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EDITORAL gray divide of stereotyping, racial profiling
themica BUllard
sTaFF WriTEr

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he assistant news editor, Jared Brooks wrote a very respectable and compelling article in last week’s issue of the paper about stereotyping and racial profiling. the article was very insightful, informative and thought provoking, yet there are always two sides to an issue. it seems that the article is geared towards these issues being acceptable and justified because some African Americans contribute to the typical perception of stereotypical behavior. with that being said, in a way blacks deserve these stereotypes and should not get upset when they are implemented. And furthermore, if blacks want these types of stereotypes to be diminished then they should prove these stereotypes wrong by conforming to the norm of society. racial accountably is not feasible. there is no valid argument or reasoning to justify racial profiling or stereotyping under any circumstances. in a utopian society these types of issues would not exist, but we are not living in a perfect world. Many times people are judged for reasons that are beyond their control. to state that with each action each individual makes they are depicting their race is a hasty accusation. Blacks as a whole shouldn’t be judged by the actions of a few. it can be said that individuals represent their particular race, group or culture, but every person should be held responsible for their own actions. their individual actions should not be categorized as belonging to that particular race, group or culture. Stereotyping is simply taking one action of an individual and assuming that everyone of that race or group has the same behavior. As a Black American i and only i can control what i do. i cannot control the thoughts or perceptions that other individuals have formed before meeting me. i shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to conform to the ideas of society, especially when it goes against the nature of who i truly am. Myself nor anyone else should not have to carry societies pressure or expectations to be considered a perfect representation of my or anyone else’s race. Although some of the negative statistics that are associated with Black Americans seems to always make the headlines, there are many well-educated influential blacks that are contributing positive things to society. unfortunately it seems only bad news makes the airwaves and newspapers. the positive efforts of many blacks do not find great circulation or exposure. But i would like to point out that there are some venues where blacks are shown in a positive light. For example, the magazines “Ebony” and “Jet” show blacks standing against the stereotypical attitudes of society. it should be noted that these people are judges, lawyers, doctors and many other professions. these are the people that have weathered the stereotypical attitudes of society and have maintained their honor, dignity and respect. these individuals have endured the harsh struggles of rac-


ism, poverty and stereotyping before this term was recognized or even given a full meaning. these are the people who don’t contribute to the negative statistics that are associated with Black Americans. Yet, they have been enmeshed into the group of Black Americans that represent everything they aren’t. the word “we” is used throughout the article. this is a misleading label. “we” is a collective term. Black Americans are individuals that comprise a group with different actions, thoughts and from different backgrounds and with different values. to say “we” denotes a stripping of the individuality and personality of a person. “we” clusters a unique group of individuals as one. “we” as Black Americans do not commit crimes because saying “we” includes every single Black American. Despite statistics, every Black American is not a criminal. i would also like to point out that other races commit crimes as well and stereotypes are not exclusive to the black race. But those are the ones that receive the most attention. Not every Black American is in jail, stealing, using drugs or killing someone. Although some blacks commit crimes, many go off to college to in order to start careers and become a positive force in the black community and that often gets overlooked. Some stereotypes are fueled by the actions of some Black Americans, but some are fueled by ignorance, hatred and biases. there is no excuse to target anyone based on stereotypes. racial profiling is using stereotypical methods as a way to make assumptions that are not based on specific evidence pertaining to the person themself. racial profiling is giving an overall generalization to a situation without any proof. in today’s society there should never be a reason for this action to occur. Brooks’ article mentions the D.C. sniper incident in 2002, but this clearly proves that racial profiling can be unreliable. officials were under the impression that it would be a white male because this is the kind of crime that fits their profile; however, it was two black males. this automatic way of reasoning based solely on statistics can quickly backfire. Clearly is should be seen that the actions of the black males who committed the incident in D.C. did not depict the sentiments or ideas of the entire black race as a whole. these were several independent criminal acts. People do not depict their entire race they depict themselves. Do you think that the black male selling drugs on the street corner is more worried about representing his race or making money and not getting caught by the police? what about the black female in school studying to become a lawyer? is she depicting her race or is she trying desperately to make something of her life? these are the individual thoughts and goals that drive an individual to be who they are. overall, if Black Americans want to put an end to these issues all that can be done is for people to take responsibility for themselves. when people are judged solely on their actions and character then and only then will racial profiling and stereotyping be non-existent.

