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 Women In Engineering
                                                                            Durdana Habib
  The Pakistan WIE Forum                                                    Chair, WIE Affinity Group IEEE Islamabad Section
                                                                            Mentor, Pakistan WIE Forum

  IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum, initiated by IEEE-WIE GCUF in                    The WIE Affinity Group, IEEE Islamabad Section was estab-
  collaboration with Madam Ramaltha Marimuthu on 30th                       lished in 2008 with just a few volunteers. It has since then ac-
  May 2010, was created with the vision to integrate fe-                    tively participated in organizing WIE sessions at the IEEE Stu-
  males from all Science and Technology institutes in Paki-                 dent Congresses held across Pakistan and has been actively
  stan, to create opportunities for them and to promote                     involved in many local, national as well as international activi-
  them as members of a progressing nation. The first Ad-                    ties including participation at the Asia Pacific Nations Network
  hoc committee included Mehvish Zahoor, Shalra Ejaz,                       meeting and Engineering Education conference in Busan, Ko-
  Benazir Peter, Tallat Fiaz from IEEE Lahore Section, Me-                  rea in 2009. The formation of the IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum
  hak Ikhlaq and Fatima Imdad from IEEE Islamabad Sec-                      provided new impetus to the volunteer work of the members
  tion and Rabia Khalid from IEEE Karachi Section. They                     of the IEEE across the country. This Forum provides us with an
  worked on strengthening the roots of the Pakistan WIE                     opportunity to strengthen women involved in these fields
  Forum. They held online meetings and also met up in                       across Pakistan and to connect globally. We aim towards build-
  different cities. The first Executive Committee was                       ing a stronger Pakistan by motivating women to rise to their
  formed a year later in March, 2011. The annual plan pre-                  full potential. I feel honored to be the mentor of such an active
  sented on 28th March was composed of six major pro-                       group of volunteers. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate
  jects for the year 2011 including this Quarterly Newslet-                 IEEE Lahore section, the oldest in Pakistan, on fulfilling its com-
  ter, IEEE PWF Website, Membership Drive (Discover                         mitment to advance engineering, science and technology. I
  WIE), WIE PAKISTAN MISSION TO PROGRESS Project and                        must congratulate the entire team of WIE Pakistan for dedicat-
  the IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum Group Photo Award.                            ing so much time and effort to help establish it.

       Executive Committee Pakistan WIE Forum

                Mehvish Zahoor, Chairperson IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum BS                   Fatima Imdad, Vice Chair IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum. BSTE
                (Hons) Bioinformatics, GCUF. Lahore Section. I became a                  Telecom Engg. Islamabad Section
                part of IEEE because I wanted to do something out of the
                box. I had always dreamed of providing female engineers                  IEEE is different from other societies because it not only
                a platform where they could show their talents &get                      provides us with a platform to share our thoughts but it
                acknowledged for their potentials & working skills.                      also lets us to interact with people from all over the world.

Maryam Saeed. Secretary IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum (BS)                       Anum Javed. Treasurer IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum Chair-
Telecommunication Engg. FAST NUCES Lhr. I joined IEEE to                   person WIE UET SB, Lahore Section (BS) Electrical Engg.
connect with the smart brains around the world. Its surpris-               UET Lahore. I expect the IEEE membership growth to
ing to meet new people everyday and learn about the vast                   accelerate world wide as IEEE continues to develop new
fields that they have worked in. IEEE is the window to the                 products and services and as members continue to
world of science, technology and innovation.                               spread the word to their professional colleagues.

