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					Trail Mix                   The Newsletter of the Greenways Alliance of Rhode Island

Volume 7, No. 2                                                                                       Spring 2008

                                    Jamestown Gets Rolling
                                                       By Julie Kallfelz                             lli n
GARI Gears Up for                                                                               Ro           g

Great 2008                                     hat started three years ago    addition

                                               as an effort to improve        to Rolling


            elcome to 2008 on                  bike and walking access to     Agenda,
            the Greenways and       Jamestown’s schools has blossomed          these
            Blueways!               into a community-wide effort to create    groups
                                    outdoor recreational spaces that all      included
                                                                                         Bike Paths on the
    This will be our second year                                                                              Island
working in partnership with the     Jamestowners value and can use.           the town
Narragansett Bay Wheelmen               Spearheaded by Rolling                recreation, planning, and school
to provide funds to local grass     Agenda, a local group of bicycling        departments, town soccer and baseball
roots organizations to create       enthusiasts, the project began as         associations, Jamestown’s Tree
more bicycle and trail resources    various local organizations joined        Warden, and the local senior citizens’
in Rhode Island.                    together to address deficits and          association.
    In 2007 we identified           make improvements on and around
several organizations pursuing      the Jamestown school grounds. In                          continued on page 2
activities and projects that met
our funding criteria. GARI/NBW
funds supported the following       Sustainable Tourism on RI
➢ Volunteers for the East Bay
Community Bike Path provided                        By Rita Kerr-Vanderslice and Terry Meyer
bottled water on the East Bay

Bike Path during the summer;              ustainable—or green—tourism         together kayak outfitters, local
➢ Jamestown Rolling Agenda, in            is a market that has grown          restaurants and lodging purveyors to
conjunction with the Jamestown            dramatically in recent years.       provide opportunities for sustainable
School Department’s Walk/Bike/      Instead of forcing environmentally-       tourism in Little Rhody.
Bus to School Month, replaced a     conscious individuals to personalize          Rhode Island’s water trail is
bike rack at the Melrose School;    their travel in order to enjoy a low-     developed under the leadership of the
                                    impact vacation, green tourism allows     RI Blueways Alliance. The Alliance
➢ Bike to Brown explored the        those individuals the same package        promotes the safe enjoyment of Rhode
feasibility of creating a map of    deals and planned itineraries found in    Island’s rivers, lakes and ponds, as
the Henderson Bridge Detour;        the usual cruise or Disney World trip.    well as Narragansett Bay, through
➢ Tiverton Trailblazers initiated   Rhode Island’s newly formed Blueway,
plans to support conversion of      or water trail network, is bringing                        continued on page 5
the abandoned rail bed along
the shore of Narragansett Bay in
Tiverton to a greenway;                In th i s I s s u e:                  India Point Park . . . . . . . . . 4
➢ Recycle-A-Bike purchased                                                   Dear Dr. Sprocket. . . . . . . . 6
bicycle repair tools for their       East Bay Community Bike
workshop in Providence;              Path Association . . . . . . . 3        Wm. C. O'Neill Bike Path. . 6
➢ Providence Bicycle Coalition       Connecting the DOTs . . . . 3           Webmaster’s Corner. . . . . . . 7
        continued on page 2
Greenwords                                Rolling Agenda                                                                       East Bay Community Bike
             continued from page 1                                                                continued from page 1        Path Association                                                                           Connecting
                                              As it looked at current conditions    ➢ improve the wooded area between                                                                                                     the DOTs
created a web site for their
                                          as well as future needs, the coalition    the two school buildings, known                    he East Bay Community               the students at the Emma G. Whitenact
organizations; and
                                          compiled an ambitious set of goals:       as the “Town Forest,” which had                    Bike Path Association was           Elementary School. A total of sixteen           More mileage expected
➢ Friends of the William C. O’Neill       ➢ improve the condition of the town       previously contained an outdoor                    co-founded in 2003 by former        students brought their helmets to class.
Bike Path will use their grant, along
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           for Blackstone River
                                          athletic fields, used by school and       classroom; and                             bike path coordinator Leonard Hickey,       For those students who didn’t have a
with additional funds from private                                                                                             and Frank DiPrete. With the help of         helmet, Frank provided them with one.           Bikeway in 2008
                                          town recreational soccer and baseball
donors, to reprint maps of the path.                                                ➢ improve car and bus traffic flow         Nancy McDonald, Karen Stinger,              For those students whose helmet didn’t
                                          teams as well as school gym classes;                                                                                                                                                   By Charles St. Martin
                                                                                    and parking around the school              Mona Noonan, Janice Everett, Bob            fit properly, Frank provided them with
    As a result of our cooperative
                                          ➢ improve the ease and safety of bike     buildings.

