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					                                  SAN DIEGO
                                  COUNTY                                                                          Volume 10. No. 12
                                                                                                                    Issue No. 120
                                                                                                                   December 1994
                          A Monthly Publication for all the Philatelic Clubs throughout San Diego Coullty
                                      formerly {he SOlllh (Jay PhifOlclisl.joundcrl by Bill Fischer ill 1983

       Have Some Holly Jolly Christmas Seals!
                                                        By Herman Hanson
                                               San Diego/Poway/Sandicnl Stamp CluiJs
          In 1904, the Scandinavi"n coun-                                                             first one fo rm Iceland goes for
     tries of Swede n, Denm"rk and Ice-
                                                      MEXICO: MEXICO
                                                      .,           ...    .
                                                                                      """~            about S200.00!
     land issued the first Tuberculosis                                                                    Although many ph i latelists do
     ("T.U. ") seals. They we re sold by                                                              not consider
     the post offices in their respective                                                             Christmas
     countries.                                                                                       seals true
         The idea was" simple one, sell                                                               philately, I
     a sea l, earn money for charity. The                                                             disagree.
     idea bel onge d to [in"r Holboll, an                        Put this stomp.                      They have all
     employee of the Danish Postal Ser-                       witi] message bright                    the pertinent
     vice. In 1907, Dr.J"cob Riis ran an                    011 C\'(,I), CilrisllllQS /CLlcr          features of
     open ·air T.Il. clinic for the poor on                Ifelp Ille Tubcrculosisjighe,              postage
                                                       And make the New Year betlcr.
     the 13r(1!)c\yv>"inc River in Delaware.                                                          stamps: specific perfor'llions, d if-
                                                            ne"    stamps do not
                                                                                                      ferent gum types and they arc
         Theodore Roosevelt referred to                    carry mail of any kind,
I                       Dr.     Riis    as                  but ony kind of mail                      issued by sep'lratc countries. They
                        "Ameri ca's Most                       will carry them.                       are also issucd in li m ited quan t i-
                        Useful Citizen".                                                               ties, so they co uld be considc rcd
                        He shared his                One incident of the first sale                    a type of commcmora ti ve. Othc r
                        knowledge with           has become historic through H.E.                      philatel ists collect Cindere ll as,
                        Emily Bissell, "         Hodges, telling that of a little                      and strange back of t h e book ma -
                        well-known pub-          ragged newsboy: reaching up to                        terial, so to those who might 'tsk ,
                        lic health "ctivist      the marble counter higher than                        "Collect Chr istmas seals?" I re-
     of this time . Alongwith Uissell, Riis      his head, the grimy little child put                  ply, "Yes!"                       [,1

     urged the development "nd appli-            clown his penny and said, "Gimme
     cation of America's first T.U . seals.                                                            ShOH'II: U.S .. 1939 (hil):Mexic:o. 1975
                                                 one-me sister's got it."
                                                                                                       (eel/fer): and /)cl/(/lI/l'k . 1.948 (riShf).
          The information card at the                Christmas seal collecting is fun
I    Wilmington, Delaware Post Office            and can be inexpensive. The first
I    where the seals were first sold reaei:                                                                    A Peek Inside __ _
I.                                               Swedish, Danish and United States
                                                 seals will cost you less than                                 Ed itor's Postmark .. . .... 2
             25 Christmas Stamps                 S20.00. But in typical fashion, the
              On, p,nny apiec,.                                                                                Classifieds .. . ..... . ........ 3

       HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO                                   ALL           FROM THE
                                                                                                               Famous Physicians
                                                                                                               on Stamps ... ...... .. ...... 4
          SAN DIEGO COUNTY PHILATELIST!                                                                        Club Listings ............. G


