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									M            ITCHELL
                                                     James W. Mitchell, Ph.D.
                                                     Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture,
                                                     and Computer Sciences
                                                     Professor, Chemical Engineering
                                                     E-mail: jwmitchell@howard.edu
                                                     Office Phone: 202-806-6565
                                                     Office Address: Office of the Dean
                                                     2366 Sixth Street, NW, Washington DC 20059

Biographical Sketch:
Currently, Dr. James Mitchell’s research focuses on the characterization, synthesis and processing of ultrapure nanomaterials. He
is also the David and Lucille Packard Professor of Materials Science and the Director of the CREST Nanoscale Analytical
Sciences Research and Education Center. His group explores the use of microwaves, high energy electrons and electrochemistry
as clean energy sources for the synthesis of nanomaterials in pristine biocompatible media. Dean Mitchell's research programs at
Bell Laboratories, where he retired as Vice President of Communication Materials Research, exploited microwave discharges and
plasmas for the synthesis of materials, developing methods for the ultrapurification of optical waveguide reagents and research
chemicals, and developing alternative environmentally responsive chemical engineering methods for producing electronic
chemicals. He pioneered chemical methods for ultratrace analyses that first permitted quantitative X-ray fluorescence to be
applied at the parts per billion level for the analysis of ultrapure materials. At the sub-part per billion level, he introduced chemical
reagent systems for determining more than 40 trace elements amenable to neutron activation analysis. He developed and applied
these methods to establish the materials characterization chemistry for optical waveguide technology. In 1989 he was inducted
into the materials engineering section of the National Academy of Engineering, and awarded an honorary doctorate degree by
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Research Fields:
    Materials Chemistry, Characterization Science and Chemical Engineering
    Characterization and Synthesis of Nanomaterials
    Image and Distribution of Nanogram Levels of Elements by Nuclear Techniques
    Ultrapurification and Analysis of Electronic and Photonic Materials
    Microwave Plasma Induced Materials and Analytical Chemistry
    In situ Generation Chemistry and Environmentally Optimized Processing


1. Name and Academic Rank: James W. Mitchell, Professor

2. Education:
     Ph.D., Chemistry, Iowa State University at Ames, 1970
     B.S., Chemistry, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, 1965

3. Academic Experience:
     2010-present, Dean, College of Engineering, Howard University.
     2005-present, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Howard University.
     2003-present, Director, CREST Center for Nanomaterials, Howard University.
     2002-present, David and Lucille Packard Professor of Materials Science, Howard University.
 Administrative Academic Experience: None
    2010-present, Dean, College of Engineering, Howard University.
    2003-present, Director, CREST Center for Nanomaterials, Howard University.
    2002-present, David and Lucille Packard Professor of Materials Science, Howard University.

1. Non-Academic Experience:
Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories
    2001, Vice President, Communications Materials Technology Research Lab.
    1997, Director, Materials Processing Research Laboratory Director
    1995, Director, Materials Reliability and Ecology Research Laboratory

AT&T Bell Laboratories
    1994, Head, Process and Chemical Engineering Research Department
    1985, Research Fellow; 1975, Head, Analytical Chemistry Research
    1972, Supervisor, Inorganic Analytical Group; 1970 Member of Technical Staff

5. Certifications or Professional Registrations: None

6. Scientific and Professional Societies of which a Member:
     National Academy of Engineering, Materials Engineering Section; Materials Research Society
     American Chemical Society; Directors of Industrial Research, Analytical Chemistry Group
     New York Academy of Science; National Society of Black Engineers; American Institute of Chemist, Fellow; National
        Organization for Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers

