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									  Disney Channel 'Girls Meets World' Gets New Casting Director and
                           New Start Date

             The talented Rowan Blanchard will play the central character Riley Matthews.
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It's a Laugh Productions and Michael Jacobs Productions are getting ready to begin shooting
the new multi-camera Disney Channel series sequel "Girl Meets World". The show will continue
where the ABC television sitcom "Boy Meets World" left off back in 2000, however the story
jumps ahead to the present. That series ran successfully for seven years beginning in 1993.
The Casting Society of America ARTIOS Award winning Disney casting director for the show is
auditioning talent for several remaining starring roles, and will also be casting guest starring and
day player roles. The extras will be cast throughout production, which officially begins shooting
on March 5, 2013.

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                Updated Disney Channel "Girl Meets World" Casting Information

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