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									                               VIT                                             TIFAC-CORE in AUTOMOTIVE INFOTRONICS @VIT ELROS

                             University                                               State of the art advanced engineering center for research, consultancy and manpower
                 Vellore-632 014, Tamil Nadu, India                                   training in Automotive Infotronics is established at VIT University, promoted by TIFAC
                                                               (Technology Information Forecast and Assessment Council), under the Mission REACH
                       One day workshop on                                            Offers a full time PG program in Automotive Electronics to provide industry ready
Developing web applications using YouTube APIs                                        engineers.
               22nd March 2013                                                 Background
                                                                               YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February
                                                                               2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos. The company is based in San Bruno,
                                                                               California, and uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display a wide variety
                                                                               of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as
                                                                               amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.

                                                                               Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, although media corporations
                                                                               including CBS, the BBC, VEVO, Hulu, and other organizations offer some of their material via
                                                                               the site, as part of the YouTube partnership program. Unregistered users can watch videos, while
                                                                               registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC
                                                                               was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion, and now operates as a subsidiary of Google.

                                                                               Topics Covered: (No prerequisites skills)
                      Organized by
       TIFAC CORE in AUTOMOTIVE INFOTRONICS                                                          Introduction to HTML
    (Sponsored by TIFAC, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India)                         JavaScript
                           Coordinators                                                              XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
 Dr. K. Ganesan, Director, TIFAC CORE & Senior Professor, SITE                                       JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
 Mr. N.S. Manikandan, Senior Development Engineer, TIFAC CORE                                        HTML5
                                                                                                     • Video and Audio
                                                                                                     YouTube Player API
                                                                                                     • Playback controls, status, quality
                                                                                                     • Retrieving video information
                                                                                                     • Embedding the SWF
                                                                                                     YouTube Data API
                                                                                                     • Video feeds
                                                                                                     • User’s video and playlist feeds
Target Participants:                                                                                                  Format for Registration confirmation
       Engineers / Research Scholar / Faculty / Students                                                                       One day workshop on
                                                                                                   Developing web applications using YouTube APIs
REGISTRATION FEES:                                                                                                22nd March 2013
Rs. 750/- per Student
                                                                                              Name: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rs. 1500/- per faculty/Research Scholar
Rs. 2000/- per delegate from Industry                                                         Designation: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Registration charges include course material, lunch & snacks. The number of participants is   Organization: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
limited to Forty (40) based on first come first serve.

Registration Payment through DD drawn in favor of “TIFAC-CORE – VIT                           Address: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
University”, Payable at Vellore.
Venue:                           th
              Room No.: 727, 7 Floor, Technology Tower, VIT University, Vellore-14
Session Timing: 22nd March 9.30 am to 5.30 pm                                                 Phone: --------------------------------------Mobile--------------------------------------------

                                                                                              Fax: ----------------------------e-mail:---------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                              DD Details: (Registration Fee) --------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                                                                                                                     Signature of the participant
                                                                                              Please complete and mail us above form on or before 20th March 2013.
                                                                                              For details about our Centre, visit our web site

                                                                                              For Registration Details Please Contact:                      For Technical details
                                                                                              Mrs. R. Devaki                                                Mr. N.S. Manikandan
                                                                                              Secretary,                                                    Senior Development Engineer
                                                                                              TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics                          TIFAC-CORE
                                                                                              Room No. 701, 7th Floor, Technology Tower,                    Room No. 727, 7th Floor, TT
                                                                                              VIT, Vellore-632 014, Tamil Nadu                              VIT, Vellore-632 014
                                                                                              Ph.:0416-2202381                                              Tamil Nadu
                                                                                              Fax: 0416-2244797                                              e-mail:

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