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					WMY-Shark Bites
Publisher Team Reps/Coaches Volume No. 5 Issue No. 4 Date 2/14/2007

This is the final newsletter edition before the banquet. We are heading into the Championships and our swimmers are in great shape. Congratulations to all of our high school swimmers who distinguished themselves by being the stars on their high school teams. This being Valentine‟s Day be sure to stop by our heart board and take to heart how well your swimmer has progressed through this season. Parents please keep cheering for your kids and ensure that they go into each Championship meet well rested with good nutrition leading up to the meet. Many thanks to Rich Groel for organizing our timers for each Championship meet. If your child is swimming you can expect to be assigned a block as timer. Many hands make light work! The more you smile when asked to serve the more Rich will smile and we all love his smile! Many thanks also go to sportswriters Niall McStay and Maureen Parsons for the meet summaries found below. If your team is missing a meet write-up, I encourage you to volunteer next year as a sportswriter. Your Team Rep will love you for it.

Angelo DiGiacinto Mack Fox Maggie Hagan Richie Katzenback Christine Mountain Jon Petermann Caitlyn Salerno Hanna Schenkman Eddie Zappile

Nicole DiGiacinto Scott Groel Tim Jacisin Jaina Lumkong Jackie Petermann Zak Post Dave Saxon Jack Thomas Robin Zweig

The top 10 “point getters” for the team were: Jaina Lumkong – 121 pts Angelo DiGiacinto – 119 pts Christian Tierney – 114 pts Caitlyn Salerno – 99 pts Chris Zappile – 98 pts Mel Lumkong & Robin Zweig – 96 pts Stephanie Gonzales – 95 pts Krista Aigotti & Eddie Zappile– 93 pts Brian Ubhaus – 91 pts Phil Saxon & Klaudia Wyszynski – 90 pts Those who managed to improve in all their swims were:  9 for 9 (collective time off) Mariana Borba (6.29)  8 for 8 Christian Tierney (23.95)  7 for 7 JT Principe (53.37)!!! Caitlyn Salerno (15.23) Doug Sholander (45.97)!!!  6 for 6 Maggie Hagan (17.44) Richie Katzenback (15.61) Isabel Palacios (2.11) Dave Saxon (28.90)  5 for 5 Christine Mountain (9.97)  4 for 4 Steve Bodnar (14.06) Amy Nemeth (1.51)

Parkland Invitational
The Brino family made sure that the WMY team and parents were the “Highlight” of the weekend. Word is around Allentown that the WMY families could be seen for miles as they made their way around to and from the pool. 113 WMY swimmers competed. 93% contributed points with their swims. 26 swimmers placed in all of their events (WOW!): Krista Aigotti Alison Beverly Laura Bozzi Nikki Buglino Zach Bagnall Steve Bodnar Kristie Brino Matt Chan


 3 for 3 Suzanne Abrams Adam Elshaer Violet Ungemach Matt Weiss

(6.29) (6.52) (2.59) (1.63)

will be keeping the Trophies up to date each week. Please thank her when you see her in the hallway with her thumbs on all those hearts.

“The Hearts of Success”
Our Shark swimmers are making tremendous individual progress. The Sharks‟ “Heart of Success Board” in the Y hallway recognizes each swimmer‟s success in making personal best times in a stroke. Personal bests are recorded at dual meets and invitationals; a heart is placed on each swimmer‟s trophy for each personal best earned. The leaders, (as of Feb 3rd) by age group are:  8 & Under With 20 – Hollie Hopf, Lexi Gihorski With 18 – Angela DeLorenzo, Josh Decker, Zach Elshaer, Gregory Turiansky With 17 – Erin Miller, Anthony Principe  9/10 With 26 – Trevor Baptiste, Mel Lumkong With 23 – Max Remetz With 22 – Christine Mountain  11/12 With 30 –JT Principe With 25 – Nikki Buglino With 24 – Matt Chan  13/14 With 22 – Philip Saxon With 21 – Joe More With 19 – Mariana Borba, Kim Brino  15-18 With 17 – Tim Jacisin With 16 – Klaudia Wyszynski With 15 – Matt Altman Please check out your swimmer‟s Trophy and congratulate each one for their hard work and accomplishment. Lisa DiGiacinto and her crew

Girls Black Sharks Race with Montclair Dolphins
The West Morris YMCA Sharks Girls Black swimming team visited the Montclair YMCA Dolphins at the Montclair YMCA yard pool in Montclair, New Jersey in what would have been the season's fifth dual meet on January 13. However, both team coaches decided that the swimmers would enjoy a change of pace and benefit from a time trial event instead. Dropping large amounts of time on their way to personal best times were in order of accomplishment: Nikki Buglino - 100 and 500 Freestyle Brittnie Lee - 100 Butterfly Rachel Hamilton, Maddie McCleary and Carly Buglino - 50 Backstroke Christine Mountain, Amy Nemeth and Erin Miller - 50 Free Carissa McStay - 50 Fly Kayla Hamilton - 50 Breaststroke. Also dropping times by a significant amount were: Bree Baptiste - 100 IM and breaststroke Melanie Lumkong - 100 IM Caity Salerno - 500 Free Ciara Lockwood - 50 Free Isabel Palacios - 100 Free. Setting new personal bests were: Carly Szot - 50 Breast Lindsay Alexander – 50 Back Sarah Wagner - 50 Back Shannon Law-Clark - 100 Back Amy Leonard - 200 IM Alison Beverly - 200 Free. The West Morris Girls Black Team will compete next against the Summit YMCA Seals.


