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					          The History of Sagittarius the Archer and the Centaur (英文版)

This creature was a famed centaur in Greek mythology.
They were rude, untrustworthy, cheating, violent, deceptive and they drank
too much.
But one centaur named Chiron was different.
Chiron was educated by the Sun-god Apollo and Diana, Goddess of the Moon
and Wild Animals.
Chiron was as kind, gentle, and wise as the other centaurs were mean, fierce,
and unthinking.
Chiron’s many skills and wisdom became so widely known that children of
many a famous king were sent to him to be taught all manner of skills.
Among his pupils were the mighty Hercules and Aesculapius, who became so
skilled at medicine.
As the story goes, Hercules had traveled far one day and was very thirsty so
he asked a friend to open a jar of the excellent wine kept in his house but
belonging jointly to all the centaurs. His friend did, and when the aroma of
this fine wine flowed out over the countryside the other centaurs furiously
galloped up to the house and demanded to know how he had dared open the
wine without first consulting them.
The centaurs began to attack him and Hercules. This was a mistake, for
Hercules soon settled matters by killing many of them and driving the rest
from the countryside, telling them never to return.
Chiron was nearby observing the event, although he has not taken part.
Although Hercules knew Chiron, and deeply respected him, he could not
recognize his friend from a great distance and accidentally shot him with one
of his poisoned arrows. Seeing these events and knowing of his son Hercules’
sadness, Zeus gave the good centaur a resting place among the stars as the
constellation Sagittarius, the Archer.
According to another myth, Sagittarius is poised and ready to shoot an
arrow through the heart-star of Scorpio if he tried to do any harm to anyone.
Others claim that the constellation was invented by the Sumerians, that
Nergal (as the supreme god of war) is found on two cuneiform inscriptions.
In the Gilgamech epic, Nergal is one of the “seven gods” to whom one
sacrificed sheep and oxen. His name, in Sumerian, means “Lord of the Great
Abode”, that is, of the Underworld.
 Yet there are few stories that provide much of a picture of this god.
Hammurabi, the great lawgiver (18 century BC) called him “the fighter
without a rival who brought him victory” over those who would resist his
laws. He was also seen as the god of plagues, and of destruction.
However to consider Nergal as the prototype of The Archer seems to be
stretching the evidence.
For whatever reason, when the select group of twelve constellations was
codified sometime in the third millennium BC, The Archer was one of them.


You will find that when dating a Sagittarius Man he can be boldly passionate
lover, full fun, loves to explore and is adventurous in lovemaking. A sexual
relationship with one partner for long however may bore them and they will
get the urge to move on.
An impulsive, restless, freedom loving character that, with their
perform-to-win outlook, will generally excel in sporting activities.
Sagittarian men love nature activities and travel and their intellectual
interests lean toward such academic subjects as philosophy, sciences and
religion etc - often therefore they make excellent teachers.
The hips and thighs are the Sagittarius sensitive areas, so an erotic gentle
massage of this area with gentle attention to the inner thighs will drive the
Sagittarian into passionate action.
Best Bed Mates for the Sagittarius: Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Libra, Cancer, and
Sagittarius Man - Career Profile
No other sign has such psychic and physical wanderlust.
The Sagittarius man is firmly convinced that life right now is as good as it’s
ever been, and that the best is still to come.
The optimistic, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius man is a perfect candidate for
the sales team and more likely to secure that order than most. A good team
player that can inspire and convince those around him on the best course to
They can be fanatical in their beliefs; will work determinedly on any project
and produce successful results, especially when it is something they believe
in. These qualities make them ideal for turnaround business activities.
The Sagittarius man places a high value on knowledge, is capable in its
application and many people of this sign tend to engage in research type


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