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									                                                  Sacramento Valley Section
                          INSTRUCTION SHEET

GENERAL: Up to four scholarships will be awarded by the Society of Women
Engineers, Sacramento Valley Section to qualified and deserving women enrolled in
engineering or computer science. Scholarships awards are up to $1000 each. Applicants
do not have to be a member of the Society of Women Engineers to apply. Applicants
awarded other scholarships remain eligible for this scholarship. Past recipients of this
scholarship are ineligible to apply again.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must meet the following qualifications:
● Be females enrolled in good standing in an engineering or computer science
  curriculum leading to a degree.
● Be in a position to accept the scholarship toward undergraduate studies at an
  accredited University in the Sacramento Valley region in the semester following the
  selection of the award recipients.
● Be in a position to furnish proof of enrollment for the year the award will be used.
● Submit all required materials postmarked no later than March 25, 2011; this date shall
  precede the school year in which the recipient will use the scholarship.

  1. Application Form - Completed and signed Society of Women Engineers
     Sacramento Valley Section Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Applicant’s Letter - A letter written by the applicant addressed to the Scholarship
     Award Committee. This letter should not be more than two typewritten pages in
     length and should describe the applicant’s feelings and opinions on the following:
          ●Why she is obtaining a bachelors in science degree and why she chose her
          ●Why she is applying for this scholarship
          ●Any information not communicated in other parts of the application
  3. Financial Need - Please describe how you anticipate meeting your expenses for
     next year (scholarships, employment, parents, etc.). Include any special
     circumstances you would like the committee to consider.
                                                             SWE-SVS Scholarship Instructions

   4.   Résumé - A one to two-page document summarizing applicant’s work experience,
        extracurricular activities, and accomplishments as outlined:
              Work Experience: Employer Name, Position Title, Start and End Dates,
              Description of Duties

              Extracurricular Activities: Name of Organization/Activity, Description of
              Involvement/Position Held, Start and End Dates

              Accomplishments: Name of Award/Accomplishment, Description of
              Contribution/Actions Taken, Year Completed/Recognized, Duration of

   5.   Transcript(s) - Unofficial transcripts provided by the current school and any
        colleges previously attended that the applicant believes would support their
        scholarship request. Transcripts must show course titles and grades/units earned for
        all classes taken during the entire time applicant was enrolled at the institution.
        Recipients of scholarships will be requested to provide official transcripts.

Send all materials in one package postmarked by March 25, 2011 to:
               Society of Women Engineers - Sacramento Valley Section
  Attn: Vyomini Pandya, Scholarship Committee Chair P.O. Box 924 Rancho Cordova,
                                    CA 95741-0924

NOTIFICATION: Award recipients will be notified by April 19, 2011. If you wish to
be notified that your application was received, you must include a valid email address as
part of your contact information.

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                                                      SWE-SVS Scholarship Application Form 2011
SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS SACRAMENTO                                                 VALLEY
(Applications must be postmarked by March 25, 2011)

Full Name of Applicant:
Expected Graduation Date:
Major and Degree Type:
Undergraduate Status (Fr, Sp, Jr,
Overall GPA:
Major GPA:
Source of Scholarship Information
(online, newsletter, postings):

For additional copies, see http://swe-goldenwest.org/svs/scholarships.html or contact
Vyomini Pandya at scswesvs@gmail.com

Signature (please review, sign, and date)

I believe all the above information to be true and correct. I hereby apply for a Society of
Women Engineers Scholarship. It is my understanding that I will be notified if I have
been selected as the recipient of an award. If chosen for a scholarship award, I agree to
furnish proof of enrollment for the school year in which the award will be used.

Signature of Applicant                                                Date

Submittal Checklist:
    □ Scholarship Application Form
    □ Applicant Letter
    □ Financial Plan
    □ Résumé
    □ Unofficial Transcript(s)

This section to be completed by the Society of Women Engineers Sacramento Valley Section
Date received:
By (initials):
Appl. Complete (y/n):

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