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 Is AP Photo a double period? No. It will meet one period.  What is the prerequisite? Art I  Is it a lot of work? Yes. It is an AP class. Every week you will be taking photos and practicing the skills you learn in class. BUT- if you like taking photos, maybe it won’t feel like work.   Will we work in the darkroom? No. All images will be digital. But you will learn to use a 35mm SLR camera so that you can better understand how digital cameras work.  Do you need your own camera? No, but if you do not have your own digital camera you will have to check one out each week and return it.  Will we work on the computer? Yes! You will learn airbrushing, masking, color correction and more in Adobe Photoshop.  What kind of photographs will we take? Portraits, landscapes, abstract photos, and more using available light, flash, and studio lighting.  Can I take AP Photo for Honors credit instead? Yes, talk to Ms. Burstein for details.


E-mail MS. BURSTEIN with any questions concerning AP or Honors PHOTOGRAPHY

AP Photography



camera, 7 Megapixels and at least 4X optical zoom, will be sufficient. (Disregard the digital zoom!) Additional features to look for: a. A flash with manual control that you can turn off and on. A flash that lets you control intensity or has fill flash is nice to have. b. ISO settings so that you can adjust for speed c. White Balance settings like sun, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent… d. A picture review setting that can be turned off.

I want to use my own camera, or I plan on purchasing one for the course. What would I need? You do not need a digital SLR. A compact

Payton currently lends students the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS, which as of 4/15/08 was listed on the Internet at for $144.50. If you splurge on a DSLR, look for manual controls, 18-55mm lens and hot shoe for external flash: Nikon D40x is currently at for $645.00.

Is there a summer assignment? There is no summer assignment due in the fall. However, if you plan on using your own camera for the course, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the menu and functions. Read the manual! (If you lost it, it is probably available online.) Every student will be responsible for adjusting the settings on their own camera.
What is the homework like? Generally, your homework will be to take pictures. We will have quizzes over digital imaging concepts, lighting, color spectrum, and software tools, for which you will have to study. You will need to understand image/file size, focusing distances, and lighting properties, which requires memorization and mental calculations while shooting photos. Occasionally, you will write short artist’s statements and journal entries. Sometimes, you may need to go to the computer lab to upload photographs, format images, or finish a Photoshop assignment.

How many hours a week should I expect to be working on assignments outside of class? Plan on an average of 3 hours each week
shooting photos or working on the computer. Students familiar with Photoshop may finish projects in class. Others may need to come in at lunch or after school. Some weeks, photo assignments might be easy to do. Perhaps, you will take a portrait of a sibling, who is always nearby. Another project might require traveling to specific locations, gathering costumes and props, constructing elaborate sets or placin lights; it could take hours to get everything just right before you ever take a picture!

How would you describe students who will be successful in AP Photo? They like creative problem solving, are quick with simple math

calculations, have an eye for detail and design, and enjoy working on the computer. Most of all, they are good at organizing their time! Weather, models, and natural light will not always cooperate with the student who does assignments at the last minute.

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