             Sana Syed. Web Administrator Pakistan WIE Forum, WIE                     Rabia Khalid. Newsletter Editor Pakistan WIE Forum. Chair-
             NEDUET Student Branch Computer and Information System                    person IEEE PNEC SB Karachi Section. (BE) Electronics Engg.
             Engineering NED Khi. When I became a part of this global                 PNEC NUST. IEEE is one of the best things that has happened
             network, IEEE, I found valuable opportunities to see my                  to me so far. As a part of this organization, I feel like being
             career in the right direction& a great experience to manage              connected to the entire world & now WIE provided me the
             &organize information &events at professional levels.                    platform to reach out to the entire country. Its like an arena
                                                                                      where you can reach out to everything of your own interest.
                  Pakistan WIE Forum interviews Takako Hashimoto

 Takako Hashimoto, the R10 WIE Coordinator, graduated from           belief that the next generation of engineers will truly be
 Ochanomizu University in 1985, and received Ph.D. in com-           able to uphold their title with pride?
 puter science, specialization in multimedia information proc-       JC WIE organizes “ Career Development Workshop for Young
 essing, from Graduate School of Systems and Information Engi-       Students and Professionals” with GOLD and student
 neering of University of Tsukuba in 2005. She worked at the         branches. The event is targeted for young students in under-
 software R&D center of Ricoh Co. Ltd., in Japan for 24 years,       graduate, master and doctoral level in order to help them to
 and participated in the development of many software prod-          think about their career paths as well as the skill sets. Topics
 ucts as a technical leader. From April 2009, she has been work-     including “expectations for an engineer”, “important mat-
 ing in Chiba University of Commerce as a faculty. Pakistan          ters on working overseas”, “contributing to the society as an
 WIE Forum brings you some highlights of Takako Hashimoto’s          engineer” and “career development for female engineer and
 journey with IEEE & WIE.                                            cooperating with male engineer” are beinfg discussed in the
 When did you become an IEEE member and how did your                 workshop. Through these topics the workshop can help stu-
 journey start of as a WIE member?                                   dents to think about and prepare their career in advance.
 I became an IEEE member in 2008, encouraged by my former            How did u manage to keep balance between professional
 boss. At the same time, I joined WIE. My former boss was a          and personal life?
 female executive of one of the leading Japanese companies,          With the cooperation of my family, I keep balance between
 and always promoted female engineers’ career. She was a sen-        professional and personal life. Especially, my son (19 years
 ior member of IEEE and the vice chair of IEEE Japan Council WIE     old) and daughter (16 years old) are good cooks, and my
 as well. I thought that I could be a female leader like her. That   husband is the excellent manager. They always help me dur-
 was the reason I joined WIE .                                       ing my business trips.
 While working for WIE/IEEE what hurdles did u face and how          How do you compare an engineer with other professions?
 u overcame them?                                                    An engineer is a specialist. Even if you would quit your job
 From WIE viewpoint, still there are lot of problems for women       once because of your personal reasons, you may find new
 to take active role in the field of engineering. Particularly in    job again. In addition, “engineering community" is relatively
 Japan, women’s outside activity is not encouraged by feudal         fair (gender equal society) even in Japan. "Engineering" re-
 mindedness and conservative regional attitudes (e.g. Men to         quires diversity in today's global society. To achieve the di-
 work outside the home, Women to take on domestic duties.            versity, female power is very useful. I believe female can
 Engineering is not a girl thing etc.) Sometimes I face these ob-    promote our skills in engineering field.
 stacles for promoting women engineer’s ca-                          Your future plans for R10 WIE and the way you want it to
 reer. To overcome these obstacles, I try to                         bloom.
 establish a network among women engineers                           I wish female engineers in R10 will be able to strengthen
 and show role models/useful examples. I also                        their bonds and communicate to promote their global ca-
 handle various events to give opportunities                         reers. In addition, I would like to encourage young girls to
 for sharing issues on career developments,                          aspire to be engineers, and support rural women to enhance
 work-life balance and so on, and discussing                         their participation in societies. I provide different support
 different solutions.                                                funds (Progress/ Congress/ Forum/ Conference/ STAR) and
 What are your greatest achievements to                              highlight role models and WIE groups which promote high
 date, that you contributed for WIE in general?                      quality and quantity activities. Especially, through Progress
 My greatest achievements were to organize various global WIE        project, I would like to survey the current gender-equality
 events. As the chief secretary of JC WIE, I was in charge of han-   status in R10 and visualize it to understand our environment
 dling the panel discussion at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic       more precisely.
 Cooperation) Women Leaders Network meeting in 2009 in To-           Any message for the female engineers of the future?
 kyo. We invited not only distinguished IEEE WIE leaders but         I sincerely wish that female engineers will be able to expand
 also famous female leaders in technological field from Asia-        the possibilities for their career development and extend the
 Pacific economies. The event made clear gender-equality issues      activities globally. There are various role models who can
 in each country and we could share them. It was quite success-      understand the obstacles in R10. We’re not alone, we can
 ful event so that IEEE WIE’s presence increased globally.           cooperate. If you face any problem, please contact R10 WIE
 Any event organized by WIE students that strengthened your          members. I am fully convinced that we can overcome the
                                                                     barriers if we work together.
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                                                                                                           Women In Engineering
                        DISCOVOER WIE-EPISODE 1, IEEE NFC IEFR

