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									Audio Visual & Instrument Committee
Due January (14 months out) January (14 months out) Task Think about ways to acquire AV Reserve equipment room for storage at the hotel Accumulate list of AV requirements and instruments Explanation of Tasks Be thinking about ways to get AV equipment. AV includes all of the instruments and audio-visual gear that is needed for sessions and entertainment. Make sure the local committee has your contact information and you have the VP and the committee’s information. Remind the Vice President/Local Chair to reserve a room for equipment storage. Sometimes the hotels will give you a space free. For convenience, try to have the equipment storage room close to the session rooms. Ask about getting a dry erase board (or borrow one) to use in the Equipment room. The room needs to lock. This should be negotiated with the hotel contract.—Remind VP/Hotel chair to put this in the contract. The call for papers sent out by the Vice President will ask what each presenter will need for their presentation. Right after the due date has passed and the VP has made his/her decision on who will present, the VP will start scheduling the sessions. The VP will try to schedule sessions with similar equipment needs in the same room (e.g. all the PowerPoint projectors can be scheduled in the same room, so that you don’t have to rent more PowerPoint projectors for other rooms. They are pricey!). Ask the VP to make a list of all the AV that will be necessary. The region purchased a magnetic dry erase board in 2007, with magnets and markers to be used as a message board at registration. The region also purchased a PowerPoint Projector. Ask the VP to bring it to conference. Also check with the entertainment chair for any AV needed for the special events planned. Remind the VP to ask the Continuing Education Director what is needed for the CMTE’s. Check with Board of Directors/Treasurer to make sure estimated AV costs are within the budget. Ask presenters to be specific about types of drums and quantities of each instrument. Ask presenters using PowerPoint, but not bringing their own laptop, to put their presentation on a USB jump drive. MAC users need to bring their own projector or an adaptor for the SWAMTA projector. The AV committee might also request a backup USB jump drive (the VP has one to loan). Submit a report to the VP & Local Chair on AV/Instrument progress to date. When you’ve accumulated all of the AV needs, explore possibilities in acquiring the equipment. At a committee meeting ask around to see if anyone has a lead to borrowing the gear or renting the equipment as cost effectively as possible. Try cheaper outlets first, like borrowing from local schools or facilities. Note: any AV requested for CMTE’s go under a separate line item in the budget. Information on these expenses should be sent to the Continuing Education Director. SWAMTA has one PowerPoint Projector. Help the VP schedule sessions by checking the AV requests and see if sessions using PowerPoint or TV/VCR can be scheduled so that only one is used at a time.

September (7 months out)

October (6 months out)

Brain-storm possibilities for getting the gear at a committee meeting

December (4 months out)

Compare prices between hotel and AV firms

January (2 months out) January (2 months out)

January (2 months out)

Decide how you will get equipment Ask SWAMTA treasurer for money and let her know payment schedule Meet with Local chair, and VP

Compare prices between the hotel and outside AV firms. Remember that most hotels require set up fees for each room and for every change in equipment. If considering an AV firm requesting an on-site AV supervisor is recommended (it’s hard to know how all the equipment works). Most committees have used a friend or relative that has this knowledge. If that’s not possible, be sure to request some money for an AV “expert” in the Conference budget. Request volunteers to assist with moving equipment into conference rooms and with monitoring equipment room. Submit a report to VP/Local Chair on AV/Instrument committee progress to date. Present your decision to the Vice President. If you need to sign a contract, notify the Vice President. The VP is responsible for this. Be sure to read the contract and provide recommendations/advice to the VP. If you go with the hotel or AV firm, let the SWAMTA treasurer know how much money you’ll need and what the payment schedule will be. She can send you a check or money order, or will reserve this money as hotel expenses. Let the VP know, too, so she can maintain the conference budget.

February (1 month out) February (1 month out) February (1 month out) March (3 weeks out) March (2 weeks out) March (2 weeks out)

Schedule gear pick-up or reserve gear Determine equipment organization Submit report Schedule return of gear Ensure pianos are tuned. Call AV company

If you decide to go through the hotel for the AV, talk with the Local Chair, the events coordinator at the hotel, the conference coordinator, and the VP about set-up. If you’re not all in the same place, set up a conference call. The VP can let you know which equipment goes where (he/she will be scheduling based partly on that) and the Local Chair can let you know what the room set-up will be. Figure out logistics of room set-up and any extra costs. Be sure to keep the SWAMTA treasurer informed. Schedule a time/person to either pick up the equipment (you’ll probably need several people to help you with this) or reserve the equipment with the hotel or AV firm. If you will pick up the equipment, do it the first day of conference (usually a Thursday) before opening session. If the CMTE needs equipment, you’ll need to get the equipment there before the first CMTE starts, which is usually 10 am Thursday morning San Antonio used colored dots to organize the equipment. Dallas used a label-maker and maintained a borrower list. Remind those providing equipment to label their own instruments. Submit a report to VP/Local Chair on AV/Instrument committee progress to date. Coordinate who will help return the gear and when, if the equipment is borrowed. You might consider using keyboards. Let the Treasurer know how much you will need to pay the piano tuner and request a check or reimbursement. If you go with an AV firm, make sure you touch base with them 2 weeks prior to the conference. You can make final arrangements and discuss logistics.

At Conference

April (2 weeks post conference) April (3-4 weeks post conference)

Maintain equipment room and supply equipment Write Report Submit Report to Local Committee Chair & return notebook to VP

Make sure that no one outside the committee enters the equipment room. Post a sign indicating that only committee members are allowed in the room. (In Dallas, a student kept entering the room to put her personal stuff there.) Request a volunteer (student?) who will stay in the room at all times (assign shifts). Write final report of what occurred and any helpful tips for next year’s AV committee. At the final committee meeting, bring comments about what worked well and what didn’t and any suggestions for next year. Submit final report to Local Committee chair. Place copy of final report in the AV notebook, including any pertinent emails or notes and forms or letters you used, and return notebook to VP. Thank you for serving on the local committee!

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