7. Honors and Awards:
     Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society
     Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, 1962
     Sigma Xi Honor Society, 1963
     Pharmacia Industrial Analytical Chemistry Award, 1969
     Percy L. Julian Research Award, 1981IR-100 Award, 1978
     Bell Laboratories Research Fellow, 1982
     IR-100 Award, 1985
     National Academy of Engineering, 1989
     Black Engineer of the Year, 1989
     George Washington Carver Visiting professor, Iowa State University, 1993
     Honorary Doctorate of Science, Rensselaer, Polytechnic Institute, 1994
     NSBE Lifetime Achievement in Industry Award, 1995
     African Science Institute, 1999
     Giants in Science Award, 2004
     Tau Beta Pi, 2010

8. Institutional and Professional Service in the Last Five Years:
     AS, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Ecology and Sustainability)
     International Benchmarking of U.S. Research Fields Materials Science Panel
     Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee, DOE
     ACS Committee on Budget and Finance; ACS Board Committee on Minority Affairs
     ACS Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs; ACS Willard Gibbs Medal Awards Committee
     NAE Committee on Human Rights; New Jersey Science Education Network
     National Institute of Standards and Technology Visiting Committee
     MIT Corporation Visiting Committee for Chemistry Department

Board Experience and University Relations:
    Board of Trustees of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Board of Trustees of Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Engineering Advisory Board
    Industrial Advisory Board of New York Technical College
    Editorial Board, Mikrochimica Acta
       Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board
       National Research Council Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology
       National Research Council Commission on Physical Science and Mathematics Applications
       Editorial Board, Analytical Chemistry

9. Recent Publications and Presentations:
    Talks and Presentations:
    35 Talks, posters and presentations (both invited and submitted) have been given nationally during the period. Complete
    information on title, place and date is available.

    1. Sun L, Chow LC, Bonevich JE, T. Wang, Mitchell JW. ‘A New Approach to Preparing Well-dispersed CaF2
       Nanoparticles by Spray Drying Technique’. J. Biomed. Mater. Res. Part B: Appl Biomater. 2011; 98B: 223 – 229.
    2. T. Wang, Sridhar R, Korotcov A, Hai Ting A, Francis K, Mitchell JW, Wang P. ‘Synthesis of Amphiphilic Triblock
       Copolymers as Multidentate Ligands for Biocompatible Coating of Quantum Dots’. Colloids & Surfaces A. 2011; 375:
       147 – 155.
    3. T. Wang, Chow LC, Frukhtbeyn S, Hai Ting A, Dong Q, Yang M, Mitchell JW. ‘Improve the Strength of PLA/HA
       Composite by Combination of Surface Initiated Polymerization with Phosphonic Acid Coupling Agent’. J. Nat. Inst. Stand.
       Tech. 2011; 116: 785 – 796.
    4. Christopher C. Perry, Tina Brower, Chichang Zhang, Emmanuel Waddell, Clayton Bates Jr. and J. W Mitchell,
       “Chemical Etching of Nanocomposite Metal Semiconductor Films Monitored by Raman Spectroscopy and Surface Probe
       Microscopy”, SPIE, V 6891, 689116 (2008)
    5. Dimeji Ibitayo, Lauren Everhart, Mark Morgenstern, Bruce Geil, and James W. Mitchell, “Reliability Assessment of Lead-
       free Universal Solder for Direct Bonding in Power Electronics Packaging”, IEEE Electronics Packaging Technology, 97,
       4244 (2008)
    6. T. Wang, J.W. Mitchell, H. Börner, H. Cölfen, M. Antonietti. “BaCO3 Mesocrystals: New Morphologies Using Peptide–
       Polymer Conjugates as Crystallization Modifiers”. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12, 11984 (2010).

10. Selected Professional Development Activities:
      Chair, Advanced Nanomaterials program for NSF Conference, June 7 -8, 2010; Washington D.C.
      The National Science Foundation Office of Integrative Activities (OIA) Webcast . July 16, 2009
      Professional development targets acquisition of knowledge to become a more effective catalyst for advancement of the
         research enterprise at Howard University.
      Secured position of Dean, College of Engineering, 2010

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