funding project and our newsletters                                                                                            DeSilva, Fred Brown and Frank               one that did fit. Following a lesson on                  his spring, the Rhode
                                          and pedestrian access to the schools
highlighting Rhode Island’s rivers                                                      The scope of the project was           DiPrete, our mission is handing out         how to adjust helmets properly, rules                    Island Department of
                                          and athletic fields;
and trails, we have learned about                                                   daunting, but the coalition agreed that    bottles of water that are donated by        of the road, and safe riding techniques,                 Transportation (RIDOT)
more grass roots groups and projects      ➢ choose sites and install fitness        the only rational and cost-effective       local merchants and other companies.        each student was given a Bicycle Safety    expects to finalize a 1-mile extension
in the state with missions like ours:     trail equipment that has already been     approach was a unified one that                 The East Bay Community Bike            Manual and a Bicycle Safety Math           of the Blackstone River Bikeway
to encourage communities to build         purchased by the school’s PTO;            brought in professional expertise to       Path Association (EBCBPA) stand             Book to help them remember that “On        beginning on John Street in Lincoln
and maintain greenways and                                                          guide planning, coordination, and          is located in Riverside, between            a bike, safety comes first.”               (the site of the former Lonsdale Drive-
                                              ➢ create walking paths through
other safe resources for non-                 and around the school grounds         execution. Step one was conducting         Crescent View Avenue, known as “The              The EBCBPA plans to continue          In) to the area of Valley Falls and
motorized transportation.                      for use by students, school staff,   an area study that would be used           Causeway,” and Riverside Square near        to hand out free water along the bike      Cumberland Town Hall. The unique
    Our June issue of Trail                    and all residents;                   to develop a comprehensive plan.           the bait shop and the carousel. This is     path. We also plan to further reach        feature of this section is a 540-foot
Mix will highlight the many                                                         Funding for the study was provided         where we hand out free bottled water        out to the community by distributing       long, 14-foot wide elevated boardwalk
                                                ➢ design and install playground     through the generous donations             to everyone who passes by. Most of the      bicycle safety information, earmarking
paddling opportunities offered                                                                                                                                                                                        used to cross a portion of the Lonsdale
                                                equipment at the middle school;     of local organizations such as the         people on the path know the EBCBPA          a portion of our contributions for a
by the rivers, bays and                                                                                                                                                                                               Marsh. This section also uses a few
ocean in our state during                                                           Jamestown PTO, Rotary Club,                volunteers by name—and we know              scholarship program, and looking for       local roads to reach Valley Falls
Rhode Island Rivers                                                                 Jamestown Soccer and Baseball              most of our “customers” by name,            new ways to keep our community             Heritage Park, a hidden gem of a park
Month in cooperation with                                                           Associations, the Rhode Island             too! During the 2007 season, we             growing. We would like to thank            that incorporates several switchback
Rhode Island Blueways Alliance.                                                     Foundation (through GARI), and             handed out 111 cases of water—that’s        Captain Walter Barlow of the East          ramps which allow visitors to get close
                                                 Trail Mix is the quarterly
The fall edition of Trail Mix will             newsletter of the Greenways
                                                                                    BankNewport.                               2,664 bottles of water                      Providence Police Department, whose        to the river.
once again feature recreational              Alliance of Rhode Island (GARI).           East Providence-based landscape             Beginning last year, we took on        knowledge and contributions were                RIDOT is working with the City
opportunities for bicyclists and hikers                                             architecture firm Gates Leighton           a new direction by educating young          instrumental is getting the EBCBPA up      of Woonsocket on two path projects
                                               Editor Maggie McCormick
on our trails and greenways during                                                  Assoc. was hired through an RFP            children on the importance of bicycle       and running.                               that would add 1.3 miles to the current
                                                  Contributors Sue Barker,
Rhode Island Trials and Greenways                                                   process, and for the past year, has        safety with the proper safety tools.             Come spend a day with us on the       northern end of the path. The current
                                                Frank DiPrete, Rita Kerr-
Month in September.                                   Vanderslice,                  been assessing conditions in the target    Frank DiPrete was invited by Colleen        bike path! To get involved, contact us     northern portion end was extended
    We invite all groups with similar          Julie Kallfelz, Terry Meyer,         area, meeting with stake-holders to        Holland to give a bicycle safety class to   at                     in early November 2007, with the
missions to collaborate to create                  Charles St. Martin,              define needs, holding public input                                                                                                dedication of a 2-mile segment from
communities that are both pedestrian-           Richard F. Santopietro, Ph.D.,      sessions, and refining ideas. Gates                                                                                               New River Road in Lincoln to the
and bicycle-friendly. Please contact me               Bob Votava                    Leighton is due to present its final                                                                                              Woonsocket Water Treatment Plant
to discuss how we might accomplish                                                  version of the plan in early February                                                                                             on Manville Hill Road in Woonsocket.
                                                 Graphic design and layout
more together.                                                                      2008.                                                                                                                             RIDOT expects these path segments to
                                               Nelson-Lee Communications
                                                e-mail:                In the meantime, Rolling Agenda                                                                                               be opened this year.
                       Sue Barker
                                                     (401) 423-2967                 and the other coalition members                                                                                                        Combining the existing path
                       GARI Chair
                                               Please send your comments to
                                                                                    are gearing up for a significant                                                                                                  mileage and what may be opened in
                                                             fundraising effort in the spring and
                                                GARI, 31 Stanchion Street,                                                                                                                                            2008, the Blackstone River Bikeway
                                                   Jamestown, RI 02835              summer of 2008. Efforts will include                                                                                              will stretch to almost 12 miles from
                                                   e-mail:            applying for various state, federal, and                                                                                          Cumberland to Woonsocket. RIDOT
                                                       private grants; soliciting support from                                                                                           is examining other path extensions
                                                                                    local individuals, organizations, and                                                                                             that would someday complete the
                                            Trail Mix is supported in part by a
                                                                                    businesses; and requesting funding                                                                                                19-mile portion of the bikeway in
                                             grant from the education portion
                                            of the Recreational Trails Program,
                                                                                           from the Town Council and                                                                                                  Rhode Island.
                                               administered by the R.I. Trails
                                                                                                     continued on page 8        Frank DiPrete and students of the Emma G. Whitenact Elementary School.                                 continued on page 8
                                                   Advisory Committee.