Boys Black Team vs Metuchen-Edison
In spite of a change in venue at the last moment, and going to a four lane pool instead of a six lane pool, Coach Diana and Coach Joe were able to give the Boys Black team every opportunity to swim the events in which the boys were trying to improve their times. It took quick changes on meet sheets and lots of confusion in what lanes the swimmers were now swimming in but everyone pitched in and tried to make it as successful as it could be. The result was that 76% of the swimmers got a best time that day. The following swimmers improved in every event they were in: Trevor Baptiste Ryan Carkhuff Zach Elshaer Joe More Brian Ubhaus Keep up the good work. 200 free, 100 back 50 free, 25 back 25 breast & fly 200 IM & breast, 100 back 100 IM, 50 back & Breast

Also dropping times by a large amount were: Carly Szot in the 8 & Under 25 Breaststroke and 25 Back events; Isabel Palacios in the 9-10 50 Fly and Carly Buglino in the 15-18 200 Free. Also setting new personal bests were: Erin Miller in the 8 & Under 25 Free and Bailey Adams in the 9-10 100 IM. The swimmers would like to thank all of the parents who volunteered as officials, set up and knock-down crews and especially the hospitality hosts.

2007 YMCA 8-Under Championship
If you want to see Coach Caroline smile, ask her how the 8 & Under Championship went. She will proudly proclaim the accomplishments of all her young swimmers and how there was not a single DQ! Twenty-three swimmers attended and 91% had at least one best time. The swimmers who improved in every event that they were entered in were: Angela DeLorenzo Jacob Dino Ciara Lockwood Fred Nagle Anthony Principe (1.11 (9.58 (2.20 (4.20 (4.41 off) off) off) off) off)

Girls Black Sharks Meet Summit Seals
The West Morris YMCA Sharks Girls Black swimming team hosted the visiting Summit Seals at the West Morris Area YMCA meter pool in Randolph, New Jersey the season's sixth dual meet on January 20. Crushing the timing clock on the way to personal best times were in order of accomplishment: Angela DeLorenzo in the 8 & Under 25 Butterfly and Freestyle events; Amy Nemeth in the 100 Individual Medley and, swimming up, in the 11-12 50 Fly; Alex Casco in the 9-10 100 IM and Melanie Lumkong in the 9-10 50 Backstroke.

Some of our WMY swimmers finished in the top 10 of their age group: Ryan Carkhuff (age 6) 25 free – 5th 25 back – 2nd 25 fly – 9th 25 breast – 7th 25 back – 10th 25 back – 3rd 25 back – 6th 25 fly – 10th 25 fly – 5th 25 breast – 6th

Daphne Cheng (age 6) Zach Elshaer (age 7) Paris Fox (age 6) Rachel Hamilton (age 7) Emily Mountain (age 7) Fred Nagle (age 7)


Anthony Principe (age 8)

25 fly – 7th 50 free – 8th 100 IM – 10th

Shark Parents Organization President Sam Parsons – (973) 697-8123 Vice President Nancy Wagner – (973) 586-9218 Volunteer Coordinator Richard Groel – (973) 584-7661 Treasurer Denise Brino – (973) 209-8449 Secretary Cheri Alexander – (973) 663-5440 Boys Black Squad – Representative Seth Thomas – (973) 396-2143 Boys Red Squad – Representative Tim Saxon – (973) 584-9296 Girls Black Squad – Representative Carol McStay - (973) 927-1667 Girls Red Squad – Representative Monika Wyszynski – (973) 927-1364 Patti Alameda – (973) 448-3889 Practice Groups Representatives Junior 1 – Michelle Casco – (973) 537-7155 Judy Szot – (973) 476-9444 Junior 2 – Bruce Marshall – (973) 442-1913 Junior 3 – Anita Singewald – (973) 584-6230 Dena Baptiste – (973) 770-0204 Senior Prep – Lisa & Joe More (973) 446-2653 Senior 1 – Jeanie Ubhaus – (973) 663-1712 Senior 2 – Rich Groel – (973) 584-7661 Maureen Parsons – (973) 697-8123 Officials/Rule Questions Sam Parsons – 973 592-2775

The Official End
Watch closely at the Championship meets and you will see lots of good officiating. We encourage all certified officials to send in their availability to the Meet Referee for each meet you will be attending. Always bring your whites (for Y meets) and your white & blues (for USA meets). The Championship meets are intended to be as fair as possible for all the swimmers so we like to have 4 turn judges on each end and 2 stroke judges on each side. This way, the judges have an excellent view of every swimmer in their jurisdiction. To keep the meet moving we also like to have at least two chief judges and an extra deck referee. That way all the DQ‟s get handled and the meet can keep moving along. In case you‟re wondering what happens when a hand goes up here is the process that transpires. Hopefully you will see that the swimmer is well protected such that only valid DQ‟s occur. When a hand goes up the Chief Judge assigned to that end goes to the official (who keeps on judging) and asks what lane the infraction occurred. If the lane is within the jurisdiction of the official then the Chief Judge will relay to the deck referee that there is a POTENTIAL DQ in that lane. The other Chief Judge will go to that lane and prepare to hold the swimmer after the race. Then the DQing official will be asked what she saw and what the rule is. If the official cannot clearly describe what she saw or if she cannot cite the rule that applies then the Chief Judge will recommend to the Deck Referee that the call be overturned. The Chief Judge will also ask clarifying questions, such as, for a one hand touch call, „Where was the other hand?‟ Or, for a non-simultaneous 2-hand touch, „What hand touched first?‟ If they didn‟t see the hand miss the wall or can‟t say which hand touched first, then the call will not be recommended for acceptance. If the call is accepted by the Referee, then the Chief Judge informs the swimmer of the DQ.


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