Camtasia: Step 4-Share (Embedding into Blackboard) by mmacfarlane


									Camtasia: Step 4 - Sharing

Embedding Videos in Blackboard
What is embedding video?
Embed video means to embed, or place, a video within the HTML code of the page you are posting on.

Why Embed instead of just uploading the file to Blackboard?
When you embed a video it is hosted on the server of the site where the embed code is generated. We have limited server space on Blackboard. Also, there are usually not necessary downloads to play videos embedded on outside sites making the easily accessible to students.

1. The first step in embedding a video is generating an embed code. To do this you must upload your video to a site that will do this. There are many sites available to upload videos to for sharing by generating direct urlʼs or embed codes. These include YouTube, TeacherTube, Viddler and Vimeo. My personal preference in Viddler because the options it gives you for video size. All of these sites are easy to use. They all require you to create a user account. 2. Once you have your video uploaded select the share/embed option and copy the embed code. 3. In Blackboard go to the area where you would like your video to appear. Select the ʻcarrotsʼ to switch to HTML . Paste the HTML code for the video you would like to embed and select submit at the bottom of the page.

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