                               Help Make Greenways in Rhode Island Happen: Join the                                            Greenways Alliance of Rhode Island Today!
2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          3
India Point Park, Jewel of Providence                                                                                              Sustainable Tourism on RI Blueways                                                      waterways and tourism. “We create
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           access and we care for the places
                                                                                                                                                                                        continued from page 1              where people want to go and play,”

            ayor David Cicciline has         last year passed a bill authorizing a     Jerome Williams has involved himself                                                                                                explains Williams, “and that sparks
            called it “the entering          statewide utility surcharge of five cents                                             the web site             of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail,         the demand for services that the local
                                                                                       in the process, hosting meetings
            crown jewel of the City.”        per month to raise that money, but the                                       provides paddling             which traverses waterways from New          businesses offer.” And many local
                                                                                       between RIDOT planners and
It has 3,600 feet of Narragansett Bay        bill stalled in the House. It should be                                               routes, information and safety tips.        York, Vermont, New Hampshire,               businesses featured on the site have
                                                                                       engineers and environmental and
shoreline, with sweeping views of            re-introduced and, we hope, passed,                                                   When fully developed, the web site          Maine and Québec. Along with                cashed in on the success of the Canoe
                                                                                       recreational advocates, including FIPP
the Providence                                                                                                                     will also include information on            standard paddling resources such as         Trail, reporting increased business at
                                                                                                  and GARI representatives.
waterfront, East                                                                                                                   where to rent boats, where to eat and       maps and descriptions of launches, the      least partly due to referrals from the
                                                                                                        Coming soon are            where to stay while paddling in the
Providence and                                                                                                                                                                 Northern Forest Canoe trail website,        site.
                                                                                                  user-friendly information        state. The Alliance is partnering with
miles of open                                                                                                                                                        ,                Peter Casson, director of the
                                                                                                  signs at the Park’s East         tourism councils and outfitters to
water to the                                                                                                                                                                   provides some innovative tools. For         Eastern Mountain Sports Kayak
                                                                                                  Street entrance, as well         create hospitality packages for residents
south. Where                                                                                                                                                                   instance, their Trip Planner gives          School,,
                                                                                                  as throughout the Park           and visitors. For a fixed fee, these
once rail yards                                                                                                                                                                boaters all the resources they need         anticipates similar local benefits from
                                                                                                  at significant historic or       packages will provide a visitor with a
and piers made                                                                                                                                                                 to create their own adventure. The          the waterways project in RI. Mr.
                                                                                                  natural vantage points. The      full Blueway experience: transportation
up a blackened                                                                                                                                                                 Planner details local outfitters and        Casson stresses the importance of
                                                                                                  signs will describe, in text     to the water, a guided trip along the
industrial                                                                                                                                                                     guides, available shuttles, camping         involving outfitters and guides already
                                                                                                  and pictures, the Park as        trail complete with information on the
landscape,                                                                                                                                                                     and lodging, where to get supplies,         intimately familiar with the boating
                                                                                                  it was and how it came to        history and natural features of the area,
Providence                                                                                                                                                                     libraries/internet access, local            conditions on various water trails. He
                                                                                                  be. Designed and produced        meals and overnight accommodations.
residents (and                                                                                                                                                                 museums, and other attractions.             points out that local knowledge is key
                                                                                                  by William Warner, the           The Blueways Alliance wants to make
anyone else)                                                                                                                                                                   For the tourist looking for a ready-        when designing trips included on the
                                                                                                  architect and planer who         it easy for the average person to spend
can now enjoy                                                                                                                                                                  made trip, the site also offers sample      RI Blueways website, to ensure the
                                                                                                  created Waterplace Park,         their vacation time enjoying everything
