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					                                                                                                          MCCOOK COUNTY ROO
 South Dakota Application for a Marriage Record                                                               PO BOX 338
                                                                                                            SALEM SO 57058
 To receive a marriage record you must:                                                                         605-425-2701

          •    Choose an ordering method (see Ordering Methods in the instructions).
          •    Choose the type of identification that you need (see Identification in the instructions)
          •    Dete rmine what fees apply to your request (see Fees in the instructions).
          •    Determine if you meet the eligibility requirements (see Eligibility in the instructions).
"NOTE": If you want to order more than one type of Vital Record (e.g " a birth and marriage record) you need to complet e
Sections 1 and 2 (and Sections 3 or 4 if applicable) on this fQ(m and the Application for Vital Records Addendum.
SecUon 1
 T            STREET ADDRE SS (if your mailing address is a PO Box, please include your streel address of residence)
 M            CITY                                    STATE                      ZIP                       PHONE NUMBER
                                                                                                           (         )
I undersland thai by signing Ihis application , the information thatt provide is accurate to the best 01 my knowledge.



Sec tion 2
                                                                                                Today's Cate :

 M R          GROOM'S FIRST NAME                      MIDDLE NAME                         LAST NAME
 R    a       BRIDE'S FI RST NAME                     MIDDLE NAME                         LAST NAME PRIOR TO MARRIAGE
A     a
G             " OF COPIES ($15 per copy)              DATE OF MARRIAGE                    CITY ANDIOR COUNTY OF

 TYPE OF COPY                                             RELATIONSHIP . This area musl be completed to receive a certified copy
o Certified                 o InformatIOnal                                     o Grandparent. grandchild over 18 or Sibling only
o Certified Photostatic o Informational Photostatic o Current Spouse o Guardian 0 Designated Agent (Please complete section 4)
                                                                     o Ch~d
                                                    o Parent                    D Funeral Director, Attorney or Physician
 -see Eligibility in the instructions
                                                                                D Pelsonal 01           Righi
SecUon 3
 MAIL APPLICANTS ONLY· Applicants who are applying by mail musl aubmit EITHER a clear copy of a
 9Overnmen\ issued photo ID that contains the appWcan\'s signature OR submit a notarrzed appliCation.

 Subscribed 10 and sworn before me this (date) :
 Signature of Notary Public:

 My comm ission expires:
Section 4
 DESIG NATED AGENTS ONl V • The individual who is designating an agent to coHeC1lhei( record must
 compl ete this section and have their signature notarized.

 I,                                                                            after being duly sworn upon oath.

 do here by authorize                                                                                 10 act as my       SEAL
 designated agent to obtain certifi ed copies of vital record s.

 Signature of person designating an agent:
 Subscribed to and sworn before me this (date): 
                                                                  FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

 Signature of Nolary Public: 

 My commission expires: 

                      To receive a marriage record you must:
                      1.   Choose an ordering method (see Ordering Methods).
                      2.   Choose the type of identification that you need (see Identification ),
                      3.   Determine what fees apply to your request (see Fees).
                      4.   Determine if you meel the eligibility requirements (see Eligibility) .
~NOTE·: If you are orderin g multiple types of vital record (e.g. , a birth and marriage record) you need to complete
Sections 1 and 2 (and Sections 3 or 4 il applicab~) on this form and the Applica tion for Vital Records Addendum.

      Vital Records Requests can be made using the foll owing methods:
  • 	 Internet orders al ww,y, with a credit card. An additional lee or $11.50 for expediled processing 

      applies if you choose thi s method. 

  • 	 Telephone orders at (605) 773·4961. An additional fee of $11.50 for e)(pedited processing applies if you 

      choose this method . 

  • 	 Mail orders may be sent to MCCOOK COUNTY ROD 

      Requesls made via ma il must submit a completed application form, the appropriate fees and proof of identily 

      as described below. Please mail requests to the address listed in the upper right portion o f the South Dakota 

      Application for a Marriage Record. 

  • 	 In·Person requests can be processed at any South Dakota county Register of Deeds office or at the Stale Vital 

      Records Office. Please be ready to provide proof of your identily as outlined below in the Identification section, 

      pay the appropriale fees and complete Ihis application form. 

      Apphcanls who are applying by mail muSI EITHER submit a clear copy of a CURRENT governmenl issued pholo
      10 thai contains the applicant's signature OR have a nolary public notarize their signature on Section 3 of the
      application. No government issued 10? You must send a dear phOIOCOpy of any two of the fallowing:

      Social Securily Card                                               Pay stub (musl include your name, sOCial security number
      Utility bill with current address                                  and the name and address of the business)
      Bank statement with cutTent address                                Car registration or title with current address
FEES - Payment should be made In the form of a check or money order to MCCOOK COUNTY ROD
      Certified or infoonational copy of a Marriage Record or a certified or infQ(mational notification o f
      a record searched ............... .. .......... . ........ ................... ... ...... ... .... ...... ........ ..... ..... $15 per record
      Expedited processing fee (phone or intemet requests only) .. .. ..... ........ .. ..... ... $11 .50 in addition to $15 per record

     By state law, vital records are not open for public inspection. Vital records may be issued in the form of a
     certified or an informational copy. Only ce rtain Individuals are elig ible to obtain a certified copy r.:J a vital
     record (see below to determine if you quality). Not qualified to receive a certified copy of a vital record? Any
     person who submits an application and the applicable fee can obtain an informational copy of a vital record.

     Certif1ed Copies
     The record will be computer generaled, issued on security paper with a raised seal and have Ihe signalure
     of the issuing agent. Individuals eligible for a certified copy are the fOllowing:

     ~                                                                                          - Someone given the authority by
     Current Spouse, Child                                                                      to obtain a vital record on his or
     Paren t Guardian· If guardian, please submit                             her             complete Section 4.
     documentation of your legal guardianship.                                Personal or Properly Right - A right to the record not
     Next of Kin · Grandparents, grandchildren over 16                        induded in the categories above. Please submit
     and siblings only                                                        documentation of the right with your application.
     Attorneys. Physicians or Funeral Directors acting on
     behalf of the family

     Informational Caples 

     These copies will be issued on plain paper and contain the slatement 'For Informational Purposes Only. Nollor 

     Legal Prool of Identiflcalion.' An informationat copy will not contain a raised seal or the Signature of the issuing agent. 

      Photostatic Copies (Certified or Informational) 

      This record is a photo copy of the original. These re cords may be requ ested jf the computer generated copy 

      does not contain the informal ion needed. Generally, these copies are intended for genealogy purposes. 

      They can be issued certified for legal purposes or informationa l. 

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