    r----------,, The Editor's
    ,           ,
                , Postmark
        /1""",,1 , ,, bscriptio,,, ,orc 17.DO
        pcr yem 10 'Illy single "ddfe"
        I1 llh~    United St;l t~S. SIl bscrip-
                                                                                                by AlIgda Watsoll
        li"Il, I<J Mexico il ddrcsscs ilrc
        S9.00 pe r yea r. Cm"cii,,,, ad·                               I am pleased to announced two               III th is issue look for ;, front
        dresses arc S IO.OO pc r yeaL                            maj or changes in this month's is·          page artide by Herman H,1 Ll son on
        /Ill other OVerseas i1ctdrcsscs                          "'~ oflhe Phifardi,1. On~ , is obvi·        the joys of coll ecting Christmas
        ,, (c    S13.()() , ";,,,,,,il. fill au!                 ous ly. tim I have added a sccoLld          se al s. Some p~ople do not COn·
        lil is fonl1 " ml m:til il. wilh p"y -                   co lor to the front and back p~ges          sider this coll ect ing avenue to be
        lII enL (0 Ihe ,<l1Ire,s below.                          and the 5econd is th~t two peo ple          lrue phil ately. but you sho uld rea d
        Plc;k'c make any d ,c cb QuI 10                          h;,ve 5tep ped forw.rd from the 10'         Herman's article for a rebuttal.
        /lIlgc1a W:uso"_
                                                                 clil philatelic community to ""ist                Also, there is Dr. Samuel
                                                                 Inc Jfter my pic. of desperation            Ginsberg 's mont hly con tribut ion.
                                                                 went out I~st month.                        this month fcatur ingJoseph l.i,tcr.
    y---------,'ooo,o"o,---------                                      Jan Bamfor d and Bill Vc i" 'HC       the n rst llled ical champion of ant i·
                                                                 to be congratulated for stepping            sep t ics {do you "'ppose I,e is IIr~
                                                                 forward ;ond offering the ir assis·         ,ra",~,ak~ for Lisleri",?) and;o shon
                                                                 tance. if ~nyone else out there              percc Oil J;ocq ues C.,nie r. discov·
                                                                 would like to he lp , I wou ld cer·         erer of Quebcc's massive gold de·
                                                                 t~ i nly not turn you away. Please           posit, .
                                                                 contact m~ if you can help .                      A new cancel fe;Lturing" stc;lm
        ____---,,=,,--_ _ A,                                            I still coul d use donations of       rail engine has been an Ll OLrllccd by
                              (ZJPCo<It)                     I   cash "nd stamps. "s I h ave been             the local USPS. Re;od the article on
                         An~elo Watsoll                      I    primaril y footing the bill for the         page r, ve to fin d out how you nn
                TIt, Sun 1)''80 C'"'"'1
                      r.o. So< 3262
                                           ',"i""I,,,        I
                                                                  newsletter for go ing all the nfth          obl "i u Ih is handS<)Jl1e can ce l for
                                                                  month , PI~ase th L about ways in
                                                                                        nk                    your col lectio n,
    L    --- -- -----
                  S,no;<to.(9216) -1262

