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									Discovering Opportunities in Outdoor Tech

Boise, Idaho, is home to hundreds and maybe thousands
of outdoor enthusiasts. Every weekend the highway to
Banks is stuffed with rigs toting everything from kayaks to
all-terrain vehicles.

The turn off at Banks draws about half of the traffic as
they head up towards Garden Valley and Lowmen but the
other half continue up highway 55 towards Cascade and
McCall. But both streams of man and machine are
heading towards their separate outdoor recreation adventures.

With all of the outdoor activities available to residence in Boise and with a great number of the
individuals in Boise participating in those activities, some outsiders looking in may think that the area is
a little backwater place or ignorant regarding modern technologies and advancements. But besides the
vast number of outdoor enthusiast, Boise is also home to a leading name in technology.


The successful electronics manufacturing company Micron was established, developed, and made
prosperous all in Boise where it continues to maintain a manufacturing complex as well as its company
headquarters. Other major technological industries have found a home in Boise including the computer
company Hewlett-Packard that employs hundreds of people in Boise.

So with this strange dichotomy of both outdoorsmen and technology found in one area it may be
difficult for an individual to understand how the two can co-exist. The secret that many have found is
that technology spans all different types of professions and hobbies, including outdoor recreation.

Advancements in technology have made multiple consumer products available to the outdoor
sportsmen as well as many helpful tools for those individuals who make their living by working in the
outdoors. In this way the modern world continues to change the way traditional professions such as
cattle ranching or farming as well as how outdoor recreational activities are conducted.

Technological advances

First a look into the technological advances in general outdoor recreation. When most think of outdoor
recreation they think of hunting, fishing, and camping as these things are mostly what are done for sport
                                                          However there are multiple other activities
                                                          such as rock climbing, dirt biking and river
                                                          rafting that are also huge outdoor
                                                          recreational draws. Technologies have
                                                          influenced and changed each of the above
                                                          mentioned activities.

                                                          For the more traditional activities such as
                                                          hunting and camping, technology has
                                                          brought efficiency to the wilderness. Tree
                                                          cameras scout a hunting area for the hunter
                                                          and advanced materials shelter a campers
                                                          tent and pack.

Advanced plastics special made and formed create top notch kayaks and synthetic ropes secure a rock
climber to the cliff face. Technology for outdoor use continues to grow and develop as do technologies
that help agrarian workers perform their tasks.

Organizational software keeps track of livestock and crop growth. GPS units map out landowners
holdings charting work completed and work still needed.

These and other advancements in technology have spurred the creation of multiple jobs focused on the
creation of technologies for outdoor use. Those who wish to pursue these types of careers, even those
who are already in an established profession career, will need to receive education and training in
modern technologies and computer science.

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