WIE IEEE NFC-IEFR Lahore Section, organ-                                                     This session was successful in helping
ized the membership drive Discover WIE                                                       female engineers interact and dis-
on May 6th 2011 with the theme to create                                                     cover the opportunities that come
awareness among female students about
                                                                                             along an IEEE Membership.
the WIE network and to increase the WIE
population in the NFC Student Branch. the                                                    Submitted by Rabail Raza, Secretary
event was entitled as TechnoWar day,
                                               -ess. Mehvish Zahoor, Chairperson Paki-       IEEE WIE NFC-IEFR
loaded with various technical events and
challenging activities for the attendees of    stan WIE Forum proceeded the ceremony
the event. Students from all over Lahore       by introducing WIE &explaining its net-
Section participated in this auspicious        working & membership benefits. This
event including GCU Lhr , GCU Fsd, UET
                                               was followed by an activity ‘Express Your
Lhr, UET Fsd, UMT Lhr, USA Lhr & Dr. A. Q
Khan University. Mrs. Asma Adeel, Branch       Idea.’ 4 teams were given 25 minutes to
Counselor IEEE NFC-IEFR and Lahore Sec-        plan activities within a specific budget.
tion Coordinator Pakistan WIE Forum,           The team with the most innovative ideas
opened the event with her welcome addr-        and planning was declared the winner.

                  Real Engineers                                  •   Real Engineers know the 2nd law of thermodynamics
                                                                      - but not their own shirt size.
•    Real Engineers consider themselves well dressed if           •   Real Engineers rotate their tires for laughs.
     their socks match.                                           •   Real Engineers will make four sets of drawings (with 7
•    Real Engineers buy their spouses a set of matched                revisions) before making a bird bath.
     screwdrivers for their birthday.                             •   Real Engineers say "It's 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 25
•    Real Engineers wear mustaches or beards for                      degrees Celsius, and 298 degrees Kelvin" and all you
     "efficiency". Not because they're lazy.                          say is "Isn't it a nice day"
•    Real Engineers' briefcases contain a Phillips screw-         •   Real Engineers don't find the
     driver, a copy of "Quantum Physics", and a half of a pea-        above at all funny.
     nut butter sandwich.
•    Real engineers have a non-technical vocabulary of 800        Submitted by Hudaisa Afzal, WIE
     words.                                                       PNEC Karachi Section

