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      Research Report on China's Warehousing Industry, 2012


China gradually becomes the manufacturing and trading centers in the world. Huge export markets,
sharply increasing domestic retail industry and the emerging e-business all provide rising motivation
for the warehousing industry.

In 2011, the total revenue of China’s warehousing industry exceeded CNY 600 billion, with an increase
of over 10% YOY.

In China’s warehousing industry, the overseas logistics property developers, such as Global Logistic
Properties (GLP), Goodman Group, Gazeley, and so on take up important shares, and the rest shares
are mainly controlled by parts of sharply rising state-owned enterprises and e-business enterprises.

Since 2011, GLP, Goodman Group and other foreign-owned equipment warehousing enterprises all
have large investment programs in China. In 2011, GLP newly invested warehouses with 2.66 million
square meters. By the end of 2011, the total warehouse area of GLP in China reached 6.32 million
square meters, including assets or stocks acquisition from developers of Beijing Airport City, Realty
Vailog, Hangzhou Transfar, etc.

Realty Vailog is the biggest industrial real estate developer in Italy. In 2011, it had 5 new programs
completed just in the Yangtze River Delta (4 of them are located in Shanghai and 1 is in Kunshan),
only second to GLP in number. In addition, programs of Realty Vailog in Beijing and Chengdu are
planned to be completed in 2012.

Beijing Wumart Group signs the strategy partner agreement with Singapore Mapletree Investments to
establish a logistics park in Tianjin, backing the business expansion of Wumart Group to logistics
spaces needed across China in the future several years. By Jun. 2012, Mapletree Investments totally
have 5 logistics centers in China, scattered in Beijing, Tianjin, Yangshan and Wuxi.

In domestic warehousing enterprises, some regional enterprises begin to expand nationally;
meanwhile, the former residential real estate enterprises start to invest in warehousing real estate. As
the largest domestic warehousing real estate development enterprise, Blogis establishes logistics
parks in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Kunshan, and other regions, forming a logistics equipment
network covering primary coastal economic regions.

In 2011, the other highlighted spot of China’s warehousing industry was the acceleration construction
of warehousing networks of e-business enterprises. Among e-business enterprises, makes
the greatest investment in warehousing facilities. By the end of 2011, the total area of logistics
centers operated in China of reached 400 thousand square meters. In Feb. 2012, Tianjin
logistics center of with an area of 90 thousand square meters began to be used.

Table Of Contents:

1 Basic Information of Warehousing Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification of Warehousing Industry
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.1.3 Enterprise Forms of Warehousing Industry
1.2 Major Equipment of Warehousing Industry
1.2.1 Handling and Carrying Equipment
1.2.2 Conservation Equipment
1.2.3 Metering Equipment
1.2.4 Others
1.3 Status of the Industry in National Economy

2 Development Environment of China’s Warehousing Industry, 2012-2013
2.1 Economic Environment
2.2 Policy Environment

3 Development of China’s Warehousing Industry, 2011-2012
3.1 Analysis and Prediction on Supply
3.1.1 Supply
3.1.2 Supply Structure
3.1.3 Supply Prediction
3.2 Analysis and Prediction on Demand
3.2.1 Total Demand
3.2.2 Demand Structure
3.2.3 Demand Prediction
3.3 Characteristics of the Industry
3.3.1 Rising Passion for Logistics Park Construction
3.3.2 Rapid Development of International Logistics Land Agents in China
3.3.3 Warehousing Logistics Centers Being Construction Focus

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