aThe Restricting Rules of Social Media Technology

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					The Restricting Rules of Social Media Technology
                                         There are 2 restricting rules concerning social media technology
                                         that you should carefully consider as you begin or revamp your
                                         marketing efforts. These rules should guide the placement of
                                         every penny you invest in the medium.

                                         Social Media in the Scheme of Things
                                         Social media is not the end all, magic marketing tool you’ve
                                         been waiting for. It doesn’t do everything the media says it
                                         does, because the awesome results they highlight are the
                                         exceptions to the rules.

                                         Social media technology is extremely important to your
                                         marketing scheme, but it is not the Super bowl of marketing
                                         events. It only counts as a great tight end, defensive end, and a

                                         Rules of Social Media
                                         Rule number 1: Social media technology should not replace
your traditional marketing. Instead it should be its arm.

Few businesses catch fire on social media sites. Most don’t get their fame and fortune from their posts.

They get it from being salesmen. Marketing the old fashioned way is still a leading way to make sales.

The traditional salesman fails on facebook; that’s the truth of the matter. No one logs in to see ads in
their newsfeed.

They come online to be a part of a larger conversation. They like to talk about themselves and share
things that help other people.

Selling a bag of Doritos doesn’t usually fall into those
categories. That’s why you can’t substitute for extended
marketing and sales campaigns.

There are people looking for someone to sell them on a
product. That’s how business thrives in America.

Everyone thinks they need to buy something and are okay
being convinced to do so—in the right settings. Don’t give
up on marketing or sales to pursue social media.

Rule number 2: Don’t just have a page on every social media
site for the purpose of existing. For one, not every site works for every type of business.

Although facebook can be applied to every business, is that where your audience will be looking for
you? Chances are that they won’t, and even if they are, you have to wave white checkered flags all over
their newsfeeds to get their attention.

Can you still attract attention on facebook? Yes, of course you can, but it’s going to take a lot of time,
patience, and creativity to get your audience to like you and your posts.

You need to run campaigns and make creative content that will impress people. You’re convincing
people to like your site (not even your product yet).

It’s a great way to create name recognition. But that’s usually all you’ll get from it.

How Much You Put in You Get Out
That brings up another issue. Providing that you mostly just get name recognition from these
campaigns, how much money are you willing to put into that?

Money is directly correlated with time spent. You are paying people to manage those campaigns.

Adding a Squidoo and Pinterest account to your facebook and Twitter can be a significant investment.
Don’t invest if you don’t know that it can help you.

Social Media technology offers great players to your marketing team, but they don’t fill in all the gaps in
the lineup. Your other marketing players will strengthen the push to expand.

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