a green, quiet                                                                                                                                                                 itineraries for different sections of the   safety and enjoyment of those using
                                                                                                  the signs will constitute a      Rhode Island’s waterways have to offer.
oasis of lawns,                                                                                                                                                                canoe trail with a choice of focus on       the Blueways.
                                                                                                  self-guided tour through
playing fields and                                                                                                                      Projects similar to Rhode Island’s     heritage or recreation.                          Environmental advocates,
                                                                                                  the Park for visitors.
a playground. It is                                                                                                                Blueways have successfully promoted             Ms. Williams recognizes the             government and industry form
India Point Park,                                                                                                                  sustainable tourism in other states.        importance of groups like hers for          three points of a sustainability
and although it                The Head of the Bay Gateway area of India Point Park as                                             Kate Williams is the Executive Director     making the connections between              triangle. Projects like the Northern
was dedicated in                       conceived by architect Charley Norris.                                                                                                                                              Forest Canoe Trail and the Rhode
1974, it’s still a                                                                                                                                                                                                         Island Blueways project prove that
work in progress.                            early in this session.” Riley added that
                                                                                            GARI accomplishments                 Get on the trail:                                                                         the environment, society, and the
    Leading the effort to ensure that        National Grid has been “supportive”            Our members and supporters:          GARI is dedicated to improving conditions for cyclists, hikers, and pedestrians           economy can function in such a way
progress continues is Friends of India       and had performed extensive                     ➢ Cooperate with other bicycle      and increasing the number of greenways statewide. Your membership makes                   that all benefit from the existence and
Point Park (FIPP), an all-volunteer          engineering studies to determine the           and trails groups to support trail   this newsletter possible and enables us to continue working with state and local          the success of the others. Cooperation
group of Providence residents                best route for the buried cables.              and greenway development and to      leaders to ensure Rhode Island has an integrated, well-maintained network of              between advocates for the waterways,
dedicated to upholding the integrity of           FIPP is also working along with           promote bicycle safety.              alternative transportation recreation resources.                                          outfitters, and the hospitality industry
the Park. FIPP grew out of community         GARI and other community and                   ➢ Communicate with state                                                                                                       will strengthen both the economy and
                                                                                                                                 Name                                      Annual Membership enclosed
concerns over the impact of the I-195        environmental groups to ensure that            department directors to encourage                                                                                              the health of our natural environment.
relocation on the Park. Organized in         bike paths in the Park extend along                                                                                           ❑ Individual     $15
                                                                                            improved bicycle and pedestrian      Address
2000, the group has addressed issues         the western end of India Street. In                                                                                           ❑ Family         $25
ranging from preserving a stately oak        numerous exchanges and meetings                                                     City                                      ❑ Nonprofit      $50                               Recycle-A-Bike Update
tree at the new pedestrian bridge’s          with RIDOT officials, FIPP advocated           ➢ Coordinate and promote
                                                                                                                                 State, Zip                                ❑ Corporate     $100
East Street entrance, to leading the         a reconfiguration of the planned               September as Rhode Island Trails                                                                                                  Recycle-A-Bike is in the process
                                                                                            and Greenways month.                                                           ❑ Other:        ______                             of a temporary move into a
campaign to bury National Grid’s             India Street sidewalks to better                                                    E-mail
high-voltage overhead power lines            accommodate bikers, as well as to                                                                                             Please return membership form with                 40' x 8' x 8' storage trailer on
                                                                                            ➢ Participate in other state and
that were moved during the I-195             provide a better link to Downcity for                                               Telephone                                 check payable to the Greenways Alliance            the Steel Yard property while
                                                                                            national trails and environmental
construction. According to FIPP              bikers coming over the Washington                                                                                             of Rhode Island to: GARI, 31 Stanchion             they await the construction
                                                                                            support programs.
                                                                                                                                 Fax                                       Street, Jamestown, RI 02835.                       of their new space at the Steel
co-chair David Riley, “We’re hopeful.        Bridge from the East Bay Bikeway.
$14.5 million has been allocated to the      The outcome of those discussions is                                                                                                                 Yard. Stay tuned to the website
                                                                                                                                 Organization                              Please tell me about GARI meetings by
project, and we only need $4.5 million       still pending, but RIDOT Director                           Spring 2008                                                                                                 for their
                                                                                                                                                                           ❑ E-mail ❑ Regular Mail ❑ Neither
more to proceed. The State Senate                                                                                                                                                                                             re-opening early summer.

