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Photo of the Year by Scott Rodenburg

Quad City Photography Club Newsletter QCPC CLUB OFFICERS
President Jay Brooks Vice President Paul Riewerts Treasurer Mary Anderson Secretary Treva Haney Director of Competitions Marty Farwell Director of Public Relations Diane Wall

We meet the first Thursday of the month, Sept. through May, starting at 7:00 PM at the Butterworth Center, 1105 8th Street, Moline, IL.

The roots of our club started in 1940. We are a group of friends, looking for more friends with a love of photography. We want you to stop by and visit with us, share photography, your experiences, laughter, and the world! We hold digital and print competitions on most months, either judged at the club or by PSA (Photographic Society of America) judges. We discuss the images, help each other, laugh, have treats, and socialize. It makes no difference what your photography skill level is, we welcome all with a love for photography. We also hold special learning workshops, taught by our experienced members, or by outside experts. We schedule guests to speak on various aspects of photography. Don’t Forget: or photographs from family vacations. in Sept. ! an also include family portraits,Club dues are…well…be due Think about what you would tell your family and friends ifper could see them. $25 for singles, and $40 you couple! Cash and checks (made payable to QCPC) to Mary Anderson. Do you need some help with your camera, photo techniques, printing, photo editing, or any other topics related to photography? Give your club mentors a try. Contact them at a meeting, send them an Email, or a call. They are there to help YOU. You will receive your mentor contact list via Email.
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“God gave us an incredible world. See it, hear it, touch it, taste it, smell it, PHOTOGRAPH it!”

See QCPC’s monthly winners here at www.qccc.smugmug. com. Don’t forget: New club categories for judging competitions. The categories are:    Pictorial Nature Contemporary/ Creative

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Do you have info about an upcoming event or contest you want to share with the rest of the club? Do you have camera equipment you want to sell? Did you win an award or have something else worthy for the monthly newsletter? Don’t be camera shy, e-mail the information to Treva @ and I will enclose it in next month’s newsletter. Newsletter information is due by the 15th of each month.

Treats Needed For Monthly Meetings!!!
We need at least 2 or 3 members to bring treats to our monthly meetings. For our first meeting on September 3rd, I would like 3 people to volunteer to bring some goodies. Please email me at by August 25th if you can bring treats. A sign up sheet will be provided at the September meeting for subsequent months. Also, if you can spare a dollar for our serving people, …it would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

QCPC Displays Fantastic Photos at The Figge!
QCPC has 25 club members with a total of 50 framed images on display and for sale in the museum store. This display will be up through August 22nd . The June 11th opening night reception for our display set a new record at the Figge. We estimate 150 people attended that night. Don't miss this example of the great photography this club generates. There is not a Figge entrance fee to enter the museum store.

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QCPC Annual Banquet
On June 2nd we had our annual awards banquet. We had 56 attending that night. After a wonderful Italian pasta dinner we had election of officers. Our new theme competition for next year is Architecture. Last years theme competition Waterscapes was won by Mark Rasmussen, second Paul Riewerts, third Joe Nash. Photo of year was won by Scott Rodenburg, second Ed Lower, third Marty Farwell. We all drew a summer challenge to be shown at the September meeting. Other club business was discussed and we all shared in good camaraderie and great photography.

Right: Scott Rodenburg, Ed Lower and Marty Farwell show off their “Photo of the Year” pictures. Page 2 August, 2009

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Do you have a website dedicated to your photography? Let me know and I will try to include it in the newsletter or make a separate form of all the club members’ website addresses and e-mail it to everyone!

Night Photo Workshop
A Night photo workshop was held on the Davenport waterfront to help many of our members better understand night photography. A total of 32 members attended and feedback was very positive. Please see our website to view some of the results from that night.

Worthy Websites to Check Out: An online digital photography print lab. They have 3 types of paper to choose from with a favorite of mine being “Metallic” It makes color images POP! A website that allows people to look at your photography and purchase prints without you having to process their orders. You get full control over your print prices and you choose the lab that processes the prints. The lab will then print and ship directly to the customer. A great way to market and sell your work!

