the agate and agate genesis in
                          lowed. “The River Runs North”
                                                                                  relation to their formation.
                          by Tom Harmon tells a full
                                                                                  Well illustrated with over 170
                          story of Montana Moss Agate.
                                                                                  full-color photos. High quali-
     Maps of the agate area show where the deposits                               ty, 4-color laminated softcov-
     lie and how to reach them via river and road.                er. Large 8 1/2 x 11 inch format. 112 pages
      “How To’s” on cabbing, freeform agate carving,              with 170 color photos.
      and precious metal jewelry building.                            ITEM #70-519 Sug. List Price $26.95 each
    #70-521 List Price $49.95 ea.YOUR COST $42.50 each                       YOUR COST $23.50 each

Rockhounding Colorado           Rockhounding Wyoming          Rockhound’s Handbook        Gems, Minerals & Rocks of
by William A. & Cora            by Kenneth Graham             by James Mitchell pro-      Wyoming by W. Dan
Kappele shows nearly            lists 75 sites for collect-   vides information such      Hausel is an introduc-
100 of the best rock-           ing a variety of stones.      as geology, identifying     tion to Wyoming’s gems,
hounding sites in the           Each site description         minerals, finding gold      rocks & minerals with
state with detailed                                           and much more in this       emphasis on identifica-
                                provides detailed infor-
descriptions of each                                          revised expanded edi-       tion and direction to col-
                                mation and a map. 158         tion.   299 pages in        lecting sites. 175 pages
site and maps.    244
pages -paperback.               pages - paperback.            paper-back.                 in paperback.
       ITEM #70-560                   ITEM #70-561                 ITEM #70-562                 ITEM #70-563
       $14.20 each                     $12.30 each                  $15.15 each                  $36.95 each
                                                                                    CRYSTAL CLEAR Finish
                                      POLYTEX                                       For Table Tops & Clocks
                                      Convenient 1 to 1 formula and one step pouring makes Polytex the ideal coat-
                                      ing for your table, clock, or decoupage projects. The crystal clear, high gloss
                                      finish is impervious to water, alcoholic beverages and requires minimum care.
                                      Working time is about 30 minutes. Kit includes resin and hardener.
                                      INSTRUCTIONS ORDER ITEM #30-610 One Quart Kit
                                        INCLUDED!  YOUR COST ONLY $21.55 each or Three for $58.65
                                                              **Polytex can be shipped by U.P.S. only.
                                      *NOT FOR SALE TO ANYONE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE*

                                              Quartz Clock Fit-Ups
     Quartz Clock Fit-Ups are the answer for many of your clock craft projects. They’re a one-piece unit with a battery
     operated quartz movement. Installation is a snap by cutting a hole 2 3/8” in diameter and then just push the clock in.
     The spring fit design holds the clock firmly in place. Powered by one “N” cell battery. Easy-to-see white clock face
     with black numerals and hands. Available with Arabic numeral face only.

                               Count on Eloxite for all Your Clock Needs!
                             Side View

                    2 3/8”                    2 13/16”

                                                                                    (Arabic Numeral Style Shown)
                 YOUR WHOLESALE COST
            Quantity  1 to 6.........$15.45 each                                 Arabic Numeral Style
                      7 to 24.......$13.90 each                                   Order Item #23-175
                      24 or more..$13.20 each

                             Battery Pendulum Clock Movements
                                       These are high quality pendulum battery powered movements.
                              Nissan is the only movement that will continue to run accurately even if it is not
                                                        hanging perfectly vertical.

                                      Battery............Takes Two “AA’s”   Threaded Shaft Length...........3/4”

                                         Pendulum rods will fit lengths from 7 1/8” to 19 1/4” measuring
                                                      from hand shaft to bottom of rod.

                                                             ORDER ITEM #23-210
                                  YOUR WHOLESALE COST                                          Note: Pendulum clocks
                              Quantity  1 to 6..........$15.25 each                            used with wood blanks
                                                                                               must have the blanks
                                        7 to 24........$13.65 each                             routed to leave room
                                        24 or more.$12.90 each                                 for the pendulum rod.
90    ITEM #23-210                                   Why Pay More?
                                                                                                           c   Eloxite Corporation
                  BATTERY CLOCK MOVEMENT
                         ULTRA-THIN QUARTZ
        Please specify the color
        (gold or black) and item
        number for the hands
                                      CHOICE OF SHAFT SIZES!
        you would like when        ITEM #23-204 Long Shaft 7/8”
        you order.                 ITEM #23-203 Short Shaft 3/8”
                                   ITEM #23-222 Medium Shaft 5/8”
       SHIPPED COMPLETE               Quantities          Prices
       WITH FREE HANDS,               From 1 to 6      $5.25 each
       hardware, and mount-           From 7 to 24     $4.75 each
       ing bracket.                   From 25 to 50    $4.25 each
                                      From 51 to 250   $3.90 each

    Miniature QUARTZ CLOCK MOVEMENTS feature unique com-
    pact design with quartz crystal accuracy and dependability.
    Only 9/16” deep. Shipped complete with hour, minute, and
    second hands. Rear set knob is recessed into housing to pre-
    vent interference with hanging. Operate on one 1.5V, Size AA
    battery. (Battery not included.)

       Our clocks include the hands and hardware. Check the bottom of this sheet when
       you order and let us know which hands you want with your clocks. You may find
       cheaper, but not better quartz movements than ours.

                                                        CLOCK HANDS
                                                          ACTUAL SIZE SHOWN
                                                                (Styles May Vary Slightly)

ITEM #67-200 $1.20 per set
Choice of gold or black color. Fits all of                             ITEM #67-203
our quartz battery clocks.                                          $1.00 per set Choice of gold
                                                                    or black color. Fits all of our
                                                                    quartz battery clocks.

                                                                   ITEM #67-202
                                                               $1.00 per set Choice of gold or
ITEM #67-201 $1.20 per set
                                                               black color. Fits all of our quartz
Choice of gold or black color. Fits
                                                               battery clocks.
all of our quartz battery clocks.
c   ELOXITE CORPORATION                                                                 WHOLESALE PRICES
         CLOCK NUMERALS                                                         c   ELOXITE CORPORATION

                          AVAILABLE IN ARABIC OR ROMAN STYLE
     DOT #-SET (four numerals, eight dots)    FULL SET (twelve numerals, 1-12)
                                                                                     ITEM #     ARABIC
                               ITEM #    ARABIC                                      24-106       3/8”
                               24-104      5/8”                                      24-102       1/2”
                               24-114     13/16”                                     24-112      13/16”
                               24-124       1”                                       24-122        1”
                                                                                     24-132      1 1/4”
                                                                                     ITEM #     ROMAN
                               ITEM#     ROMAN
                                                                                     24-206       3/8”
                               24-204      5/8”
                                                                                     24-202       1/2”
                               24-214     13/16”
                                                                                     24-212      13/16”
                               24-224       1”
                                                                                     24-222        1”
                                 Please state size and complete item #!
        LOW WHOLESALE PRICE! ALL SETS ARE ONLY $1.20 per set or $12.95 per dozen sets

                               ONE-PIECE CLOCK
                                NUMERAL SETS
                         ARABIC STYLE:
                         ITEM #24-504 5 3/4” dia.          ARABIC STYLE
                                                       ITEM #24-610 5 3/8” dia.
                                                       ITEM #24-611 3” dia.

                         ARABIC STYLE:
                         ITEM #24-502 3 3/4” dia.          ARABIC STYLE
                         ITEM #24-512 6” diameter           SUNBURST
                                                       ITEM #24-600 5 3/8” dia.
                                                       ITEM #24-601 3” dia.
                         ROMAN STYLE:
                                                       NOTE:     When using sun-
                         ITEM #24-503 3 3/4” dia.      burst clock faces with wood
                         ITEM #24-513 6” diameter      clock blanks, apply face to
                                                       blank before coating.
                           JUST $1.65 EACH OR $17.80 PER DOZEN
          These are a product that makes the art of clock making a snap! Just peel off the back
          paper and stick to any flat surface suitable for use as a clock face. The one-piece unit
          has gold colored numerals and a self-adhesive back.

              24 sets of clock numerals, all different. A good assortment so that you can
              offer your customers a large variety of styles. A $23.75 wholesale value for
              only $19.85 per assortment.

                               ORDER ITEM #24-305 - $19.85 per assortment

   Heavy Sterling Silver Cinch Mount Pendants with Built-On Bails
                     Heavy                 Prices Subject to Change with Silver Market    These are heavy sterling silver
                     Bail                                                                 with an extra wide bezel to
                                                                                          hold thicker cabochons like
                   Side View
                                                                                          black onyx or Dale Stone fibre
                                                                                          optic cabs. Another big plus
                                                                                          with these is the heavy bails
                                                                                          that will accept up to 3.5mm
                                                                                          chains or cords. Stones are
                                                                                          easily set by squeezing the bail
                                                                                          together.    Now you can set
                                                                                          your cabochons up in style.
                                                                                          Put in a cab, add a chain or
                                              ITEM #45-177            ITEM #45-178
                                                                                          cord and watch ‘em sell! Three
   ITEM #45-176 30x40mm                         22x30mm                 18x25mm
                                                                                          popular oval styles. All are
        $23.95 each                            $19.95 each             $16.95 each
                                                                                          made in the USA!

