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Our Ref: TB07-117js 23rd August 2007 Dear colleague Re: Your opportunity to help us shape the future of health and healthcare services in the North Staffordshire PCT area. We are writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of North Staffordshire PCT to seek your help, and to give you the opportunity, to improve health and healthcare services in North Staffordshire. The fundamental role of the PCT, which receives £270m (£1,278 per resident) of tax payers money each year is to spend this resource, working with its partners, to improve the health of local people and to provide healthcare services when they need them. The North Staffordshire PCT is keen to spend the money, and use its influence, in ways which most reflect the wishes of local people and commands their confidence. The key role of the Board of Directors is to make important decisions about which health conditions, diseases and illnesses locally should take priority, together with what services we should buy to address these issues, where they should be delivered and who they should be delivered by. In making its decisions the Board of Directors recognises that with finite financial resources and finite management capacity to influence other partners we will always need to make choices and decisions about competing priorities and ways to address them. The Board of Directors has decided that it wishes to make those key decisions about future priorities, services and investments within a clear Framework of Principles and Values. The Principles and Values will be the framework within which the Board of Directors will make key decisions and against which they will evaluate proposals from the Executive Team of the PCT and increasingly from the Practice Based Commissioners. One illustrative example of how such a framework of principles and values has already influenced decision making within the PCT would be that the PCT has decided to commission hearing aid services which are mobile and available in localities rather than at a centralised point. We have also implemented localised emergency care services by the introduction of Deep Vein Thrombosis clinics and Community Matrons rather than relying on centralised acute hospital services. On its creation in October 2006 the PCT adopted an “Interim Statement of Principles and Values” drawn from the previous policies of its predecessor PCTs. At the same time we gave a commitment to establish our own principles and values, through extensive involvement and engagement at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

Newcastle under Lyme office: St George’s Chambers, Merrial Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 2AE Tel: (01782) 427488 Tel: 01538 487234 Fax: (01782) 427497 Fax: 01538 487255 Leek office: Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6HQ

23rd August 2007 We are writing to you now to seek your help in fulfilling that commitment and setting a Framework of Principles and Values that will guide our decision making over the next few years. Attached to this letter is the current Interim Statement of Principles and Values of North Staffordshire PCT. We would very much value your help in the following ways: 1. By expressing your own personal or corporate view as to how these should be modified/improved for the future. 2. By using your communication networks to extend this invitation to other individuals, groups or organisations within our community and encouraging them to participate. 3. By advising us of whom else you feel we should contact directly or indeed any other ways in which you think we could improve this engagement process. We welcome maximum engagement of the local community in this work. expressed by writing to: Views and opinions can be

Tony Bruce, Chief Executive North Staffordshire Primary Care Trust at either the Leek or Newcastle offices of the PCT. e-mailing Tony Bruce at visiting our web site at and leaving your comment on the consultation board.


Responses need to be received by the 30th September 2007. These will be summarised and will be used to inform a meeting of PCT and other community leaders to consider them and seek to develop and agree a recommendation to the Board of Directors of North Staffordshire PCT in October 2007. The principles and values agreed will then be used to inform the decisions of the PCT over the next few years and specifically the decisions regarding investments of money and time during the course of 2008/09. The Chief Executive has indicated a willingness to make himself available to meet with significant partners and community groups in order to take this work forward if that would be helpful. If you wish Tony Bruce, or one of his team, to meet with you please contact his Office Manager, Elizabeth Hill on 01538 487233. Many thanks in anticipation of your engagement in this important piece of work. Yours sincerely

Tony Bruce Chief Executive

Andrew Millward Chairman

Dr Marcus Griffiths PEC Chair

Newcastle under Lyme office: St George’s Chambers, Merrial Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 2AE Tel: (01782) 427488 Tel: 01538 487234 Fax: (01782) 427497 Fax: 01538 487255 Leek office: Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6HQ

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