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									              WAYNE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH
        301 N. HERMAN STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530         Phone: 919/731-1000 Fax: 919/739-5023
Ira Thigpen, Chairperson                                                 Kim Larson, Co-Chairperson

                                OFFICIAL MEETING RECORD
The Wayne County Board of Health met in regular session on Wednesday, June 17, 2009, at 12:20
p.m. at Wayne County Office Building Third Floor Conference Room, Goldsboro, NC.

The following members were present:

       Dr. O.R. Stovall             Mr. Steven Smith
       Mr. Ira Thigpen              Mr. Jeffrey Kornegay
       Dr. Kim Larson               Dr. Osbone Wilder
       Mr. Mark Bryan               Mr. Charles Gibson
                                    Mr. James Roosen, RS, MPH
                                        Secretary to the Board

Emily Bell, Nita Britt, Evelyn Coley, Rovonda Freeman, Leah Grimmer, Carolyn King, Betty
Richardson, Jenny Sharpless, Patsy Spear, Ken Stern, Julie Sutton, Susie Teachey, Shane Smith, Kevin
Whitley, and Bonnie Crouse of the Health Department attended. Also present were Major Oleg
Voronin of SJAFB and Ms. Phyllis Moore of Goldsboro News-Argus.

A quorum was established with eight members present. Absent were Dr. Gib Blackman, Dr. Michael
Gooden and Dr. Sandra McCullen.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Ira Thigpen, Chairperson.

Invocation – Mr. Ira Thigpen.

Approval of May 20, 2009 Minutes: Dr. Stovall moved to accept the minutes as written. Mr.
Kornegay seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Introduction of Guests: MSgt. Jasmin Wiltshire-Billmyre, TSgt. Ashamti Harriston and Sgt. Bryan
Sternbach of SJAFB.

Public Comment: N/A.

New Employees: Sharon Crenshaw, Physician Extender, Maternity.

Recognition of Employee’s 20th Year Anniversary: Nita Britt, PE, Family Planning; Recognition of
Employee’s 10th Year Anniversary: Connie Smith, Processing Assistant; Recognition of Employee’s
5th Year Anniversary: Melanie Harper, LPN, Family Planning.
Mr. Thigpen stated Dr. Larson will attend a National Board of Health meeting in Philadelphia, PA July
1-3, 2009.
Consent Agenda: Approval of Wayne County Health Department Policy: Liability Insurance Policy.
After discussion of this policy with no changes, Mr. Gibson made a motion to accept the policy as
written. Dr. Larson seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Recognition of Abstinence Essay Winners for 2009: Emily Bell. Ms. Bell stated the contest was open
to all Wayne County high school students, public, private and home schooled grades 9-12. There were
61 essays received this year, 73 received last year. They winners are as follows: Ms. Bell introduced
the 3rd place winner Kirsten Rae Walters, a rising junior at DOVE Academy (homeschooled). Ms.
Walters will receive a Certificate of Excellence, a $300 scholarship and a $50 gift certificate from
Target. Ms. Walters shared her essay with the Board; 2nd place winner was Jade Dansler, a rising
junior at Wayne School of Engineering. Ms. Dansler will receive a Certificate of Excellence, a $500
scholarship and a $100 gift certificate from Target; 1st place winner was Daniel Nelson, a rising junior
at Nelson Christian Academy (homeschooled). Mr. Nelson will receive a Certificate of Excellence, a
$1,000 scholarship and a $200 gift certificate from Target. Mr. Nelson shared his essay with the
Board. The essays will be available on the Wayne Teen website at and will be
in the Goldsboro News Argus.

Health Director’s Report: See handout. James Roosen discussed the following:
    State budget update and how it affects public health
    SB 202 – the public health improvement plan
    HB 2 – smoking in public place
    HB 88 – Comprehensive Sex Ed
    County budget has been approved

Mr. Thigpen stated he would like to meet with other board members to revise the merit based pay plan
and asked board members to participate with any ideas. Mr. Stern commented he and Evelyn Coley
are on the County Employee Task Force and they could take this recommendation to the committee.

Revenue Report: Mr. Ken Stern reviewed the Revenue Report spreadsheet by program through May
2009. This report shows how much Revenue the Health Department has collected by various Fund
Sources and by programs.

Mr. Gibson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Smith seconded the motion. The motion was
passed unanimously.


Submitted by:

Bonnie Crouse

James Roosen, RS, MPH
Wayne County Health Department

                    Next Scheduled Meeting – July 15, 2009

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