                A Step Above                                            Pendants for Oval Cabs
        For Faceted Stones or Cabs!                                             Gold or Silver Color - USA Made
                                                                                           Nugget Style!    Matches
A Step Above in quality. All the below pendants are                                                         Earrings
available in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled and are                                                         #29-111
made in the U.S.A.

#45-672 8x10mm       #45-671 10x14mm          #45-673 6x8mm
   $5.95 each           $6.85 each              $4.95 each        #45-683 18x13mm #45-270 8x10mm #45-684 10x14mm
      Prices subject to change with gold & silver markets.        $3.20 ea. $34.55 dz. $2.95 ea. $31.85 dz. $2.80 ea. $30.25 dz.

                     High Quality Gold Filled & Sterling Silver
                    Cinch Mount Pendants with Bails
  Prices subject to change with gold & silver markets.

8x10mm Oval           10x14mm Oval           18x13mm Oval         18x25mm Oval           22x30mm Oval       30x40mm Oval
 #45-221 GF             #45-222 GF            #45-223 GF            #45-224 GF             #45-225 GF         #45-226 GF
 $8.75 each            $10.95 each            $12.70 each          $14.50 each            $17.95 each        $21.50 each
 #45-231 SS             #45-232 SS             #45-233 SS           #45-234 SS            #45-235 SS          #45-236 SS
 $7.75 each             $9.95 each             $11.15 each          $12.25 each           $14.15 each         $19.95 each
We have searched high and low for some time for high quality cinch mounts that won’t break apart
when the stones are set and we finally found them! Six popular oval sizes for cabochons in high
quality gold filled and sterling silver material (GF means gold filled and SS means sterling silver).
They are easy to set - just slip the cab in and pinch the loop at the top tight with jeweler’s pliers.
Each one is complete with bail for use as a pendant, or remove the bail and slip them over the end-
less loop earrings shown above for high quality pierced earrings. All made in the USA!
     c Eloxite Corp.                                                             Wholesale Prices    93
     c    Eloxite Corp.
                                 High Quality Sterling Silver Items                                      Wholesale Prices
                                                       All Made in the USA!
                                               Sterling Silver Pendants for Cabs

                                                                                         Exquisite Detailing!


                                Pendant for Cabs Pendant for Cabs
                                #45-171 18x25mm #45-172 18x13mm
                                   $14.85 each      $9.95 each
                                                                                                        #45-142 Pendant
                                                                                                      18x13mm $27.85 each
                                                                             #45-141 Pendant
         Pendant for Cabs                                                  18x25mm $35.70 each
         #45-170 30x40mm               Pendant for Opal Triplets
            $21.95 each           This is a unique pendant designed
                                  especially for opal triplets or other
                                  extra thick cabs. It has an extra
         BOOST your               deep setting and a bezel that cov-                   Prongs for Cabs
           SALES!                 ers the bottom part of the stone.
                                    #45-175 8x10mm $6.95 each
                                                                   Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires for Cabs
                      Sterling Silver Pendants              Popular Sterling Silver European style leverback earwires
                          Easy-to-Set Prongs for Cabs       in two sizes for oval cabs. Easy-mount cup settings.

                                                                         10x14mm                     8x10mm
                                                                   ITEM #29-972 $9.40 pr.      ITEM #29-974 $8.75 pr.
                                                              Easy-To-Set Sterling Silver Earrings for Oval Cabochons
                                                            Two sizes of high quality, solid sterling silver with easy-
                                                            to-set mountings. Just slip in the cabochon, bend over
                                                            the prongs and you are done. Two popular oval sizes.
                                   #45-151 Pendant          Choose the 6x8mm or 8x10mm.
                                18x13mm $21.95 each
    #45-150 Pendant
 30x40mm $47.95 each

                Easy Mount Sterling Silver                      ITEM #29-208 6x8mm                ITEM #29-209 8x10mm
          Bracelet for 18x13mm Cabs                                 $7.15 per pair                    $8.10 per pair
                                                                             Sterling Silver Feathers
                                                                   Reversible for use on right or left. Fine detailing.
                                                                                            (Actual Sizes Shown)

         Sterling silver tube cuff with an easy to            #39-155                #39-156                 #39-157
         mount 18x13mm oval prong setting for                $12.95 ea.             $11.95 ea.              $5.25 ea.
         cabochons.     Just put a cab of your              $69.95 per 6           $64.55 per 6             $56.70 dz.
         choice in the easy-to-set mounting and
         watch ‘em sell! Shank length is 8 inch-
         es to fit most wrists.
            ORDER ITEM #18-155 $55.95 each
                                       PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH SILVER MARKET
Prices may be subject
                           SNAP-IN SETTINGS                                           To tell the genuine
to change with gold and                 “Tiffany Style”                           high quality from imita-
                                                                                  tions, look at the setting
silver markets.
                                      for Faceted Stones                          with a high-powered glass.
                                                                                  You will see the quality
The pre-notched design is                   All Made in the USA!                  (Sterling or Gold Filled)
guaranteed to give a per-                                                         stamped on the post of the
fect fit every time!                                                              earposts or on the inside of
                                                                                  the bail on the pendants.
Oversize or undersize
stones will usually fit                                                           These settings enhance the
these mountings.                                                                  look of any stone.     The
                                                                                  rounded prong ends give
Simply PUSH & CLICK,                                                              that hand burnished look,
then easily seat the stone.                                                       making any stone look like
It’s a SNAP!                                                                      a hand set precious gem!

             Solitaire         SIZE         ITEM # STERLING SILVER     ITEM # GOLD FILLED
             Pendants      3mm Round        45-110    $1.50 each       45-120  $1.55 each
               each        4mm Round        45-111   $2.30 each        45-121  $2.10 each
                           5mm Round        45-112    $3.30 each       45-122  $3.20 each
                           6mm Round        45-113    $3.80 each       45-123  $4.00 each
                           8mm Round        45-114    $6.75 each       45-124  $6.25 each
                           3x6 Navette      45-115    $1.75 each       45-125  $1.90 each
                            4x6 Pear        45-116    $1.80 each       45-126  $1.90 each
                            4x6 Oval        45-117    $2.40 each       45-127  $2.65 each
                            6x8 Oval        45-118    $4.85 each       45-128  $4.50 each
                           8x10 Oval        45-119    $8.95 each       45-129  $7.95 each
           Tiffany           SIZE      ITEM # STERLING SILVER      ITEM # GOLD FILLED
           Earposts      3mm Round 29-910          $3.30 pair      29-920     $3.80 pair
               pair      4mm Round 29-911         $3.95 pair       29-921     $4.10 pair
                         5mm Round 29-912          $4.95 pair      29-922     $4.80 pair
                         6mm Round 29-913          $6.75 pair      29-923     $6.60 pair
                         8mm Round 29-914          $9.35 pair      29-924   $11.00 pair
                         3x6 Navette   29-915      $3.05 pair      29-925     $3.60 pair
                           4x6 Pear    29-916      $3.60 pair      29-926     $3.90 pair
                          8x10 Oval    29-917     $12.95 pair      29-927    $11.95 pair
                     Tiffany Style Posts are furnished with non-allergenic backs.
                      Remember - Our earposts are price per pair, not per piece
                            as they are in our competitor’s catalogs.

                              Snap-In Tiffany Ring Mounts
   5mm            sz 5        Sterling Silver   59-300   $6.75 ea.
   5mm            sz 5        Gold Filled       59-301   $8.75 ea.
   5mm            sz 6        Sterling Silver   59-302   $6.80 ea.
   5mm            sz 6        Gold Filled       59-303   $8.85 ea.
   5mm            sz 7        Sterling Silver   59-304   $6.90 ea.
   5mm            sz 7        Gold Filled       59-305   $8.95 ea.
   5mm            sz 8        Sterling Silver   59-306   $7.05 ea.                 (Stone Not Included)
   5mm            sz 8        Gold Filled       59-307   $9.05 ea.
   6mm            sz 5        Sterling Silver   59-308   $7.40 ea.   An inexpensive way to make an expen-
   6mm            sz 5        Gold Filled       59-309   $9.15 ea.   sive looking ring. Snap in a faceted stone
   6mm            sz 6        Sterling Silver   59-310   $7.15 ea.   and in seconds you have a ring ready to
                                                                     sell. Rings are available in only the fin-
   6mm            sz 6        Gold Filled       59-311   $9.20 ea.   ger sizes listed. Most will accept stones
   6mm            sz 7        Sterling Silver   59-312   $7.25 ea.   which are slightly larger or smaller than
   6mm            sz 7        Gold Filled       59-313   $9.95 ea.   the mm size of the ring. For example, a
   6mm            sz 8        Sterling Silver   59-314   $7.35 ea.   4.25mm CZ will fit a 4mm ring size.
  6mm             sz 8        Gold Filled       59-315   $9.35 ea.            c    Eloxite Corporation       95
                                 PENDANTS -              USA Made      Please specify GOLD or SILVER color

           #45-103                    #45-104                  10x14mm                     #45-243
          18x13mm                    18x13mm           (Matches Earrings #29-170)         8x10mm
            Mini-Pendants are priced at $3.25 each or $35.10 per dozen. Available in gold or sil-
            ver color. Styles and colors may be mixed for dozen price.