                  TH E SAN DIEGO
                                                                  which you C~1l contribute. Some of
                                                                  t he things Ineed to make this newS·
                                                                                                                    Well. it is offic ial: th e US Postal
                                                                                                              Serv ice has announced a rJte b ike.
                                                                 lettN go:                                    AIthough I jo in wit h the ",;oj ori ty in
                   PH I LATE LIST                                    • Plain . white. # 10 e nv e lopes       a groan . I know that "s all prices
                    i'o,t om ... 11 0' 3262                          • Postage stamps {any denom i·           r i,~. so . too. must the cost of deliv·
                 San Diel:'" CA 92 1li3 -1262
                                                                        ntio n. but the larg~r the bet·       ery grow n'e nl!it J2~ sro mp is
                                                                        t er)                                 sche du led to be the Chinese New
                      P" bli, hcJ & EJ i ,~J                         • Reams of both 8·1/2 xll and            Yeu st am p {or so says Paul Kl ahn ).
                      by "',,&da W:t{Sun                                 11x 17 t an xC!ox or offset paper          Also . at some point in th c ne xt
                                                                      (oppraximoldy 20 pound weigl, t).       year, be on the lookout for a stamp
            I'"". ><1,1 ",11 <orr",pondooe, <0                        As you call see on the frollt            honoring the fO Ll nd e r of chocol" t e.
        ,I." .hove ,<ld,,,,,_ ,-,,,,.,,, .", ""0"',              page . I went with red for spot color        John Hershey. My only question is ,
        "~" I . bo • ...., ""."'. ,~. right 10 edt, ro r
         ,,,,;lyO' <I•• ",y. ~n,<l""f<        ""0
                                               OIKoo r-
                                                                 for our Happy Holidays issue. I              wi ll the ,\<Imp's gum be fbvored to
         ,~"d , .",1 w,;' o"wdl ,.co,V" ,           f,,,.
                                                     ,I,·        hope everyone likes it and wOLi ld            t~stc like (you guessed it) clloco,
         """"ton'.,;I ,,' ~"';I" '0" ' 0 ,he S,., OJ;" 0         like to get both some fLn;' ncial hel p     lale?
         '~, ;I ""~" .   All ",b",; .. ,,1 ",...«,1, p"",        alld feedback Oil t his change . If I            Forget about the sales of the
         ,,, '" 'ho ",Ii,o, 1\0    I",·,
                                   ,h.," ,"" 15'0 o[             C,,11 gct cnough monetary support ,          Elvis stamp! If the Post,,1 Service
         [h" '''''V;O,,, m("" h ro, (0"';0""" ;0",,
         ~"y\hi"" " ";,,," I."'" ,.;,,,,, , wo ll be
                                                                 then we Can go with a co lo r in every       could ill f;,u accomplish Ih is, thei r
         ",,","d ,I," [0110,.;", mOn,h 0' ,[ d,,,".              ",ue.                                        sales would skyrocketl              L,j
         ""'" .n,
             ~""' ,, ' ,ub""I>l io,,, ,to ,v:,d,t.t< [or                                  ~PHILATELIC            PHACT
         $1.'" I"" )"." [,Om th<           .bov,
         l)i' I"'1   ;><,,,,,;,;,,. ,""' ..0 ,.".. 101"            FE LD P O ST: G~rnl"n or ALl str i" " . meaning I'ie ld or Army Post ,
         '''''. I''''"" <0",":' ,he " Ii 'm [0, ""'"               The best known Fie ld Post stomps arc those issued by Austr ia
         ;"fo .. ",,, ;o,,,
                                                                   dur ing World WJr I from 1915 to 1918. SCott c1ass ines them lIn der
                                                                   "M ilita Starn s,"
                                                                    n .. SD Co w"y Phi la teli,t • Pag.:l
- - _ . _ - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - -- - -

