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					                                          English 11
Raphael Atienza, Juz Canoy, Andy Han,                                               July 11,2012

Lily Oh, and Kyla Santos

11- Castitas

                                 An Unforgettable Field Trip

        When one say the words field trip, generally feelings of excitement rise. Or if for some
unfathomable reason you wish to say an aberration from others’ thoughts, you could say it
made you think of some guy at work doing shrooms, but I digress. Generally, thoughts are of
excitement because the experience of learning outside the classroom is stimulating; it’s a
different setting from what you’re used to, and so much can happen. Well, it can go good, bad,
or even peculiar. Nonetheless, it’s usually an interesting experience, but I’ll go talk about the
most interesting one I’ve had in all my years of school.

          One summer, this camp I was attending that year gave us prerogative to go on a long
field trip. We were to go to the Philippine National Museum then go to Makiling to learn about
nature, but not sleep over. In the national museum, our first stop was the exhibit for the most
famous books written by the National hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal and the books were
Noli me Tangere and El Filibuterismo. Convenient since we were going to learn about them later
on anyway, but the guides’ explanations for them were hard for us to understand, so a
classmate asked them to elucidate in such a way we would understand, but though they insisted
their explanations were clear enough. Luckily, a tactful tour guide obliged and explained it in
such a way that we actually got it, and for that we were grateful.

        On the way to the forest though, my sector’s bus broke down. It was in a place with no
signal at all, and we were lagging pretty far back from the other buses in basically the middle of
nowhere. Of course in a situation like this, everyone was panicky. No means of communication
for miles. We were to stay put outside, eat if we were hungry or whatever while waiting for the
driver to come back with a way to get the bus moving. Despite us being in a camp, we didn’t
bring our sleeping bags and not enough food, so we had to get back. Hours passed, the sky got
dark, and noises were coming from everywhere. It was just like one of those cliché horror
movies. It got bad enough that the more obstreperous people with us started shouting invectives
all over the place, but it didn’t make it any better.
At about 6:30 pm, the unmitigated silence (the obscenities have since ceased) was disturbed.
My classmate, Joey, had lost his phone.
“Who took my phone?” he asked, gently at first. His question was ignored.
“Guys, seriously, my phone is lost.”
“Who cares?” interjected my other classmate, Diego.
“I care because, I mean, it’s my phone!”
Annoyed, Annie replied, “Just check your bag, or..something.”
“I checked it already. It’s not there.”
Curious, I asked to see his bag, and inspected its contents. True to his word, all traces of his
mobile phone were expunged.
“See, I told you.”
I decided to just leave him be, not like finding his phone was my problem anyway. I walked
away and minded my own business, but Joey continued to fret, and he didn’t do it quietly. He’d
freak out in such a way that he said what was on his mind, and it really disturbed the peace.
A classmate of mine, Claudine, took pity on him and started to help. Soon enough, since there
was nothing else to do, so did everyone else. Everyone…except Diego.
“Wait,” Joey said all of a sudden. “Diego’s not helping me look for it.”
He was trying to lead up and indict Diego of stealing his phone, I just knew it, and I didn’t like it.
“So, what’s that supposed to mean?” Katherine asked.
“I think Diego stole my phone.”
“Why would I steal your phone?” the accused interjected
“I don’t know, but you’re not helping, maybe it’s because you STOLE IT?”
“I don’t really care about you, so why would I take it?”
The accusations were baseless, wouldn’t even qualify as spurious to anyone, but someone had
to break the verbal quarrel.
“Shht, guys stop it. Okay, so what exactly happened, Joey?” I asked. The rest dispersed from
the now pointless argument.
“Okay so I was just using my phone and then later on it was just gone. It’s not in my bag, it’s not
in the bus, and it’s not in my pockets or anything like that.”

“So where’s your proof that Diego took it? In all seriousness, you could have just lost it
somewhere.” Disputing his claims was so easy, it amused me. I stifled my urge to use a more
condescending tone.
“Well,” he adjusts his glasses “Everyone was helping me look, right? But he wasn’t helping.”
“Just because I don’t want to get caught up in your pointless problems doesn’t mean I stole your
“You’re just denying it!” Joey yelled.
“Well, what would I use it for?”
“I don’t know.”
I sighed. At this rate, an acquittal for Diego would be infallible, but Joey would hold still on his
accusation. The solution, I decided, would be to find Joey’s phone before it got too dark, and
before we were able to get home. Sure, Joey was…simple minded, but he didn’t have to get in
trouble. I furtively glanced around the place for any traces of Joey’s phone, and inconspicuously
walked away from the quarreling boys. I looked under leaves, and covered my investigation by
acting like a temporary recluse. I couldn’t find the phone fast enough, though, for their bickering
had escalated into a shoving fight. In a fit of vehement rage, Joey tackled Diego into a tree, and
something black fell on his head.
“Oh, hey’s my phone.”
Diego just got up and walked away, probably still annoyed over the whole scene. I wouldn’t
blame him, anyone would be.
I walked over to him. “Uh, may I ask what it was doing up in a tree?”
“Uh...I climbed up and left my phone there.”
I opened my mouth to ask what on earth he was doing up in a tree, why he had his phone out
up there, and why he even forgot to think about it, but I decided against it. His reasoning would
be just as ridiculous as his claims against Diego, I figured. So I just walked away and chuckled
over how amusing the whole thing was.
A tow truck arrived pretty late into the night, 8:00 if I remember right, as well as another bus to
take all the kids home.
Well, that was interesting. I thought on the bus ride home. As soon as we got reception, we
were instructed to explain our situation to our guardians, and so we did.

       It certainly was an interesting field trip, to say the least of it. No one would forget it, but
no one really talks about it anymore. We just like to remember it for the spookiness of it and for
the sake of knowing what it’s like to be in a setting of one of those typical overused horror movie

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