                                                         #45-252 18x13mm
                                                                                     #45-045 18x25mm
                                                        $3.75 ea. $40.50 dz.        $3.85 ea. $41.60 dz.
       #45-306 22x30mm          #45-915 18x13mm
      $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.     $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.       best                        Telephone

                                                                                   For SUPER FAST
        #45-079 6x8mm
       $1.95 ea. 23.40 dz.
       (Matches Earrings

            8x10mm                                       #45-379 30x40mm
                                #45-262 18x25mm         $5.70 ea. $61.55 dz.
                               $3.65 ea. $39.40 dz.

       #45-888 8x10mm
      $6.05 ea. $65.35 dz.                                                           #45-906 18x13mm
     (Matches pin #48-828)                                                          $6.50 ea. $70.20 dz.
                               #45-261 8X10mm             #45-260 18x13mm
                              $2.15 ea. $23.20 dz.       $2.15 ea. $23.20 dz.        CHAIN INCLUDED
                                                                   All USA Made!

                                    ND S
                                    ND S
                                    ND S
                                                                                          c   Eloxite Corporation

                                 PE ANT
                                 PE ANT
                                 PE ANT
               Please specify gold
               or silver color.

                                                                                            #45-832 18x13mm
                                                                #45-723 18x13mm          $3.25 each $35.10 dozen
   Single Lace Design                                        $3.50 each $37.80 dozen     Matches Earrings #29-118
                                                               Matches Pin #48-803
    #45-462 18x13mm
$1.00 each $10.80 dozen
    #45-463 18x25mm
$1.30 each $14.05 dozen
    #45-464 30x40mm
$1.70 each $18.35 dozen
                                  #45-472   22x30mm
                              $3.60 each    $39.95 dozen
                                  #45-473   30x40mm
                              $3.95 each    $42.65 dozen

                                                                #45-696 22x30mm
    #45-257 8x10mm                                           $4.50 each $52.40 dozen
$2.75 each $29.70 dozen
(Matches earpost #29-
129 & bracelet #18-137).                                                                     #45-510 22x30mm
                                                                                         $7.15 each $77.20 dozen

                               (Photograph Reduced)
                            #45-695 38mm or Silver Dollar
                              $3.95 each $42.65 dozen
                                                                #45-496 18x25mm
     #45-692 6x8mm                                           $4.40 each $47.50 dozen
$3.25 each $35.10 dozen                                         #45-497 30x40mm
                                                             $5.95 each $64.25 dozen
                                                                 “For the Cause”
                                                                  Ribbon Style

                                  #45-693 8x10mm                                             #45-515 30x40mm
                              $3.50 each $37.80 dozen                                      Double Lace Design
                                                                                         $2.80 each $30.25 dozen
    #45-242 6x8mm                     “I Doubly Love
  $2.45 ea. $26.45 dz.                   My Rocks”
(Matches Earpost #29-139)                  Style

                                                                 #45-722 6x8mm
                                                               $2.15 ea. $23.20 dz.
                                                             (Matches Earwire #29-107)

                                     #45-267 6x8mm
     #45-870 6x8mm                     $3.85 each or
(Matches Earpost #29-176,            $41.60 per dozen                                          #45-505 18x25mm
      & Pin #48-700)                                                                                Glue On
                                  Complete with Chain            #45-522 8x10mm               $1.60 each $17.30 dz.
   $2.80 ea. $30.25 dz.      18 Inch Length Overall Length   $2.95 each $31.85 dozen                                97
c    Eloxite Corp.
                                               Pendants                           All Made in the USA!
                                                                                                                 Wholesale Prices

        #45-639 10x14mm
                                                       #45-640 18x13mm
       $3.00 ea. $32.40 dz.                           $1.70 ea. $18.35 dz.
                                                       #45-720 18x25mm       #45-264 6x8mm        #45-644 6x8mm
    (Matches Earpost #29-109)     #45-450 8x10mm                           $2.10 ea. $22.70 dz. $2.95 ea. $31.85 dz.
                                 $2.70 ea. $29.15 dz. $2.00 ea. $21.60 dz.
        Grinning Kitty                                                    Unique design pendants are finished pewter with
          Cat Style           Teardrop
                             Nugget Style                                 assorted color glass stones. Each one has a mounted
       (Matches Earring
                                                                          bail and is ready to hang on a chain or cord. No
                                                                          choice on stone colors please. Lead safe.

                                                                                             $4.70 each or
                                                                                           $50.75 per dozen
                                                                                                MAY BE
      #45-649 6x8mm       #45-654 8x10mm       #45-647 18x13mm                                MIXED FOR
    $1.80 ea. $19.45 dz. $2.95 ea. $38.95 dz. $3.45 ea. $37.25 dz.                          DOZEN PRICE
       Combo Brooch/Pendants
                                                                            DOLPHINS                                TURTLE
                                                                           Item #45-943                          Item #45-944
                              with Bails
                                & Pins

                                                                                               Item #45-947
        #45-650 30x40mm                     #45-651 18x25mm                 HUMMINGBIRD                          MOON FACE
       $4.30 ea. $46.45 dz.                $4.95 ea. $53.45 dz.              Item #45-946                        Item #45-945
                          Old Favorites
                                                                                       Pendants for Round
                                                                                         Faceted Stones
                                                                                       Adorable pendants with sturdy, 6 prong
                                                                                       mountings for round faceted stones.

                                          #45-661 18x13mm
                                         $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.
                                                                 #45-664 18x13mm          #45-929 4mm            #45-709 5mm
                                                                $3.85 ea. $41.60 dz.   $2.45 ea. $26.45 dz.   $2.20 ea. $23.75 dz.

            #45-660 30x40mm          #45-662 10x14mm      #45-663 8x10mm         #45-708 5mm          #45-702 6mm
           $6.20 ea. $66.95 dz.     $3.70 ea. $39.95 dz. $3.10 ea. $33.50 dz. $2.20 ea. $23.75 dz. $2.20 ea. $23.75 dz.
                          All Items Except Pewter Pendants are Available in Gold or Silver Color
   c   ELOXITE CORP.                      Stylish Pendants                                      WHOLESALE PRICES
                       All Ovals are for Cabochons - #45-933 Takes a 5mm Round Faceted Stone
                                All Except #45-933 Are Available in Gold or Silver Color
                                                Made in the USA!

                                                                                                    #45-923 8x10mm
 #45-920 10x14mm                #45-935 6x8mm                       #45-922 10x14mm                $2.25 ea. $24.30 dz.
$2.50 ea. $27.00 dz.          $2.45 ea. $26.45 dz.                 $2.25 ea. $24.30 dz.              (Matches Earpost
                             Matches Earrings #29-178                                                    #29-142)

                                                                                                      #45-642 10x14mm
                                                                                                     $2.55 ea. $27.55 dz.

 #45-924 18x25mm                                                                                       (307) 322-3050
$2.90 ea. $31.30 dz.
                                                                      #45-926 8x10mm
  #45-721 8x10mm                                                                                  Call for prices on
                                                                     $2.45 ea. $26.45 dz.
$2.50 ea. $27.30 dz.                                                                              quantities of one
                                    #45-925 30x40mm                 Matches Earpost #29-141
                                   $3.45 ea. $37.25 dz.                                           gross or more.

                                                                Intricate Photo-Etched Design
 #45-928 8x10mm                                                     #45-335 8x10mm                    #45-931 4x6mm
$2.15 ea. $23.20 dz.           #45-731 8x10mm                      $2.95 ea. $31.85 dz.             $2.55 ea. $27.55 dz.
                              $2.20 ea. $23.75 dz.                                                     Matches Earpost

                              With 18 Inch Chain
 #45-932 10x14mm           #45-933 5mm Rd. Faceted
$2.65 ea. $27.50 dz.         $4.95 ea. $53.45 dz.                   #45-831 18x25mm                   #45-905 18x25mm
                            Gold-Copper-Silver Color               $4.50 ea. $48.60 dz.              $4.85 ea. $52.40 dz.
 c   Eloxite Corporation         Exciting Pendants - All USA Made!                                         Wholesale Prices
                                             Tri-Color (Gold-Copper-Silver) Pendants
                    Three pendants in a popular style in gold color with silver & copper color accents.

                         XTRA Value                    OUTSTANDING pendants for oval cabs! The copper and
                        Dozen Prices!                  silver colors are pain-stakingly HAND PAINTED! 100%
                                                       MADE & FINISHED IN THE U.S.A.! The previously offered
                                                       styles are best sellers - don’t miss the three new ones!

