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LVIP 2012 Orientation


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									2012-2013 Student Orientation

                  The mission of the Lee Virtual Instruction Program is to
                  expand access for all Lee County students to rigorous,
                  relevant curriculum that incorporates skills and knowledge
                  students need to succeed in the 21st century, delivered
                  electronically with dynamic scheduling and pacing.

                                        The Lee Virtual program
                                        is a model of innovation
                                        and excellence that will
                                        assist students in
                                        reaching their goal of
                                        achieving an excellent

                                New or Existing Student
                                Required forms & records
                                Identification
                                School of Assignment
                                Why do we have this?

      full-time online public school educational
       services leading to a high school diploma
      improved flexibility in the learning environment
      learning experiences customized to the student
      increased access to teachers, guidance staff and
      accredited courses aligned to state and national
      assistance to help students become enrolled in
       extracurricular activities at local schools
Our staff provides opportunities for our full-time students to
      participate in enrichment and face to face instructional
      activities. The opportunities extend learning and offer
        students time to socialize with other virtual students.

                             Lee County Virtual School graduates
                             participate in a formal graduation ceremony
                             at a local venue. We arrange for all gown
                             fittings and provide information for families
                             regarding high school graduation
                             announcements, rings and photographs.

 K-5: uses Calvert curriculum
 6-12: FLVS franchise and additional
  curriculum, Lee County teachers/FLVS
 State Certified/Highly Qualified Teachers
 Full Time vs. Part Time students

                              Lee Virtual   FL Virtual   Home Ed

Diploma                       YES           NO           NO

Guidance                      YES           SOME         NO

FCAT                          YES           NO           OPTION

Face 2 Face                   YES           NO           NO

Unique Electives              YES           NO           NO

Teachers                      LOCAL         STATEWIDE    NONE
                             The speed or rate at which a
                              student completes online

                                     Pace Chart/Schedule
                                     The student’s individualized
                                      plan to complete online

                             Grace Period
                             The first 21 days of a term
                              that a student is active in an
                              online course
                                              Virtual Vocab         Educator
                                   A learning management
                                   system where student work
Guardian Account                   is submitted and monitored
Provides parents with access
to monitor student grades,
progress and to email teachers
                                    Calvert is the curriculum provider
FLVS                                for most classes in K-5.
Florida Virtual School is the
organization that provides most
courses for students in grades 6-12.
Lee County Virtual School is the local
franchise of Florida Virtual School.
                                                     Virtual Vocab                 Module
                                           A chapter or unit of a course
                                           online. In most cases, modules
                                           need to be completed in order.
Segment (Semester)
The equivalent of a
semester or 16-18 weeks of
work. Generates .5 credit.

                             Discussion based assessment: an
                             oral review or examination done
                             between a student and instructor
                             to review work and demonstrate

                              Self-Motivated
                              Disciplined
                              Organized
                              Independent  Learner
                              Technologically
                              On level Reader
                              Good Time Manager
                              Good Communicator
                              Parent Involvement

•   Establish a daily class work
    schedule with accountability
•   Possess basic computer
    literacy skills (email, web orientation,
•   Ensure that the student has a defined school work
    area in the home that provides access to the
    Internet, telephone and printer/scanner.

   Maintain regular contact with online teachers and
    guidance counselor by telephone and email messages
   Set up the guardian account to keep up with the
    student’s progress and to email teachers
   Make sure the student gets regular physical activity
   Provide adequate supervision of student’s online
   Notify the LVS office of any changes in contact
    information of parent or student, including
       Email address, cell phone number, home phone number,
       work number, home address where the student resides
       the majority of the time

           Provide transportation to optional face-to-
            face targeted academic intervention activities
           Ensure students are present for all District
            standardized testing (Diagnostics, EOC, FCAT,
            ◦ Most testing is given at the district office
            ◦ Parents are responsible for transportation to and from
            ◦ Failure to show up for required testing will result in
              program dismissal

•   Keep your anti-virus/spyware current
•   Check browser history regularly; consider
    browser reporting software
•   Be vigilant about monitoring your child’s social
    networking site activities and talk about safety
    related to these interactions

   Have a designated, quiet work space.
   Maintain a notebook.
   Set up and maintain electronic folders for each class.
   Check your email and announcements daily
   Email, call or IM your teachers with questions or
   Schedule and complete your DBAs & monthly calls.
   Stay on pace by following your pace chart.
   Check your grades daily to make sure you have
    submitted the minimum number of
    assignments to stay on pace.

                         Do your schoolwork regularly.

                Daily attendance for a
               minimum of 5-6 hours is
               required and monitored.

        Mon                           Tues               Wed                Thurs                  Fri
9:00-10:15am                    9:00-10:15am       9:00-10:15am       9:00-10:15am       9:00-10:15am
English                         English            English            English            English
10:15am-11:30am                 10:15am-11:30am    10:15am-11:30am    10:15am-11:30am    10:15am-11:30am
Math                            Math               Math               Math               Math

11:30am-12::45pm                11:30am-12::45pm   11:30am-12::45pm   11:30am-12::45pm   11:30am-12::45pm
History                         History            History            History            History