     The Philipine Revolution                                                                        CLASSIFIED
                                    by Richard LaFlommt
                                  University Ciry SWmp Club                                             ADS
          If you were tQ ask , few                          Americ~ns. The period of              NEEDED: Donations of foreign
    P'lOple would know what                                 struggle agaim! Ihe Sp~nish           stamps for kids. Pkasc GIll Olga at
    occ"rred during the                                     and then Ihe Americans is             234-7501.
    tran,itionary period be·                                 known as the Philippine Revo-
                                                                                                  WANTED: Laos So"venirSheets for
    tween SjXlnish and Ameri·                                Iu(ion.
    can rule in the Philippines.                                                                  1974 : Used Scott Spccializcd Pages:
                                                             Prior to 1898. the Spanish
                                                                                                  Canada, 1986--90: Mcxico, 1979·date:
    Most would S.1Y there was a                            i..ued stamps for use int he
    war with Spain~f("'nd 1898,                            Philippines, all,," depictiLlg         Mexico TB Seals before 1960 and/or
    the U.S. was ceded the Phil·                    the King or Queen of Sp.,in and the           1982-4 & 1986: ,md uscd Scott Inter-
    ippine.< with a token monetary pay-             inscription "Filipin~s." Even the "Baby       national pages for Volume 16 & "p.
    ment to SjXlin and th~t was that. BlIt          King" Alfonso XIII W.<sllOWll on some         Call Olga at 234-7501 .
    not many h;we heard of the Philippine           slamps. Stamps issued during the              WANTED , Trudal States: Yelll<.'ll,
    Revolution, known to Filipinos as the           revolution bear the letters "KKK",            Bhutan and other Scott unlisted ma -
    Phi Ii PI' ine·America n, and to t he Nne ri-   which were the inirials of Katipunan .        terial. Mcxic;'ll lmlistcd "'''terial.
    eans as the Philippine Insurrection ,                Stamps afthe Americml era be.r           Also,woridwideChristmilsSeals. Call
          The United States came "pon the           the words "Uniled Slates of America,          Herluan , Ileavc Ine»"ge) , 164·1541 .
    sce ne in the Phili ppines during a I"'"        Philippine Islands," and afte, 1935,          WANTED : Used Postal Cards is-
    riod when Spain was dealing with                ·Commonwealth oflile Philippines."            sued from the now-defunct Postal
    political upheaval at home and the              During World War II until the issu-           Buddy kiosk units. Send Xerox cop-
    Filipinos were searching for indepen·           ance of slamps with Japanese jnscri~          iesforoffN. Jim Noll. P.O. Box341O.
    dence from Spanish ru le. Most Fili·            tions. the occupiers simply blacked           Escondido. CA 91033.
    pino guerrilla troops has sided with            out the words "United Slates of               WANTED: APO & Fl'O Collers from
    the Americans duritlg short campaigtl           Americ~, Commonwealth of the • on
                                                                                                  WWII to present; Nav,,1 Covers and
    to defeat the Spanish in 1898. While            he U.S. stan'ps. Current stamps use
    the Spanish·American War was rag·               the Tagalog name. ·Pilipinas:                 V-Mail, too . Please contact Gcorgc
    ing, the first declaration of a Philip-              It would not be ''''til jllly 4. 1946.   Cosentini at 259·1564.
    pine Republic was made onj"ne 12.               after the defeat ofthe jap."ese occu-         FOR SALE: Scon Int'! Vols: JA & B,
    18981»' a secret revolutionarysociety           pation forces, the U.S. would grant           4, SA & B, 6, 7A & Band 18 with
    known as K,.tipunan.                            the Philippines its independence . But        binders and somc stamps, 550 each .
           TI,e Filipinos were led to believe       to this day, that country celebrates its      Also , Minkus supplements 1972-3
    that they would be free from Sp"i"               independence onj"ne 123. in tribute          co'nbincd (S5), 1978 (S20), 1984-8
    once the war waS over. But when the             to the orig ina l declaration of inde·        (S40) and 1989·9 1 ($25) ootllbillcd.
    War ended. theydiscovered that Span-             pendence in 1898 . And there are             various prices , C"II wrry or Stan at
     ish colonialism had been supplanted            those purists would claim that Phili>,"       747-6005.                          ""
     by America n ",Ie, and they were no             pine independence was not truly
     more independent than before.                  granted lIntil the last U.S. base
           TIlis SQ angered the Filipi no' that     closed several years ago, ~Imost a full
     from 1900 "ntiI1902, they fOllght a            century after the lirst independence
    w~r of independence against the                 day .                                   ~

                      W_M_ GORDON & ASSOCIATES                                                         Australia Post

                                                                                                       Australian Philatelic
                                        BILL GORDON
                                                                  tta28 ~ncho
                    (ot9) 789.(,(;95                              (k",.,<10 fill.                      GPO Box 9988
                         '"                                                                                                ~'
                                                                  Suile 123,1&4                        Melbourne,
                    (619) 789-68-\7                               S¥l [MOO, GA
                                                                     92128                             VIC 3001

                        FILLING YOUR PHILATELIC NEeDS
                                                      Th~   SD County Philatelist· Page 3
0----------------------------------------------------                                                                                          ,