Left: Photo by Jaoquin Espejo-Centenial

Upcoming Club and Quad Cities Events
August 1st 10am to 4pm: Outdoor art show called “Art on the Lawn” held at Gilda’s Club, Davenport. September 1 through October 27th: MidCoast at the River Center: The work of 3 area photographers (Catherine Jones Davies, Chuck Vitello, and Treva Haney) will be on display. September 19th & 20th MidCoast Fine Arts’ 22nd Annual Riverssance Festival of Fine Art. Located at Lindsay Park in the Village of East Davenport. Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday 10-4pm. Call for Entries: The Next Picture Show art gallery located at 113 W. First Street, Dixon, IL. The show called “Shades of Grey” is their 5th annual juried art show. Both film and digital photography will be accepted. Cash prizes will be awarded. Visit their website to download an application at Applications are due September 22nd. If you need any further info, e-mail or talk to Treva Haney as she has entered several of her photographs into various shows at this gallery. October 10th & 11th: “Fall Fine Art Festival" art fair held in LeClaire. Art tents will over look the Mississippi River on the LeClaire Levee front. Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 10-4pm

“Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs.” Ansel Adams
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August, 2009


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I am very excited in telling you about a big change for our club starting in September of this year. We have experienced some growing pains in the last year. With the ever-increasing interest in digital photography and the member growth of our club we are seeing a need for a digital projector versus using the HD television for displaying images and making presentations. Our meetings are now drawing up to 60 members attending. The situation we now have is our digital image displays are way too small to many in the room. Vertical format digital images are greatly constricted because of the HD television format. Verticals do not have the impact because of how they have to be displayed. For prints, quality viewing is nonexistent for most of the people in the room. There has been an ongoing discussion among your officers that the club is now in need of a high quality digital projector. Most of the digital projectors on the market are not geared specifically for digital photography. This has been a concern to us, because a club projector must present our images in a large format with the highest quality available. Well with the help of Stan Bousson, we have found our dream machine. It is the Canon Realis SX80 Projector. No one in our area stocks this projector, but thanks to Stan Bousson, Paul Riewerts and I, we were able to use one for our own evaluation. We were totally impressed by this projector and we were not even able to test it in a dark room. This piece of equipment would serve our club well for many years to come. A spare bulb for this projector costs $579.00. Canon is offering a free bulb if the projector is purchased by August this year. This is a big incentive for us to try and make this happen during this free bulb promotion. The cost of this projector and a new screen is around $2,750. We would purchase it on the internet for the best price with no tax and free shipping. The unit has a three-year warranty. This projector would be club property and not left at the Butterworth Center. To purchase this projector and screen, we had 15 members pledge $1100. Also, the Quad Cities Camera Club Council met July 13, 2009, and voted to disband, inasmuch as the "still photo" clubs that comprised the group are all represented in the Quad City Photography Club. The need for the Council no longer exists, as it was formed to bind the talents of then existing clubs in order to host CICCA events that would have been difficult for any one club, and also to hold annual competitions, seminars, and workshops. It was voted unanimously to donate the shares of the still club treasury to the Quad City Photography Club for the purpose of assisting in the purchase of a digital projector and screen. The meeting consisted of members of the Tri City Cinema and Video Club, the officers of the Council, and previously appointed representatives of the still photo clubs (Viewfinders, Color Shooters, Quad City Color, and Photocrafters). Many other members of the Quad City Photography Club have been instrumental through their work over the years in growing the Council treasury which is being donated to QCPC in the amount of $1,100.00. The total extra funding is now $2,200.00. Projector and screen cost is now $2,750.00. After researching more I upgraded to a higher quality screen. This plan has made us enable us to make the projector and screen purchase. Meet our clubs normal operating expenses, and have a cushion in our treasury for unexpected costs, and future growth. Jay Brooks, President
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