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									Reports on Health Care Reform

Hard Times in the Heartland—Health Care in Rural America

Young Americans and Health Insurance Reform: Giving Young Americans the Stability they need

Roadblocks to Health Care: Why the Current Health Care System does Not Work for Women

One Month Later: Making Health Insurance Reform a Reality

Eliminating Obstacles to the Care Women Need

Giving Young Adults More Peace of Mind

A Long Overdue Change to Help Young Adults Get Coverage

Recent News

May 13: HHS and DOJ Officials to Highlight New Provisions in Affordable Care Act to Fight
Health Care Fraud

May 10: HHS sends Affordable Care Act Implementation Update to Congressional Leaders

Affordable Care Act Resources

Young Adult Coverage Fact Sheet. The Affordable Care Act allows young adults to stay on their
parents’ health care plan until age 26.

Web Portal Fact Sheet. The Affordable Care Act establishes an internet portal to help individuals
and small businesses identify insurance options in their state. The web portal will help consumers
navigate their options in the individual and small business private market and help them
determine if they may be eligible for a variety of existing public programs, including existing state
high risk pools, new high risk pools, Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance
Program (CHIP).

Temporary High Risk Pool Fact Sheet provides information about the temporary high risk pool
program included in the Affordable Care Act and chart outlining potential allocations of high risk
pool funds to states.

Information for Your Community

      Health Reform for American Families (pdf)

      Health Reform for Children (pdf)

      Health Reform for Young Adults (pdf)

      Health Reform for Early Retirees (pdf)

      Health Reform for Seniors (pdf)

      Health Reform for African Americans (pdf)

      Health Reform for Latinos (pdf)

      Health Reform for Rural Americans (pdf)

      Health Reform for Women (pdf)

      Health Reform for Small Businesses (pdf)

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