               S cientists on Stamps:
                   Antiseps i s and Surgery
                                             comribm~J   by
                                           Dr. Sam",' GinsMrg
          Joseph uSler (1827-1 912) was          fk was concerend about iufec·
      born on AprilS at Upton. Essex,        tion following surgical procedures                          Pau l Klahn. the Phi latdicClerk at
      F.ngland. His father, a wine mer-      and. afier st"dyins Pasteu,'s work.
      eh,m!. had <1 hohby- mkroscopy, believed that genns we re the calise
                                                                                                 I'!:"   ~;,~'~~"",~:":".";I'" has informed
                                                                                                    ",~,."I MelSI( lau Ie an DlegoP I a·
                                                                                                    TL .... .,    "   ,   'S      '     h"
      which gained for him a fellowship in of putrefaction in wound,.                               telie Window will be ,e",icing spc.
      the Royal Soci-                                         He was the forst to                   cial cancels through Dece mber 25th
      ety. tister ob-                                    advoCltedc"nlinessand                      of the design shown below.
      tained his bach·                                   the lise uf soap and wa·                        The ~a nccl was approved tou
      elor of medicine                                   (er. He then employed                      latc for indusiu" in the Postmark
      degree       from                                  carbolic acid in treating                  Pursuitcolumn t hat appcars ill Unn ·,
      London's Univer-                                   a compund fracture. Pre·                   and that many people rely On.
      sity College and                                   viously. ampmation was                          Also included in the cancel (but
      wenl to the Uni-                                   the norm due 10 massi,·c                   not shown dllc to <P:lCC Ii mitatiolls).
      versity uf Edin-                                   infection.                                 isthedateNovember25th,l994and
      burgh where h ...                                       Ultimate ly. Lister                   C"mpo. CA 91906. nankcd top and
      s{lldic(i u"dcr James Symc.            headed the Department uf Surgery                       bottum by a single medi um weight
           He prospered and became a well- at Kings Cullegc Hospital in Londun                      linc. These IWO lines will be the
      koown .urg"o". Lister invented a and, after considerable efforts. WOIl                        portion of the cancel that actually
      nee dle fur silver wire used as suwre over colle~gllcs in London to anti·                     makes COtltact wilh the stamp(s) on
      maleri"l, " hook for removing for- septic techniques.                                         the covers.
      eign bodies from the car, billn! scis-     He died on February 10, 1912.                            A1 l railfansa ndthosephilatd im
      sors fur suturing banages, a tourn;-   and was honored philatelically                         who coll ect trains on Sla mps are
      quet for compressing the abdominal by Great Brita;n (Scott No. 427);n                         urged to send properly poSTage paid
I     aorta. and slerile catgul sutu,es.      1965.                             '"                  envelopes to; Old TowlI Philatelic .
                                                                                                    P.O. Box85530. San Diego. CA 921 86-
                                                                                                    5530.                               '"
                                                         fOf" Canmiion f'j,iiaulic Mm,riol and
                                                         olhrr moil ilmti-)III"itt to:
                                                                  , *"+!        <
          EVERY S ECO ND SUNDAY                          Can~t1a'1iost'C:qtporation
                'f¥'. h,{,.,~     1_                     Nat'l P!iilate.1i6Centre
              1221 S. Harbor Blvd.,                      75 Saint NUltall St .
                  AIlaheim, CA
                j ·5 EXIT   IW.I. flClAO
                                                         AntigonislY, NS B2G 2R8

                                                                                1&d-JUtar ,;§lhnllp6
                                                                                 Ke rt h Rathbone
                                                                                 Marl' Rathbone
                ~44,. 1_                                                         PO. Box 726
               Long Beach Al"port                                                Ga rd en Grove, C A 92640
              2640 Lakewood Blvd.                                                (71 4) 539·4862
                Long Beach. CA
           RT. <05. EXlT lAAEWOOO OL'iO.                                         BUY · SELL· APPRAISALS

    South Bay                              It's Only Fool's Gold, Right?
                                                                  by Angela Wats o n
    Sponso rs                                              Son Diego/f'owayISa"dical Stamp Clubs
    Donation                                 For nearly four centuries,               In 19 11. however. real gold
                                         people derided the                                           w,"s found i n
     Au c tion                           idea that gold could                                         northwest Que·
     TI,e South Bay Stamp Club AIl -     be found in the hills                                        bec and Cutier
nual Don.l !iOIl Auction is set for      of Quebec, a discov-                                         W:I S vi nd icated_
Mond.y. December 5, Ht the regu - ery the great I'rencn.                                              Nowgold mining
I;,r meeting location , the National exp lorer, J.cques                                               brings revenue of
City Publ ic Library , located at 200 Cartier, had made                                              S 12 million annu·
E. 12th St.. N;Hional City. n,e auc- when he landed in                                                ally to Quebec.
tion wLi I be held from 6,00 pm to North Amerie. in                                                           SOll1e of
7,30 pm.                                 1534.                                   the same rock which Cortier took
     DOllat iolls of a"y dnd all it~l1ls     The in <i i.ns along the back to France now yields in I:X·
you may be willing to contribute Sagllenay River had told him of cess ofS300 I' ~r Oll nce !
will be grC<otly appreciated. Every the precious metal .11(1 he jubi·                  rr<lI1ce and Ca l1:uia bol h hOI101
item will be auctioned ,ond .1I pro- lantly took some s~mples of it C.lrtier philatd icia lly, but nUl [o r
ceeds wi ll go into the dub treasul)' _ back to I'ranee.                         h i~ CJrly gold discuvl:t)'. III: is
     Judging by p cl~t auctions , the        But meta lurgists of the day honored for his grea t d iscovl:rics
variety, qu" lity a nd quallt ity will
                                         told him this was nothi ng but iron of la" d and his ~u bseqllcnt lI1ap·
surprise and the prices will 5urely
                                         pyrite or "fool's gold : ' Jnd th~t i t ping of gre:lt st retches of land
                                         was com pl etely worth less.            t h rougholl t Can" d'L               ,.,
     Your presence "nd pa rticipa-
tion will be eaually as appreciated
as your contributions.                '"

