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									My Simple Formula For Creating Spectacular MLM Articles
If you haven't heard this phrase about MLM articles before, it's about time:

Content is King.

Those people who create the most content are usually having the most success. Take a look at the
new crop of "heavy hitters" in MLM... What do they all have in common?

Of course some are still rockin' the paid advertising, but recently the trend is more toward creating
MLM articles that create action in the readers.

However, now that so many people are hopping aboard the content train, it's more important than
ever to understand the basics of how to create content so good that it stands out from the rest!

MLM Articles: Headlines

Understanding how to write an irresistible headline can be a million dollar skill... And I'm not
exaggerating. I've seen killer MLM articles go unread because the headline submarined the whole

I've also seen headlines so fantastic that I had to click on it... Only to find out that the article stunk.
So, the right headline is the very first step in causing something to happen within your reader.

I've learned that writing good headlines isn't a terribly difficult skill to learn... Here's what I do.
Whenever I come across a headline that I simply can't ignore, I write it down. I have a little notebook
with hundreds of headlines in it.

Then, I look them over for inspiration when coming up with my own! When I've written one, I think to
myself "Would I be able to pass up this headline?" If the answer is yes, then I just write another one
and another until it makes me salivate just by looking at it.

MLM Articles: Body

Writing the body for me is actually the easy part! Once I've come up with an idea for my content, I'll
grab a pen and jot down about 3-4 points that I want to cover. For example, you can tell this article is
very structured with sub-headlines and clear, concise points under each one.

That's really all you have to do! The real secret is grabbing a topic and sticking with it the whole way
through the article. If I randomly started to talk about lead generation, I'd lose your attention (not
because it's not important, but just because it's off topic).
MLM Articles: Call to Action

Any article you write without a call to action is a waste of space. If your readers aren't taking any
action, then why do you care that they're reading your article?

Encourage them to opt-in or to leave a comment or to visit some website! A simple call to action can
be "Like the tips I've given in this article? Click on the link to get more simple marketing strategies!"

It doesn't have to be difficult... In fact, I prefer very simple and straightforward calls to action!

Now, the overall secret to becoming a good writer is to write a lot and to read a lot! Check out what
popular blogs are writing about, and see what it is that YOU like to read.


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