    Barbecue at the hostel– WIE PNEC
                                                                                           was a scrumptious combo of kebabs,
                                               menting to the party-like vibe of the       tikka, parthas and side dishes. Every-
WIE – PNEC AG arranged an all girls BBQ
                                               atmosphere. While we chatted away           body relished on the hearty meal.
night at the NUST Girls’ Hostel on April
                                               and enjoyed ourselves in the pleasant       After the dinner, there was a little
1st, 2011. This event came as a breath of
                                               ambiance, the stakes sizzled. The           variety show organized by a few
fresh air for the students as we are con-
                                               food was served after a while which         members of WIE which comprised of
stantly subjected to a flustering and wear-
                                                                                           a skit and some performances. The
ing routine. The small number of girls and
                                                                                           audience thoroughly enjoyed the
their busy schedules doesn’t permit them
                                                                                           show and appreciated the perform-
to see each other frequently so this get
                                                                                           ances. It was a memorable night for
together provided them with an awesome
                                                                                           all of us. The gathering provided eve-
chance to mingle and spend some quality
                                                                                           ryone with a chance to let their hair
time together.
                                                                                           down. It had been a tremendous suc-
The BBQ was set up at the hostel lawn                                                      cess and efforts of WIE were enthusi-
which was decorated with lights and the                                                    astically acknowledged.
fountain was giving off a very fresh effect.
                                                                                           Submitted by Kanza Basit, Vice Chair
A music system was also at hand, comple-
                                                                                           WIE PNEC
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Pakistan WIE Forum

 IEEE-WIE NED student branch arranged       as a member of the Ad-hoc committee.         Region. All in all, the speakers made their
 a mentoring session “WIE GUIDE” for        Ms. Nimra Kazmi was the initiator            point that effective management and
 the newly elected WIE Executive Com-       of WIE Affinity Group at PNEC. She held
 mittee on March 10, 2010. Ms. Injla,       the position of the WIE Chair for the year
 Chairperson WIE NED opened the event       200. The speakers jointly presented their
 by welcoming the speakers, Ms. Rabia       ideas for the smooth running
 Khalid, Chairperson IEEE PNEC Student      of WIE Affinity Group, They discussed the
 Branch & Ms. Nimra Kazmi, Karachi Sec-     possible hurdles any organizing commit-
 tion Representative, GINI                                 tees might come across
 IR. Ms. Rabia Khalid, who                                 during the planning, man-
 was the former vice chair                                 agement and execution
 of WIE AG PNEC, is also                                   phases of any event. Ms.
 an Executive member of                                    Wardah Noor, former Sec-
 the Pakistan WIE Forum                                    retary IEEE PNEC was also     efficient execution is the key to a suc-
 at the post of the News-                                  present at the eve. She       cessful event. In the end lunch was
 letter Editor. She has also                               shared with the WIE NED Ex    served for the guests and the attendees.
 served       the     Paki-                                -Com the reporting proce-
 stan WIE Forum last year,                                 dures within the Section &    Submitted by Sana Syed, WIE NED

