�Mongoose on the Loose� by Larry Luxner by ShO97gB


									“Mongoose on the Loose” by Larry Luxner                                      April 4-8
   Autonomous: (Adj.) Independent; self-governing.
            Many children would like to be AUTONOMOUS long before their parents let them.

      Categorize: (V.) To sort by type; to classify or identify.
              In science, we had to CATEGORIZE animals by their species and then by their genus.

      Devour: (V.) To consume; to feast.
             After being shipwrecked for 40 days, the rescued men DEVOURED their first meal.

      Embargo: (N.) A restriction or prohibition; a ban.
             After the dictator refused to step aside for the good of his country, the U.S. issued an EMBARGO
             on all goods from that nation.

      Epidemic: (N.) A widespread, contagious disease.
             The Black Plague during the Middle Ages was one of the worst EPIDEMICS in history

      Expectant: (Adj.) Anticipating; Watchful; Hopeful.
              There was an EXPECTANT pause just before the boss made his big announcement.

      Insurrection: (N.) A rebellion; A riot.
              There was a near INSURRECTION when the announcement was made that all school sports
              were being eliminated.

      Presume: (V.) To assume or infer.
             I will PRESUME that we have to pack if we’re going on a camping trip.

      Propaganda: (N.) Information designed to mislead or persuade.
             The PROPAGANDA we see in many magazines and on T.V. makes us want to buy things we
             don’t really need.

      Prophet: (N.) Someone who predicts the future.
              Many people who claim to be PROPHETS are proven to be frauds when their predictions don’t
              come true.


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