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					James Blake: James Blake, released 7th
February 2011                        By Rebecca Bonich

Introducing a new concept of dub step to the charts, James Blake has finally set
his status in the music world. His self-titled debut album which was predicted
back in December to be one of the Sounds of 2011, by the BBC has really met
its expectations.
London born Blake specialises in electronic/alternative music and this background, mixed
with the currently popular dub-step trend makes his music diverse and fresh within the music
world. The combination of electronic mixes with gentle piano pieces results James Blake’s
album to contain a very chilled set of tracks, which are easy to listen to.

With the first hit off the album ‘Limit to your Love’ being a huge success when heard on the
radio it’s no wonder the album is already highly popular on both iTunes and in stores.

Yet this song, in comparison to the other tracks, is a lot less harsh when it comes to the mixes
the rest of the album contains - as though it’s a toned down version of what the other tracks
are like. Personal favourites include ‘Wilhelm’s Scream’ which in my opinion can only be
described as a serene lullaby; very calm yet with a rather melancholy feel to it – like many of
the other songs.

Granted, the description of these songs may sound depressing, but that isn’t the case at all-
the songs are much more than that and I think Blake can thank his electronic background as
well as his very skilled mixing to that.

Other favourites off the album include ‘I Mind’ which uses mixed vocals and different
tempos to make an unusual, yet beautiful track - rather Moby-esque (similar to tracks off the
Play album).

‘Give Me My Month’ a track that contains just a piano and James Blake’s calm vocals. The
track itself is one of few obviously romantic songs on the album – a song of heartbreak, yet
not like ones that clog the charts; more timid and moving.

‘Limit to your Love’ although a good track, does not do the album any justice in comparison
to the rest of the songs. In a way, it was a good technique that enabled James Blake to
introduce his music to the public without it being too much of a shock – as the album is very
original to say the least.

 If you loved ‘Limit to your Love’ as much as I did, I highly recommend buying the album -
you’ll probably be as mesmerised as I was with it.

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