  Expression of Creativity & Innovation WEEK 2011-WIE GCUL
 IEEE WIE ECI`11 Week was opened on          was held for students to enhance their
June 6, 2011 with a Workshop on Social       competitive skill and creativity. An e-
Entrepreneurship, presided by Rohan          gaming competition was held after this
David, President Green&White Pakistan,       which comprised of games like Counter
where he enlightened the audience with       Strike, FIFA, Taken-3 & NFS. Huge amount
qualities that a good leader must possess    of participation was observed among the
and how to enamor those qualities within     students. After this, skipping and climb-     the Snake” in which players had to an-
ourselves. The session was followed by a     ing contests were arranged for girls, who     swer questions when they reached a
Workshop on Google Techniques. Mr. Ali       had a knack for sports. The day ended         snake bite. On a correct answer they
                                             with a sketching competition, where stu-      moved forward otherwise they would
                                             dents displayed their passions &showed        drop behind. This encouraged them to
                                             their artistic skills.                        think of strategies to avoid the snake,
                                             The 4th day commenced with a Seminar          making the whole experience more
                                             on “Effects of Mobile communication on        entertaining. The day was concluded
                                             Human Health” by Dr Fareeha Zafar, As-        with “Minute to win it” game in which
                                             sistant Proff. Computer Science Dept. The     the participants had to complete the
                                             lecture aimed at creating awareness           given task in one minute which created
Turab Gillani, CS Student GCUL, demon-       amongst students for how Cell Phone           an environment of struggle and chal-
strated various Google techniques that       Radiations can affect physical & psycho-      lenges amongst the participants.
would allow us to search or use Google       logical health. Communication connection      The last day of the ECI week intended
more effectively.                            between two mobile, Specific Absorption       to bring on tranquility in an individual’s
The next day’s activities commenced with     Rate, Thermal Effect of Cell Phones, Ra-
                                                                                           life & how to achieve them. It began
a Programming Competition in which a         diation Penetration in the head, Cell
number of students eager to use their        phones Damage DNA & how Electromag-           with naat khwani, followed by a
programming knowledge participated. It       netic exposure stimulates human Brain         mehndi competition. Later on we had
was followed by badminton competitions       were the highlights of the lecture. This      live singing competition, where the
for girls and boys.                          was fol-                                      talent of young boys & girls sprang out
The 3rd day aimed at the importance of       lowed by                                      who certainly made the evening one
recycling & everyone was asked to bring      a recrea-                                     worth remembering.
one bag of recycled product from home.       tional
                                                                                           Submitted by Sehrish Asif, Chair WIE
After this bit of show and tell, an im-      activity
promptu Graphic designing competition        “Dodge                                        GCUL

Page 4
                                                                                                               Women In Engineering
                       WIE PNEC beats the heat at the beach!!

 PNEC- NUST has a very small amount          and finalized. On the 1st of April, the
 of percentage of female students. Due       girls attended their regular classes
 to this reason it is often mind boggling    and after that hectic day they were to
 for us to come up with ways to give         get tanned on the beach and relax with
 enough exposure to them about the           the cool sea breeze. Around thirty-five
 professional world, therefore when          female student along with a few fac-
 something of such magnitude arises          ulty members, left for Nathia Gali
 we believe in making the most of it. An     Beach at 1.30 pm. The journey was
 all female students trip to Nathia Gali                                                the water. We had taken up with us
                                             carried out in a Hino provided by the
 Beach was held on 1st April 2011, Fri-                                                 plenty of food for everyone. Including
                                             college. Although the trip was long and
 day. By tremendous efforts made by                                                     Chinese rice for lunch, soft drinks and
                                             the weather sweltering, but the time
 WIE, the trip was successfully planned                                                 other snacks. We all enjoyed to our
                                             was spent amiably. The girls had sing-
                                                                                        fullest and had a hell lot of fun.. All in
                                             ing competitions among themselves
                                                                                        all, the full day long party was a re-
                                             and hooted all the way. We reached
                                                                                        markable effort by WIE AG PNEC so
                                             our destination by 2.45 pm. The sight
                                                                                        that our hardworking individuals can
                                             of those mountains and tidal waves
                                                                                        get a well deserved break from hectic
                                             elated everyone’s spirits and the ex-
                                                                                        life of the university.
                                             haustion from the drive quickly sub-
                                             sided. The sight was beautiful and the     Submitted by Rabia Jamal,
                                             scenery breath-taking. Almost every-       WIE PNEC
                                             one quickly left to enjoy themselves at

