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					 On the Move
              Robyn                          Blythe
              Rutledge,                      Jack,
              TSG                            TSG
              Consumer                       Consumer
              Partners                       Partners
               The San                       The San
               Francisco                     Francisco
investment firm named          investment firm named
Robyn Rutledge manag-          Blythe Jack managing di-
ing director and partner.      rector and partner. Previ-
Previously, she was a          ously, she was a principal
principal at the firm.         at the firm.

              Tom                            Jae Kim,
              Crowley,                       Rambus
              Skyline                        The
               The San                       Sunnyvale
               Francisco                     technology
               general con-                  licensing
               tractor and                   company
commercial real estate         appointed Jae Kim senior
firm named Tom Crowley         vice president and general
executive vice president       counsel. Previously, he
of the corporate solutions     held senior legal positions
division. Previously, he       with both private and
was vice president of real     public companies.
estate and facilities at
Robert Half.                                 Lo Toney,
              Ben Decker,                    Street
              Decker                          The Palo
              Communi-                        Alto online
              cations                         interac-
               The San                        tive course
               Francisco       provider that teaches
               consulting      programming named Lo
firm that trains busi-         Toney chief executive of-
nesses in communica-           ficer. Recently, he served
tions named Ben Decker         as general manager at
chief executive officer.       Zynga.
Previously, he served as
president at the company.                    Jeff
              Dean                           Riverbed
              Gonsowski,                     Technology
              Recommind                      The San
              The San                        Francisco
              Francisco                      IT per-
              provider of      formance company
              predictive       named Jeff Pancottine
information management         senior vice president
and analysis software ap-      and general manager of
pointed Dean Gonsowski         the Stingray application
associate general counsel      delivery business unit. He
and senior director of         is former vice president
business development.          and general manager of
Previously, he served          the emerging technology
as vice president of           business unit at Juniper
eDiscovery services and        Networks.
associate general counsel
at Clearwell Systems.                        John
              Jonathan                       LifeNexus
              Fox,                           The San
              MyoKardia                      Francisco
               The South                     provider of
               San Francis-                  technology
               co provider     used to update personal
               of thera-       health information
peutics to treat genetic       named John Sines chief
cardiovascular disease         financial officer. Previ-
named Jonathan Fox             ously, he was CFO at
chief medical officer. He      Corticon Technologies.
is former vice president
of clinical development at                   Joseph
AstraZeneca.                                 Volponi,
              Tina Hsiao,                    Casualty
              WePay                          Manage-
                The Palo                     ment
                Alto com-                   The
                pany that      San Mateo property
                allows small   and casualty insurer
                businesses     named Joseph Volponi
to receive payment online      president. He is former
named Tina Hsiao vice          executive vice president
president of marketing.        in charge of actuarial,
Previously, she served at      underwriting, claims
Intuit for 11 years.           and product develop-
                               ment at the agency.