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					Jefferson Laboratory Overview
Hugh Montgomery Director

Unique Forefront Capabilities for Science
Cryomodules in the accelerator tunnel Superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) cavities undergo vertical testing.

Artist concept of the new Hall D

FEL Wiggler inside FEL tunnel




CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS) in Hall B

An aerial view of the recirculating linear accelerator and 3 experimental halls.

Jefferson Lab Highlights
• Jefferson Lab is a forefront facility with unique scientific and technical capabilities Aligned with DOE priorities and Nuclear Science community Experimental program to elucidate the quark structure of matter, continues to deliver world-class experimental results Serves an international user community of 1200 ~ $310M 12 GeV Upgrade on schedule for Critical Decision 3, expected September 3, 2008


World leader and national resource in superconducting radiofrequency accelerating technology SRF R&D yielded the new single-crystal niobium cavity for use in the 12 GeV Upgrade and future accelerators Dedicated JLab team delivered the superconducting linear accelerator for the Spallation Neutron Source


Over two years of successful operation under new contract, JSA management More than 1/3 of US Ph.D.s awarded in nuclear physics; 248 Ph.D.s granted, 192 more in progress One of two SC labs with no grade below an A- in FY 2007 performance evaluation

Jefferson Lab At-A-Glance – Basic Facts 2008
Managed for DOE by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (JSA)
• • • • • ~650 Full Time Equivalent (FTEs) • 1,200 Active Users • 139 Completed Experiments to date; ~40 remaining in • 6 GeV program ~1/3 of US PhD’s produced in Nuclear Physics K-12 Science Education program serves as national model 206 Acres (includes SURA land) 70 Buildings; 695K SF in DOE Buildings Replacement Plant Value: $185M

FY 2008 Total Funding By Source ~$107.9

ILC $0.5M State of VA $1.6M FEL $8.0M

Safeguards & Security $1.4M Other (Imaging, Education, etc.) $1.4M LQCD (NP & HEP) $0.5M Nuclear Physics $94.5M

Jefferson Lab At-a-Glance – Priorities
• Realize the discovery caliber science that will become accessible with the 12 GeV Upgrade Deliver a Forefront Nuclear Physics Program at 6 GeV – Deliver outstanding science that meets SC milestones for Nuclear Physics, i.e., gain understanding of matter in terms of strong QCD – Enhance scientific output with strong efforts in phenomenology, analysis, computing and LQCD Maintain world leadership in Superconducting (SRF) Technology Advance Energy Recovering Linacs and Free Electron Lasers for Office of Science and others Strive for exemplary management – Maximize science return on funding – Achieve excellence in all performance aspects


• •


Sustained World-Leading Nuclear Science
• The Electro-weak force is an essential tool in the exploration of strongly interacting systems JLab has world-wide unique capabilities - Energy, duty factor, polarization, beam quality Hence: large international Nuclear Physics User community Addressing the most fundamental issues concerning the nature of the strong force: - Nature of quark confinement - Existence and properties of new forms of matter - Exploration of a new paradigm for nuclear structure - Unambiguous determination of the spin and flavor structure of the nucleon and atomic nuclei Searching for physics beyond the Standard Model


• •


The 12 GeV Upgrade Will Enable Breakthrough Research in Four Areas
• The experimental study of the confinement of quarks – one of the outstanding questions for 21st century science – why are quarks never found alone?


Increase knowledge of the fundamental quark-gluon structure of the nuclear building blocks: the proton and neutron


Increase understanding of nuclei in terms of nucleons and the N-N force and the QCD basis for that understanding


Allow precision experiments with sensitivity to new physics beyond the Standard Model

Accelerator Science and Technology Superconducting RF
• Built or processed > 500 multi-cell cavities of 25 different types, including: 9 frequencies, 6 beta values, both CW and pulsed • > 35% of the integrated operational experience in the world • 45 tests carried out on ILC 9-cell cavities processed at JLab, Cornell and FNAL Only 6 exceeded 30 MV/m, all processed at JLab The highest gradient achieved (42 MV/m) was also processed at JLab

• Developed cavities with damping of higher order modes suitable for beam currents up to 1 ampere

C-50 cryomodules being delivered for refurbishment

Accelerator Science and Technology Cryogenics and Energy Recovering Linacs
Cryogenics • Designed and commissioned the cryogenics plant for SNS • Reduced the power consumption of the RHIC cryogenics plant from 9.2 MW to 5.0 MW while increasing the output (President’s Closing the Circle Award in 2007) • JLab-patented Ganni cycle licensed by commercial supplier (LINDE) for worldwide use on existing and future cryogenic plants Energy Recovering Linacs • Designed, built, and operates the world’s first superconducting energy recovery linac, the JLab FEL, with beam currents up to 9 mA • Operated CEBAF in energy recovery mode at >1 GeV
Cryogenics award winning team

Free Electron Laser
• World record-breaking Free-Electron Laser utilizes SRF technology Office of Naval Research is primary customer with growing interest by DOD community IR beams for shipboard defense (Navy) - announced major plans to build upon JLab’s achievement Innovative Naval Prototype Program UV light for micromachining (Air Force) THz for spectroscopy and mine detection (Army) Strong leverage for DOE on ~$100M in DOD funding • • • FEL is advancing Energy Recovering Linac R&D Developing some key technologies needed for next generation light sources FEL offers outstanding scientific opportunities Fabrication and characterization of new materials Real-time dynamics of biological processes Real- time and spectroscopic chemical dynamics


Science Education Program – A National Model
• JLab’s Science Education programs reach 10,000 students and 1,000 teachers per year
- Becoming Enthusiastic

about Math and Science (BEAMS) program reaches at-risk middle school students yielding measurable results in standardized test scores - Academies Creating Teacher Scientists (ACTS) program improves teachers’ knowledge and classroom skills

Jefferson Lab Priorities through FY14
12 GeV Upgrade – meet all milestones consistent with available funding CD-3 in 4QFY08 (September 08) Complete all construction by 4QFY14 Advance understanding of matter in terms of strong QCD and discovery of science beyond the Standard Model Emphasize high impact experiments, completing 80% of currently approved program prior to 3QFY12 (shut-down for 12 GeV installation)


• • • •

Provide world leading theoretical support for the experimental program at both 6 GeV and 12 GeV Maintain and consolidate world leadership in SRF and ERL technology Advance FEL program Strive for exemplary management and stewardship