12:45-1:30pm                    12:45-1:30pm       12:45-1:30pm       12:45-1:30pm       12:45-1:30pm
Lunch/Break                     Lunch/Break        Lunch/Break        Lunch/Break        Lunch/Break
1:30-                           1:30-              1:30-              1:30-              1:30-
2:45pm                          2:45pm             2:45pm             2:45pm             2:45pm
Science                         Science            Science            Science            Science
2:45-                           2:45-              2:45-              2:45-              2:45-
4:00pm                          4:00pm             4:00pm             4:00pm             4:00pm
Spanish                         Spanish            Spanish            Spanish            Spanish
4:00-                           4:00-              4:00-              4:00-              4:00-
5:15pm                          5:15pm             5:15pm             5:15pm             5:15pm
PE                              PE                 PE                 PE                 PE

      Mon                            Tues          Wed          Thurs           Fri
8-10am                          8-11am        8-10am        8-11am        8-10am
English                         PE            English       PE            English

10am-12pm                       11am-12pm     10-12am       11am-12pm     10am-12pm
Math                            Lunch/Break   Math          Lunch/Break   Math

12-1pm                          12-3pm        12-1pm        12-3pm        12-1pm
Lunch/Break                     History       Lunch/Break   History       Lunch/Break

1-3pm                                         1-3pm                       1-3pm
Spanish                                       Spanish                     Spanish

3-5pm                                         3-5pm                       3-5pm
Science                                       Science                     Science

                      Mon       Tues   Wed       Thurs     Fri

                      English   Math   Science   History   PE
                                                          Academic Integrity

                                                                    PoliticsNJ, The Pulblis Group, Hoboken, NJ.

Did you know? The word plagiarism comes from the
Latin plagiarius meaning "kidnapper."

San Jose State University, Plagiarism Tutorial,
                                              Academic Integrity

              Here is a sample text:
              “To Kill a Mockingbird is renowned for its warmth and
              humor, despite dealing with the serious issue of racial
              inequality. The narrator's father, Atticus Finch, has served as
              a moral hero for many readers and as a model of integrity
              for lawyers.”

           This is NOT putting it in your own words.
           To Kill a Mockingbird is renowned for its tenderness and
           humor, even though it deals with the serious issue of racial
           inequality. The narrator's father, Atticus Finch, has served as
           a ethical hero for many readers and as a model of integrity
           for lawyers.”.
                                       Academic Integrity

Here is a sample text:
“To Kill a Mockingbird is renowned for its warmth and humor, despite
dealing with the serious issue of racial inequality. The narrator's father,
Atticus Finch, has served as a moral hero for many readers and as a model
of integrity for lawyers

This is much better!
“The novel I selected for this reading assignment is To Kill a Mockingbird.
This novel is famous because it was written in a time when segregation was
a big issue in America. The narrator’s father, Atticus Finch, has high moral
values which has made him famous with readers over the years. The novel
has humor and a good ethical lesson that everyone can learn from.”
                             Academic Integrity
                                            Academic Integrity

Academic integrity or CHEATING is taken VERY seriously at LVS. There
are specific consequences for students who violate our Academic
Integrity Policy. Please think very carefully before letting others use
your work or before using other’s work. The consequences are not
worth it, you are only hurting yourself!

A meeting with the student, teacher and a parent
A zero earned on the assignment or all assignments involved
Student can be removed from the course
The student can lose eligibility to participate in LVS & FLVS

In college, if a student chooses to break the school’s academic integrity
policy, the student is removed from the school and the tuition is not
returned to the student or his or her parent.

                    Be      on pace in each course.
                    Be in contact with your teachers
                    Be honest with your work
                    Be safe online

    Academic Interaction with students and teachers
    Opportunity for students to work with one another
     in their courses
    Find and meet your collaboration partner
    2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month.
    Pre-registration is recommended
    Mandatory for students in danger of falling behind

   LVS offers exciting ways for students to
   Activities scheduled for grade levels.
   Once per Quarter.
   Pre-registration and permission slips may
    be required.

      Microphone
      Binder/Bin
      Flash Drive
      Scanner/camera
      Webcam (optional)

  K-5 Training Room D
  6-12 Board Room

Grades 6-8
 Tracks: Standard & Advanced

 12.5 required credits, 5.5 electives, (PE Waiver)

 Requirements to enter 9th grade

Grades 9-12
 Tracks: Standard, Honors, Dual Enrollment

 Course Selection Form

 Course requests: Lee Virtual & FLVS

 Transfer of Credits

 Standard Diploma vs. Certificate of Completion

 Grade Forgiveness

 Grade Point Average

   State University minimum
    Admissions Requirements
   Florida Bright Futures
    Scholarship Program
   Requirements for
   Advanced courses: Honors,
    AP Courses, and Dual
   Transcripts for College

      Students are assigned by random to school in
       their zone
      Applies to all extracurricular/after school
      Must be done through student assignment

     Obtain a computer from the
      mobile lab or assistant in
               the room

      Go to
      Click SIGN UP FOR A COURSE (lower right)

      Select grade level subject area
      Select course
      Select segment 1
      Select 8/8/2012 for start date
      SELECT 8/8/2012 AGAIN

      When finished select CREATE MY ACCOUNT
      Complete ALL info and be sure to include
       correct email address and phone numbers
      School: Lee Virtual Instruction Program
      School Counselor: Meredith Berry
      Return computer to mobile lab

                             Be sure to turn in
                              ALL enrollment
                                forms before

               Don’t forget to tell all your
                      friends about
                   Lee Virtual School!

                             It’s about TIME!

  Lee Virtual School
  2855 Colonial Blvd
  Fort Myers, FL 33966


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