WIE UET organized its first ever national   of technical excellence displays random    of WIE helps you add stars to your career
event ‘UET WIE EXPLORARTE ’11 on May        info to its users. She drew attention of   and personality. She conducted a small
19th, 2011. The event commenced at          the listen-                                           quiz competition asking ques-
1230 hours with the recitation of Holy      ers to the                                            tion from the audience and the
Quran, followed by Pakistan WIE Fo-         fact that                                             winners were given out gifts.
rum’s “DISCOVER WIE Episode-2”. This        g i r l s                                             After this, the inauguration
was conducted by Ms. Rabia Khalid,          maintain                                              ceremony of the first ever na-
Chairperson IEEE-PNEC and Mehvish           their lead                                            tional level progress project of
Zahoor, Chairperson Pakistan WIE Fo-        over boys                                             WIE was held. Ms. Asma Adeel,
rum. Rabia Khalid, the Newsletter Editor    in SSC and                                            Pakistan WIE Forum Lahore
Coordinator of the Pakistan WIE Forum       HSSC and acquire better grades but less    Section Coordinator, launched the “WIE
presented an introduction to IEEE & its     than 5% of girls move on to study in the   PAKISTAN MISSION TO PROGRESS”, pro-
benefits. She enlightened the students      field of engineering. She emphasized       ject. This project is aimed to promote
as to how IEEE can be of use for them at    that females in the field of engineering   gender equality and social trainings in
undergraduate level and also high-          decrease on every step. They lack men-     rural areas. This project has been initi-
lighted the differences between Google      torship, job opportunities, career guid-   ated under the leadership of Anum
& IEEE and explained them how IEEE          ance, contacts and relations and the       Javed , Pakistan WIE Forum Treasurer
holds an upper hand over Google citing        easiest approach to all of them is the   and Chairperson WIE UET with Nafeesa
60,000 pat-                                   network of WIE. WIE offers you online    Mazhar, Secretary WIE GCU Faisalabad,
ents where                                    resources for women in computing,        Javeria Habib, Secretary WIE UET and
as Google                                     scholarships, internships, projects      Aisha Ambreen, Chairperson WIE UIT as
having no                                     grants, informative publications and     its coordinators. The objective of this
con sistent                                   much more. Mehvish Zahoor eluci-         project is to provide Gender Equal Socie-
standards                                     dated the audience how the network       ties in Science, and to spread awareness

                                                                                                                             Page 5
Pakistan WIE Forum
 to the common man about science, en-                                                      hore, Ms. Nuzhat Saadia, Assistant Man-
 gineering and technology. Third seg-                                                      ager Media & Press Relations World Wide
 ment was a lecture on “KNOW YOUR                                                          Fund for Nature, Nighat Daad, Privacy
 REAL STRENGTH” by Ammara Javaid                                                           Activist Public Policy Researcher, Special
 Shah, business graduate, Kinnaird Col-                                                    Public Prosecutor & Human Rights Activ-
 lege for Women, Lahore who impressed                                                      ist and Miss Kiran Khursheed, DDOR CSP
 the listeners with her diverse personal-                                                  Officer. This session was an eye-opener
 ity. She started off with a motivational                                                  for all the audience members who got
 speech & then conducted an activity in       air without letting it fall to let the atten-the chance to gain an insight on the lives
 which the audience was asked to write        dees believe that they were not letting go   of all these legendary individuals and
 about their failures on a paper airplane     of their dreams by not believing in a no-    their experiences as the bread earning
 and to make it fly as high as possible. It   win situation. It turned out to be a very    members of the society. The audience
 was to ease and appease everyone by          invigorating experience for all. The main    eagerly asked questions from the guests,
 allowing them to believe that they have      highlight of the day was a panel discus-     asked about their field of expertise and
                          blown away all      sion having successful women of Pakistan     how they daily cope with all the pres-
                          their failures      as the guests, sharing their experience      sures of the society. In conclusion of this
                          and worries in      with the audience and encouraging and        discussion all the guests gave valuable
                          the air. This       motivating them to play their role in the    advices to the audience regarding career
                          followed an-        growth of society. It was named “THE         & future endeavors.
                          other activity      FOOTSTEPS OF ILLUSTRIOUS” where
                                                                                            Submitted by Javeria Habib, Secretary
                          of writing the      leading women like Maryam Nasim, CEO,
 wishes on a balloon and bouncing it in                                                     WIE UET Lahore
                                              Pixcil, Dr. Najma, Proff. University Of La-