america: home of the lazy
When walking is a hassle, handwriting a letter is ancient, and using the phone to order pizza is an inconvenience, we are officially lazy
s. JUdy dinkle
gUEsT WriTEr

America offers a plethora of opportunities and ideas that we as a public often take for granted: Freedom, historical sights, hope, jobs, great education and equality. the one thing i hate about America besides the government (okay it’s not that bad) and the gas prices (thank goodness they are going down) is the laziness in America as a whole. Yes, we live in a fast-paced world but we as Americans are quite slow and lethargic. i mean look at us; we have take-out restaurants laZy continues on page 



crime log
sat. 10/18, 12 p.m. to Mon. 10/20, 9 a.m.- Upward bound Criminal mischief: an outside picnic table was damaged. No suspect information is available. status: pending Mon. 10/20, 9:30 a.m.- Library Criminal mischief: vandalism was discovered in the upstairs bathroom. No suspect information is available and the exact time is not known. status: pending Mon. 10/20, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.: Library Larceny: Credit cards were taken from an employee’s purse. No suspect information is available. status: pending Mon. 10/20, 10 p.m. to Tues. 10/21, 7:14 a.m.- Williams Hall Criminal mischief: Criminal mischief was caused to the exterior room door and hallway in Williams Hall. No suspect information is available. status: pending Wed. 10/22, 12 a.m.- Botts Hall disorderly conduct: students were causing a disturbance in the residence hall. status: closed, referral Fri. 10/24, 3:30 a.m.- oak Hall alcohol violation: a person, under 21 much about it. we complain if the line is too long, if the gym is too far, that we don’t have time to cook nutritious meals, that we don’t have time to read books (thanks Sparknotes) and that we just can’t possibly make the five-minute walk to class; or that running a mile is too long and hard, walking the stairs takes the wind out of you, waiting 45 minutes for a home cooked meal is not worth it if you can microwave it in 30 seconds. the epidemic is everywhere. i am writing this in hopes of changing the attitudes of some of my fellow classmates because we are much too young and filled with life to be lazy. here a Jacksonville university, i have seen on a daily basis students being too lazy to walk to class, too lazy to go for a run, too tired to play a game and too lazy to simply live life. these are the best times of our lives and all we do is complain how far the walk is from the apartments to the gooding building. it amazes me how some see walking to the café from the dorms up the valley stairs is such torture that they opt to drive. Personally, by the time someone finds the car in the parking lot, drives to the commuter lot, and walks into the cafeteria or to Nellie’s i could already have walked their and gotten my food. this campus is a mile long. it’s not that big! i have friends at universities much larger than Ju and they leave almost 30 minutes before their class begins just to get there on time. oh and by the way…thEY wALk! we pay so much to get an education here and some of us just do not show up to class! what gives? i’ve heard excuses from being too tired to it’s raining to my personal favorite of having a hangover from the night before. get more sleep, carry an umbrel-


years of age, was found drinking in front of oak Hall. status: closed, referral Fri. 10/24, 10 p.m.- Botts computer lab Larceny: a student reported that he left his wallet unattended. When he returned an unknown suspect(s) had taken his wallet. status: pending Fri. 10/24- oak Hall lobby Harassment (HC): a student reported being harassed by a group of male students. status: closed, referral sat. 10/25, 3:58 a.m.- Brest Hall alcohol violation: Two students, under 21 years of age, were found to be in possession of alcohol. Both will be referred to the dean of students. status: closed, referral sat. 10/25, 11:55 p.m.- village apts. alcohol violation: Two students, under 21 years of age, were found to be in possession of alcohol. Both will be referred to the dean of students. status: closed, referral sun. 10/26, 2:55 p.m.- Waves disorderly conduct: a male customer caused a disturbance in the store status: pending Crime log is provided in compliance with the Federal Clergy Act requirement for maintenance and provision of a Daily Crime Log to interested parties. la, and if you’re going to party the night before then make sure you are still able to go to class the next morning. Partying hard at Soho and rain is not going to get you a career. this is our future we are talking about here and if we start to break the habit now then we all will only benefit in the future.

laZy page  continues from
where all we have to do is call and our food is delivered right to us. we never have to leave the house. Dominos even offers an ordering service online! And with the luxury of cars, we never have to walk a day in our life! Just hop in a car and go. i know that some places are unreasonable to walk to but to class? or CvS down the street? it’s really not that far. we also have the advantage of e-mail. No more long hours writing letters and waiting for it to arrive at a destination and then wait for a reply. Simply type and send and in seconds it goes to the recipient. And with companies such as NetFlix and the Pay-Per-view channel, we don’t even need to get into the car anymore in the first place to rent a movie. to many of you this seems like a great idea and you know what it is, we can get results quickly. the underlying problem here is we want instant gratification and that puts a damper on life. waiting is no longer an issue. People don’t have to rely on their minds or their athletic ability or even sleep, thanks to energy drinks, to get through the day. the point i am trying to make is that Americans are lazy and complain too

aPriL sULLivaN

With so many interesting and funny videos only a click away, JU students can be captivated by the internet instead of text books.



