RomeTripFinalMeeting 09Jan2013 by mamapeirong


									From: Lien-Rung Kao, Greg Pennnington
Date: January 1, 2013
Reference: Rome Trip Meeting


     The departure time for our Rome trip is quickly approaching. Our final step in preparing for
departure is a meeting with Ms. Bobbi Miller, our Gateway Tour representative. This meeting is
mandatory for all of those attending the trip. Attendees for the meeting include chaperones, school
staff, students and ONE parent/guardian per student traveler. We must limit to one parent as we have
136 travelers and we need to manage the number of people attending the meeting. Your understanding
and cooperation in helping us do this is sincerely appreciated. The meeting will be held at 7 PM on
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at Hertzler Hall.

     Detailed itinerary and luggage tags will be handed out to each traveler in the meeting after you sign
in the attendance list. Our agenda will include the trip itinerary, lunch money, spending money, dress
code in Vatican City and cell phone usage and medication procedures.

     As with all medications on school grounds or on school trips, students are not allowed to carry
prescription or over-the-counter medicine. The exceptions to this are school-authorized inhalers and
EpiPens. Please drop off all medication either in its original pharmacy container or commercial package
to Langley Clinic by January 15, 2013. Place your medicine in a Ziploc bag, labelled with student's name
and "Orchestra Rome Trip" and insert physician's dosage instructions for prescription or other
instructions for over-the-counter medicines.

   Attention to all chaperones: If you haven't contacted your group of students to provide your
contact information during the trip, please complete this required assignment as soon as
possible. Chaperone's cell phone number should be turned in by the general meeting if you haven't
done so at this time.

   Happy New Year! See you all at the meeting.

Lien-Rung Kao        Greg Pennington

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