                                              WIE HANGOUT-NED WIE

  After a short yet successful semester of     not take long for the whole team to get       the details of each event and pointed
  the newly formed team of WIE at NED          friendly and well acquainted with each        out all the important things that they
  UET, Karachi, the executive committee        other. The SSR of Karachi Section, Nimrah     had learned during this experience, a
  decided that the hard working members        Parvez Hashmi and the Vice Chairperson        few plans for future events were also
  and they themselves deserved a                                         of     IEEE-NED     vaguely discussed but mainly the
  treat for the events that they held                                    UET were also       point of getting together was to party
  during the three month period of                                       invited to the      hard for the hard work put in by the
  their term. We decided to go to a                                      get together as     inexperienced team of WIE NED.
  famous Portuguese restaurant,                                          a gesture of        Submitted by Injla Khan, Chairperson
  Nandos. The new members got to                                         friendship. The     WIE NEDUET
  interact with the team and it did                                      team discussed

                                        IEEE Pakistan Section was established in 1968 as one of the very first few in the
                                        Region 10. It expanded into Karachi Section in 1982 & then to Islamabad Section in 1998.
   Dr. Shafay S            n
                                        First student branch became active in 1982 in UET Lahore. In recent times, IEEE has seen
               ahore Sectio
   Chair IEEE L
                                        a very aggressive & healthy growth in its student activities. Since the establishment of
                                        first Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group in 2005 by Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry, WIE
                                        AG has expanded very fast. It involved volunteers from all over Pakistan and provided
                     new impetus to the volunteer work of the members of the IEEE across the country. During this period a
 number of local, national, regional and international awards were won. Among these was the 2008 WIE Affinity Group of the
 Year Award given to the WIE GCUF. The WIE AG has been actively involved in many local, national as well as regional and
 international activities. Due to the dedication, sincere efforts and hard work of its members it has won praise from within
 Pakistan as well from the region. The Pakistan WIE Forum is a result of collective efforts of WIE volunteers of all the Sections. I
 feel honored to be part of young enthusiastic volunteers who are finding new horizons by working together. My heartiest
 felicitations to the entire team of WIE Pakistan for their untiring volunteer efforts in establishing the Pakistan WIE Forum,
 making it a professional body for the students and bringing it to fame and glory.

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                                                                                                                 Women In Engineering

ASPTECH and SQL Learning was a 2-       tion to ASP.NET. He also showed
day workshop organized by IEEE-WIE      students how to create a simple                   STAN   DING E
NED student branch on 16th and          ASP.NET websites with proper link-          UNDER                  , the gla
                                        ing with the Database created on                   the o ptimist
17th March 2011. The Speaker for                                                    • To        full.                  ss
the event was Sir Fareed Nizami, the    day-1. In the end he thanked IEEE-             is half                 the gla
                                                                                                     s simist,
academic co-ordinator of curriculum     WIE for inviting him and expressed                   the pe
                                                                                     • To          mpty.                ss
and trainings at APTECH CENTER          his humble feelings that it was one              is half
                                                                                                 e              the gla
                                                                                                       gineer, needs
Karachi. On day 1, Sir Fareed Nizami    of his very good experiences and he                   the en ig as it
                                        wants WIE to invite him again                 • To            as b
                                                                                           is twice
after giving his introduction and
sharing his thoughts told the stu-      some-
dents about the basic concepts of       time.                                               to be.
application development and data-       W I E
bases. He also discussed the SQL        Execu-
Server 2005 and explained its fea-      t i v e
tures with a sample scenario. Sir       Co m -
Fareed Nizami also shared his experi-   mittee
ences with the students and he also     presented Appreciation letter to Sir
encouraged students to opt Software     Fareed Nizami and thanked him for
engineering as a career.                taking out time from his schedule        A common mistake that people make
                                        and accepting their invitation. Cer-     when trying to design something
On day 2 the session started at 2:00
                                        tificates of participation were also     completely      foolproof  is  to
P.M and continued till 4:00 P.M. Sir
Fareed gave a brief introduction to
                                        distributed among the students.          underestimate the ingenuity of
.NET Framework 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0,        Submitted by Qudsia Meher,      Sec-     complete fools.
and gave students a brief introduc-     retary WIE NED                           -Douglas Adams-