                                                                                  Three NEW Styles
                                                                                                              XTRA Value
                                                              XTRA Value                                      Dozen Price!
                                                              Dozen Price!
                                                                          See Matching
                                #45-677 18x25mm                          Earrings #29-343
                               $5.70 ea. $58.15 dz.
      #45-679 30x40mm
     $7.30 ea. $72.90 dz.
                    See Matching
                  Earrings #29-161 &

                      XTRA Value
                     Dozen Prices!

      #45-910 10x14mm           #45-676 18x13mm          #45-330 18x25mm           #45-331 18x13mm         #45-332 22x30mm
     $4.05 ea. $41.30 dz.      $4.50 ea. $45.90 dz.     $6.40 ea. $65.30 dz.      $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.    $6.40 ea. $65.30 dz.

       #45-896 30x40mm                  #45-682 18x25mm                 #45-686 10x14mm               #45-263 30x40mm
      $3.65 ea. $39.40 dz.             $3.35 ea. $36.20 dz.            $3.30 ea. $35.65 dz.          $4.20 ea. $45.35 dz.

                                                                                                           Economy Style
                                                                                                          Pendants in Two
                                                                                                         Popular Oval Sizes

                              #45-487 18x25mm
                             $3.25 ea. $35.10 dz.
     #45-681 30x40mm          #45-489 30x40mm#45-680 30x40mm       #45-147 30x40mm      #45-148 18x13mm
    $4.70 ea. $50.75 dz.     $4.25 ea. $45.90 dz.
                                            $3.45 ea. $37.25 dz.  $2.95 ea. $31.85 dz. $1.20 ea. $12.95 dz.
c   Eloxite Corp.                                                                                             Wholesale Prices
                                    CROSSES -               All Made in the USA

                                           #26-104              #26-103          #26-210 6x8mm       #26-203 8x10mm
                                     $1.60 ea. $17.30 dz. $1.95 ea. $21.05 dz. $2.60 ea. $28.10 dz. $4.10 ea. $44.30 dz.
                                                                  GOLD OR SILVER COLOR

        Gold or Silver Color
         #26-201 18x25mm
        $5.55 ea. $59.95 dz.

    Telephone (307) 322-3050

                                      #26-200 10x14mm      #26-204 18x13mm #26-205 10x14mm           #26-206 10x14mm             $4.25 ea. $45.90 dz. $3.90 ea. $42.10 dz. $3.75 ea. $40.50 dz. $3.95 ea. $42.65 dz.

    New Classic Loop Style                      New Wire Drop Pendants                                    Pendants
                                                                                                        for Quarters
                          Matches                  These new wire drop pen-                          (Coins Not Included)
                          Earrings                 dants are fashionable and
                          #29-338                  economical. Choose the
                                                   hexagon or rectangle
                                                   shape. Both styles have
                                                   lace settings for cabs.
                                                See Page 41 for Matching Earrings
                                     #45-333 6x8mm $2.10 ea. $22.70 dz.       #45-334 8x10mm
    Ornate, classic loop style
    for an 8x10mm oval cab.                                      EAGLE-MANIA!
            ITEM #45-337                                        Tri-Color Eagle Pendants
      $2.10 each $22.70 dozen                                    Gold-Copper-Silver Color

    Bead Holder Pendant                                               $3.30 each or                    ITEM #45-040
                                                                    $35.65 per dozen
                         Earrings         For Faceted Stones         STYLES MAY BE
         NEW!            #29-342         #45-941 5mm Round             MIXED FOR
                                                                      DOZEN PRICE

    You can easily slip in a 4mm                             For Cabs
    to   7mm     round,     round
    faceted, rondel, bi-cone, or
    other shape bead that is no
    larger than 7mm wide and
    approx. 10mm tall, for a
    unique bead pendant.                                                                               ITEM #45-042
            ITEM #45-336                                                                          Your Choice $3.30 each
      $1.10 each $11.90 dozen             #45-938 6x8mm                    #45-940 18x13mm            Gold or Silver Color
                    All Items on this Page are Available in Gold or Silver Color Except Tri-Color Eagles                   101
   c   Eloxite Corp.
 Prices subject to change
 with gold & silver markets.
                                               CHAINS                                      Prices subject to change
                                                                                           with gold & silver markets.

                  Fine Cable Neckchains                                         Loop Bar Style Chain

 Sterling Silver                                               Classy looking loop bar style chains in gold
 High quality sterling silver necklaces on                     filled or sterling silver. 18 inch length only.
 cards. Available in either 18” or 24” lengths.
                                                               #21-955..Gold Filled........$16.95 ea. $172.90 dz.
           #21-888...18”...$8.95 ea. $91.30 dz.                #21-855..Sterling Silver...$15.95 ea. $162.70 dz.
           #21-800...24”...$9.85 ea. $99.95 dz.
                                                                               Fine Rope Neckchains
                XTRA VALUE Dozen Prices!
 Gold Filled
                                                               Fine rope necklaces have soldered links in ster-
 High quality necklaces in gold filled on display              ling silver or gold filled. 18 inch length only.
 cards. Available in both 18” and 24” lengths.                 #21-851..Sterling Silver..$19.95 ea. $203.50 dz.
          #21-999...18”...$8.25 ea. $84.15 dz.                 #21-951..Gold Filled........$21.50 ea. $236.00 dz.
          #21-900...24”...$9.20 ea. $93.85 dz.

 HIGH QUALITY PLATED CHAINS                                                             NOTE: Our gold plated
                                                                                        chains have THE BEST
           Chains come completely assembled with spring ring.
                                                                                        FINISH on the market!
                   Available in GOLD or SILVER color.
                          “The Juliet”                         Hottest on the Market!   Stylish Snake

   ITEM #        SIZE    COLOR     PER DZ.    PER GROSS   ITEM #     SIZE      COLOR    PER DZ.     PER GROSS
   21-340        18”     gold      $17.25      $172.50    21-350     18”       gold     $28.80       $288.00
   21-341        18”     silver    $14.30      $143.00    21-351     18”       silver   $23.90       $239.00
   21-342        24”     gold      $19.20      $192.00    21-352     24”       gold     $36.80       $368.00
   21-343        24”     silver    $15.95      $159.50    21-353     24”       silver   $31.00       $310.00
 BEST SELLER!              Fine Curb                                            Heavy Rope
       ITEM #    SIZE    COLOR     PER DZ.    PER GROSS
       21-298    16”     gold      $11.10      $111.00
       21-299    16”     silver     $9.20       $92.00    ITEM #    SIZE       COLOR    PER DZ.    PER GROSS
       21-300    18”     gold      $13.00      $130.00    21-320    18”        gold     $19.20      $192.00
       21-301    18”     silver    $10.75      $107.50    21-321    18”        silver   $14.30      $143.00
       21-302    24”     gold      $14.00      $140.00    21-322    24”        gold     $23.20      $232.00
       21-303    24”     silver    $11.65      $116.50    21-323    24”        silver   $15.95      $159.50
                         Medium Curb                                            Fine Rope

   ITEM #        SIZE    COLOR     PER DZ.    PER GROSS   ITEM #     SIZE      COLOR    PER DZ.     PER GROSS
   21-304        18”     gold      $17.45      $174.50    21-316     18”       gold     $17.75       $177.50
   21-305        18”     silver    $15.45      $154.50    21-317     18”       silver   $13.10       $131.00
   21-306        24”     gold      $18.95      $189.50    21-318     24”       gold     $21.20       $212.00
   21-307        24”     silver    $16.75      $167.50    21-319     24”       silver   $14.75       $147.50
                           Fine Cable                     You’ll like these!       Zebra             New Size!

   ITEM #        SIZE    COLOR     PER DZ.    PER GROSS   ITEM #     SIZE      COLOR    PER DZ.     PER GROSS
   21-335        18”     gold      $12.55      $125.50    21-374     18”       gold     $16.95        $169.50
   21-336        18”     silver    $10.30      $103.00    21-375     18”       silver   $12.70        $127.00
   21-337        24”     gold      $17.20      $172.00    21-376     24”       gold     $19.95        $199.50
   21-338        24”     silver    $14.25      $142.50    21-377     24”       silver   $14.30        $143.00
  Very Good Quality!           Cobra                                            Herringbone
    ITEM #        SIZE    COLOR     PER DZ.   PER GROSS   ITEM #    SIZE       COLOR    PER DZ.    PER GROSS
    21-312        18”     gold      $15.35     $153.50    21-328    18”        gold     $16.00      $160.00
    21-313        18”     silver    $12.70     $127.00    21-329    18”        silver   $13.25      $132.50
    21-314        24”     gold      $17.25     $172.50    21-330    24”        gold     $17.75      $177.50
102 21-315        24”     silver    $14.30     $143.00    21-331    24”        silver   $14.70      $147.00
      38mm INITIAL INSERTS - Now from A to Z
 Photos don’t do these initial inserts justice! You can use them in bolas, buckles, etc.
 Each one is cast metal with a bright gold or silver color finish and a shiny epoxy inlay
 background. Colors available are Gold-Black, Silver-Black, or Gold-Tortoise. Now avail-
 able in the whole alphabet - from A to Z. When ordering, use the item number and spec-
 ify which initials you wish to order as well as color. ALL MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

                                                                   ORDER ITEM #84-100
                                                            Please specify letters (not shown I,
                                                            O, Q, U, V, X, Y, & Z) & Gold-Black,
                                                            Silver-Black, or Gold-Tortoise Color
                                                                        $3.65 each or
                                                                      $39.40 per dozen
                                                                 (May be mixed for dz. price)

                      38mm ENAMELED INSERTS
                                                                See the next page
                                                                for Many More
                                                                Colorful Enameled
     #91-160                          #91-162
Colorful 38mm (Silver Dollar Size) enameled inserts in two popular styles. These are high
quality cloisonne type emblems with a clear epoxy coating for durability.
                               $2.60 each or $28.10 per dozen
           c   Eloxite Corp.                                        Wholesale Prices            103
               Colorful Enameled 38mm (Silver Dollar Size) Inserts
                                                          Use ‘em in buckles, bola slides, etc.