LgBTsa established on campus Michelle Obama fires up ‘Duuuval’
new club tries to unite the student body
tiffanie saxton
sTaFF WriTEr


Jacksonville university has established a Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, transgender, Straight Alliance. this organization promotes unity and acceptance among those who have different sexual identities, gender identities and cultural backgrounds. President and Founder of the new Ju organization, Mallory Jenna robinson, is excited about starting this club on-campus. “i thought it would be interesting to start a LgBt’s on campus because there are many people i feel who need this kind of outlet, a club of their own. i want to bring heterosexuals together with LgBt’s as one here at Ju,” said robinson. robinson believes that some of the Ju student body may be judgmental about

this new organization based on their personal beliefs and backgrounds. however, robinson has received enormous praise about LgBtSA and many have embraced the organization. “i want the Ju student body to know that LgBt’s are people who have lives with emotions and feelings. i want the people to get to know the LgBt’s and to stop assuming such negative things. i want to promote tolerance and understanding for the majority of the student body,” said robinson. LgBtSA will be hosting its first event on December 1, which is also world Aids Day. the club will be getting students involved to participate in the Aids March on campus. At the end of the march, red balloons will be released in remembrance to those who have died of Aids-related complications. if you would like to join LgBtSA or like more information, please contact Mallory Jenna robinson. the first meeting will be held in the David Student Commons on November 5 at 1:00pm.

thamecia BUllard
sTaFF WriTEr

Michelle obama spoke at the Prime osborn Convention Center before heading to gainesville last wednesday. the line outside the center was long and there was an estimated 4,000 people who attended the event though the venue was not at its maximum capacity. People took time off from work and brought their children to the monumental event. the purpose of the rally was to draw people to the polls early. the rally was geared towards getting people of all ages to participate in this year’s historic election. She also tried to convince those who have already voted to direct others to the polls as well. Michelle obama was last to speak informing voters of the issues that are plaguing this year’s election. She stated afterwards that, “Barack obama gets it, he gets it because he lived it.” She shared stories of obama’s life throughout the event. when addressing the issue of the economy, Michelle obama said, “we feel it.” She

was referring to military families, the rising prices of food, the mortgage crisis and health insurance. Michelle obama also spoke about the education troubles that many college graduates are facing today with loans and entering the work force saying that Barack obama wants to ensure that more students are able to attend college and that tuition costs aren’t a barrier that keeps students from receiving a higher education. other speakers included obama’s spokesman kevin Cate, Florida house of representatives Audrey gibson, local goP Chairman John Falconetti, Senator tony hill and other influential people who endorsed the message of early voting. these speakers were also supporting the obama campaign. A resounding phrase said by many throughout the rally was that Barack obama is the change needed. the rally directed voters to vote for change. An attendee said, “Change is what Barack obama is all about and that is what matters the most now in this crucial time when people are desperate for answers and looking for a new way of living.”

rENaE iNgraM Jr.

Top: one volunteer for the obama campaign made sure to document every moment as it unfolded at the Michelle obama rally. Bottom: “Change” was in the air at the Michelle obama rally with approximately 4,000 supporters in attendance.

rENaE iNgraM Jr.

The wife of senator Barack obama, Michelle obama, stepped in her husband’s shoes at the podium as she made a stop by Jacksonville to promote early voting on Wednesday october 22, 2008 at the Prime osborn Convention Center.

