Arousing Interests in Students for E-Learning Courses by roisework1


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									There is no dearth of e-learning courses around the globe. But the question is: are these courses really
enhancing the knowledge of children? While researching on this subject I came across staggering results.
I found that although the numbers of e-learning courses have increased considerably in recent past;
students are still unable to derive 100% benefit from these courses. I know 100% benefit is a mere myth
and cannot be achieved in one grasp; but still there has to be a way through which students retain
majority of portion in one go without any outside interface or pressure from parents. Once that has
been done, the real worth of e-learning courses can be derived.

It is often said that content is the king. This is absolutely true for good e-learning courses. Although
designing an e-learning course is also an integral part of the big deal; without game-changing content, it
is very difficult to arouse interest in the minds of the students. Now this is a very big deal, because if you
make students yearn for your course; half of your problem is solved. With so much competition, the
expectations are quite high in terms of quality content delivery and on top of it; the other criteria is that
content should be in sync with the designs of the website. This is really a high pressure situation,
because you need to be at the top of your game to succeed at this level.

Tutors also need to be in regular touch with the students so that they can provide proper guidance to
them after specific period for instance; weekly or fortnightly as per their convenience. This will enable
students to get personalized touch from the tutors. The major objective of providing personalized touch
in e-learning courses is to make students genuinely interested in the course. They can then ask relevant
questions to the tutors thereby getting additional knowledge on the subjects.

I am yet to come across an e-learning course which takes the point discussed earlier into consideration;
while designing the course curriculum. This is a very sad thing because it also shows that e-learning
course providers are not able to understand the needs of the children and hence, are failing to create
interests in students. So, the very first point to consider while arousing interest in students is to THINK
LIKE A CHILD; and design the course curriculum keeping in mind the creativity aspect of children that can
be enhanced through designing innovative course curriculum.

Thinking like a child is not an easy thing. You might also question me: what do you mean by creating a
course curriculum presuming yourself as a child? Now this is a very important question, which needs to
answered in detail; because most of the e-learning course providers miss out on understanding this
simple criteria; and end up messing up with their entire course curriculum.
Likewise, in the present scenario, games have changed; but with the help of social networking sites it is
always possible to share your academic scores with your colleagues, so that there is healthy competition
amongst all the children and everyone can give their best to achieve their academic goals. Thinking out-
of-the-box can also be quite profitable for an e-learning course provider; as they can cater to an all-
together new market. For example; integrating games with course curriculum can increase the potential
of success for the e-learning courses.

* Rewards: As a child, remember the enthusiasm that you used to feel while getting a reward for a
sport. It was considered to be a big achievement. Likewise when children are rewarded for the
dedication and application that they show for learning and scoring good marks in the quiz; it results in
positive reinforcement. This is the ultimate game changing moment for the e-learning course provider
since; they now have all the cards in their hands; and deep down in their heart they know that their
course is an instant success with the children. They can then experiment with something unique and
different for the betterment of the course curriculum.

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