               U.S. MARINE CORPS         U.S. NAVY           U.S. AIR FORCE          U.S. ARMY
                     #91-100              #91-101                #91-102              #91-103

                         U.S. COAST GUARD      VOLUNTEER FIREMEN          PARAMEDICS
                               #91-104              #91-112                 #91-131

                          FLYING EAGLE           BLUE GRASS            I’LL GIVE UP MY GUN
                             #91-120               #91-134                    #91-130

                           EAGLE HEAD                BLACK-JACK            CONF. FLAG
                             #91-121                   #91-139               #91-146

                                               ALL INSERTS ON
                                               THIS PAGE ARE
                                                  PRICED AT:
                                                 $2.60 each or
                                               $28.10 per dozen
                                                (May Be Assorted for
                                                    Dozen Price)
        FOUR ACES               BASS                                       DEER HEAD     HORSE HEAD/HORSESHOE
          #91-138              #91-119                                       #91-137            #91-147

 WHOLESALE PRICES                                                                    (307) 322-3050
104                                           For Fast Service
HOLDERS ON KEY CHAINS                 38mm Inserts for Buckles                                            OR USE ‘EM IN
                                                                                                          38mm BOLA SLIDES

If you want super-class buckles try some of these 38mm inserts. They are made of antiqued finish metal with 3-dimensional relief.
Each one is a work of art. They come in gold or silver color. When in a buckle, they sell on sight! Your customers will love them!
Each one comes with a black leather back to accentuate the insert. ALL made in the U.S.A. & lead safe! XTRA value dozen price.

       EAGLE #83-600                    INDIAN HEAD                ARMY or AIR FORCE                    FISH #83-603
                                           #83-601                      #83-602

    ANTELOPE #83-604               SQUARE DANCERS                       DEER #83-606                 MALLARD DUCK
                                       #83-605                                                          #83-608

    COWBOY ON HORSE                    HORSE #83-611                      AMERICA                   IN GOD WE TRUST
        #83-610                                                            #83-613                       #83-645

        BEAR #83-626                    DEER #83-628                   EAGLE #83-629                  #83-677 HORSE
                                       (jumping over log)

                                                         ALL INSERTS ON
                                                         THIS PAGE ARE
                                                                                             FOR FAST SERVICE!
                                                            PRICED AT:
                                                           $3.70 each or
                                                         $37.75 per dozen
                                                                                                      (307) 322-3050
                                                            May be mixed
                                                                                              Credit Card Orders Welcome
                                                           for dozen price
                                                          Available in gold
     ELK #83-644               #83-682 DEER                or silver color.                                                    105
                           More 38mm Inserts for Buckles                                 OR USE ‘EM IN
   HOLDERS ON KEY CHAINS   All made in the U.S.A. & lead safe! XTRA value dozen price!   38mm BOLA SLIDES

         HEREFORD               BULLDOGGER                     CALF ROPER                TEAM ROPERS
          #83-679                 #83-670                        #83-672                    #83-673

      BARREL RACER              MARE & FOAL                   BRONC RIDER                 HORSE HEAD
         #83-674                  #83-675                       #83-671                     #83-676

                                END OF TRAIL                     BUFFALO                     TEXAS
           BOOTS                                                                         (The Lone Star)
           #83-635                #83-691                         #83-643

                                                                                         ALL INSERTS ON
                                                                                         THIS PAGE ARE
                                                                                            PRICED AT
                                                                                         $3.70 each or
                                                                                         $37.75 per dozen
                                                                                         May be mixed for
                                                                                         dozen price.
                                                                                         Available in Gold
      STANDING EAGLE               U.S. NAVY                  U.S. MARINES
          #83-646                                                #83-638                  or Silver Color
 Colored Leather Backs
Most inserts are fur-
nished with a black
leather back at no
charge.        Colored
leather    backs    are
available at 40c each
or $4.00 per dozen.
Available in Red, Tan,
&     Brown     colors.
ORDER ITEM #83-667.
Be sure to specify
desired color.
                             INDIAN HEAD                  INDIAN ON HORSE                   LIBERTY
106                             #83-683                        #83-640                      #83-641
                For replacement use, or for assembling buckles. Available in both gold
                and silver color. Please specify which color when ordering.

                                            ITEM #81-604
                                          30x40 Horizontal
         ITEM #81-741                                                             ITEM #81-605
                                              $1.95 each
        30x40 Vertical                                                           30x40 Vertical
                                          $21.05 per dozen
       with cast prongs                                                             $1.95 each
           $1.95 each                                                           $21.05 per dozen
       $21.05 per dozen

ITEM #81-656 38mm or Silver $
  OR 30mm/Half $ (w/adapter)                ITEM #81-848                       ITEM #81-817
$3.25 each or $35.00 per dozen             30x40 Vertical                   38mm or Sil. Dollar
                                           with horseshoe                        $1.95 each
                                              $1.95 each                     $21.05 per dozen
                                          $21.05 per dozen

                                                                               ITEM #81-412
            ITEM #81-631                  ITEM #81-287                    Sacagawea or Susan B.
           22x30mm Vert.                    18x25mm                           Anthony Dollar
        $1.95 ea. $21.05 dz.           $1.85 ea. $20.00 dz.                $1.50 ea. $16.20 dz.

   c   Eloxite Corporation; Wheatland, Wyoming                        Wholesale Prices             107
      You Askm
              ed We’ve Got ‘Em                     - Leather Belts
       For ‘E
                                                                                                   Eagle Design

                                 ORDER ITEM #89-400 (Please Specify Length)
                           Brown color belt with white and gold color accented eagle.

       Made in                                                                                     Elk Design
      the U.S.A!
                                 ORDER ITEM #89-401 (Please Specify Length)
                                    Brown & tan belt with tan accented elk.


                        ORDER ITEM #89-402 (Black Color Belt) (Please Specify Length)

                                                                                               Deer Design

                                 ORDER ITEM #89-403 (Please Specify Length)
                                 Brown & tan belt with light tan accented deer.

                                                                                               Moose Design

                                 ORDER ITEM #89-404 (Please Specify Length)
                              Brown & tan belt with brown moose & tan accents.
 After many requests and much searching, we’ve finally found a good source for U.S.A. made, genuine leather
 belts at a good price. These are very nice, embossed leather belts in five designs and several lengths.
 They’ll fit most of our buckles. They’re 1 3/8” wide, in thick, full grain cowhide. Just snap in a buckle and
 they’re ready-to-wear or sell. With a nice buckle and stone, these will retail for $30 each and up!
                   Available lengths: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, and 44 inches (please specify)
                   YOUR COST $1280 each or Six For $6910 (Lengths and Styles May Be Assorted)

                                         Tri-Color Eagle Items
 These are some items that we’ve picked up from Charlie’s Rock Shop’s line. They’re similar to the
 the other tri-color eagle items in the catalog, but they don’t have a setting for cabs. The eagles
 are gold-copper-silver color and the buckles are silver-black color.