Medical field catches green trend Energy Conservation Month at JU
marissa Valerio
gUEsT WriTEr




The environmental movement of “going green” has finally hit the medical world. The newest breakthrough is the bio-artificial heart. This creation was completed by a team of researches from the University of Minnesota, including Dr. Harald Ott, a co-investigator and Professor Doris Taylor, director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Repair, Minnesota, Principal investigator. Roger Highfield, writer for the British newspaper “Telegraph,” reports that this new revolutionary research could overcome the shortage of replacement hearts and other organs, and do away with the need for anti-rejection drugs. In order to do so, the researchers obtained a heart and removed cells from it. The heart with its new design was then repopulated with new cells. These new cells began to grow and a new heart was created. This is called decellularization, which is the removal of all cells from an organ with detergent leaving only the extracellular matrix. Prof. Doris Taylor said, “The idea would be to develop transplantable blood vessels or whole organs that are made from your own cells,” reports Highfield. Although this is a brand new idea that actually works, it is still years and technological advances away to be able to create a significant amount of hearts to be available for the millions suffering from heart

disease and are waiting for replacement hearts. Organ donation, especially with aheart, has many complications: rejection, kidney failure, reassurance of heart disease. The new heart created by decellularization is filled with the recipient’s own stem cells less life threatening. This in turn will generate more successful transplants. The researchers theory is that once inserted the heart would carry out normal functions, be nourished and regenerated just like their own heart. This new experiment could possibly allow the growth of other organs as well and therefore shorten and lessen the waiting period for organ transplant. Currently across the nation 9,000 people need a transplant and only about 1a third of them received the transplant while 1,000 people die waiting for the heart transplant. Since the number two cause of death to Americans is heart failure, this new method of healing can significantly change the course of health for many individuals and allow them to live as normal life as possible, while preventing many others from dying due to the shortage of heart. Dr. Jon Frampton said, “Although this is only a first step requiring considerable follow-up development, the study nevertheless represents an exciting breakthrough that will eventually make the prospect of repairing damaged hearts a reality and will also be an approach that can be extended to other organs.”

JEssE MoCk

on Wednesday october 22 JU helped to observe Energy Conservation Month outside of the kinne student Center. Make sure to do your part during this and upcoming months by staying abreast of the go green Messages sent to JU email accounts.

Career Day proves success is possible
patrice king
sTaFF WriTEr

Students had a chance to dress for success and meet potential employers tuesday, october 21 at Career Day in the kinne Center, which ran from 11-2 p.m. the event is held twice every year: once in the fall and once in the spring. there were about 44 employers at the event that set up booths with applications, brochures, pens, flyers, cards and snacks. Students had a chance to speak with companies about future employment and internship opportunities. Student participation this semester was a success; several students dressed to impress as they spoke with companies that were accepting resumes. Barbara vick, Director of Career Services, was the sponsor of the event. “the purpose of the event is to maximize students’ exposure to a variety of employers,” said vick. She also recommends that freshman and sophomores start attending these events early so they have more information about their career interest. the event is also beneficial to juniors and seniors to apply for internships. one of the larger employers at the event was Fox 30 News. Cara Jager, Business Manager for Fox 30 News said, “i hope to get some intellectual interns that will excel

in the company.” this was Jager first time at Jacksonville university and said the event was organized very well. Matt Biegun, assistant news production manager said, “students should come out and participate in the event because there is some information that you won’t get from a website.” there was also a booth representing the u.S. Army reserves. Students gathered around the booth as they learned about careers the u.S. Army has to offer such as medical, dental, communications and logistics. Sgt verdejo said, “he want students to be aware of the benefits the army has to offer because the way the economy is. we would like to help students financially as much as possible.” Belk also came out to support the event because they were looking for students interested in management positions. Mike grabley, regional vice president said, “Career day was very successful because [he] had a chance to set up interviews with some of the students.” Barbara vick encourages students to stop by Career Services located on the third floor of Davis Student Commons to learn how to build a resume and how to conduct a successful interview in preparation for next semester’s Career Day.

oy Treats J
Dolphins receive $1 off with JU ID!
Photo courtesy of googleimages.com

Meeting/Party Rooms Available!

Ice Cream Parlor
1407 University Blvd. N (1 Block North of Arlington Road) Phone number: 762-2939
• Ice Cream • Shakes • Sundaes • Smoothies • Splits • Snow Cones • Slushies • Low Fat/ Low Sugar Choices