                                             GARI is able to continue our advocacy for safe and accessible trails thanks, in part, to support of a joint grant program with the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen and
                 funding of our quarterly newsletter, Trail Mix, by the RI Dept. of Environmental Management. We are grateful for their ongoing contributions to our efforts. In addition, we’d like to recognize
4                and thank the following 2008 Organizational Friends:	   ➢ RI Blueways Alliance          ➢ Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council                   ➢ West Warwick Friends of the Greenway                                                      5
Dear Dr. Sprocket,                                                                         William C. O’Neill                         Webmaster’s Corner

                                           to pay attention to the pain signals
        Dear Dr. Sprocket,
                                           your body is giving you, and not
                                                                                           Bike Path Update                           How to Get There with On-Line Mapping Tools

          For the first time in many       injure it more. The conventional                                                                   ack in 2003, there was a wide   from a conventional street map to an
                                           wisdom of rest, ice, and heat                             By Bob Votava
years, I resolved to make and keep                                                                                                            range of choice for mapping     aerial map (with or without streets)
                                                    encourages our body towards                                                               programs and all did a good                                                Live Search Maps
a New Year’s resolution to get more                                                                                                                                           and a terrain map (which doesn’t

physical activity in my busy life. I                      maximum healing.                            hen asked about efforts to      job of giving you directions from one   do much for Rhode Island, but it’s         Formerly called Local Live, this
joined a health club, got a bunch                                      It is unlikely                 complete Phase III of the       place to another. Today the programs    really cool for more rugged terrain        mapping site,,
of suggestions from friends                                           that you                        William C. O’Neill Bike         are much more robust and include        such as the White Mountains in New         is a Microsoft product and doesn’t
about what I needed to do                                             injured all         Path, DOT representatives have had          features formerly found only as part    Hampshire). In some areas, a “street       work well in all browsers. Live Search,
to build a good routine,                                             the major            a standard response for the past three      of large geographic information         view” button is available. In Rhode        which incorporates most standard
and actually kept to my                                       muscle groups and           years, “Yes, we are making progress.”       system (GIS) databases run by local,    Island, Google has started taking          map features, has one great one that
plan for a few weeks.                                     joints at once, so you              Because of a needed realignment         state and federal governments.          streetscape photos in the Providence                      the others lack. It’s
Unfortunately, I injured                               should be able to find a           of the last several hundred feet of              Mapping sites can be very useful   metropolitan area. Now in addition to                          called “bird’s eye,”
myself by overdoing my                               subset of physical activities        the path in Narragansett, Phase III         for bike route planning. Additionally,  finding a bike path trailhead                                          and it offers
routine, and I’m now in the                      that don’t directly impact your          has been in a state of suspended-           since it’s easy to make out the faint   in an aerial map, you can                                                   oblique
sorry position of trying to find a          injury. For example, if you injured           animation. The realignment required         lines of former rail corridors that     sometimes view the area                                                     aerials
way to keep some kind of activity          a leg muscle or tendon and can’t               a property trade in Narragansett            could serve as bike paths, mapping      from ground level, as you                                                   taken
going so I won’t fall into the same        run or walk, you might still be                which allows the Path to go through         programs are helpful for pinpointing    would when driving a car or riding a                                     from lower
pattern I’ve been in for some years.       able to exercise upper body limbs.             a Fish and Wildlife land preserve. The      new bike path extensions and            bike. You can even click and hold                              altitudes than most
Help!                                      Recent research has revealed that              trade has been agreed upon.                 understanding how the path would fit    on the pop-up photo and pan                                aerial images. This
                                           exercise on one body part (e.g. the                                                        into the existing landscape.            up and down, left and right.                    means you can see much more
                                                                                              RIDOT Director Jerome F.
                  Injured in Lincoln       left arm) benefits the adjacent part                                                                                               The photos appear to have                   detail than previously possible. As in
                                                                                          Williams says that Phase III will           Please be aware, as you use any map
                                           (the right arm). Depending on the                                                                                                  been shot last summer and fall.            Google’s street views, Live Search does
                                                                                          be advertised for construction late         site, that photos become outdated

                                           severity of the injury, you may be                                                                                                                                            not yet provide bird’s eye view for all
        Dear Injured,                                                                     this summer. Friends of the William         rapidly, especially in areas under          Another neat feature is accessed
