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The Body


									MDC 14

The Body

The purpose of this topic is to:  Discuss healthy lifestyles  Introduce common body parts  Test the comprehension of the body parts vocabulary I Introduction Introduce yourself and the topic of the body. II Mingling/Warm-up Activity Distribute the laminated mingling cards. Have students circulate, asking and answering questions with one another.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Are you healthy? What are 5 healthy things you do? What are 3 unhealthy things you do? What is the most important thing to do to be healthy? What are 3 things you could do to improve your health? Is it easy or difficult to be healthy today? Why?

III Activity A – “Body Parts” Use the laminated cards to introduce the names of the body parts listed on the handout. Please note: Rather than going into minute terms, only the most general terms have been listed for this level. Also, one picture card can sometimes be used to introduce multiple terms. e.g. body picture head, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, etc. The body parts are: Head Face Eyes Ears Nose Body Neck Shoulders Arms Elbows Wrists Hands Chest Back Stomach Legs Knees Ankles Divide class into pairs. Distribute the laminated blank body diagram cards to one partner, the pile of laminated body part name cards (18 in total) to the other. Have one partner say the body part aloud and the other point to the correct corresponding number on the diagram. Switch roles once the entire pile has been completed. At the end of the activity, go over the diagram numbers which correspond with each body part.

The correct body parts which correspond with the body diagram numbers are: 1. head 2. eye 3. nose 4. ear 5. mouth/lips 6. neck 7. shoulder 8. chest 9. arm/elbow 10. hand 11. stomach 12. back 13. leg 14. knee 15. ankle 16. foot IV Activity B Divide class into two teams. Have one person from each team come up and show them one of the body part pictures. Set a time limit during which they must draw the body part, having their teammates correctly guess it. Only one guess can be fielded from each team, so they must work together to come up with their one guess. The one-guess rule should be implemented to minimize students simply yelling body parts out until they guess the correct one. You can enforce this rule by deducting points for each wrong term called out, awarding only if the correct one is given.. V Closing Comments Sum up the focus language Indicate and correct mistake patterns made in class. Answer any outstanding questions. Wrap up. VI Comprehension Check Have students complete the following sentences: 1. To listen to music, I use my _____(s). 2. To play the piano, I use my ______(s). 3. To give a kiss, I use my _______(s). 4. To play football. I use my _______. 5. To do some math, I use my ______. 6. To eat food, I use my _______. 7. To pick something up, I use my _____(s). 8. To smell flowers, I use my _______.

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