                  ITEM #19-933                              ITEM #19-934                ITEM #12-111 Bola Slide
         Copper-Gold-Silver color Eagle            Copper-Gold-Silver color Eagle       Gold-Copper-Silver Color
            Silver-Black color Buckle                 Silver-Black color Buckle               $4.05 each or
        $14.95 each or $161.45 per dozen          $14.95 each or $161.45 per dozen          $43.75 per dozen
                 Popular Buckles - Six Colors
                         One of our Best Selling Buckle Styles
                          in Six Colors & Three Bezel Sizes

                   30x40mm                                        FOR YOUR
                   “For Your                                   SILVER DOLLAR
                  Gem Stones”                                   or 38mm Stone

                Gold-Black Color                             Silver-Black Color

                    FOR YOUR                                      FOR YOUR
                 SILVER DOLLAR                                 SILVER DOLLAR
                  or 38mm Stone                                 or 38mm Stone

                Silver-Blue Color                              Gold-Green Color

                   30x40mm                                       30x40mm
                   “For Your                                     “For Your
                  Gem Stones”                                   Gem Stones”

                Gold-White Color                             Gold-Tortoise Color
Choose from three sizes:
#19-705 30x40mm Vertical - #19-715 30x40mm Horizontal - #19-905 38mm (Silver Dollar Size)
in six colors: Gold-Black, Gold-White, Gold-Tortoise, Gold-Green, Silver-Black, or Silver-Blue

                       More Belt Buckles for Coins or Stones
                                      with SCREW-TYPE mountings

                                                                       SILVER DOLLAR
                      SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                        or 38mm Stone
                       or 38mm Stone

                                                                #19-981 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar
            #19-347 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar              Available in Gold-White, Gold-Black, Silver-Black,
      Now in five colors - Gold-Black, Silver-Black,   or Silver-Blue colors.
      Gold-White, Gold-Blue, or Silver-Blue

                                                                  Ladies’ or Kid’s Buckle

                                                                       SILVER DOLLAR
                      SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                        or 38mm Stone
                       or 38mm Stone

                                                            #19-720 38mm Round (Silver $)
                                                            #19-721 30mm Round (Half $)
                                                            #19-722 30x40mm Oval Vertical
                                                            #19-723 30x40mm Oval Horizontal
              #19-989 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar                     Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color
              Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color                          1 3/4” Bar Size

                                                                       SILVER DOLLAR
                     SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                        or 38mm Stone
                      or 38mm Stone

                                                               #19-987 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar
              #19-119 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar                  Gold-Black, Gold-White, or Silver-Black
                    Gold or Silver Color                     Color
110      c   ELOXITE CORP.                                                       WHOLESALE PRICES
                                   SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR PRICES
                          Buckles for Stones or Silver Dollars
                               DIE CAST SETTINGS - NO PRONGS TO SET
c Eloxite Corporation           SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR BUCKLE PRICES                                      Wholesale Prices

                                                                                           FOR YOUR
                     SILVER DOLLAR                                                        or SUSAN B.
                      or 38mm Stone                                                        ANTHONY

            #19-900 38mm 1 3/4” Bar Size                 Gold-Black          Two-Tone Gold-Silver Color
                                                              or       #19-308 Sacagawea or Susan B. Dollar Size
       Now in FOUR COLORS - Gold-Black,                  Silver-Black
       Gold-White, Silver-Blue, & Silver-Black               Color    See Back Cover for More Two-Tone Beauties!

                    SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                                      SILVER DOLLAR
                     or 38mm Stone
                                                                                       or 38mm Stone

            #19-902 38mm 1 3/4” Bar Size
                                                                          #19-903 38mm 1 3/4” Bar Size
                                                                   Gold-Black, Gold-White, or Silver-Black Color

                    SILVER DOLLAR                                                            FOR
                     or 38mm Stone                                                          YOUR
                                                                                      SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                                       or 38mm Stone

          #19-918 38mm 1 3/4” Bar size
          #19-919 30mm or Half Dollar
   This buckle is available in Gold-White, Gold-Black, Gold-
   Tortoise Shell, Gold-Green, Silver-Black, Silver-Blue, or                #19-905 38mm 1 3/4” Bar Size
   Silver-Red colors.                                           This buckle is available in Gold-White, Gold-Black, Gold-
                                                                Tortoise Shell, Gold-Green, Silver-Black, and Silver-Blue colors. 111

                   SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                               “For Your
                    or 38mm Stone
                                                                              Gem Stones”

          #19-115 38mm or Silver Dollar
          #19-118 30x40mm Vertical                                    #19-718 30x40mm Vertical
                Available in three colors:                            #19-965 38mm or Silver Dollar
          Gold-White, Gold-Black, or Silver-Black               Available in Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color
                Photograph Original Size

                               SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR BUCKLE PRICES

                          For Your                                                 FOR
                         KENNEDY                                                  YOUR
                      HALF DOLLAR
                                                                            SILVER DOLLAR
                      or 30mm Stone
                                                                             or 38mm Stone

             #19-374 30mm or Half Dollar             SCREW      #19-982 38mm Round or Silver Dollar
          Available in Gold-Black, Gold-White, or     TYPE      #19-412 30x40mm Vertical
                     Silver-Black Color                          Available in Gold-White, Gold-Black, Silver-
               Photograph Reduced by 20%                                 Black, or Silver-Blue Color

                 FOR                     FOR                                   FOR YOUR
                YOUR                    YOUR                                  SACAGAWEA
          SILVER DOLLAR           SILVER DOLLAR                               OR SUSAN B.
           or 38mm Stone           or 38mm Stone                               ANTHONY

               Great For Initial Inserts!                         For Your Sacagawea or Susan
                                                                       B. Anthony Dollars!
              #19-372 38mm or Silver Dollar
                                                               #19-803 Sacagawea or Susan B. Dollar
             Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color
                                                            Available in Five Colors: Gold-Black, Silver-Black,
               Photographs Reduced by 20%
                                                            Gold-White, Gold-Blue, or Silver-Blue.
112   c   Eloxite Corporation                                                                 Wholesale Prices
BELT BUCKLES                                            c ELOXITE CORPORATION


   #19-930 8x10mm 1 3/4” Bar                    #19-929 8x10mm 1 3/4” Bar
  Copper-Gold-Silver Color Eagle               Copper-Gold-Silver color Eagle
    Silver-Black Color Buckle                    Silver-Black Color Buckle

                FOR                                    30x40mm
               YOUR                                    “For Your
         SILVER DOLLAR                                Gem Stones”
          or 38mm Stone

                                               #19-354 30x40mm 1 3/4” Bar
                                                Gold-Black, Silver-Black, or
  #19-971 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar                      Gold-White Color
  #19-972 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar                SCREW-ON TYPE SETTING
  Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color

                                                       “For Your
            30x40mm                                   Gem Stones”
            “For Your
           Gem Stones”

                                       #19-327 30x40mm Horiz. 1 3/4” Bar
                                       #19-337 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar
 #19-350 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar      #19-347 38mm or Silver Dollar 1 3/4” Bar
  Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color     Available in Five Colors: Gold-Black, Silver-Black,
      SCREW-ON TYPE SETTING            Gold-White, Gold-Blue, or Silver-Blue.
            BELT BUCKLES
                                                   SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR BUCKLE PRICES
                                        Buckles for Quarters
 Just add one of the new commemorative quarters (or an old one) to these and watch ‘em sell. Two
 of our most popular buckle styles. (Coins not included.)

                          FOR                                                     YOUR
                         YOUR                                                   QUARTERS
                       QUARTERS                                                  (Coins)

            #19-811 For Quarters 1 3/4” Bar Size                    #19-815 For Quarters 1 3/4” Bar Size
      Available in Five Colors: Gold-Black, Silver-         Available in Gold-Black, Gold-White, Silver-Black,
      Black, Gold-White, Gold-Blue, or Silver-Blue          and Silver-Blue colors.

                        30x40mm                                                 30x40mm
                        “For Your                                               “For Your
                       Gem Stones”                                             Gem Stones”

                                               Silver-Black Color
  #19-340 30x40mm Horizontal 1 3/4” Bar                   #19-348 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar
  #19-119 38mm Round (Silver Dollar) 1 3/4” Bar           #19-349 38mm Round (Silver Dollar) 1 3/4” Bar
                  SCREW-ON TYPE SETTING                                   SCREW-ON TYPE SETTING

                                                          T-BAR BUCKLES
                                           Gold or Silver Color * 1” to 1 1/2” Bar * Screw-Type

              “For Your
                                                          FOR                             30x40mm
             Gem Stones”
                                                         YOUR                             “For Your
                                                   SILVER DOLLAR                         Gem Stones”
                                                    or 38mm Stone

           #19-906 Horseshoe                       #19-908 38mm                        #19-907 30x40mm
114   c   Eloxite Corporation                                                         Wheatland, Wyoming
                                Latest Buckles                                         c ELOXITE CORPORATION
                                                                                            WHOLESALE PRICES

                 “For Your                                                  22x30mm
                Gem Stones”                                                 “For Your
                                                                           Gem Stones”

#19-327 30x40mm Horiz. 1 3/4” Bar                 NOW IN         #19-953 22x30mm Vert. 1 1/2” Bar
#19-337 30x40mm Vert.       1 3/4” Bar                                Ladies’ or Boys’ Buckles
#19-347 38mm Round          1 3/4” Bar          5 COLORS!
                                                             Now in five colors: Gold-Black, Silver-Black,
Now in five colors: Gold-Black, Silver-Black,                Gold-White, Gold-Blue, or Silver-Blue.
Gold-White, Gold-Blue, or Silver-Blue

                 “For Your                                                  30x40mm
                Gem Stones”                                                 “For Your
                                                                           Gem Stones”

    #19-322 30x40mm Horiz. 1 1/2” Bar
    Gold-White, Gold-Black, Silver-Black,
    or Silver-Blue Color                                        #19-323 30x40mm Horiz. 1 3/4” Bar
                                                            Gold-Black, Gold-White, or Silver-Black Color