                                           able to ride a recumbent stationary                                                                                                                                           areas, but bird’s eye does currently
                                                                                          C. O’Neill Bike Path are diligently         development. Be aware of photo dates    by clicking on the My Maps tab on
         I’m sorry that you got injured    bike or even participate in a water                                                                                                                                           exist for metropolitan Providence
                                                                                          monitoring progress to make this            as you surf.                            the left side of the page. The My Maps
so soon after your new beginning. It’s     aerobics program. There are many                                                                                                                                              and Newport. Live Search also
                                                                                          date a reality. We are closer than ever,                                            feature allows you to customize maps
a lot easier to get hurt when starting     programs and suggestions in the new                                                        Google Maps                                                                        trumps some of the other mapping
                                                                                          with the Town of South Kingstown                                                    by drawing lines, adding place markers
a new program. Once injured, we            fitness program presented at www.                                                                                                                                             applications by having more current
                                                                                          currently reviewing the largest section     Located at                              or showing routes on existing maps.
tend to either try to push through                                                                                                                                                   images—some as recent as 2007.
                                                                                          of Phase III as depicted in the 90%, the Google      Your My Maps can then be shared
the pain (causing more injuries), or            If you feel that most of the              DOT construction drawings. Funding          interface is straightforward with       with others via e-mail or web links.
stop unnecessary physical activity         above approaches impose yet more               for Phase III is available through the      buttons to change the view options      These custom maps are especially           RI Dept. of Environmental
altogether. Both of those approaches       time impacts on your already-busy              service of former Senator Chafee.                                                                             helpful for      Management’s Topo Map & Aerial
are not good.                              schedule, you’re correct. Injuries                 Last fall we participated in                                                                              marking out      Photo Viewer
    If you didn’t get a checkup and        sideline even world-class athletes,            GARI’s bike path event month. Our                                                                             bike paths,      The RIDEM has the best GIS-based
an OK from your primary health             and often end promising careers.               goal was to bring more seniors and                                                                            since the        program on the web for Rhode Island.
care provider before beginning a new       The most important thing to keep               physically impaired members to the                                                                            length of the    The simple program, found at www.
program, it’s a good idea to make          in mind is that your new program,              bike path. This is the second year we                                                                         path doesn’t, opens
an appointment to get checked out          although temporarily interrupted, can          have focused on this constituency                                                                             show up in       in a separate window. Because the
now. If you don’t already have a           be a permanent, positive addition to           and this year brought out a few more                                                                          conventional     DEM site includes both older and
favorite, competent physical therapist     your life. The benefits of increased           people. Thanks go to RIPTA for                                                                                direction        newer aerials, you can use it like a
experienced with your age group, it’s      physical activity have been clearly            providing transportation to and from                                                                          searches         time machine to see what features
wise to find one now, so you can be        demonstrated by numerous studies,              the path entrance and to all of you                                                                           (which are       were on the ground back in 1997 and
ready if/when you get a script. Word-      and you have much to gain both                 who support and advocate for the                                                                              geared toward    compare them with the most current
of-mouth recommendations from              physically and emotionally by                  Bike Path.                                                                                                    vehicular        images from 2004. The RIDEM site
friends or personal trainers are a good    persevering through your healing                                                                                                                             roads). GARI     also provides a menu of features you
place to start.                            process. In a short time, you’ll be able                                                                                                                     is working to    can select to customize the details of
    While you are waiting for your         to enjoy a broader range of activities,                                                                                                                      develop these    your map view. Be aware, though,
appointment, there are a number            and appreciate them much more.                                                            Friends of the South County Bike Path gather to enjoy            maps on our        that some features, such as aerials and
of steps you can take to promote                                                                                                     the Path as part of Greenways Month in RI. (Story to             website at www.    topographic maps, only function when
                                           Send your Dr. Sprocket questions to
maximum healing in your body. Try    .                                                                                 left, on page 6.)                  zoomed in closely.