                                                                      SAN DIEGO
                                                                     STAMP FAIR
                   PROFESSIO NAL
                                                                           DECEMBER 11 th
                                                                           ..- 20 Stamp ,md Covcr DC iticrs
                                                                           ..- Free Admis-, iOll
                                                                           ..- Door Prizes Hourly
                                                                           .-   rr~e   Parking
                                                                           ..- K id's GiflS
                                                                           -- Non·Smo ki ng Show

                                                                                  H~ndlcry  HOlel
                                                                                  Mi,siOl1 Valley
                                                                            San Diegu. Calif",,,;a. n IUH
          FIRST SUN DAY STAMP SHOW                                                         RO B ERT E. KOHL
                                                                                  ~ Iamps & Discount Supplies
                  SA N DIEGO
                                                                                  ~             For Collectors
             ~ DECEMBER                          41h ~
                                                                                                           25999 Glen Eden Rd .. #48
                                                                                                                  Corona , CA 91719
             Sunday: 10 a.m. 10 5 p.m,
                                                                                                                    By AppointmlHlI
                .;. NO Smoking Show ·;·                                                                              (909) 277·2410
    .;. FREE Ar;JIv'S]oo             .;. 20 Wu:1IS                                                                   (6 19) 264 · 2541
    ~. FREE PAflI(ING               .;. [)o,:m PrnzEs
                  .;. FREE SIAM'S fOR I<ID5 .;.

              Holiday inn---Mission Va lley                                          TED'S COINS & STAMPS
                595 Hotel Circle Soulh                                              (KOOPMAN ENTER PUlSES)
                San Diego. CA 92108
                                                                                                 U.S , AN!) FOREIGN
     aocotad;Vst off f-8 East of Hole! Circle ocn:;m                                          BUY • SELL· TRADE
        tho freewoyfrom Ilia lOWfi &- Country
                                                                                                    APPRAISALS .
                and HandIelyHot@/S)
                                                                             P.O. IIox 1177  CDR Turoool.E Koot""". USN. (Ron
                            Next M onlh:                                     Cu",.. V"".CA919!2           '"TEO"
                            January 1st                                      (619) on· 7100     A.N .A. RS2855 A.P.s, 7)266

