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									The Value of Social Media Syndication
by alaska303 | on January 6, 2013

Can You Put A Value On Social Media Syndication?

I don’t think so… Besides the fact that Facebook alone is nearly one Billion strong…

Social Media Syndication is one of the best form s of spreading content.

That’s right one billion strong, there’s another bonus…

Social Media Syndication is typically free. And there are literally limitless sites, with endless opportunities
for self exposure, and free advertising.
First off what’s the definition of Social Media Syndication?

Social Media Syndication is A strategy to enable your partners to become Social Media advocates for you, and
you for them, and to help spread each others word online. Whether it be, advertising, sales, or whatever.

From sites such as YouTube, and Pinterest, to more professional sites like Linkedin.

You can virtually earn a tremendous online income, with nothing but free                       Social Media
There are certain steps needed to be done. While at first it can seem foreign, these steps are easily understood
with a little research, and hands on experience using Social Media Syndication.
Social Media Syndication Through Facebook…
This is quite possibly the easiest of all. Joining groups, promoting blogs and such, YouTube videos, you name

Find sites like, and Zti.Me.

Using these posting cloaks, is a easy way to get around Facebook’s posting slaps.

You do however have to be smart. Let me say that again, you have to be smart, and respectful.

Facebook will quickly shut you down, or impose restrictions, on all sorts of things… From, posting, to adding
friends, to sending messages, etc.

So take your time, instead of posting 20 post in twenty minutes, post twenty post in a hour. There are ways to
get around it. You have to be smart with Social Media Syndication.

Now While I can could go into more detail about this, I won’t. But inside, you can get possibly the best online
education, on Social Media Syndication, As well as every other corner of the online marketing industry. Get
Inside Here
And our training was just recently updated.

Other Sites For Social Media Syndication
There are so many sites out in the world…

Let us Talk about YouTube for a second. Its free, everyone’s on it, and video marketing is quite possibly the
strongest, most compelling, and hypnotic way of selling there is.

Not to mention a YouTube Video will rank above everything on Google, nearly every time.

Plus making a video, and using it in your blog, then posting on Facebook…

You can also use any other site you can think of for Social Media Syndication.

Linked-In, Google Plus, Etc.

You’ve just created Back Links. Good Job. And just research Google for other video sites that can be used for
Social Media Syndication.

It’s Just That Simple.

How about Pinterest, a fairly new site, and sharing your blog on Pinterest, can bring tremendous amounts of
Traffic. Rob Fore gos into it in our 15k Formula, as well as dozens of other sites and tools which can be used
for Social Media Syndication.

You can find the 15K formula here, and if your wandering what that is…
It’s a education, that breaks down, exactly what you need to do, to make 15k a month. Personally, I believe
you can make a lot more using the strategies contained in it.
Pay attention to this article on Social Media Syndication if you want success
I’m giving you valuable nuggets here, if you just listen to what I’m telling you. There are literally thousands of
ways to use Social Media Syndication, for free advertising.

You can spin articles, post on e-zines, and even do things, to share your blog on document sharing . It’s highly
driven targeted, free traffic. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Learn More About Social Media Syndication, and other Online Marketing
I could give you every nugget, but I won’t, what I have given you though, is enough knowledge to jump-start
your online business for success, through the use of Social Media Syndication.

But Remember… Never put your eggs all in one basket. Gain as much knowledge as you can, it is a
fundamental key to success. Learn every aspect of your industry, and you will succeed.
It’s OK to specialize in one or two fields of online marketing, such as using Social Media Syndication, but if
you want to be a leader, it’s good to study it all.

Here’s where you can get all the knowledge you’ll ever need. It’s video training, done by some of the top, most
successful leaders in the industry… You won’t have to get training anywhere else. If you want the best, sign
up here…

Action Assignment – Social Media Syndication
Here’s a simple action assignment, to help you get comfortable with Social Media Syndication. Take action
and complete it now. It will become clear how easy it is to do, when you actually do it.

Your assignment is as follows -
   1. Re-write this article from what you’ve learned, Don’t Copy… That’s plagiarism, and you won’t learn anything. I’m
    trying to teach you here.
   2.Go to Social Media Bar, Watch the video and follow instructions, to get your new link.
   3.If you don’t have Facebook account, go to, and sign-up, follow the instructions. It’s easy.
   4.Target and Join five specific groups that have to do with online marketing, or making money from home, etc. – If you
    don’t know how to target and join groups, you’re going to have to figure it out… There is endless knowledge on-line.
   5.Once your groups have approved you… Post your blog link from Social Media Bar in each group.
   6.Follow these steps every day for 30 days, and you can see results.
These are six simple steps towards Social Media Syndication on Facebook. This isn’t even the tip of the
iceberg. The rest you can learn here, in Empower Network, The best part is, once your in, you can promote and
sell our educational products to others for 100% commissions.
Its a no brainer. Start applyin these social media syndication strategies today.

Now… There’s two types of people who will read this. The ones who will read, Take Action, and do exactly
what I say… You are the ones who will get the results you desire.

And there’s those of you, who will say… I’ll do it later.

That’s fine, don’t do what I say, stay broke.

So figure out which type of person you are, a successful person, or a failure.

Get your Education Here, and Make Money While Doing It…
Please leave any questions or comments in the comment box below. I will respond as quickly as I can. And
‘like’ if you found this article on social media syndication helpful.

Posted By Hank Klinger, Aka “Personal Freedom Warrior”

The Value of Social Media Syndication

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