                                                           ways                         in Rhode Island H                                                                    hode Island To
                                          Help Ma ke Green                                                appen:                           J oin the Greenways Alliance of R                day!
6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               7
                                                                                    Rolling Agenda
Connecting the DOTs                                                                                 continued from page 2
                                                        continued from page 3
                                                                                    School Committee. We already have
                                                                                    funding toward construction costs
    RIDOT hopes to get a few other        would extend the entire bike path to
                                                                                    thanks to the efforts of Jamestown’s
bike path projects going in 2008.         6.6 miles from Narragansett to the
                                                                                    Town Planner who secured a grant
These include paving a gravel section     Amtrak station at Kingston village in
                                                                                    from the federal Safe Routes to School
of the Coventry Greenway from near        South Kingstown.
the West Warwick town line to the              Another project includes 1 mile of
start of the paved bike path on Station                                                 The coalition’s proposed improve-
                                          trail for the Ten Mile River Greenway,
Street, off Route 117. The 1.6-mile                                                 ments will dramatically enhance the
                                          beginning at the northern end of the
section would link the Coventry                                                     number and quality of recreational
                                          bikeway at Armistice Boulevard in
Greenway to the paths that constitute                                               opportunities for all Jamestowners:
                                          Pawtucket. The new segment would
the Washington Secondary Bike Path                                                  provide safe routes for bikers, pedes-
                                          end at an athletic field complex at
(the Cranston Bike Path, the Warwick                                                trians, and drivers on and near the
                                          Daggett Park. Altogether the path
Bike Path and the West Warwick                                                      school grounds, and make overall
                                          would be 3 miles long, extending to
Greenway). When complete, the                                                       better use of the grounds surrounding
                                          Ferris Avenue in East Providence
entire bikeway will offer 14.2 miles of                                             the town’s schools. Just as significant,
uninterrupted riding.                                                               this project is a testament to what a
                                            The writer is an Information and
                                                                                    community can accomplish when it
    Also in the immediate future,            Public Relations Specialist for
                                                                                    bands together to pursue a common
RIDOT hopes to begin work on a              the Rhode Island Department of
1-mile extension to the South County                Transportation.
Bike Path from the current end of the                                                   Please direct questions to Carol
path on Route 108 in Wakefield to                                                   Nelson-Lee, Chair of Rolling Agenda,
Mumford Street in Narragansett. This                                                at 423-2967, or


                                                                                                     Jamestown, RI 02835
                                                                                                     31 Stanchion Street,

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