                 “For Your                                                     FOR
                Gem Stones”                                                   YOUR
                                                                        SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                         or 38mm Stone

 #19-324 30x40mm Horiz. 1 3/4” Bar
Gold-Black, Gold-White, or Silver-Black Color
                    Or PHONE (307) 322-3050
                    ELOXITE CORPORATION                       #19-979 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar
                    806 10th STREET                           #19-980 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar
                    WHEATLAND, WYOMING 82201                       Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color          115
                                DIE CAST SETTINGS - NO PRONGS TO SET

 c Eloxite Corporation
                                 SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR BUCKLE PRICES                                               Wholesale Prices

                          30x40mm                                                               30x40mm
                          “For Your                                                             “For Your
                         Gem Stones”                                                           Gem Stones”

          #19-725 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar                                 #19-701 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar
          #19-973 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar                        Gold-Black
                                                                    or        #19-711 30x40mm Horizontal 1 3/4” Bar
                                                               Silver-Black   Now in FOUR COLORS - Gold-Black, Gold-
                                                                   Color      White, Silver-Blue, & Silver-Black

                          30x40mm                                                              “For Your
                          “For Your                                                           Gem Stones”
                         Gem Stones”

        #19-702 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar                                #19-703 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar
        #19-712 30x40mm Horizontal 1 3/4” Bar                              #19-713 30x40mm Horizontal 1 3/4” Bar
                                                                          Gold-Black, Gold-White, or Silver-Black Color

                          “For Your                                                            30x40mm
                         Gem Stones”                                                           “For Your
                                                                                              Gem Stones”

      #19-916 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar
      #19-917 30x40mm Horizontal 1 3/4” Bar                               #19-705 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar
      This buckle is available in Gold-White, Gold-Black,                 #19-715 30x40mm Horizontal 1 3/4” Bar
      Gold-Tortoise Shell, Gold-Green, Silver-Black, Silver-              This buckle is available in Gold-White, Gold-Black, Gold-
116   Blue, or Silver-Red colors.                                         Tortoise Shell, Gold-Green, Silver-Black, or Silver-Blue colors.
    c   Eloxite Corp.              Fancy Buckles!                                    Wholesale Prices

                     30x40mm                                                 YOUR
                     “For Your                                         SILVER DOLLAR
                    Gem Stones”                                         or 38mm Stone

                                           SCREW TYPE

  ITEM #19-915 30x40mm 1 1/2” Bar Size                   ITEM #19-967 38mm Rd. 1 3/4” Bar Size
  ITEM #19-952 38mm Rd. 1 1/2” Bar Size                  ITEM #19-714 30x40mm Horiz. 1 3/4” Bar Size
        Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color                        Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color
    EW   TYP

                     “For Your
                                                                        SILVER DOLLAR
                    Gem Stones”
                                                                         or 38mm Stone

   ITEM #19-326 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar Size           ITEM #19-976 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar
          Available in Gold Color Only                  ITEM #19-350 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar
                                                         Please specify Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color

   For Your Sacagawea or Susan B. Dollars!

                     FOR YOUR
                    OR SUSAN B.                                         SILVER DOLLAR
                     ANTHONY                                             or 38mm Stone

#19-805 Sacagawea or Susan B. Dollar 1 1/2” Bar            ITEM #19-349 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar
      Gold-Black, Gold-White, Silver-Black,                ITEM #19-348 30x40mm Vertical 1 3/4” Bar
      or Silver-Blue color.                                       Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color

                           SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR BUCKLE PRICES                                         117
       c   ELOXITE CORP.                 BELT BUCKLES                                 WHOLESALE PRICES

                               SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR BUCKLE PRICES

                      “For Your                                                 FOR
                     Gem Stones”                                               YOUR
                                                                         SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                          or 38mm Stone

  #19-310 30x40mm Horiz. SCREW-TYPE
  #19-987 38mm Round         SCREW-TYPE
        Gold-Black, Gold-White, or
       Silver-Black Color - 1 3/4” Bar                     #19-985 30x40mm Vertical SCREW-TYPE
                                                           #19-986 38mm Round          SCREW-TYPE
                                                                Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color
                                                                        1 3/4” Bar Size

                            30x40mm                                            “For Your
                            “For Your                                         Gem Stones”
                           Gem Stones”

                                                                #19-344 18x25mm SCREW-TYPE
                                                          Ladies’ or boys’ buckle matches our #19-312 in
                                                          detail. These two, with nice stones in them would
                                                          make a great gift set!
            #19-312 30x40mm Horiz. SCREW-TYPE             Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color - 1 1/4” Bar
            #19-989 38mm Round         SCREW-TYPE
           Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color - 2” Bar

                             FOR                                             YOUR
                            YOUR                                       SILVER DOLLAR
                      SILVER DOLLAR                                     or 38mm Stone
                       or 38mm Stone

       #19-345 38mm Round        SCREW-TYPE            #19-973 38mm Round         SCREW-TYPE
       #19-346 30x40mm Horiz. SCREW-TYPE               #19-725 30x40mm Vertical SCREW-TYPE
      Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color - 1 3/4” Bar     Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color - 1 3/4” Bar
 c   ELOXITE CORPORATION           BELT BUCKLES                         WHOLESALE PRICES
                                                       Oval Style for Coins or Stones
        1 - 1 1/4” Bar for Ladies or Kids

                    18x25mm                                          YOUR
                    “For Your
                   Gem Stones”                                 SILVER DOLLAR
                                                                or 38mm Stone

         #19-351 18x25mm 1 - 1 1/4” Bar
      Ladies’ or boys’ buckle matches our
      #19-412 in detail. These two with nice         #19-965 38mm (Silver Dollar Size)
      stones in them make a great gift set!          #19-718 30x40mm Vertical
         Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color              Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color
                                                               1 3/4” Bar Size

                    FOR YOUR                                         FOR
                   SACAGAWEA                                        YOUR
                   or SUSAN B.                                SILVER DOLLAR
                     DOLLAR                                    or 38mm Stone

#19-801 Susan B./Sacagawea Dollar 1 3/4” Bar
                                                 #19-983 38mm (Silver Dollar Size) 1 3/4” Bar
     Gold-Black, Gold-White, Silver-Black,
                                                 #19-413 30x40mm Horizontal 1 3/4” Bar
             or Silver-Blue Color
                                                        Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color

                                                        FOR                        FOR
                   FOR YOUR
                                                       YOUR                       YOUR
                  or SUSAN B.                    SILVER DOLLAR              SILVER DOLLAR
                   ANTHONY                        or 38mm Stone              or 38mm Stone

#19-802 Susan B/Sacagawea Dollar 1 3/4” Bar
 Gold-Black, Silver-Black, or Gold-White Color

                                                     #19-376 38mm or Silver $ 1 3/4” Bar
                                                       Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color
 c   ELOXITE CORP.                     BELT BUCKLES                                       WHOLESALE PRICES
                                  See Inside Back Cover for Buckle Prices

                                                                     !            NOW IN FOUR COLORS!
                                                            in   38mm

                      “For Your                                                   30x40mm
                     Gem Stones”                                                  “For Your
                                                                                 Gem Stones”

       ITEM #19-415 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar
                                                                  ITEM #19-411 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar
       Available in Gold-Black, Silver-Black,                     ITEM #19-981 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar
       or Silver-Turquoise color.
                                                                   Available in Gold-White, Gold-Black,
                                                  SCREW            Silver-Black, or Silver-Blue colors.
                    NOW IN FOUR COLORS!
                                                   TYPE                      !
           m!                                                     lso in
     in 38m                                                      A

                      30x40mm                                                     30x40mm
                      “For Your                                                   “For Your
                     Gem Stones”                                                 Gem Stones”

      ITEM #19-412 30x40mm Vert. 1 3/4” Bar                      ITEM #19-413 30x40mm Horiz. 1 3/4” Bar
      ITEM #19-982 38mm Round 1 3/4” Bar                         ITEM #19-983 38mm Round     1 3/4” Bar
      Available in Gold-Black, Gold-White,                          Available in Gold-Black or Silver-
      Silver-Black, or Silver-Blue color.
                                                      SCREW         Black color.
     in   3 8 mm

                      30x40mm                                                     “For Your
                      “For Your                                                  Gem Stones”
                     Gem Stones”

      ITEM #19-414 30x40mm Horiz. 1 3/4” Bar                      ITEM #19-931 30x40mm 1 1/2 to 2” Bar
      ITEM #19-984 38mm Round     1 3/4” Bar                      Now available in Bronze/Brown Suede or
120                                                               Pewter/Grey Suede.
      Availble in Gold-Black or Silver-Black color.
                                      BELT BUCKLES

                                          FOR 38x52mm                       FOR YOUR
             FOR YOUR                       STONES                          38 x 52 mm
             38 x 52 mm                                                     GEM STONE
             GEM STONE
                                          SCREW TYPE

                                              Reduced           Gold/Black, Gold/Red, Gold/Blue, or
     Available in Silver Color Only                             Silver/Black colors.
      ITEM #19-370 1 3/4” Bar                                    ITEM #19-124 1 1/2 to 1 3/4” Bar

                                                                       NOW IN
                  SILVER DOLLAR                                        SIZES!
                   or 38mm Stone

                                                    Ladies’ or Kids’ buckle is available in two sizes
                                                    and three colors.      Matches #19-916 style
Now available in four colors and three sizes.       mens’ buckle.      Please specify Gold/Black,
Please specify Gold/Red, Gold/Blue, Gold/Black,     Gold/White or Silver/Black color.
or Silver/Black color.
                                                          ITEM #19-961 22x30mm Vertical
    ITEM #19-910 38mm Rd. (Silver $ Size)
                                                          ITEM #19-963 18x25mm Vertical
    ITEM #19-124 38x52mm Horizontal
    ITEM #19-120 30x40mm Horizontal

                         FOR                                                 FOR
                        YOUR                                                YOUR
                  SILVER DOLLAR                                       SILVER DOLLAR
                   or 38mm Stone                                       or 38mm Stone

  Available in Gold/Black or Silver/Black color.      Available in Gold/Black or Silver/Black color.