Killa Kolumn

Halloween Horror receives A+ scares
kameron Jackson
FEaTUrEs EdiTor


Vol. 7 Halloween Edition
kameron Jackson
FEaTUrEs EdiTor

ed kelleher
arTs EdiTor

KILLA KELLEhER: Alright fools, it’s almost halloween again and you know what that means! that’s right! ghosts, goblins, and yet another excuse for two things: girls dressing in barely anything, and a reason to get drunk (like we need one). in the spirit of halloween, i figured i would do my part to suggest some ideas on the best costumes to wear while drinking for both men and women. Men top 3 3. giant Dick...gibson: why not? he’s the man!!! 2. Batman: why not? “Dark knight” was amazing 1. tampa rays Fan: Already the most popular, biggest joke this halloween season! women top 3 3. Scandalous Batgirl: Self explanatory… 2. Scandalous Police officer: Self explanatory… 1. Scandalous _____(fill in the blank): Be creative ladies… KILLA KAM: Everyone loves a good horror movie around this time of year so it’s only right that i talk about a view flicks that always made me think. hard! “child’s Play”- imagine yourself at the gates of heaven and someone asks, “hey, how’d you get here?” then you say, “A doll stabbed me in the face.” that explains the fates of many due to their failure to escape form the wraths of a two-foot doll. the amazing part is how they were able to stretch this to five movies. After seeing all of them, i’d hate to see what ken would do if Barbie broke up with him. “vampire in Brooklyn”- what’s scarier

than Eddie Murphy haunting Brooklyn as a vampire? how about Eddie Murphy haunting Brooklyn as a vampire with a perm. with a slowly decaying Dwayne wayne as his accomplice, the Dr. Dolittle decides to strut his finest silks and even finer fake Carribean accent in this 1995 bomb. “Leprechaun in the hood”- the fifth installment of “Leprechaun” puts the irish fiend smack dab in the ghetto. the star helps three rap hopefuls rise to fame only if they help him find his gold. You would think after the first couple of movies he would learn to get a debit card or at least a wallet. this movie was apparently so amazing, Coolio decided to drop by. the world Series- the Phillies winning the MLB Championship? Sounds like a horror flick to me. “the Grudge” vs. “the Ring”- ghostly Asians crawling around a house haunting a girl who doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase, “get up and move out.” vs. A girl politely stepping out of a television to chat with a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase, “get up and run.” “tales from the hood”- three dudes hear four tales of horror including, a racist politician who gets killed by dolls (sound familiar?) and three crooked cops kill a black politician only to be killed by the same politician as a zombie. You also get to see David Allan grier spin around in circles.

with halloween just around the corner, universal Studios’ annual celebration is in full force down in orlando. the 18th annual halloween horror Nights had many fans screaming at the top of their lungs with fear. the theme for this year revolved around the ever-so-eerie “Bloody Mary” character. the headline attraction, “reflections of Fear,” has guests put in the thick of things as they came face-to-face with Mary herself. other houses provided thrills and chills throughout the night as well, complementing the return of Scarezones, which were designated areas in the park where random scares took place. visitors would have to dodge everything from swinging ghouls to chainsaw holstering maniacs just to get to the bathroom. Another featured attraction was “Doomsday,” inspired by the movie made by universal. in this mayhem-filled environment, guests must survive a post-apocalyptic Scotland ravaged by a deadly virus. there were also houses that took a little less thought to create like, “Creatures!” one of the more comical attractions had patrons making their way through the backwoods of a southern atmosphere all while comic book monsters attack the small town’s inhabitants. Not to be left out was “Body Collectors: Collections of the Past,” an extremely gory excavation through the

workshop of demented workers who are obsessed with the human body in the worst way possible. For those not wanting the numerous heart attacks of the r-rated gathering, rides such as “the Mummy” and the brand new “Simpson’s ride” were available. in addition to the houses and Scarezones were the entertaining shows as well. these shows included a tribute to “rocky horror Picture Show,” an amazing magic show from magician Brian Brushwood, and of course “Bill and ted’s Excellent halloween Adventure,” which spoofs the year in television, movies, and pop culture icons, with Bill and ted at the center of the performance. Many Ju students got to experience the entire fright fest this past weekend as part of Dolphin Productions’ school-wide trip to the event. Jacksonville Sophomore Eli guarin was pleased with her first time visiting the halloween attraction. “i got my $30 worth,” she said. “i’m happy to experience that without paying an arm and a leg.” Dolphin Productions offered tickets for only $30, as opposed to the regular $40$50 range. the event started at 6:30 pm and ended around 2:00 am. the overall consensus from students was positive, though it was the same old song and dance for veterans of the event. “the houses got a little repetitive,” Ju student Corey woolfork said of his third consecutive visit. “i got a little tired of people coming around a corner and startling me, over and over. i’ll be back next year, though!”

family weekend

“The Phillies winning the MLB Championship? Sounds like a horror flick to me.”

rENaE iNgraM Jr.