                                        It is a matter of immense pleasure for me that Pakistan WIE Forum Affinity
    Engr. Parkash             n
                                        Group of IEEE has come up with a first Newsletter. I am satisfied and confident
                  rachi Sectio
    C hair IEEE Ka                      that Pakistan WIE Forum AG and its publications committee have executed
                                        this project in a successful manner.

       I always felt that women in engineering do need a platform from where students and professional can work
       together to increase the brand equity of our engineering departments with the help of aggressive marketing
       events. This newsletter is of paramount importance for the women in engineering both students and
       professional women engineers as it provides them ample opportunities to demonstrate their creativity and
       serve as forum of expression for the innovative ideas and valuable thoughts of the younger generation.

       I would like to place my personal commendations on record for the sincere and dedicated team efforts of the
       publication committee of for making this accomplishment a reality by nurturing the positive traits of our
       women engineers as well as students.

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Pakistan WIE Forum
                     Women In Engineering
                                                                                      E DITORIAL BOARD
                                                                                         This story can fit 150-200 words.
   This project has been initiated under the leadership of               Hudaisa Afzal One benefit of using your newsletter as
   Anum Javed, Chair WIE UET, Treasurer IEEE Pakistan WIE                                a promotional tool is that you can reuse
   Forum., along with:                                                   Electronic Engineering from other marketing materials,

   •    Ms Nafisa Mazhar-Vice Chair WIE GCUF, IEEE Lahore                PN Engineering such as press releases, market studies,
                                                                                         and reports.
        Section                                                          IEEE Karachi Section
                                                                                         While your main goal of distributing a
   •    Ms Aisha Ambreen-Chairperson WIE UIT, IEEE Kara-
                                                                                         newsletter might be to sell your product
        chi Section.
                                                                         Elia Nauroz     or service, the key to a successful news-
   •    Ms Javeria Habib-Secretary WIE UET, IEEE Lahore                                  letter
                                                                         Electrical Engineering is making it useful to your read-
        Section                                                                          ers.
                                                                         University of Engineering & Technology
   The proposed activities and programs under this project                               A great way to add useful content to
   include:                                                              IEEE Lahore Section newsletter is to develop and write
   1. Survey of the current gender-equality status through
   questionnaire.                                                        Fatma Faruq
   2. Gender equality promotion in co-operation with rural               Computer Engineering
                                                                         E & ME College-NUST
   3. Conduct seminars in IEEE Sections of Pakistan to
   change mind sets of people towards working women.                     IEEE Islamabad Section

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   Hello everyone. Finally the most awaited                                                         Email us at:
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  is here. Me and my team have tried our
  level best to make it up to your expecta-
 tions. I hope you had a good time reading
 about the WIE Affinity Group happenings
                                             in Pakistan. I believe this Newslet-
 ter project initiated by the Pakistan WIE                                                  Catch us on facebook!!
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 unite the WIE affinity groups of all three
                                             IEEE Sections of Pakistan. I would
 encourage you to drop in your reports and                                                   https://www.facebook.com/
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 with us your plans so that WIE across Pakis                                                   sk=group_251973809196
                                                tan would get to know the hap-
 penings of your Affinity groups. Not only
                                            this, it’ll be a great source of learn-
ing for the inactive WIE Members as well
                                           . We shall try our level best to bring
you more news and chronicles in the next
                                             edition of the Pakistan WIE News-
                                                                                                          e web!!
letter.                                                                                      We are on th
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