      ITEM #19-970 38mm Rd. (Silver $ Size)               ITEM #19-974 38mm Rd. (Silver $ Size)
      ITEM #19-726 30x40mm Horizontal                     ITEM #19-727 30x40mm Vertical
                                   Buckles for Slabs                                      WHOLESALE PRICES

       BAMB GE
            ED         #19-500 1 3/4” Bar Size
      STYLE                                                #19-506 - Gold or Silver Color - 1 3/4” Bar
                    Gold-Black or Silver-Black Color

        #19-513 - Gold or Silver Color - 1 3/4” Bar    1/4” DEEP                                Photograph
                                                       FOR THICK      #19-515 1 3/4” Bar         Reduced
                                                        INLAYS                                    by 20%
                                                                      Gold or Silver Color

        #19-505 - Gold or Silver Color - 1 3/4” Bar

                                                        Photograph                               1/8” DEEP
                                                         Reduced        #19-514 1 3/4” Bar Size
                                                          by 20%          Gold or Silver color

                                                                                 These sturdy little buckle
                                                                                 backs can be used for gluing
                                                                                 or screw attachment of
                                                                                 slabs. They have a variable
                                                                                 width bar ( 1 to 1 1/2”).
                                                                  Photograph     Silver color only.
        #19-507 - Gold or Silver Color - 1 3/4” Bar             Reduced by 20%
                                                                                        ITEM #19-975
122                          SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR BUCKLE PRICES
September 1, 2011
                                 Belt Buckle Price List                                            WHOLESALE
                                      (These are current prices)
         Please use this price list when placing orders. Also, be sure to state the full item
         number of the buckle and the color desired.
                            All of our buckles are made in the U.S.A.!
               Buckles in the same price range may be mixed to get the dozen price.
                                              BUY BY THE DOZEN AND SAVE!
#19-115----   $9.40 ea. $101.50 dz.     #19-415----   $9.25   ea.   $99.90 dz.    #19-908----   $4.50 ea. $48.60 dz.
#19-118----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-500----   $7.10   ea.   $76.70 dz.    #19-910----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.
#19-119----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-505----   $6.20   ea.   $66.95 dz.    #19-915----   $9.25 ea. $99.90 dz.
#19-120----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-506----   $6.95   ea.   $75.05 dz.    #19-916----   $8.75 ea. $94.50 dz.
#19-124----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-507----   $5.95   ea.   $64.25 dz.    #19-917----   $8.75 ea. $94.50 dz.
#19-300----   $10.35 ea.$111.80 dz.     #19-513----   $6.95   ea.   $75.05 dz.    #19-918----   $8.75 ea. $94.50 dz.
#19-301----   $10.35 ea.$111.80 dz.     #19-514----   $7.05   ea.   $76.15 dz.    #19-919----   $8.75 ea. $94.50 dz.
#19-302----   $10.35 ea.$111.80 dz.     #19-515----   $6.90   ea.   $74.50 dz.    #19-929----   $14.95 ea.$161.45 dz.
#19-306----   $10.35 ea.$111.80 dz.     #19-701----   $8.75   ea.   $94.50 dz.    #19-930----   $14.95 ea.$161.45 dz.
#19-307----   $10.35 ea.$111.80 dz.     #19-702----   $9.75   ea.   $105.30 dz.   #19-931----   $9.10 ea. $98.30 dz.
#19-308----   $10.35 ea.$111.80 dz.     #19-703----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-933----   $14.95 ea.$161.45 dz.
#19-310----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-705----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-934----   $14.95 ea.$161.45 dz.
#19-312----   $9.25 ea. $99.90 dz.      #19-711----   $8.75   ea.   $94.50 dz.    #19-952----   $9.25 ea. $99.90 dz.
#19-322----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-712----   $9.75   ea.   $105.30 dz.   #19-953----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.
#19-323----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-713----   $9.40   ea.   $101.50 dz.   #19-961----   $7.90 ea. $85.30 dz.
#19-324----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-714----   $9.25   ea.   $99.90 dz.    #19-963----   $7.90 ea. $85.30 dz.
#19-326----   $7.35 ea. $79.40 dz.      #19-715----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-965----   $8.75 ea. $94.50 dz.
#19-327----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-718----   $8.75   ea.   $94.50 dz.    #19-967----   $9.25 ea. $99.90 dz.
#19-337----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-720----   $9.25   ea.   $99.90 dz.    #19-970----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.
#19-340----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-721----   $9.25   ea.   $99.90 dz.    #19-971----   $9.40 ea. $101.50 dz.
#19-344----   $7.35 ea. $79.40 dz.      #19-722----   $9.25   ea.   $99.90 dz.    #19-972----   $9.40 ea. $101.50 dz.
#19-345----   $7.35 ea. $79.40 dz.      #19-723----   $9.25   ea.   $99.90 dz.    #19-973----   $7.35 ea. $79.40 dz.
#19-346----   $8.95 ea. $96.65 dz.      #19-725----   $9.25   ea.   $99.90 dz.    #19-974----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.
#19-347----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-726----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-975----   $2.50 ea. $27.00 dz.
#19-348----   $8.95 ea. $96.65 dz.      #19-727----   $9.75   ea.   $105.30 dz.   #19-976----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.
#19-349----   $8.95 ea. $96.65 dz.      #19-801----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-979----   $9.40 ea. $101.50 dz.
#19-350----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-802----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-980----   $9.40 ea. $101.50 dz.
#19-351----   $7.90 ea. $85.30 dz.      #19-803----   $9.75   ea.   $105.30 dz.   #19-981----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.
#19-354----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-805----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-982----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.
#19-370----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.     #19-811----   $9.75   ea.   $105.30 dz.   #19-983----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.
#19-372----   $10.75 ea.$116.10 dz.     #19-815----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-984----   $9.75 ea. $105.30 dz.
#19-374----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-900----   $8.75   ea.   $94.50 dz.    #19-985----   $9.40 ea. $101.50 dz.
#19-376----   $11.15 ea.$120.40 dz.     #19-902----   $9.75   ea.   $105.30 dz.   #19-986----   $9.40 ea. $101.50 dz.
#19-411----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-903----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-987----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.
#19-412----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-905----   $8.30   ea.   $89.65 dz.    #19-989----   $9.25 ea. $99.10 dz.
#19-413----   $8.30 ea. $89.65 dz.      #19-906----   $5.10   ea.   $55.10 dz.
#19-414----   $8.75 ea. $94.50 dz.      #19-907----   $4.50   ea.   $48.60 dz.

         ON ORDERS FOR 1 gross (12 dozen) or more buckles an additional 10% discount, off
         the dozen price, may be taken. Buckles may be assorted. For quantities of 1000 or
         more buckles, call for a quotation.
                                 ALL MADE IN THE U.S.A. & LEAD SAFE!
                 For the FASTEST service on buckles,                  Eloxite Corporation
                 be sure to order from Eloxite.                       P.O. Box 729, 806 10th St.
                        Phone (307) 322-3050                          Wheatland, WY 82201
                   see for all catalog & flyer products & more!                      c   Eloxite Corp.
                                    Eloxite Corp.                             PRSRT STD
                                    P.O. Box 729                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                    Wheatland, WY 82201                           PAID
                                                                              DENVER, CO
                                    CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED                PERMIT NO. 5377

        “For Your
       Gem Stones”

  #19-300 30x40mm Vertical          Also Available in Susan B. or Sacagawea Dollar Size
                                               ITEM #19-308 (See page 111)

                                                               For Your
         30x40mm                                              KENNEDY
         “For Your                                         HALF DOLLAR
        Gem Stones”                                        or 30mm Stone

  #19-302 30x40mm Horizontal                     #19-307 30mm (Half Dollar Size)

                               BEST QUALITY

           For Your
          38x52mm                                         SILVER DOLLAR
          Gem Stone                                        or 38mm Stone

#19-306 38x52mm (w/cast prongs)                #19-301 38mm (Silver Dollar Size)


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