President romesburg greets families at a private reception in the alexander Brest gallery. The gallery showcased work by figure photography students april sullivan, renae ingram Jr. and Nicole Medeiros. The work will be on display until the student showcase in mid-November.





Desert precipice
Jesse Mock Senior Marketing Major Photography Minor


I took this picture while I was on vacation in Nevada last summer. This particular rock formation is in the Valley of fire. i wanted to capture the rock formation from an interesting perspective. I wanted to show how tall this rock formation is because it is taller then most of the rock formations in the Nevada desert. The rock formations in the Valley of Fire are over 150 million years old. This was my first time in the desert so I was very fascinated by my surroundings. I was surrounded by cacti and sand dooms. I had never seen anything like it. I also encountered many interesting desert lizards. I probably took over two hundred pictures in twenty minutes. I Used a Nikon D40X with an 18-70mm lens. I was pleased that the sky was nice and blue when I took this picture. The bright vibrant colors of the sky and the sandstone really make this photograph beautiful. i wanted the whole image to be in focus so all of the detail in the rock formation could be seen. I didn’t have much time to plan for the photograph because my mother was begging me to get back in the car. Her exact words were, “Jesse get back in the car! It’s hot, we’re in the middle of the desert, and I’m starting to hallucinate!” I will always remember that when i look at this picture. one of the greatest things about photography is that you can capture your greatest memories through photographs. that is why a picture is worth a thousand words.



Curtain call by the talented cast of “ ragtime” the musical shich was performed in the swisher Theater this past weekend. The musical presented a controversal and yet emotional story of life in the United states at the tuen of the century. opening night was Friday, october 24, 2008, guest recieved free reusable grocery bags from the shows sponsor Winn dixie.







new coach for lacrosse


sHaNE saLazar

senoir sebastian Lindholm kicks ball to set up teammates in the second half of the soccer game october 26 at UNF. The dolphins brought home a 1-0 win.

the Ju women’s lacrosse program is beginning to take shape as Brooke Magnuson was tabbed as the first assistant coach in program history by women’s lacrosse head coach Mindy McCord announced tuesday. Magnuson, a former university of Maryland attacker and Maryland Prep “Player of the Year,”joins the Dolphins new program after working closely with the Lax Maniax Elite Club program in north Florida with McCord. She also directs the First Coast Lacrosse League for girls during the fall. “Brooke is a great teacher of the game and has a lot of experience in teaching the game,” said McCord. “Brooke has always been a leader, from her experiences on Broadneck (Maryland) high School’s first state championship team, to her time as a standout at the club level program and through her four-year experience as a toplevel Division i performer.” “i am so fortunate to be a part of the staff for the first Ju women’s Lacrosse program,” said Magnuson. “it’s an amazing opportunity to continue to grow the game of lacrosse. Ju is a great school and i can’t wait to help put its women’s Lacrosse team on the map. i want to thank Mindy for giving me this opportunity.”

Magnuson was a four-year letterwinner on the terrapins’ women’s lacrosse squad from 2003-06 and helped Maryland reach the Final Four in her final two seasons. Magnuson also helped the terps win the ACC Championship as a freshman in 2003. She posted over 15 goals in each of her final three seasons, including a career-best 21 as a junior in 2005. As a prep player, Magnuson was a fouryear starter at Broadneck high School in Annapolis, Md. the team went 41-10 in three seasons and helped Broadneck win the Class 4A state championship her senior season after posting 56 goals and 51 assists. She was also a four-time all-county selection as well as earning all-state and all-metro (Baltimore Sun and washington Post) accolades her final two seasons. Following her playing career, Magnuson got her first taste in coaching by helping high school programs in South Carolina and Florida and co-directing a camp with current Loyola head coach Jen Adams, a Maryland teammate. She is married to Paul Magnuson who is an officer in the Navy and a graduate of the Naval Academy. her husband also plays on the Ponte vedra Predators men’s lacrosse team and is an assistant with the Lax Maniax Elite Club.

