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					                  New Jersey School Boards Association

                          Department of Finance

                 Request for Proposals and Qualifications
                   For Multimedia Production Support
                              July 17, 2012


Scope of Work

The New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) is accepting proposals from
qualified companies/individuals to provide multimedia production support;

•   Creative Process
•   Storyboarding
•   Scriptwriting & Editing
•   Logistics & Production Management
•   Video Production

Successful consultant must be able to commence production upon award of
contract. Project is to be completed no later than October 1, 2012.

Guidelines for Submission
In submitting a proposal, each respondent acknowledges that NJSBA shall not be
liable to any person for any cost incurred therewith or in connection with costs
incurred by any respondent in anticipation of action approving or disapproving
any proposal agreement. The NJSBA may accept or reject any proposal or
proposed agreement without limitation. Nothing in the Request for Proposal or in
subsequent negotiations creates any vested rights in any person.

Proposals which do not address the items listed in this section will be considered
incomplete and will be deemed non- responsive by NJSBA.

The information contained in this Request for Proposals (RFP) is proprietary and
confidential. This information may only be used for preparing a formal proposal
document to the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA). Legal action
may be taken if the information is used beyond its intended scope and purpose. If
you are unwilling or unable to treat such information as confidential or do not
intend to respond to this RFP, please return this information to NJSBA
immediately. Your retention of this information signifies your agreement to treat
the following information as confidential.
Respondent must adhere to the RFP instructions and requirements for submitting
its response, including the following:
       1. Respondent must respond to the RFP by answering each question.
       2. The final selections shall be substantially based on the data submitted and
          contained within the response to this RFP. The proposal document must
          contain the information essential to NJSBA to obtain a full and complete
          understanding of the respondent’s capability and experience to meet the
          requirements as specified in the RFP.
       3. The entire proposal document may be submitted in hard copy and
          electronically. Please format your document to be able to be printed on 8 1/2
          by 11 paper. The hard copy proposal document must be signed, on the cover
          page, by the offeror or a person duly authorized to bind the offeror to the
          contract. Electronic copies likewise must include an electronic signature of
          the same parties.
       4. Each proposal document must state that your document’s terms will be held
          valid for 120 days following the official submission date.
       5. The consultant(s) selected to provide NJSBA with services should be
          prepared to begin providing them immediately upon being awarded the
       6. To be considered, NJSBA must receive your electronic or hard copy
          submissions by3:00 p.m. EST, July 25th,2012. If you are sending in your
          reply electronically, please send it to Please clearly
          mark on your subject line that your document is in response to the RFP. If
          you are sending your reply in hard copy, please send it to the following
          Michael Melando
          Manager, General Operations
          New Jersey School Boards Association
          413 W. State Street
          P.O. Box 909
          Trenton, New Jersey 08605-0909
       7. If you are sending us a hard copy, the envelope must be marked:
               Confidential—Michael Melando
               Enclosed Proposal Document for NJSBA Multimedia Production Support.

III.      Request For Proposal Document Questions

          A.      General Information

                  1.   Describe your company’s history and growth since inception.
                  2.   Describe your company’s history, organizational philosophy and
                       commitment to quality principles.
                  3.   Describe your understanding of NJSBA’s needs as set forth in
                       Section I.
                  4.   Describe your capacity to perform the services detailed in
                       Section I.
                5.    Describe your credentials, including relevant experience in
                      providing the services described herein.
                6.    Describe the current status of any professional licenses held.
                7.    Describe your willingness to participate in NJSBA marketing
                      and promotion activities, including offering discounts to
                      facilitate the sale and or/bundling of any NJSBA fee based
                8.    Describe your willingness to provide financial contributions to
                      support the conduct of various NJSBA Policy or other programs
                      when requested.

         B.     Organization and Staffing

                     Furnish an organization chart. Provide a brief description of your
                     company’s structure and how you propose to use the structure to
                     deliver services. Indicate the number and titles of full
                     and part time personnel.

         C.     Pricing

                     Submit with your proposal a complete outline of the initial and
                     renewal costs to NJSBA member districts for paperless and online
                     policy services, as well as yearly maintenance fees for support of
                     NJSBA’s model policies online.

IV.   Evaluation Criteria

                     Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

                  1. Responsiveness of the proposal to the RFP.
                  2. Demonstrated capability of the company.
                  3. Credentials of the company, including school districts and/or
                      charter schools for which the consultant has previously or
                      currently provided services. Any existing samples of previous
                      work product must be made available for NJSBA review.

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