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									     ROOSEVELT SCHOOL PTO proudly presents                      “A NIGHT OF MAGIC” TRICKY TRAY

                        Thursday, March 28, 2013 at The Venetian, Garfield, NJ

We need a few more volunteers from the audience to make this year’s Tricky Tray a success. What can you
do to help with the Tricky Tray? DONATIONS, DONATIONS, DONATIONS!!!!                Donations of Baskets.
Donations of Prizes. Donations of Time. Donations of Talent. The results will be Magical, just wait and see.
Let’s start with the easy tricks first. Fitting all this information on one page is the first trick.
BASKETS & PICTURE FRAMES - Any size. Any type. They don’t have to be new. They are used to display prizes.
Please bring them to the next PTO Meetings on January 10th, February 7th and March 14th. PLEASE STAY AFTER
SOLICITATIONS - We need people to ask local businesses to donate. Walk a route with a friend and it goes a lot
easier. We have the letters ready and areas for you to choose from.     We try to support our local merchants and
they are happy to donate to our Tricky Tray.   We have found that asking for a donation in person works better
than mailing letters. They might get tossed in the recycling bin and then we’ve wasted money on postage.
ROOSEVELT FAMILY DONATIONS – While shopping for your family, please remember the PTO and Tricky Tray.
We need lots of household, gift, toy and sports items. If you would like to own it, people will want to win it. There
are a lot of great bargains out there and we need lots of donations from the Roosevelt Families. Look for
clearance sales and “buy one, get one free sales.” Donate the free one (or both) to the Tricky Tray. You don’t have
to donate all the items for a basket. We can put several donated items together to make a basket. Look around
the house for those gift items that don’t appeal to you, but you didn’t have the heart to return. Please leave items
in the original wrapping and leave the pricetags on. We need to know the value so we can place the item in the
correct prize level. Tape a note to the item with your name so we can thank your family in our program. We can
accept NEW merchandise only.
FRIENDS & FAMILY DONATIONS - Join with another family and donate a bigger item. Ask your relatives,
employer, favorite restaurant, hairdresser or mechanic for a donation. (They are more likely to give you a better
donation than to a stranger.) There are letters that we will give you since it is a tax-deductible donation. The
donation can be in the form of a monetary donation, gift certificate, gift card, product or promotional items for
our goodie bags. If you were able to get us donations last year, we hope you will ask those same merchants again
this year. We really appreciate your help.                      SCRIPS – This is so easy and a win-win for the
Roosevelt PTO. Purchase a gift card through our scrip program and the PTO automatically earns a percentage
back. Then donate the gift card to the Tricky Tray. We know money is tight, but even a $10 or $20 gift card
might be just the right thing we need to complete a basket. EVERYONE LOVES TO WIN GIFT CARDS!!!
WRAPPING BASKETS – This is a lot of fun. Spend a few hours helping and make some new friends. We normally
wrap from 7pm until 10 pm so you can come whenever it fits into your schedule. Don’t be shy. There are easy jobs
for everyone.    Wrapping will begin Thursday, January 17th at 7 pm.

CLASS BASKETS & TICKETS & SET UP - These details will come later on.
Thank you for your help!! We really appreciate your support!!    Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Roosevelt PTO Tricky Tray Committee
                Meg Natale                                 Tracy Gaehring          &        Cathy Palmer
Cell # 973-769-7940

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