DB’s Predictions: Week 10
Florida-Georgia edition
daVid Berry
sPorTs EdiTor

Contrary to what the headline suggests, that is not the only game i will be covering this week. Far from it, we have another healthy slate of games that has a huge impact on the BCS standings. As far as pre-

dictions go, it didn’t get much better than last weekend (4-0! Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be the same and pick all the higherranked teams, see!). i’m now 17-9 after that perfect weekend. But as the good coaches do, i am putting last weekend and looking ahead to this big weekend. Let’s go to work! predictions continues on page 1




dolphins stun san diego toreros
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In what has to be one of the greatest games this college football season, certainly the greatest game in JU football history, the Dolphins defeated the San Diego Toreros 30-29. This game had storylines coming from everywhere. San Diego was undefeated in Pioneer Football League play and has been the conference bully for the past few years. The bully was silenced as the ball sailed off the foot of junior kicker Donovan Curry through the uprights for the 50-yard field goal. “I was just trying to keep my cool while everyone around me was screaming and excited about what was going on in the game,” Curry said when asked about the field goal, the longest of his collegiate career. “I didn’t want to get too excited and over kick the ball. I just kept telling my self Curry won the starting job in practice this week after previously handling the punting duties. He also added field goals from 22 and 26 yards earlier in the game, but none was as critical as the last one. His play on Saturday earned him special teams

“Player of the Week” honors from the conference and nationally from The Sports Network. “It feels great to have received these awards but honestly I was just doing my job. I think that as a team we earned those awards,” Curry said. “I am glad that coach trusted me enough to go ahead with the field goal unit.” The Dolphins jumped out of the gate on fire against San Diego, taking a 17-3 lead into the locker room at halftime. JU opened up the scoring with a 25-yard touchdown pass from Josh McGregor to tight end Chris Kuck. Kuck leads JU in touchdown catches on the season with five and McGregor finished the game 11-of-22 for 148 yards and two touchdown passes. JU extended the lead to 17-3 when McGregor found wide receiver Rodney Sumter in the back corner of the end zone for the score. In the second half, San Diego came out on fire and put up touchdowns on all three of their third quarter drives. If JU was experiencing déjà vu, it was because they had been there before, giving up big second-half leads to UNC-Pembroke and Davidson in heartbreaking losses. To make things worse, late in the

third quarter, McGregor went down with an apparent knee injury. Backup Erik Stepleton, who was the starter at the beginning of the season, stepped in and finished 8-of-15 for 90 yards and one key touchdown pass. In the fourth quarter, Stepleton led JU down the field for a field goal early on. The Dolphin defense then woke up and shut down San Diego’s offense in a complete reversal of the third quarter. The next offensive drive for the Dolphins resulted in a touchdown, a 22-yard toss from Stepleton to running back Rudell Small. The highlight for the defense in the fourth quarter came when San Diego quarterback Sebastian Trujillo through a screen pass to wide receiver Ben Hannula. Cornerback Brian Valdez read the play perfectly, came up and lowered the boom on Hannula, separating the player from his helmet. The tide of momentum shifted dramatically in the direction of JU after the hit. The next drive, JU passed the ball on the first three downs, only completing a threeyard pass on third down. With the ball at the Torero 34, Head Coach Kerwin Bell was faced with a decision: go for the long field goal or try and get the first down? Curry went up to Bell and expressed the confidence that he could kick the field goal,

so Bell trotted the kicking team onto the field. The rest is JU football history. Small had another solid game, finishing with 104 yards on the ground along with his lone catch for the touchdown. Wide receiver Elliott Finkley led JU in receiving on the day with 82 yards on five receptions. Defensively, Layne McCombs led the way with 13 tackles (four solo) and a fumble recovery on the day. His performance was good enough to earn him PFL defensive “Player of the Week”. Defensive linemen Rolando Fines and Shaun Lewis each finished with a sack in the game. Lewis now has a team-leading six sacks on the year. Safety Jason wood had eight tackles (three solo) in the game and leads the team in that category with 50. The Dolphins will be back in action on Saturday as they travel to Indiana to take on an undefeated Butler Bulldog squad in another game critical to the PFL race. If JU wins out, they will be the PFL champions. They control their own destiny on the road to the Gridiron Classic. Kickoff at Butler is set for 1 p.m.

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Left: Quarterback Josh Mcgregor was replaced by Erik stepleton after a tough playing and a knee injury. Above: dolphins congratulate fellow teammate and “Player of the Week” donovan Curry for the 50-yard field goal at saturday’s game held at d.B. Milne Field. The next change to see the dolphins light up the home field will be on November 15 at noon.


Ponder has slowly been improving each and every game and running back Antone Smith has showed the ability that made him a highly recruited athlete out of high school. this game could go either way because of the unpredictable nature of the ACC, but that’s not a good answer for my prediction. i say Florida State wins the game because their defense is good enough to hold down the georgia tech option and the offense has had playmakers emerge. Florida State in the ACC Championship?

