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					Oct. 7, 2009 Newsletter

GRF-Announcing the Addition of Digital Cameras and GPS Devices!
Now Recycling Used Digital Cameras and GPS Devices!
GRF is excited to announce the introduction of digital cameras and GPS devices to its list of recyclable items. These items join used inkjet cartridges, cell phones, toner cartridges, iPods and laptops in the list of items accepted and paid for through GRF. Current pricing is $1.50 for any megapixel camera and $5 for any model GPS device, working or non-working. So, spread the word and start collecting these new items to earn more with GRF! Pricing temporarily located on the 'iPod' tab of the price lists.

New Re-Source Rewards
GRF's Re-Source Rewards are back and better than ever! Now, ReSource Rewards offer more opportunities to earn prizes with even more prize levels. Earn points in addition to the money paid for your recyclables. Learn all about the New Re-Source Rewards at

Mascot Contest
Think you, or your participants, have what it takes to create a national mascot for Global Re-Source Funding? We'd love to hear from you! See all the details of the contest at

Shipping Focus-September
This month, we're focusing on the addition of our new items and the importance of protecting your items with packing material. Since cameras and GPS devices are fragile, as with our other items, it is very important to use scrunched newspaper or other materials to cushion items in shiping. Don't forget, once an item arrives broken, we are unable to pay for it and must pay extra to have it properly disposed of. Please review our Shipping Instructions for details on how to ship your recyclables for the best results

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