                        .                      CLUB MEETINGS
  NI .\ ,," IJk~"                                     '.jo,
                     , romp eM,. ...-..!d Iii, I. htlp YO" l""" hobby. Corryoo, j, ""I",.", ., '0, of 'hm ,lub,. ~!' 0'" ~e.dt, or< bD",.".
          or Of< ""b"". We 1>0", no'm~"f""'''''<1)' ",.,. of  >«k'r.  N",,, '''"'' G.d vi';, wi,h 0' ., 00, of'h' follo"""l <lob nowi"Sf:
Sou", BA' S ....... Cl.UO (hi {, 3rdMo"dnp or 6p.mJ Mocl.                  U""'E"SAl S ..... CJu'<CEL SOC'ETY. CItP. 27 (3rd W,dnudo, 01
a' Ihe Nal;"",, 1City Uhm,y Coo for.",:. Roon,. 200 E. I <Ih SI ..        7:30 p.m ,) MeoU obo",d Ih. SI'" oflndi". Horbo"ido on N.
Na' 001", 1Cily, Dec<:",b~, Slh, Oo " "'ionll"':lion to b-enof'llho        H"Mt Dr.. S,n Diogo, Docombo, 21", ~ l"i n 055" pro".n,
dub: I~'h, Nn Mcoling .                                                   10 bo ,nnouncod.
SAmllCAl. E~PO (3rd Monday", 71'.m.j MeeU" Ihe S,n Oi.go                   TAI-C'n Suwp Cl.UI {W {, 3rdTh""dn"., 7 p.",.} Moo"'''
I'hil'''dic I.ih,"t)'. 4133 1'0111",51 .. s., ,, Diogo. Oo<cmber 191h,     'ho Oro"",ido Boy. & Girl, Club. ~Ol CO""'ry a"b 1.:1110.
('c"er.,1 Mcc,jng, Cm,li "" "d pla"ni"g for Ihe '95 ,how_,11                                       I",
                                                                           O<;o, ,, , ide . D~colllbc'     """ion I:< T,. d ~: 151h,S".h'e".
a'e wol«>",c1                                                             Trod. & I',og""',
SAN O'EGO S"'wP Cl.UO (1.1<1 C. ~Ih r,.,>d,,)'> ",] l',mJ M.~" LA MESA PHilUEUC SOC<E'1Y (2nd {, ~Ih nWl]do1' M 7 p.m.}
;'Ilho Nor1h I',rk Roc,o,I;O" Ccnlor. 4044 Id,ho St.. So n D i~go Moel' .1 !h~         Vi",       L, Me," (Iui"i"n Chll«h. J2 10 M.1SS"d",·
Dccom!>c' IJlh: In'I"11olion of Offico", 27nd, No Mo~ting, ,.u, SI .. Son Diego. D~,. ",b ", gth I\. n nd, M~OIing.
U1lIYEnSAl SHIP CAIfCEL SOCIETY . C ..... 9 4 (1nd T"<sdoY'1 7             <mph:...i«"jon .nd ",,10.
p.m,) Mee" ,,' !he L,ke Honl Mobile Ilome Pock. 9295 Il~ni" U""'ERsrr. Cln SalOP Cl.UO {IS! {, J,d 50!",d.y> o("} p''',.j
Rd .. L;ok• • , Uccomboc 13lh, D;,,,,,,,oon. Trode , "uclion . MooU .llbo SI., ,,dley Por k RC"COIiM C.n'ot. ]585 Govo",o ,
GE ..... " . P'ULATE"" SOCIETY, C~p, 29 (1ndlir<>doyo! 7p.m,) Or -. S,n Dio,o, Oocombo< 3,d; Holid,y Po, I,,(k. b,i"g " r,,,ger
Mee!> "I Ihe Olive Ca,don R.. t,m"n!. 321] Sport, .... tn. food f,,,,,,ilelo ,h"el 51'«;01 Slol1l;mo: I pm.
IIIvd ,. San Oic~". O«"",be, 1),1>; "'plo'. Ihe lid, col1.cli"8 E'ST Courn-y Sr.w. ClUO (1od {, ~!h Salunioy, "' II •. m.!
" " .,'-, "f Cell"'''' l'hilot dy.                                         M~<U 01 EI Cojo" CASA 126 Reo 51., E (,jo". O"olllhor I Olh,
PO:;'Al. HoSTO"' ClUO (1,1<1 v ~I!i W<d" ..dop m 7:30 p.m.) U",in.55 M"ling & ",,<lio", 24lh: No M"ling .
Meel i n~, held "I "'embd. homo •. ",11 Hob Cr"nc. 697--4503. T""'A'" SUW' CLUB (1)1 {, 3,0' Solu,doy, 019 o.m.j Moo" >I
POWAY S.AW Ccuo rz",1 (. 41h W"",,;<dap 01 7:30 p,mJ Moo!> Ih. Tij",,,, Main librory. 460 ~"eo T'l"'"' "ve .• Tij".",.
;o j 'Io e Mc:"luw bronk Mill,lI" School. 1'0W"y , Decembe' 141h ,         Nov.mber 51h & 19th f , og'""" '0 bo """O             ,,",<,I, Vory
1,",le :,,>tJ :u' Clio"', 281h, No Mooling,                                .rli..... dub. ,".iou, 10 hoye you vi.i, ond 'o k. P"'1. Plo",. (.11
                                                                           Olg' de Mo .. doz, for dito<lion. "' 23~·7S0 I.
                         1lH: Son Diqr. l'haa!<I;': Counril """u 01 Ih< 1'h~.I<lic Ubrllt)' rmy 41h M""da"1 ;:00 p.m.

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