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the first game will see the No. 1 texas Longhorns travel to Lubbock to take on the No. 7 texas tech red raiders. to say that this game has the potential to have a basketball score could be a gross understatement on both teams. the offenses in this game are high-octane and the defense that can find away to slow down the opposing offense will win the game. Colt McCoy is leading a Longhorns’ offense putting up numbers at will against opposing defenses. texas averages 486 yards of total offense (ninth in the nation), 303 yards of passing offense (11th) and 45 points per game (fifth). As good as that offense in Austin is, anything a Longhorn can do, a red raider can do better. Quarterback graham harrell leads the nation in passing yards per game at 393 and is sixth in passing efficiency at 167.4. the red raider offense as a whole leads the country in passing offense, is second in total offense and is third in scoring offense. So which defense is better equipped to stop the other team’s offense? Statistically the edge goes to texas, who is slightly better than texas tech in totals and scoring defense. the young Longhorn secondary will face its most fierce test of the season with Mike Leach’s offense. Both teams sport top-15 rushing defenses as well, not that it will matter much in this air show. this is a game that the defensive coordinators will want to forget about quickly. Like i said last week, i’m going with texas until they prove me wrong. they’ve bucked the trend of number ones losing for a few weeks, and i see their defense holding texas tech just enough to pull out a win.


DB’s Prediction: Florida State 20 georgia tech 1

the other ACC matchup of the week will see the Miami hurricanes travel to take on the virginia Cavaliers. virginia is coming off a 24-17 comeback win over georgia tech and currently sits atop the ACC Coastal Division. the hurricanes will definitely have the memories of a 48-0 blowout loss in the orange Bowl finale to these Cavaliers. it is a different, and i’ll say much better team than last year’s debacle. the uM defense is coming into its own now and will need to shut down virginia running back Cedric Peerman. the virginia defense will have to deal with a plethora of options from the uM offense, not to mention the two quarterbacks (robert Marve and Jacory harris) to prepare for. i believe that Miami will win the game because they have a lot to prove and they are coming together as a team at the right time of the season. it will be a close game but virginia falls into a tie for first with one or maybe more teams in the ACC Coastal.

DB’s Prediction: Miami 24 Virginia 21

DB’s prediction: Texas 45 Texas Tech 35

Due to the lack of games between top-25 teams, i will sandwich two key ACC games in between the two big games this week. the ACC has been a wild and unpredictable conference each and every week this season. Every team in the conference has at least one conference loss, which makes predicting the games this weekend a huge crap shoot. however, i shall march on. the first ACC game will see No. 15 Florida State make the trip up i-75 to Atlanta to take on georgia tech. this game is a stark contrast to the first matchup because this will be a defensive affair. Florida State is second in the country in total defense (247 yards per game) and georgia tech is 12th (272). georgia tech is seventh in the country in scoring defense (13.1 points per game) while Florida State is 18th (16.6). the questions come on the offensive side of the ball. will Florida State be able to stop a georgia tech triple offense that they will only have a week to prepare for? they lead the conference in rushing yards per game (236) and are led by running back Jonathan Dwyer. For Florida State, quarterback Christian

the final game of the week really needs no introduction, but it will get one anyways. the No. 8 Florida gators and No. 6 georgia Bulldogs will both make the trip to Jacksonville to play in “the world’s Largest outdoor Cocktail Party”. georgia will be the home team for the game, in case anyone reading was wondering. the game will be interesting because both Florida and georgia are coming off big wins last week. the gators annihilated kentucky 63-5 and the Bulldogs put away a solid LSu team by the score of 52-38. will georgia’s defense be able to stop the arsenal of weapons in the Florida offense? Quarterback tim tebow almost has too many options to choose from: Chris rainey, Jeff Demps, Louis Murphy, and Percy harvin. Florida’s defense will have to start with trying to shut down running back knowshon Moreno, who rushed for 168 yards and a touchdown in the win over LSu. if Moreno gets going, it could open up the passing game for quarterback Matthew Stafford and receivers Mohammed Massaquoi. i hate to say it, but i think Florida wins the game because right now, they are the better team. it could go either way but Florida has too many weapons and i don’t think georgia will be able to hold them down the whole game.

DB’s Florida-Georgia Prediction: Florida 34 Georgia 30

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