Knox County Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, Puts A New Twist On Whiplash Pain

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					Knox County Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, Puts A New Twist On
Whiplash Pain

Galesburg, IL, 25-FEB-2013 - Hayden Chiropractic and Knox County
chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Hayden D. C., are pleased to announce current
techniques are available to locals who have suffered whiplash pain.
Whiplash injuries are a common result of an automobile accident. The pain
and other symptoms of the injury may take hours or even days to manifest,
but the damage is long-lasting if it is not addressed promptly.

When there has been an automobile accident, or other type of injury, such
as a slip-and-fall event, it is important to seek a consultation with the
chiropractic doctor as soon as possible following the accident. Seeing
the doctor early will result in reduced pain and a faster healing time.
It has been shown that a body that has less pain can recover more

Using pain killers to mask pain is not effective for more than a few
hours in most instances, and taking prescription medications can result
in organ damage. These drugs can also become habit-forming.

Chiropractic techniques have been used effectively in the United States
for more than one hundred years. There are collateral techniques that
date back centuries. It is important to note that the methods used by
chiropractic doctors take advantage of modern technology to address or to
be more effective in applying the chiropractic techniques.

Since each patient is examined carefully prior to beginning a therapeutic
plan, the regimen is designed for the specific patient. The length of the
sessions and frequency of sessions will be accelerated during the early
stages of therapy. As the pain reduction techniques are effective, there
will be a phase-in period for improving healing through lifestyle and
nutritional changes.

Learn more about how a Knox County chiropractor addresses the pain and
related symptoms of a whiplash injury by visiting the web pages at today. Individuals and press corps members
who want further details about the information in this press release are
encouraged to contact the doctor at the location identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, D. C.

Company Name: Hayden Chiropractic

Address: 1174 North Seminary Street, Galesburg, IL 61401

Telephone Contact Number (309) 344-4988



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Description: Hayden Chiropractic and Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, D. C., Knox County chiropractor, offer prompt and effective techniques to address pain, numbness, weakness and other symptoms following a whiplash injury. The chiropractic measures are gentle and non-invasive.