A Technique to Watch PPT on HTC One

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					A Technique to Watch PPT on HTC One

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HTC One, equally identified as HTC M7, is the most recent flagship

cell phone created by HTC launched on February 19th, 2013.

Observed just as an amazing product that provides blueprint for

innovative mobile phones, HTC M7 is the winner of a lot of

rewarding words and also applauses in this market. But, carrying

loftily goals to narrow the spaces between HTC phones and also

Samsung smartphones, HTC M7 is now standing in a crossroad.

Going towards the appropriate way, HTC One turns out to be a best

cell phone of the year. If not, it may follow the identical fate of HTC

One X who little by little plumeted from a market hit to a mediocre

product. Generally speaking, right after sporting first-rate pieces

and even innovative technologies, HTC One shocks the planet with

excellent characteristics. Right here a few of the characteristics are

generally introduced below.

Speedy Processor: The powerful Snapdragon 600 CPU in HTC One is

the most recent CPU chip presented in January 2013. It is rumored

as 40% speedier than the former processors. It is actually one of the
best CPUs a mobile can obtain currently.

Monster Display: It is not an astonishing issue that HTC One can

certainly sport a 4.7-inch display screen owning a resolution of

1080p. What really astonishes buyers is the pixel density of HTC One.

Following employing SoLux technology in its display screen, HTC

One can easily obtain great image quality and even 468 pixels per


Ultrapixel: The digicam that utilizes Ultrapixel technologies is the

most impressive characteristic of HTC One. When capturing photos,

the phone will certainly take full advantages of the existing pixel

layers in the camcorder to generate high-pixel and even high-quality

photos. As a result, though the mobile phone just sports a

4-megapxiel rear camcorder, it even functions better than the

8-megapxiel video camera of iPhone 4S.

Boom Sound: HTC One's Boom Sound is given by the front-facing

double loudspeakers that are generally both attached with Beast

Audio technologies. It is stated the Boom Sound has made HTC One

a mobile phone using the loudest sound.
HTC Blink Feed: To ensure that the mobile phone can work as fast as

possible, HTC One is based on Jelly Bean and the most recent HTC

Sense 5 UI. Seeing as an important characteristic of Sense 5, HTC

Blink Feed enables users to gain access to social feeds and even

above 1,400 news feeds all in one place.

In What Way Can You Enjoy PPT on HTC One?

In general, HTC One stands out among other mobile phones for its

high performance and even revolutionary pattern. However, heavily

investing on entertaining functions, HTC One fails to perform as a

fine working product as BlackBerry Z10 does. For instance, when

buyers can easily watch PowerPoint on BlackBerry Z10 utilizing

inserted PowerPoint scanner, they may get no accesses to enjoy

PowerPoint on HTC One. As a result, do you have any procedures to

watch PowerPoint on HTC One?

At the moment, consumers are usually allowed to watch

PowerPoint on HTC One by releasing third-party applications from

Google Play or by transforming PowerPoint to HTC M7 movie. The

transformation from PPT to HTC One video is much more preferred

simply because it can keep the cartoon effects of the PowerPoint
presentation. Needless to say, to manage the transformation, an

impressive PowerPoint to HTC M7 convsersion app like Moyea PPT

to Video Converter is desired.

Step 1: Install Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a program built as a

PPT to HTC One converter. Wide open it and then simply click "Add"

button to add the PowerPoint for transformation.

Step Two: Pick the output location as MP4 movie in the drop-down

list of "Profile". To ensure that end users are able to see the

transformed PPT on HTC One, simply click "Settings" button and

after that set the video dimension of the MP4 video as "1920x1080"

and even audio codec as "AAC". Next, simply click "Start" button to

start the conversion practice from PowerPoint to HTC One video.

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